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King Of Gods - Chapter 451


Chapter 451: Chapter 451 - Change of the Eye (3)

Chapter 451 - Change of the Eye (3)

“Watch out for his eye bloodline!”

The Eighteenth Core Elder noticed the change in Zhao Feng’s left eye and couldn’t help but warn the slender woman.

They had obviously looked at the history of the number one genius of the Thirteen Countries.

His eye bloodline was his specialty.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng’s left eye underwent an unknown change. It was occasionally cold and icy, then calm as water, then swift as the wind.

Zhao Feng forcefully suppressed the bloating sensation and pain before managing to step out.

“Zhao Feng… you…”

Princess Jin quickly helped Zhao Feng. She was half happy and half worried when she saw Zhao Feng open his left eye.

She had seen the power of his left eye at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and it was probably better than the three major eye families.

However, could Zhao Feng still attack in his current state?

The little thieving cat sat on his shoulder and didn’t move, but its black eyes twinkled.

It was probably the only one who understood a thing or two.

After returning to the Cloud area, Zhao Feng aimed toward the Iron Dragon Alliance and used himself as “bait.”

However, at the same time, Zhao Feng left behind hidden cards, such as the Ice Imperial Spear and the True Lord Rank ghost corpses.

That was why Zhao Feng stopped the little thieving cat and told it to put away the mysterious dagger.

“Hmph. F*king cat, hand over the dagger.”

The greed and killing intent in the black-dressed woman’s eyes became stronger, but she didn’t dare ignore Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline.

Zhao Feng forcefully suppressed his tiredness and circulated the power of his left eye.

In the dimension of his left eye, the pond’s aura flipped between ice and water with the occasional flash of wind.

The changes and conversions were what made Zhao Feng feel bloated and painful.

In everyone’s eyes, Zhao Feng didn’t seem able to even stand properly and needed Princess Jin to help him.

“Just you? Hehe, let’s see if your eye bloodline is faster than my assassination skills.”

The slender black-dressed woman smiled gruesomely and a spinning needle appeared in her palm.

The blue-haired youth still seemed tired, but his left eye successfully locked onto the slender woman.

The slender woman suddenly felt an uneasiness come from the bottom of her soul and she made a decision in a split second.

When Zhao Feng’s left eye locked onto her, she had no path of retreat.

“Illusions Sky Fake Stab!”

The slender woman’s figure once again turned blurry. Only a sharp transparent needle could be seen stabbing toward Zhao Feng’s chest.

In that instant, all the True Spirit Realm cultivators, Old Su, Princess Jin, the Eighteenth Core Elder, Elder Jiang…. They all held their breath.

The slender woman’s ultimate skill was used once more and her speed reached the maximum. Across the Cloud area, only a small number of those under the True Lord Rank could block this move.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye of ice and water turned back to azure.


His blue hair suddenly glittered with azure. The familiar azure blood of his bloodline power had returned.

“It went back to the azure eye from before?”

Zhao Feng’s left pupil contracted. He instinctively circulated the azure blood and used an attack similar to the Ice Soul Shooting Line.

Back when he had the azure eye, Zhao Feng didn’t know how to use his eye bloodline very well. Zhao Feng instinctively used an eye bloodline skill when his eye returned to the former azure version.


In the dark night, a sharp figure was only one or two inches away from Zhao Feng’s heart.

The heart was the origin of life. Even a True Lord Rank would die if their heart shattered.

A gruesome and mocking smile appeared on the slender woman’s face. Her experience told her the assassination was complete.

However, when the tip of the needle was half an inch away from Zhao Feng’s heart, the smile on her face froze and was replaced with puzzlement.


A half-transparent azure blade sliced across the slender woman’s throat and her blurry figure instantly fell down.

A straight red line appeared on her neck, cutting deeper and deeper.

Once the night wind came, the sound of a head falling to the ground could be heard.

Only then did everyone recover from their dream-like state and take in a cold breath

No one saw what Zhao Feng did.

To be precise, he didn’t do anything at all. He only looked at the slender woman with his left eye.

Only Old Su and a couple others saw the flash of azure in Zhao Feng’s left eye.

“This move’s similar to…”

Princess Jin thought back to the Tuoba Family’s bloodline during the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

The Heavenly Piercing Eyes of Tuoba Qi would create invisible slashes that shot toward the target.

Because the element of the God’s Spiritual Eye had returned to the wind element just then, Zhao Feng’s copy of the Heavenly Piercing Eyes was much closer to the original than his ice element version.


The headless body of the slender woman fell in a pool of blood.

She probably wouldn’t have imagined that she would die to Zhao Feng merely testing out his eye bloodline.

“Tenth Core Elder…!”

The Eighteen Core Elder not far away exclaimed with a grey face.

He took a cold breath and his heart trembled.

The fat baldy never would have imagined that the peak True Mystic Rank slender woman would be killed instantly. He started to regret underestimating the target of a Rank One Killing Order.

Why didn’t he listen to the Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s warning?

There was no such thing as a regret pill in this world.

After finishing off the slender woman, Zhao Feng suppressed the urge to sleep and locked onto the Eighteenth Elder with his left eye.

“Let me live!”

The fat baldy’s soul almost flew off and he kneeled down.

Right at this moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye turned ice blue.

Ice Soul Shooting Line!

Zhao Feng’s left eye condensed a ray of light that shot through the Eighteenth Core Elder’s body and soul.

The fat baldy’s figure instantly froze and coldness spread across his consciousness.

The next instant, the fat baldy’s consciousness went black and he fell into eternal sleep.

His state was similar to Li Hong back in the Purple Saint Ruins. His consciousness had entered a state of everlasting “hibernation.” Even those at the Void God Realm couldn’t do anything within a short period of time.

Zhao Feng only looked at the two Elders and defeated them.

“The Tenth Core Elder is dead!”

“My god! No one knows if the Eighteenth Core Elder is alive either!”

The remaining True Spirit Realms had the fastest reactions and their guts were broken.


In this chaos and panic, the Iron Cloud Death Net broke.

The Iron Dragon Alliance’s side lost without a battle. The True Spirit Realm leader ran as the array crumbled.

The members of the Dragon Killing Alliance were dazed and couldn’t react immediately.

In just a few breaths time, the Iron Dragon Alliance had forced the village into desperation. But, in the blink of an eye, the Iron Dragon Alliance crumbled.

“Keep on attacking!”

Old Su glanced deeply toward Zhao Feng before ordering the members of the Dragon Killing Alliance to counterattack.

However, the youth who had performed this miracle had once again fallen into a deep sleep.

This time, his sleep was different from before. Zhao Feng’s consciousness didn’t fall asleep and he could feel the pond within the dimension of his left eye.

The pond was Zhao Feng’s source of power.

Di! Di!

A small mysterious whirlpool appeared in the middle of the nine-point-nine-yards pond.

Zhao Feng’s consciousness moved and merged with the small whirlpool.


Zhao Feng felt as if he had become the center of the pond, and the aura of the pond began to change with his instincts.

From water to ice.

This power seemed to be a natural talent and couldn’t be described with words.

Immediately following that, Zhao Feng controlled the small whirlpool.


The surface of the pond became filled with chaotic azure wind.

Birth of wind.

“Looks like the God’s Spiritual Eye’s change is indeed different from before.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Firstly, the God’s Spiritual Eye didn’t undergo an overwhelming change like last time when his hair turned blue.

The conversion between ice and water wasn’t too much of a difference.

Zhao Feng felt as if this change was just a preparation for a big change.

Although the God’s Spiritual Eye had only undergone a small change, it still benefitted Zhao Feng greatly.

He could now control his eye bloodline power as he pleased.

It was unknown how long he slept for, but, when Zhao Feng opened his eyes again, the bloating sensation and pain from his God’s Spiritual Eye had faded by more than half.

It seemed like the God’s Spiritual Eye had passed the most critical period.

“You’re awake…”

Princess Jin’s soft voice sounded and Zhao Feng smiled faintly as he sat up, “How long did I sleep for?”

At this point in time, Zhao Feng’s left eye seemed to contain a moisture similar to water.

The past coldness had disappeared and his eye seemed more elegant and noble.

Princess Jin’s face went red as her heart rate sped up. She was used to the cold, wicked, and emotionless youth. She never would have imagined that he would have such a caring side to him.

“You… you slept half a month this time. I’ll go tell Master.”

Princess Jin managed to control her emotions and was scared Zhao Feng would fall asleep again.

“Relax, I won’t fall asleep again anytime soon.”

Zhao Feng understood his current situation.

After a while, in a secret underground room in the depths of the mountain.

Zhao Feng sat face to face with Old Su.

Princess Jin poured tea for the two of them and left. She knew that this meeting wasn’t something she could attend.

“Zhao Feng, I am very grateful for your help. I didn’t think that the small Thirteen Countries would have a genius such as you. Of course, I understand why you came here….”


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