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King Of Gods - Chapter 440


Chapter 440: Chapter 440 - Back to the Azure Flower Continent (

Chapter 440 - Back to the Azure Flower Continent (1)

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and inspected the dimension and saw that it was becoming slightly unstable.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit was losing energy every second the Ruins was open.

She was the core of the Purple Saint Ruin and her power had almost run out after all this time.

Once all of the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s energy was used up, this Ruins would become owner-less and there would be unforeseeable dangers.

The experts outside might use this chance and attack the Ruins.

Hence, Zhao Feng had two options:

Stay in the Purple Saint Ruins. This may take up to 10 years.Return back to the Azure Flower Continent.

“Zhao Feng, are you going to stay or leave?”

Although the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was in a void state, it still had an air of nobility and elegance.

Her eyes were full of expectation as she looked at the blue haired youth in front of her.

Being the controller of the dimension, she knew all of Zhao Feng’s stunning displays.

Although Zhao Feng’s bloodline didn’t belong to one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, his left eye was definitely related to it.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit wished for Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei to control the Purple Saint Ruins together.

“Tens of years is too long.”

Zhao Feng murmured as he started to think about his past.

Thinking back to the start of his cultivation from the Consolidated Realm to now, how many years had it taken him?

Zhao Feng had only used three to four years and he wasn’t even eighteen right now.

In many places, Zhao Feng couldn’t even be considered an adult.

Tens of years were too long for Zhao Feng.

Ten years meant countless opportunities for him.

“Furthermore, I can’t put down the expectation of First Elder. Who knows what would happen to the Broken Moon Clan and my hometown then?”

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng made a decision.

He couldn’t stay in the Purple Saint dimension for that long.

“I’ll go back to the Azure Flower Continent.”

Zhao Feng said decisively.

When he made this decision, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit sighed somewhat regretfully.

If it was a normal expert or even Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm, they would probably not give up this chance.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the Purple Saint Ruins was extremely pure and there were countless treasures. Cultivating here was certainly much faster than the outside world.

Zhao Feng obviously knew this clearly, but he still decided to go back to the Azure Flower Continent.

“The world is enormous and there might be fortunes greater than the Purple Saint Ruins.

Relying on outside items and help isn’t good. Plus, I’ve already received enough rewards here.”

Zhao Feng thought. His heart was as calm as water and wasn’t moved by the ruins.

“Sister purple Saint, can you please send Brother Zhao Feng back to the Azure Flower area and give them my wishes?”

Zhao Yufei opened her eyes and the crystal key in front of her hummed lowly as the ruins started to change.

Zhao Feng guessed that this crystal key was the core of the ruins and as long as Zhao Yufei refined it, she could start to control the ruins but as of right now her cultivation wasn’t enough.

“Ok, give me half a days time to prepare.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit glanced deeply towards Zhao Yufei but didn’t say anything.

The two had made a deal before and would respect Zhao Feng’s choice.

As expected, Zhao Feng chose to return back to the Azure Flower Continent.

Although Zhao Feng’s choice also allowed to carry Zhao Yufei’s wish, inside the depths of her heart, she still felt disappointed.

“Brother Zhao Feng, when you return back to the Thirteen Countries can you please save the Lin Moon Clan and if it’s possible, give news to the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Yuan Clan ‘Baiyun Dao Sovereign’ that I’m safe?”

Zhao Yufei’s eyes were teary as she closed her eyes and focused on refining the crystal key.

“Sure thing.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head with a bit of guilt. He couldn’t help Zhao Yufei refine or control the Purple saint dimension and obviously couldn’t stay here for tens of years.


Zhao Feng sat cross-legged waiting for the half a day to pass and end of the ruins.

Using this time, Zhao Feng organized what he had gotten from the Purple Saint Ruins.

Amongst everything, the Life Returning Grass and company was invaluable in the Azure Flower Continent and compared to this the treasures from the Water Moon Treasury were nothing.

He had also received two major inheritances, the Wind Lightning Emperors, and Ice Imperial Spear.

Within his mind.

The tattered stone tablet covered with a layer of mysterious wind and lightning released a limitless aura.

This wind lightning stone tablet represented the essence of an Emperor.

Although this wind lightning stone tablet was worn out and dark, less than one percent was bright.

This meant that Zhao Feng’s understand wasn’t even one one-hundredth of the wind lightning stone tablet.

“If I can comprehend more than one percent of the wind lightning stone tablet, it won’t be hard for me to reach the Origin Core Realm.”

Zhao Feng took back his consciousness.

The process of comprehending the wind lightning stone tablet would definitely be a long process.

This stone tablet would cause chaotic waves if it was known to the Azure Flower Continent.

After all, this was the inheritance of an Emperor at the Void God Realm and surpassed most major inheritances.

After that Zhao Feng started to inspect the Ice Imperial Spear.

The Ice Imperial Spear was deep blue and transparent like crystal.

“The Ice Imperial Spear is an inheritance-type weapon and at its prime, its rank was at least at the high Earth grade.”

Zhao Feng gently touched the Ice Imperial Spear and the blue body within his body automatically started to circulate and felt extremely close to the Ice Imperial Spear.

Earth grade weapons were legends in the Azure Flower Continent.

The one and only Lord Dynasty was destroyed by an Earth grade weapon in just one night.


The Ice Imperial Spear suddenly seemed to melt and went inside Zhao Feng’s body.


Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

The Ice Imperial Spear had disappeared, but Zhao Feng was sure it was on him and had merged with his body.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes and felt the aura of ancient coldness in his bloodline power which also contained information on the laws of ice.

The Ice Imperial Spear wasn’t just a weapon. It also contained inheritance information.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s guesses were very accurate and were sure that Zhao Feng was suited for this inheritance weapon.

However, Zhao Feng found that this Ice Imperial Spear was worn and most of its power was in hibernation.

“This Sacred True Dragon Gathering’s decision wasn’t bad. I got the inheritances of the Wind Lightning Emperor and Ice Imperial Spear at the same time.”

Zhao Feng was very satisfied.

Apart from the treasures and inheritances, he had also received some benefits and the best one was the strengthening of his soul due to the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

Zhao Feng had absorbed a lot of its power and cleansed his soul.

His mental energy level was now at least comparable to the late True Lord Rank and understood how to use the Eye of Heaven.

Just this alone was enough to make the other geniuses of the three two-star sects go crazy from jealousy.

Time slowly passed by and Zhao Feng organized what he had gotten.

When there were rewards, there were losses.

Zhao Feng couldn’t overuse the God’s Spiritual Eye within a short amount of time and couldn’t easily use powerful skills.

Apart from that the youngling scorpion also left Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng had asked the Purple Saint Partial Spirit and the answer he received was that either the youngling scorpion had died or wasn’t in the ruins.

“The youngling scorpion shouldn’t be dead yet as I still feel a tiny connection.”

Zhao Feng was certain.

Of course, compared with the massive benefits he got, the loss of the youngling scorpion was nothing.

Shua Shua!

Two dark silver poison corpses appeared next to Zhao Feng.

In terms of battle power, these two dark silver poison corpses could kill anyone under the Origin Core Realm as long as they drew blood.

Before the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Zhao Feng wouldn’t have imagined that he would have two ghost corpse slaves at the True Lord Rank.

With just these two True Lord Rank ghost corpses alone, he could do almost whatever he wished in the Canopy Great Country.

Some of the stronger forces such as the main Liu family only had one or two True Lord Ranks and some ‘strong countries’ also had around this amount.

This was strong countries and great countries.

Small countries such as the Thirteen Countries didn’t have any True Lord Ranks and even True Mystic Ranks were extremely rare.

In the blink of an eye half, a day had passed.

“Zhao Feng, the inheritance is closing right now. I’ll send you back to the Azure Flower area.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded in his mind.

“Thank you, elder Purple Saint.”

Zhao Feng immediately gave his utmost gratitude.

It wasn’t hard for him to guess that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit would expend a lot of energy to send him back.

“Zhao Feng, you don’t need to be so respectful. This is what I should do. Even if you aren’t Yufei’s friend, just by the fact that you protected the Towering Tree Yao and the flaw of the dimension, I would do my best to satisfy your requirement.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit smiled.

After saying that.


The Purple Saint Treasured Palace glowed with a brilliant purple light and a wave of spatial disturbance.

A purple door suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Feng.

“Senior, it’d be best if you could send me to the South West of the Northern Continent.”

Zhao Feng guessed that the Sacred True Dragon Gathering had probably ended and the South West of the Northern Continent was where the Thirteen Countries and two strong countries were.


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