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King Of Gods - Chapter 448


Chapter 448: Chapter 448 - Iron Cloud Death Net

Chapter 448 - Iron Cloud Death Net

Within the building.

Princess Jin recovered from her flash of memory and her eyes became bright again.

However, awaiting her were curious gazes.

“Ninth sister, how did you meet this Zhao Feng?”

Third Highness couldn’t hold it in.

Two years ago, Zhao Feng was the number one genius of the Thirteen Countries and a wanted man.

The two shouldn’t know each other, but then, why did Princess Jin say, “I know him, but does he know me?”

“This Zhao Feng has already reached the True Mystic Rank at such a young age. Who would have imagined that a genius like this came from the Cloud area? He would probably be considered a genius even by the entire continent.”

Elder Jiang couldn’t help but say.

Princess Jin’s eyes twinkled, but she didn’t immediately answer.

If they were to know that Zhao Feng was one of the overwhelming prodigies of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, how shocked would they be?

Every cultivator knew very clearly that the Cloud area was only a poor countryside.

In the past, the representatives participating in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering were full of glory.

After some deep thought, Princess Jin made a decision.

“I met Zhao Feng in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. His performance was indeed stunning and he’s even one of the more outstanding ones.”

Princess Jin said softly and smiled.

She hid Zhao Feng’s overwhelming display because, although Zhao Feng was strong, he was still a junior. If the Iron Dragon Alliance were to know that an “overwhelming prodigy” was their enemy, they would panic and try to kill him no matter the cost.

Princess Jin’s thoughts were correct, but she didn’t know how much stronger Zhao Feng had become after entering the inheritance.

She didn’t enter the True Dragon One Hundred Strong, hence the reason she was able to return so quickly back to the Cloud area.

“So that’s how it is. This Zhao Feng also participated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.”

Everyone in the building understood. No wonder Princess Jin knew Zhao Feng.

However, they were still curious as to why Princess Jin was so excited after recognizing Zhao Feng.

Elder Jiang guessed that Zhao Feng’s performance stood out in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. After all, his cultivation was high.

He was certain that Princess Jin had hidden some secrets, but if she didn’t want to say anything then he wouldn’t ask.

Five or six days passed in the blink of an eye, and Zhao Feng spent most of that time sleeping.

Princess Jin stayed by Zhao Feng’s side and occasionally played with the little thieving cat.

Zhao Feng had woken up several times during this period of time, and his left eye was cool and calm.

Compared to when he was in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and his eye was cold and icy, it was now as calm as water.

This aura was extremely close to Princess Jin’s comprehension of Water.

His blue hair was as broad as the ocean, and Princess Jin’s consciousness would become lost in the limitless abyss whenever she looked at it.

This legendary youth and his eye bloodline had created a myth and he was filled with mystery.

However, what made Princess Jin disappointed was that Zhao Feng would only stay awake for a short amount of time before going back to sleep.

Princess Jin was disappointed, but this was all within expectations. She was too expectant.

“Zhao Feng, my Master will exit seclusion several days later. He’s the leader of the Dragon Killing Alliance. He’ll be looking forward to meeting you.”

Princess Jin smiled and quickly told Zhao Feng this news while she could.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng’s pupil contracted and he nodded his head.

Although he spent most of his time sleeping, he knew the purpose of this visit.

Old Su from the Dragon Killing Alliance was one of the reasons Zhao Feng stayed in the Sky Rich Strong Country.

Zhao Feng estimated that he only needed to “sleep” two or three more times before he would be able to meet Old Su.

He soon fell asleep again.

Princess Jin sighed and walked out, while the little thieving cat smiled from behind.

She understood that, with the little thieving cat’s protection, Zhao Feng was safe and didn’t need to be worried about.

Late night.

The mist of the village was filled with coldness.

Hu Sou Sou----

The screeching sound of hurried flying appeared.


A terrifying aura descended from the sky and a ghostly figure appeared, with a weird laugh that chilled the bone.

“Enemy attack!”

The guard on the night shift hiccupped coldly as he felt his energy become frozen, but he managed to squeeze out these two words.

“Not good! Enemy attack!!”

The quietness of the village was soon broken by hurried shouts.

Princess Jin’s heart jumped and, when she raised her head, she saw that the sky was enveloped by a giant dark-gray net.

This giant dark-gray net was controlled by thirty-six masked skeletal figures and it formed an “iron net” over the sky of the village.

“Shit, this is the Iron Cloud Death Net of the Iron Dragon Alliance. It was created by True Lord Tiexiao and it’s used for ambushes and it restricts the experts within a certain area.”

Princess Jin’s face went pale white.

The Iron Cloud Death Net was a unique array usually controlled by one or two True Human Ranks and thirty-four sixth or seventh sky Ascended Realm elites.

The special feature of this array was that it could be formed extremely quickly and, although it didn’t have much offensive capability, it was like a metal cage that stopped the trapped victims from flying away.

At this point in time, the Iron Cloud Death Net had already formed above the village and the sparkling dark-gray wires became colder.

“Hahaha…. The Iron Cloud Death Net has been formed. Everything under it is a caged bird. Spawn of the Sky Rich Seven Clans, come out and surrender!”

A dark-red-robed fat baldy leaned against a mountain with an excited expression.

“Core Elder, I didn’t think that we’d find a core stronghold of the Dragon Killing Alliance by following that blue-haired youth. This is our Eighteenth Palace’s chance.”

“For this mission, almost everyone from the Eighteenth Palace is here. With the Iron Cloud Death Net, even that old monster Su from the Dragon Killing Alliance won’t be able to escape.”

Figures appeared on the mountain. Amongst them, three or four were at the True Spirit Realm, and there were more than a dozen half-step True Spirit Realms. This number didn’t include the two True Spirit Realms in control of the Iron Cloud Death Net.

Everyone seemed to be led by the dark-red-robed “fat baldy.”

The village soon formed a defensive formation after some panic, but most of their expressions were filled with despair.

The Iron Dragon Alliance had used an entire Palace’s power to attack, and they had even formed the terrifying Iron Cloud Death Net.

“Once the Iron Cloud Death Net forms, anyone under the True Mystic Rank won’t be able to fly and they’ll become a caged bird.”

Elder Jiang, Third Highness, and company had given up as they formed the defensive array with the other members of the Dragon Killing Alliance.

“Everyone, don’t panic. If we work together we still have a chance.”

“Old Su will exit seclusion soon and will help us push back the enemy.”

Princess Jin’s soft voice resounded across the area.

The most important task right now was to calm everyone down. Only then would they have the ability to fight.

Hearing the name “Old Su,” hope and battle intent glowed in everyone’s eyes.

“The Eighteenth Palace of the Iron Dragon Alliance is here and the eighteenth Core Elder has arrived. He is known for his cunningness and specializes in prolonging battles.”

Princess Jin’s heart couldn’t help but be filled with bitterness as she inspected the enemy.

The Iron Dragon Alliance has thirty-six Core Elders, each in charge of a respective Palace.

Core Elders were the pillars holding up the Iron Dragon Alliance. Every one of them could rule one side and were almost all at the True Mystic Rank. Some True Mystic Rank experts might not even be able to become a Core Elder.

“There’re two True Mystic Rank or higher experts within the village. One is Old Su, whose strength has fallen to the True Mystic Rank after being injured, and the other is sleeping…”

Princess Jin analyzed the situation.

In terms of top-tier powers, the Dragon Killing Alliance had no advantage at all.

Furthermore, the Iron Dragon Alliance had more True Human Ranks as well.

What was more terrifying was that the Iron Dragon Alliance had ambushed them and set up an Iron Cloud Death Net, which could lock down the village. As time passed, even more reinforcements from the Iron Dragon Alliance would arrive.

This Eighteenth Core Elder just had to specialize in prolonging battles.

“Brothers, lock down the village and don’t let out even a single fly. When we take down this village you can play with that ‘Princess.’”

The fat baldy’s face was oily and the fat gently shook.

He scanned Princess Jin with lustful eyes and, as soon as he said this, the members of the Iron Dragon Alliance rubbed their hands together and licked their lips.

However, the Eighteenth Core Elder wasn’t in a hurry and organized the troops step by step, mainly focusing on surrounding the village.

“The longer this lasts, the higher chance of our victory. The people inside the village will definitely try to break through. All we need to do is wait.”

The fat baldy leaned against the mountain and, although he seemed lustful, the depths of his eyes were calm.

His Spiritual Sense scanned across the village. The blue-haired youth called “Zhao Feng” was apparently at the True Mystic Rank and the fat baldy was ready for him.

“Kill! Kill!”

Within the village, Princess Jin, Elder Jiang, and the other True Spirit Realm elites sent a wave of attacks trying to break out.

Ding Ding Ding----

The dark-gray wires in the sky sparked but didn’t break.

Even those at the True Mystic Rank could only temporarily create a mini-hole, but the hole could be fixed quickly with the array’s power.

Plop Plop Plop!

In the first round of attacks, four or five people from the Dragon Killing Alliance fell, whereas only one from the Iron Dragon Alliance died.

The Iron Cloud Death Net was like a well-guarded fort that required a heavy price to forcefully break through.

The hearts of Princess Jin, Elder Jiang, and the other True Spirit Realm experts fell.


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