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King Of Gods - Chapter 444


Chapter 444: Chapter 444 - Demonic Religion Member

Chapter 444 - Demonic Religion Member

Hearing the title “Blood Sickle Slaughterer,” the expressions of the people from the Sky Rich Imperials went grey.

The bony man in front of the blood-winged bird held a blood-colored sickle and seemed to be the representative of the God of Death.

The strong surge of bloody aura turned in the clouds and made everybody’s heart jump.

“Do the Heavens want to kill me…? For me to meet this slaughterer…”

Third Highness’ body trembled with despair.

Under the controlled and bloodied methods of the Iron Dragon Alliance, the countries were angry but couldn’t do anything.

Amongst them, the Blood Sickle Slaughterer was an infamous executioner of the Iron Dragon Alliance and was famed for killing. The slightest resistance resulted in the slaughter of a city, family, or even Clan.

Only Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change as he rubbed his left eye lazily.

“The God’s Spiritual Eye just had to change as soon as I returned here…”

The pain in Zhao Feng’s eye hurt more as time passed.

Even if he didn’t use the God’s Spiritual Eye it would hurt slightly.

As for the “Blood Sickle Slaughterer,” Zhao Feng didn’t even look at him.

Zhao Feng’s casual actions were seen by Elder Jiang and he was surprised.

The exchange from earlier allowed Elder Jiang to guess that Zhao Feng was at least at the True Mystic Rank.

However, this was a guess after all.

But if his guesses were right, Zhao Feng could protect them if he wanted to.

“Although the Blood Sickle Slaughterer is strong and has a record of fighting against a True Mystic Rank, he hasn’t reached the True Mystic Rank himself.”

Elder Jiang’s heart moved and became expectant.

The only worry he had was that Zhao Feng wouldn’t help because the Cloud area was now under the Iron Dragon Alliance’s control.

If Zhao Feng were to attack, it would mean fighting against the Iron Dragon Alliance.

Although a True Mystic Rank was strong, it wasn’t enough to fight against the Iron Dragon Alliance.

“I’ll give you ten breaths of time to consider surrendering or I will kill you all.”

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer landed from the blood-winged bird.

Sou Sou Sou----

The more-than-a-dozen figures seemed to be gods that descended from the skies and surrounded the group with experience.

Elder Jiang was uneasy while Third Highness and company’s legs trembled with fear.

They had heard of the Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s infamous name and the ten breaths of consideration was always his attitude.

Surrender or die.

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer licked his lips. He liked to watch the enemy struggle within unlimited fear.

His playful eyes scanned over the group and he faintly nodded his head.


The Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s gaze suddenly locked onto a figure.

Amongst the group, a blue-haired youth seemed tired and stood out.

There was no fear in this youth’s eyes and he seemed to be oblivious to the situation.

If it was a normal person, it wouldn’t matter. However, the aura from this youth was like a bottomless abyss that was filled with coldness.

“True… True Mystic Rank?”

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s heart jumped as his playful smile was replaced with solemnness.

When the Blood Sickle Slaughterer said the three words “True Mystic Rank,” Elder Jiang let out a breath.

After all, the Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s cultivation had reached the peak True Human Rank and was even stronger than First Elder of the Broken Moon Clan.

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s strength was definitely top-tier amongst those at the True Human Rank and he had the experience of fighting those at the True Mystic Rank. His senses wouldn’t be wrong.


The wind lightly blew and the atmosphere was silent.

“The information was wrong…. There’s a True Mystic Rank amongst the spawn of the Sky Rich Imperials.”

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s face was filled with solemnness and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

The figures of the Iron Dragon Alliance members nearby all froze.

In the Cloud area, True Lord Ranks were definitely kings that could decide the lives of everyone.

In the Iron Dragon Alliance, the number of True Lord Ranks could be counted with one hand.

Putting aside the Cloud area, even the Canopy Great Country only had a few True Lord Ranks, and every True Lord Rank could affect the balance of the Great Country.

In the Cloud area, the number of True Lord Ranks were even fewer and were never seen.

Therefore, True Mystic Ranks became the strongest battle power and were enough to rule one side.

It was hard to imagine that this youth had already reached the peak of the Cloud area.

“May I ask for your name and why you are helping the Sky Rich Imperials?”

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer had experienced rough waves and soon calmed down.

His eyes twinkled as he stared at the blue-haired youth.

He estimated that this youth had reached the True Mystic Rank not long ago, which meant that he might be able to block him.

Of course, he had to scout out Zhao Feng before that.

Zhao Feng raised his head tiredly, and said expressionlessly, “I’ll give you ten breaths to consider surrendering or I will kill you all.”

What the Blood Sickle Slaughterer had said was repeated back to him.

“You… do you want to become the Iron Dragon Alliance’s enemy?”

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s expression was ugly.

If it weren’t for the fact that the opponent’s cultivation was at the True Mystic Rank, given the Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s attitude, he would have tortured the opponent to death already.

However, he didn’t have confidence to defeat a True Mystic Rank, especially with Elder Jiang on the side.

“Ten… nine…”

Zhao Feng’s voice made the hearts of the Blood Sickle Slaughterer and company twitch.

Elder Jiang, Third Highness, and company were overjoyed.

Who would have thought that the situation would have flipped 180 degrees?

Just a moment ago, they were choosing between surrender and death. The next instant, Zhao Feng had just casually turned this around.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s invisible aura was extremely powerful.

Logically, the Blood Sickle Slaughterer shouldn’t be stunned by a youth who had just reached the True Mystic Rank as he was very experienced, but somehow, the Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s soul felt uneasy.

Even the True Mystic Ranks he was familiar with didn’t give him such pressure.

The confidence due to strength and mental energy level made others look up at him.

It was similar to a Noble. They might not be stronger, but every action and movement contained power.

Zhao Feng gave off a feeling similar to this. Back at the Purple Saint Ruins, the True Mystic Rank geniuses that died due to him numbered a couple dozen and most of them were at the peak True Mystic Rank.

Even some of the weaker True Lord Ranks weren’t his match.

“Eight… seven… six…”

In Zhao Feng’s eyes, the Blood Sickle Slaughterer was like an ant and his attitude was displayed.

“Re-retreat!!” The Blood Sickle Slaughterer suddenly made a decision on instinct.

Firstly, the enemy had two True Spirit Realm cultivators and one of them was a True Mystic Rank. Fighting head-on meant that his chance of victory was less than 30%.

Secondly, the blue-haired youth gave him an extremely uneasy feeling and, being a slaughterer, his sense for death was something that normal people couldn’t compare to.


With the order of the Blood Sickle Slaughterer, the Iron Dragon Alliance members instantly reacted.

“Then you can go die.”

Coldness flashed on Zhao Feng’s face.

Ring of Lightning.

He raised his hand and gently tapped the air.

Arcs of lightning struck out in a radius of dozens of yards.


The lightning arcs were like living snakes that dodged around Third Highness and company before biting into the members of the Iron Dragon Alliance.


Cries sounded one after another.

Plop Plop!

The nearby more-than-a-dozen members of the Iron Dragon Alliance turned into scorched bodies.

In just a single breath, everyone apart from the Blood Sickle Slaughterer had died.

“One move…”

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s heart skipped a beat and his expression changed dramatically.

Elder Jiang, Third Highness, and company were all frozen and didn’t dare move in front of that terrifying aura of lightning.

They originally thought that Zhao Feng’s move would engulf them as well, but Zhao Feng’s attack had only killed the enemy.

Such control was something Elder Jiang could only look up to.

The Blood Sickle Slaughterer started to realize that Zhao Feng probably wasn’t a normal True Mystic Rank.


The Blood Sickle Slaughterer only had this thought.

Zhao Feng’s strength was much more terrifying than he imagined, and the chance of winning was less than 30%. There was also Elder Jiang.


The Blood Sickle Slaughterer burnt his Qi of True Spirit and turned into a blood-colored flame that raced off into the distance.

No one knew what technique the Blood Sickle Slaughterer had used to raise his speed to the True Mystic Rank.

“This Blood Sickle Slaughterer’s skill is kind of similar to the Moon Demon Palace’s.”

Zhao Feng’s heart moved as he watched the blood-colored flame shoot off.

He couldn’t help but squint his eyes as he watched the Blood Sickle Slaughterer get away.

Elder Jiang panicked slightly. It seemed as if the Blood Sickle Slaughterer was very wary of Zhao Feng, and if the latter pursued him it was most likely he could slay the Blood Sickle Slaughterer.

Once the Blood Sickle Slaughterer escaped, it would be far more dangerous.

“Elder Jiang, which clan is this Blood Sickle Slaughterer from?”

Zhao Feng didn’t seem to be in a rush.

“A lot of the members from the Iron Dragon Alliance come from the Cloud area, such as the two strong countries or the Thirteen Countries. However, the Iron Dragon Alliance has the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion behind them and many core members come from the Demonic Religion. The Blood Sickle Slaughterer isn’t from the Cloud area so he’s most likely a member of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.”

Elder Jiang said deeply.

“Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion… Moon Demon Palace…”

Zhao Feng thought in his heart. To confirm his suspicions, he instinctively opened his God’s Spiritual Eye to try and see how the Blood Sickle Slaughterer used his skills, but the second he did so the God’s Spiritual Eye exploded in pain.


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