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King Of Gods - Chapter 455


Chapter 455: Chapter 455 - Defeated Loser

Chapter 455 - Defeated Loser

“He ignored my Scarlet Demon Moon Eyes head-on? Has the power of his soul and eye reached a level which can envelop like the ocean?”

Lin Tong’s body froze mid-air and the shock in his eyes spread across his face.

Zhao Feng didn’t even defend himself just then, ignoring Lin Tong’s attack entirely. Simply put, Lin Tong’s eye bloodline skill didn’t even break through Zhao Feng’s mental energy barrier.

Sou Sou----

At the same time, the other two True Mystic Ranks led their forces in charging toward Zhao Feng, who was standing on the mountain top.

According to their plan, Lin Tong would be responsible for restricting Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline and the other two True Mystic Ranks would attack him.

Blade of Wind and Lightning!

Zhao Feng lightly exclaimed as a sparkling blade made of Wind and Lightning condensed in his hand, summoning Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in a weird way.

“Not good, retreat~~~~!”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s expression changed dramatically as he watched from above.

It was obvious that, at his level, he could tell that Zhao Feng’s every action contained a profundity that surpassed the norm.

However, his warning was too late, or perhaps Zhao Feng’s attack was too fast – so fast that his warning was of no use.


The blade split in two and suddenly expanded up to seven or eight yards.

At this instant, the piercing wind seemed able to cut into one’s soul.

Shu Shu!!

Before the two True Mystic Rank experts could react, their heads had left their bodies. Blood splattered everywhere.

The entire process only lasted a couple breaths. Lin Tong’s attack only just ended when, immediately following that, Zhao Feng had casually killed the two experts with a simple blow.


Lin Tong and the elites of the Iron Dragon Alliance who saw this scene all took in a cold breath.

Lin Tong couldn’t help but hiccup.

Not only had Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline reached an incredible height, his battle skills were also terrifying.

The two True Mystic Ranks were both Core Elders that ranked within the top fifteen.

If Lin Tong didn’t use his eye bloodline against them, he would be able to fight to a draw against them at best.

However, these two experts were killed the same way Zhao Feng chopped radish.

“Hehe. Defeated loser, come and die!”

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back as he glanced into the distance.

Lin Tong’s heart shook as if he had fallen into a limitless abyss. Defeat and humiliation enveloped his heart.


Lin Tong gritted his teeth and looked up, ready to fight to the death.

But the instant he looked up, he paused.

The blue-haired figure on the mountain wasn’t even looking at him.

At this moment:

“Don’t get cocky junior. Back then, I was recovering….”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s hateful voice sounded from behind, and both friend and foe alike paused when they heard this.

“What’s… going on?”

Many people paused, and Lin Tong’s hands trembled as shock and awkwardness appeared on top of his humiliation.

Defeated loser.

Zhao Feng’s words were aimed toward the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.

As for Lin Tong, he had been ignored from the beginning.

The opponent Zhao Feng locked onto was the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.

It was hard to imagine that this Blood Corpse Palace Lord was someone whom Zhao Feng had defeated before, hence Zhao Feng’s mockery.

“No wonder. Zhao Feng, looks like I underestimated you.”

Old Su hadn’t retreated immediately, staying a certain distance away in case Zhao Feng needed help.

However, he realized that he was overthinking things.

Old Su finally understood what Zhao Feng had meant by “playing.”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord turned into a streak of bloody purple light and leapt toward Zhao Feng.


The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s speed was like the wind, and many people present couldn’t even see how he moved.

In just a couple blinks of the eye, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord arrived in front of Zhao Feng and released a deep, mountain-like aura that crushed toward Zhao Feng.

“So, this Blood Corpse Palace Lord is the same as Mo Yu from the Black Cliff Palace and cultivates the Corpse Strengthening Technique, but he seems to have merged it with the Dao of Blood.”

Zhao Feng inspected with his left eye.

In terms of strength, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord was about the same as Mo Yu, but the former was obviously more knowledgeable and cunning.


The nearly one-hundred-yard tall mountain boomed and split into pieces, dust and smoke spouting into the sky.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s devastating palm split an entire mountain.


A flash of lightning whistled in the sky. The boom of thunder and screech of wind accompanied Zhao Feng as he flew about a one or two-mile radius.

Cries came from near the dark-red ship.

Every time “thunder boomed and winds screeched,” blood would splatter with the death of one or two lives.

“Little bastard, come here and give me your life~~~!”

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord roared with anger as he turned into a bloody purple streak and chased after Zhao Feng.

However, he had no advantage against Zhao Feng in terms of speed.

Zhao Feng used “true battle” to comprehend the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet in his mind.

The Wind Lightning Stone Tablet was the inheritance of the Wind Lightning Emperor who reigned supreme in terms of speed.

Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was higher than the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s.

Although his cultivation hadn’t reached the True Lord Rank, the amount of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi he could summon wasn’t far off.

Zhao Feng’s speed reached the peak and he could ignore the Blood Corpse Palace Lord as he slayed those from the Iron Dragon Alliance.


The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s hatred reached a limit and he almost lost his mind. He could only watch as Zhao Feng took the lives of his subordinates.

What made him especially helpless was that Zhao Feng’s speed was always just a bit faster than his without wasting any energy.

Zhao Feng’s speed suppressed the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s and, with his God’s Spiritual Eye’s, even an extra one or two Blood Corpse Palace Lords wouldn’t be able to stop him.

In just a short while, most of the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s subordinates were dead.

Apart from Lin Tong, everyone else at the True Spirit Realm had been killed.

When Zhao Feng slew his targets, there was no sign of emotion in his eyes. It was as if he was facing human-shaped skeletons.

What made the Blood Corpse Palace Lord even angrier was that, when he killed the Iron Dragon Alliance troops, Zhao Feng would occasionally close his eyes as if comprehending something.


The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s lungs almost exploded. Zhao Feng was using his subordinates to train himself.

In just a short span of ten to twenty breaths, Zhao Feng had an obvious improvement in his usage of Wind and Lightning.

The tattered Wind Lightning Stone Tablet became covered with arcs of lightning and gusts of wind, and its intent reached the level of “Wind Lightning World.”

Zhao Feng could only comprehend the hair and skin of this world.


Zhao Feng realized that, apart from the Blood Corpse Palace Lord, there was no one nearby except for Lin Tong, who was hiding and trembling in the crack of a mountain.

Lin Tong knew that Zhao Feng had set it up this way on purpose, or else he wouldn’t be alive.

“Blood Corpse Palace Lord, all your subordinates have died,” Zhao Feng said playfully as a smile surfaced on his face.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s expression was grim and killing intent seemed to condense.

However, he didn’t lose his mind. Through this short period of extreme rage, the Blood Corpse Palace Lord had calmed down instead.

He had already considered the fact that Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline specialized in mental energy, capable of attacking directly.

At this point in time, the forces of the Dragon Killing Alliance had already retreated.

As the dust settled, only Zhao Feng and the Blood Corpse Palace Lord remained behind as they faced each other.

The two looked at each other for a short while before attacking at the same time.


A “bloody purple streak of light” clashed several times with a “ball of lightning and wind.”


The power of both sides was extremely condensed and the waves of energy from their clashes didn’t exceed twenty yards.

The two figures separated after a few moves and faint scorch marks were left behind on the Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s body.

“This Blood Corpse Palace Lord’s physical body is comparable to Mo Yu of the Black Cliff Palace. Even normal True Lord Ranks can’t injure him.”

Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

Zhao Feng had the advantage in speed when they fought, but in terms of pure strength, he didn’t have the upper hand.

Overall, he had control of the battle, as the Blood Corpse Palace Lord couldn’t defeat him.

“Without the use of my God’s Spiritual Eye, the only other way to increase my battle power would be to break through to the True Lord Rank.”

Zhao Feng’s heart was clear.


After pausing for a short while, Zhao Feng’s figure disappeared once more, and the air became filled with the howls of wind and claps of thunder.

Zhao Feng’s control of Wind and Lightning became smoother and their speed and power rose slightly.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord roared and used several secret techniques, but he was seen by Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.

Nothing could beat speed in this world.

Once Zhao Feng had the absolute advantage in speed, as well as the inspection and control of his God’s Spiritual Eye, he couldn’t lose.

If it were a more normal True Lord Rank – someone that didn’t have a very strong physical body like the Blood Corpse Palace Lord – then Zhao Feng might have turned them into mincemeat already.

If the Blood Corpse Palace Lord didn’t cultivate the Dao of Corpse Strengthening and the Dao of Blood, Zhao Feng could just summon his two dark-silver ghost corpses to immediately kill his opponent after merely scratching him with their poisonous claws.

Lightning Fire God’s Eye!

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly changed into an azure state, and a half-transparent ball of lightning and fire landed on the Blood Corpse Palace Lord.

In the azure-eye state, the Lightning Fire God’s Eye’s strength became more chaotic.

The Blood Corpse Palace Lord howled as his entire body started to burn with lightning and fire. At the same time, this force started affecting his mental energy world.

“Such a terrifying eye technique. What kind of eye bloodline does Zhao Feng have to be able to control that?”

Lin Tong, who was hiding in the crack of a mountain, witnessed this devastating skill with a stunned expression.

As someone who cultivated eye techniques, he obviously knew that, the more powerful the skill, the more powerful the eye bloodline needed to be.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn’t send a mere fire eye, but a lightning and fire eye that was magnified by wind as well.

Lightning and fire attacks had an incredible effect on the Blood Corpse Palace Lord, who cultivated the Dao of Blood and the Dao of Corpse Strengthening.

Seeing that the Blood Corpse Palace Lord was forced into a life or death situation by just one shot of Lightning Fire God’s Eye, Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.


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