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King Of Gods - Chapter 450


Chapter 450: Chapter 450 - Change of the Eye (2)

Chapter 450 - Change of the Eye (2)

Zhao Feng’s situation obviously attracted the attention of both friends and enemies alike. After all, he was a True Mystic Rank and a Rank One Killing Order had been placed on him.

However, Zhao Feng’s situation made others suspicious of whether he could even stand.

“Zhe zhe, this mission is pretty good. A foundation-injured True Lord Rank and a weak True Mystic Rank genius.”

The Eighteenth Core Elder flew into the air.

He led part of his troops and formed a pincer attack on Zhao Feng, Old Su, Princess Jin, and the key figures.

“Su Tianchen, a True Lord Rank, will now die by my hands.”

The slender black-dressed woman rubbed her short dagger

In reality, the blow just then hadn’t injured Old Su very much, but she already grasped victory in her hands because she knew Old Su’s weakness.

Old Su was, without a doubt, powerful. The two Elders would only be confident in defeating him if they teamed up.

However, Old Su had to worry about the lives of others and couldn’t use his full strength.

In addition, what made the slender woman confused was Zhao Feng, who had a Rank One Killing Order on him.

Being a core member of the Iron Dragon Alliance, she knew what a Rank One Killing Order meant.

Usually, a Rank One Killing Order’s target was either a True Lord Rank or someone who had humiliated the Iron Dragon Alliance.

“The Rank One Killing Order’s target is this tired, weak youth?”

The slender woman felt as if this wasn’t real.

Facing someone with a Rank One Killing Order, even she would be uneasy and take it seriously.

However, this blue-haired youth didn’t seem to pose any threat and needed the protection of a girl.

A Rank One Killing Order target was this easy?

The slender woman and fat baldy exchanged glances with joy in their hearts.

The reward for completing a Rank One Killing Order was plentiful, enough to make the eyes of most True Spirit Realms go red.

“Jin’er, this youth is…?”

Old Su’s white eyebrows rose as he questioned.

It wasn’t hard for him to see Zhao Feng’s true cultivation with his True Lord Rank cultivation, and the Tenth Core Elder had also placed great importance on Zhao Feng just then.

“Tenth Elder, you go stall Old Monster Su. I’ll capture this brat. Remember not to kill him.”

The fat baldy was overfilled with happiness.

This time’s Rank One Killing Order was different than usual and required the target to be alive.

“Hmph, do you think I’ll let you have all the credit? I’ll leave Old Monster Su to you.”

The slender woman ignored the Eighteenth Elder and flashed toward Zhao Feng and Princess Jin.

The fat baldy gritted his teeth but couldn’t go against her.

The rankings of the thirty-six Core Elders were directly linked to their strength and status.

He knew how strong she was and obviously couldn’t take the credit from her.

“Su Tianchen, let’s play.”

The fat baldy waved his white bone sword with a dim expression and slashed out sword flames to stall Old Su.

As for the slender woman, her movement was unpredictable and aimed toward Princess Jin and Zhao Feng.

However, with Old Su’s level, he was able to see where the slender woman moved and blocked the two Core Elders immediately.

“Tenth Elder, why not slay this old undead first? It’s also a large credit.”

The fat baldy suggested with some infuriation.

“En, this old undead is pretty troublesome.”

The slender woman’s attacks suddenly split and shot toward Old Su’s flaw.

Old Su needed to protect Zhao Feng and Princess Jin together at the same time and cried bitterly in his heart.

If he was at his peak, he could obviously kill the two Elders in just a short while, but now his strength had dropped to the True Mystic Rank level.


Princess Jin’s eyes started to get teary and turned toward the blue-haired youth.

She sighed in her heart, “If you can bring out even half the strength you had at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, this situation would be easily solved.”

Right at this moment, the blue-haired youth’s figure moved slightly.

“The change in the God’s Spiritual Eye this time seems to be different than before.”

Zhao Feng groaned and covered his left eye. The painful bloating sensation was ten times to hundreds of times more painful.

If it weren’t for his strong will, he probably would have fainted already.

Within the dimension of his left eye, the nine-point-nine-yards frozen pond had almost fully melted and ripples appeared in the water.

However, this state wasn’t fully stable.

Every once in a while, the water would turn into ice and emit a chill.

The power of the God’s Spiritual Eye revolved around ice and water. If that was all though then it wouldn’t be much, but the water would occasionally sparkle azure and the aura of its element would change.

Every time this happened, Zhao Feng’s left eye would become azure.

“Your hair…”

Princess Jin suddenly realized that Zhao Feng’s blue hair had turned azure for an instant.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat quietly surveyed Zhao Feng’s eye and hair with a weird look before starting to think.

“What’s going on? My God’s Spiritual Eye hasn’t evolved but it can change between ice and water and even go back to the element it once had.”

Zhao Feng started to find a pattern.

Before the change last time, Zhao Feng’s left eye and hair were azure, and just then the God’s Spiritual Eye gave off the aura from before the change.

Ding Ding Peng Boom----

Zhao Feng felt a white-bearded elder protect him.

As time passed, Old Su became more and more tired. He had to fight two Core Elders at once while protecting Zhao Feng and Princess Jin.

At a certain point in time, the offense of the two Core Elders rose to a peak and they pushed Old Su back.

Old Su was already injured from protecting Zhao Feng and company when his old injuries broke out again.


Old Su spat out a mouthful of blood and his face went white.


Princess Jin yelled with sadness.

“Good chance!”

The two Core Elders looked at each other with happiness.

Illusion Sky Fake Stab!

The slender woman’s figure suddenly turned blurry.


A wave of blades, stacked on top of each other, descended from the sky toward Zhao Feng and Princess Jin.

The wave of blades first went toward Princess Jin and it seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. It was impossible to evade.

“Kill Princess Jin first, then capture Zhao Feng.”

The slender woman’s blurry figure merged into the darkness as her killing intent was released.

Facing an attack of this level, Princess Jin couldn’t counterattack or dodge at all and her face went pale-white.


Old Su spat out a mouthful of blood and exclaimed.

Zhao Feng, who was leaning on Princess Jin, was expressionless, and his face was filled with sleepiness.

The Tenth Core Elder’s eyes flashed with a weird light. Zhao Feng didn’t have any fear even in this situation.

“If that’s the case…”

The slender woman’s face went cold and she slashed toward Princess Jin’s snow-white neck.

In that instant, Princess Jin closed her eyes. Old Su roared but could do nothing.

As for Third Highness and company, their thoughts couldn’t even keep up.


A crisp snap rang out in the night.

Time seemed to stop in this moment. Zhao Feng was still leaning on Princess Jin, half-asleep.

The slender woman was only half a yard away from Zhao Feng and Princess Jin. They could feel each other’s breath.

However, her footsteps were frozen.


The dagger in the woman’s hand had snapped in half.

Miao miao!

A small dark-gray cat toyed with a transparent dagger and, with a flash, the woman’s weapon was sliced in half.

“How is this possible? My Twilight Night Dagger is a rare Mid-Tier Spiritual-Grade inheritance weapon and a rare treasure of assassins.”

The slender woman was dazed. She couldn’t accept this.


The fat baldy’s jaw had almost fallen to the ground. He watched the slender woman’s Twilight Night Dagger get chopped in half by the little thieving cat’s dagger.

The “Illusionary Sky Fake Stab” was the Tenth Core Elder’s famous move and even normal True Mystic Ranks couldn’t react in time.

How could the little thieving cat’s speed be so fast as to stop the Tenth Core Elder’s attack in a flash?

What was more incredible was the little thieving cat’s dagger. What kind of background did it have to be able to slice through Spiritual-grade weapons like tofu?

Even True Lord Ranks couldn’t do that.

At this point in time, both sides fell into a momentary daze.

“Little thieving cat, you shouldn’t release the aura of your weapon so easily…. Let me handle it.”

Zhao Feng rubbed his temples tiredly.

Back at the Purple Saint Treasured Palace, even the Purple Saint Partial Spirit panicked when the little thieving cat got this mysterious inheritance weapon.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat nodded its head and instantly took back the mysterious transparent dagger.

As soon as he spoke, Zhao Feng slowly stood up.

“Dumb brat, you can’t do anything at all and want to fight back?”

The fat baldy recovered from the momentary shock.

The cat’s performance just then had stunned him, but he soon realized that the little thieving cat’s threat came from the mysterious dagger.

“Hand over that dagger…”

The expression of the black-dressed woman soon turned from shock to greed and overwhelming joy.

If this mysterious dagger fell into the hands of a true assassin, what kind of legend would it create?

Zhao Feng didn’t bother with the two Elders. He opened the power of the God’s Spiritual Eye impatiently as he fought the urge to sleep.


Zhao Feng’s left eye turned from a calm blue to a freezing cold, then to a sharp azure glint.

The three elements of water, ice, and wind signaled the beginning of the unknown.


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