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King Of Gods - Chapter 441


Chapter 441: Chapter 441 - Back to the Azure Flower Continent (

Chapter 441 - Back to the Azure Flower Continent (2)

According to Zhao Feng’s thoughts, it would be better if the Purple Saint Partial Spirit teleported him to a more accurate place.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering had most likely ended and Zhao Feng’s head would hurt from being questioned by everyone.

After all, the inheritance he entered was unknown and Zhao Feng didn’t know how to explain where Zhao Yufei went as this regarded massive secrets.

The place he really wanted to go to wasn’t the ancient arena nor the Canopy Great Country but his hometown.

Thinking back how he had traveled towards the Canopy Great Country, it was due to the situation in his hometown.

Before he left the new Clan Master ‘Haiyun Master’ of the Broken Moon Clan had sent killers after him across the Thirteen Countries.


Zhao Feng estimated the time was ripe and his strength was enough to return to the Cloud area.

“You’re asking for more than I thought, but I have a Purple Saint Token here which is comparable to a dimension marking.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit smiled and waved her hand as a rippling purple token landed on Zhao Feng’s hand.


Zhao Feng accepted the Purple Saint Token with puzzlement.

“This Purple Saint Token has a faint connection with the Purple Saint Ruins and if one day you need to return to the Purple Saint Ruins or if Yufei needs your help this token can open a path.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit explained.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng was surprised and overjoyed.

This meant that he had another chance to return here after going back to the Azure Flower Continent.

“This is the last Purple Saint Token and can only be used three times. Use with care.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit warned.

Zhao Feng nodded his head and promised to protect the Purple Saint Token.

“I also have a few items for you.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit raised its hand again and an ancient metal ring, the jade talisman of a dragon and a black small ball appeared in the air.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. Instinct told him that the three items that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was giving him were not normal.

Thinking about how the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was the controller of this Ruins, how would the presents she was giving out be easy?

Miao Miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly appeared and seemed to be very excited.

“This jade dragon talisman is named ‘Jade Dragon Protection’ and one of its materials is a bloodline of an ancient true dragon. It’s similar to the Void God Protection but is more unique. It

can attack and defend and can be used twice.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit introduced.

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up after hearing this.

Before, he had seen Ye Yanyu use the Void God Protection. That devastating power even severely injured the Towering Tree Yao.

The Void God Protection had one-tenth the strength of a Void God Realm King and could be used for both offense and defense.

If used well, the attack from the Void God Protection could even kill a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm.

The Jade Dragon Protection that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit gave him was even more unique and could be used twice.

“This ancient metal ring is a special interspatial ring and can hold many items and is very tough;almost unable to be destroyed. The space inside it is several hundred times more than all your interspatial items added up and can also be used as a Spiritual Pet Bag.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit smiled and said.

Zhao Feng was surprised and when he put his consciousness into the ancient metal ring, he could faintly feel that the space within it had at least a radius of one mile.

One had to know that normal interspatial items could only hold a couple yards worth of stuff and an interspatial ring that could hold a radius of one mile was never even heard of in the Azure Flower Continent.

Furthermore, this ancient metal ring can also store Spiritual Pets.

Miao Miao!

The little thieving cat’s figure flashed and disappeared within the ancient metal ring.

With this ring, Zhao Feng’s actions later on would be much easier.


The Purple Saint Partial Spirit introduced the last black small pearl:

“This is the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, a sacred item for the Dao of Ghosts and contains the air of yin and ghosts. It is very suitable to train Ghost Corpses and normal Ghost Corpses inside would be able to cultivate dozens of times faster. Back then the Ten Thousand Ghost Emperor trained tens of thousands of ghost corpses inside this and swept across several powerful two-star sects.”

After taking the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, Zhao Feng found that this item was several ranks higher than the Black Lotus he had taken.

It was obvious that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit saw that Zhao Feng was interested raising Ghost Corpses and hence gave this Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl, Jade Dragon Protection, and ancient metal ring were all of great help to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng got ready after putting the three items away.

“Yufei, we shall meet later.”

Before he left, Zhao Feng glanced deeply towards Zhao Yufei.

Being the inheritor of the Purple Night Saint Lord and the Purple Saint dimension, her future and the pressure on her wasn’t small.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit gave Zhao Feng these items hoping that Zhao Feng might help her a bit especially before she fully grew.

In reality, even without these items, Zhao Feng would help due to their relationship.

In the next instant.

The entire Purple Saint Ruins trembled slightly and space seemed to distort. Zhao Feng also disappeared from the Purple Saint dimension in this moment.

The glowing purple door vanished.

“Yufei, although this person doesn’t have the bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, the history of his left eye is definitely connected to it. If you’re able to become his wife, there’ll be great benefits….”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s eyes were full of smiles.

Zhao Yufei, who was sitting on the ground and refining the crystal key, went red.

At the same time in the limitless ocean.

Shua Shua Shua!

Figures after one another appeared in the air.

All of these figures were disciples from the three sects. Some were filled with disappointment, others joy and unwillingness.

Three Kings at the Void God Realm froze the space within a thousand miles and every genius was questioned by the upper echelons of the three sects.

At the end, Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er were also sent out.

“The Purple Saint Ruins inheritance has ended.”

The golden skeleton said emotionlessly.


The three Void God Realm Kings all suddenly sensed something.

“Just then an unknown being was sent out from the Purple Saint Ruins but didn’t appear where we are.”

Moon robed goddess aunt’s eyebrows furrowed as she closed her eyes and sensed around.

“I had the same faint feeling as well.”

The golden skeleton and King of the Demonic Path all agreed.

In the instance Zhao Feng had been sent out, the three Kings at the Void God Realm had felt the unusual disturbance in space.

Who would the existence that was sent out be?

The three had their answers immediately.

The inheritor could be excluded because the inheritor needed a long time to inherit the ruins and couldn’t leave.

The disciples of the three sects all had their inheritance tokens and could also be excluded.

Furthermore, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit would spend a lot of energy just by sending out one person to a faraway place.

It wouldn’t do something like this for the disciples of the three sects.

The answer was very obvious.

Only Zhao Feng who had helped them would receive this treatment.

“Can’t sense it anymore…..”

The moon robed goddess aunt tried to connect with the youngling scorpion on her palm.

Void God Realm Kings had incredible abilities and easily controlled the youngling scorpion.

However, due to the fact that the youngling scorpion was too far away from Zhao Feng and weak, it couldn’t sense Zhao Feng.

“Looks like the area Zhao Feng is from isn’t the Tianlu Islands but the power of the Purple Saint Partial Spirit is limited and wouldn’t be able to send him too far away.”

The moon robed goddess aunt already had her guesses.

Right now all, she needed to do was patiently increase the youngling scorpion’s strength till a certain point where it could estimate it’s owner’s whereabouts.

After disappearing from the Purple Saint dimension, this youngling scorpion was the only trace leading to Zhao Feng.

In a place far, far away.

In a range of desolate forest.


A glowing purple door appeared out of nowhere and caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to become chaotic.

At this instance, lightning and wind seemed to interact.

Although the purple door seemed to be pushed back by the Heaven and Earth here, it forcefully opened.


A blue haired youth walked through the purple door and the disturbance here caused the beasts to tremble in fear and uneasiness.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye opened and he murmured to himself: “This Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s methods are immeasurable. It sent me directly back to the Azure Flower Continent from the ruins.”

Zhao Feng had smelt a very familiar aura with he had appeared.

The Azure Flower Continent’s aura was very different from the Purple Saint dimensions and the place where Zhao Feng was at was very close towards the Thirteen countries.

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled and guessed that he was probably sent to a small corner of the Cloud area.

The Cloud area had Thirteen Countries and two strong countries.

Apart from the cities itself, the rest was barren land and was usually filled with large amounts of deadly beasts. Even some True Spirit Realms didn’t dare venture here….

Because the barren lands were too big and Zhao Feng had appeared out of nowhere, he wasn't exactly sure where he was.


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed as he landed on a tree and instinctively opened his God’s Spiritual Eye to survive the land.


The second he opened his God’s Spiritual Eye his expression changed dramatically.


Zhao Feng felt the depths of his left eye expand and start to hurt.

“What’s going on?”

Zhao Feng’s consciousness entered the dimension of his left eye and the freezing pond had extended to nine point eight yards and was closing in on nine point nine yards.


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