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King Of Gods - Chapter 439


Chapter 439: Chapter 439 - Emperor’s Inheritance

Chapter 439 - Emperor’s Inheritance

“Let’s wait another three days.”

The blood hair coloured Tiemo’s voice was hoarse and deep as he scanned the ancient arena.

The ancient arena was dead silent and the magnificient stone statues had fallen into deep sleep. The invisible mental energy power had disappeared.

Apart from Tiemo, the Flooding Lake City lord also hadn’t left.

The Grand Elder of the Heavenly Yuan Clan ‘Baiyun Dao Sovereign’ had his eyes closed and sighed.

Over half of the Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance had left and were discussing how to deal with the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Around half of the hundred True Dragon geniuses had returned and Xin Wuheng who had entered the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei who had entered the unknown inheritance and Liu Qinxin who had entered the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance had not appeared.

“Let’s go.”

Tiemo took regret and longing with him as he left the ancient arena.

The Sacred Alliance closed the doors of the ancient arena and told everyone to leave.

The most glorious Sacred True Dragon Gathering had come to an end.

Maybe there would be people mentioning this Sacred True Dragon Gathering’s glory but it was more likely for it to be forgotten in the passage of time.

However, had all of this really ended?

In an ancient, cold hall in a far away spatial dimension.

Tattered and worn stone statues and stone tablets were in sight in an ancient and cold hall, as if representing the legends it once held.

There was around a hundred stone statues and tablets and all of them contained auras similar to the stone statues of the ancient arena but more realistic.

In a certain place in front of a ten yard tall stone statue.

This stone statue was a ‘Demon Girl’ with a pair of demonic wings. There was a dark black moon on its forehead and a black flames surrounded it.

At the feet of the demon girl stone statue was a few words: Moon Demon Queen.

“The Moon Demon Queen is my Moon Demon Palaces’ most famous Emperor at the Void God Realm. Her inheritance is indeed not simple. An entire two months of comprehension only allowed me to absorb half of the information.”

Zhuang Wan’er’s charming face was filled with joy.

The Void God Realm was also split into tiers.

At least in the Tianlu Islands, there was no Void God Realm expert that had been granted with the title of ‘Emperor.’

Zhuang Wan’er’s eyes turned towards the direction of the central hall.

She had entered here all because of one person.

In the centre of the hall was four taller and more magnificent statues that gave off an invisible mental energy intent, as if they had passed through the passage of time.

A few words were written in front of a stone statue: Wind Lightning Emperor

A blue haired youth sat in front of the stone statue and tablet representing the Wind Lightning Emperor. His blue eye were cold and as sharp as lightning.

“Zhao Feng, I didn’t think that you would be able to receive the inheritance of the Wind Lightning Emperor so quickly. Back then the Wind Lightning Emperor was named the fastest Emperor and his battle power was unparalleled. Even the Purple Night Saint Lord let him escape several times.”

The voice of a female sounded in his mind.

In Zhao Feng’s mind a blurry image of two unfathomable powers clashed together in the limitless ocean.

One of them was a blur of lightning and wind. Lightning engulfed the world and every time the figure moved, they could move thousands of miles and even movement could flip the heavens. It was as if they were God.

The other was a figure enveloped in dreamy purple light. The figure was similar to the Purple Saint Partial Spirit but had higher cultivation and fought with the blur of wind and lightning.


Because of the difference in cultivation the figure of wind and lightning flashed across the ocean and successfully escaped.

“This Wind Lightning Emperor is indeed worthy of being the fastest Emperor. He has the ability to challenge those with higher cultivation and even escape from the Purple Night Saint Lord.”

Zhao Feng slowly stood up.

Every stone statue and stone tablet here represented a legend.

Because Zhao Feng comprehended the laws of lightning he chose the Wind Lightning Emperor’s inheritance and using his understanding of lightning and God’s Spiritual Eye’s comprehension ability, gained the recognition of the stone statue.

Every stone statue here contained a mental energy spirit similar to the Purple Saint Partial Spirit but their intelligence wasn’t high and only had their wills left.

Even if Emperors at the Void God Realm had fallen, their wills could still exist for many years.

The three floors of the lightning inheritance in the dimension of his left eye shattered and disappeared.

An ancient stone tablet was replaced and waves of wind and lightning blew amongst it which contained the Wind Lightning Emperor’s understanding and comprehension.

The entire wind lightning stone tablet was dim and dark. Less than one percent of it was bright.

“I didn’t even comprehend one percent of the Wind Lightning Emperor’s understanding in two months time.”

Zhao Feng exited comprehension with tiredness.

The Lightning Inheritance he had learnt before was not even one percent of the Wind Lightning Emperor’s inheritance.

It was hard to imagine how terrifying this Wind Lightning Emperor’s battle power when he was at his peak.

The legendary treasured palace had four tall stone statues and stone tablets. The owners of three of them all had reached the Mystic Light Realm and was one step away from the Heavenly divine Realm.

One could see how unique the Wind Lightning Emperor was for his stone statue to be on the same standing as the three others.

The reason why Zhao Feng chose this inheritance was because it was most suitable for him.

He didn’t choose the ice elemental inheritance because he was worried that when the God’s Spiritual Eye evolved once more, his bloodline would change and once his bloodline changed, the ice inheritance he chose would lose its meaning.

The Wind Lightning Inheritance didn’t have this problem.

Zhao Feng had a foundation for the path of Wind and Lightning from long ago.

Miao miao!

On the other side of the palace the little thieving cat’s body lay on a stone wall.

On the stone wall was a dark transparent dagger.

The little thieving cat had sat in front of this dagger for an entire two months and occasionally waved its paws in frustration.


The dark transparent dagger suddenly disappeared from the stone wall.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat joyfully grabbed the dagger with its paws.


Zhao Feng glanced towards it and was slightly surprised. It had finally done it.

“How is this possible? It actually got this legendary weapon.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice was filled with panic and fear.


After receiving the dark transparent dagger it flashed through the air and landed on Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

Zhao Feng was slightly stunned. What kind of weapon did the little thieving cat that even made the Purple Saint Partial Spirit feel panic and fear.

Furthermore, after getting the dagger, the little thieving cat’s abilities seem to have become stronger.

“It’s about time.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head and got ready to leave this stone statue and stone tablet.

On the other side Zhuang Wan’er saw Zhao Feng’s actions and wanted to follow but was somewhat hesitant.

Her rate of accepting the inheritance was no where as quick as Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat and wasn’t complete.

Zhao Feng had the God’s Spiritual Eye which allowed him to accept inheritances faster than Zhuang Wan’er.

“Zhao Feng, there’s an inheritance weapon in the South West corner of the hall that might be suitable for your bloodline.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit calmed down and told him.

Although the Purple Saint Partial Spirit mainly focused on helping Zhao Yufei inherit this ruins, no one knew the place as well as her.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and soon arrived at the South West corner.

Apart from inheritances and skills, there was also weapon inheritances.

In the South West corner was a tattered and broken shield, an elegant broken sword and a deep blue crystal spear.

The owners of these three weapons when they were alive were all at least at the Void God Realm or else their weapons wouldn’t be collected by the Purple Night Saint lord.

When Zhao Feng got close he felt the faint blue blood in his body flow throughout his body.

Zhao Feng’s bloodline had sensed something and even his God’s Spiritual Eye twitched slightly.


The deep blue crystal spear gave off a faint roar of a dragon and a coldness charged into his soul.

If it were a normal genius who was at the True Lord Rank, their consciousness might be sealed by ice and even normal Origin Core Realm experts didn’t dare face this pressure head on.


The deep blue crystal spear disappeared from the wall with the image of an ice dragon.

Zhao Feng instinctively reached out and grasped the crystal spear.

“This is the famous Ice Imperial Spear. The previous owners’ cultivation were almost all above the Void God Realm.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded.

Zhao Feng immediately gave thanks. The Purple Saint Partial Spirit must have seen that this Ice Imperial Spear was compatible with his bloodline and so told him.

Now he had received the inheritance of the Wind Lightning Emperor and his bloodline had the Ice Imperial Spear.

This meant that Zhao Feng got two inheritances at once.

The Ice Imperial Spear contained the legacy of its previous owner and this weapon itself had the laws of ice.

The only regretful thing was that the rank of this Ice Imperial Spear had fallen and was far off it’s prime.

However, even then this Ice Imperial Spear’s value was worth more than a thousand times than the other items Zhao Feng had.

The Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, Luohou Bow, Water Moon God Peach Fan and other items weren’t much use for Zhao Feng anymore.

After all, his battle power was close to to normal late stage True Lord Ranks and had surpassed the Water Moon Pirate.

After receiving the suitable inheritance Zhao Feng went into the next floor, the ‘Purple Saint Treasured Palace’ with directions from the map.

The third floor - Purple Saint Treasured Palace.

A girl dressed in purple sat in front of a crystal-like ket and sizzles of Flames of True Spirit went into the key.

Next to her was a female in the state of a purple glow of light who floated in midair and helped the girl in purple.

It was at this moment Zhao Feng stepped into the third floor.

This was the inheritance that belonged to the Purple Night Saint Lord.

“Zhao Feng, to stop excess energy to be used, the Purple Saint Ruins will soon come to an ending. You can choose to stay here for tens of years and cultivate with Yufei or you can choose to leave.”

The glow of purple light said.


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