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King Of Gods - Chapter 438


Chapter 438: Chapter 438 - Inheritance Ending

Chapter 438 - Inheritance Ending

The appearance of Yu Tianhao caught the attention of the entire Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

He had entered the most ancient and mysterious Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

Furthermore, Yu Tianhao was a prodigy that had suppressed two continuous Sacred True Dragon Gathering’s. No one could move his position and only a few such as Zhao Feng had the ability to fight him.

“The Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance is indeed worthy of living up to its name. In just a short two months Yu Tianhao broke through from the peak True Mystic Rank to the early stage True Lord Rank.”

“Yu Tianhao strength is immeasurable and is probably stronger than the True Lord Ranks of the older generation.”

The older generation experts felt the drastic change in Yu Tianhao’s aura.

Yu Tianhao’s eyes were bright and seemed to stand out amongst the skies. The powerful intent from him even made other True Lord Ranks unable to look directly at him.

The nine Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance looked expectantly towards Yu Tianhao.

Even these Sovereigns didn’t have much of a chance to enter the Heavens Legacy Inheritance back in their time.

“Tianhao had already suppressed his cultivation before the Sacred True Dragon Gathering so it’s only a small surprise for him to have reached the early stage True Lord Rank.”

Sovereign Yu Xingchen smiled and flashed in front of Yu Tianhao.

This progress in cultivation couldn’t be compared to but someone able to enter the Heavens Legacy Inheritance obviously couldn’t be normal.

“Tianhao, it’s already a great fortune for you to return safely from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance. What other benefits did you get?”

Yu Xingchen cared most about Yu Tianhao’s rewards.

There was three main rewards one could get from returning from inheritances:

The first was an inheritance skill that was from a specific inheritance or expert.

The second was weapons and resources that may be extinct in the Azure Flower Continent.

The third was unique encounters that could increase one’s strength, talent and cultivation.


After saying this a mysterious mist was released from Sovereign Yu Xingchen which enveloped Yu Tianhao and himself.

Under this mysterious light even other Sovereigns found it hard to hear what the two talked about.

Those watching could only see Yu Tianhao talk with his father but even their figures were blurry. However, the joy time after time on Sovereign Yu Xingchen’s face made others certain that Yu Tianhao had received a lot of benefits from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

“Every time the Heavens Legacy Inheritance descends, the situation of the continent will change. To be able to return successfully from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance might allow Yu Tianhao to write down a stroke in the books of history.”

The bronze skinned giant deputy palace lord had praise and expectation on his face.

Sou Sou Sou!

Right at this moment several figures from the Ten Thousand Origin Clan closed in on Yu Xingchen and company.


Yu Xingchen’s expression fell and a large aura was released from him that made the True Lord Rank experts of the Ten Thousand Origin Clan unable to breathe.

“Sovereign, please calm down. We’re elders from the Ten Thousand Origin Clan of the Northern Continent and would like to ask Yu Tianhao some questions.”

A half step Origin Core Realm expert said respectfully.

Ten Thousand Origin clan?

Yu Xingchen said these words lightly and felt that this name was somewhat familiar and his expression softened as if he remembered a past expert of this clan.

The Ten Thousand Origin Clan’s status was only below the Heavenly Yuan Clan in the Northern Continent.

Without even thinking, Yu Xingchen and Yu Tianhao could guess that the Ten Thousand Origin Clan wanted to know the whereabouts of Xin Wuheng.

The other person that had entered the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance was Xin Wuheng.

“I only saw Xin Wuheng once in the inheritance and don’t know where he later went.”

Yu Tianhao said.

He had sparred with Xin Wuheng before and the latter felt mysterious.

The only thing was that the geniuses that had entered the Heavens Legacy Inheritance wasn’t limited to the Azure Flower Continent and might be from the outside world.

Hearing Yu Tianhao’s response, the expressions of the elders of the Ten Thousand Origin Clan were dim.

If those that entered inheritances didn’t come out, there was most likely an accident.

“Xin Wuheng may very likely have fallen.”

Yu Tianhao didn’t hold anything back.

The expressions of those from the Ten Thousand Origin Clan became even uglier and was filled with defeat.

“But from what I know, there’s another small possibility: the geniuses that enter the Heavens Legacy Inheritance have a slight chance to enter a higher ranked Heaven’s Legacy branch inheritance.”

Yu Tianhao said slowly.

The Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance was split into countless inheritances that fell upon every piece of land.

Of course.

The chance that Yu Tianhao had talked about was very small and only appeared in legends.

At least in the history of the Azure Flower Continent, this had never happened before.

The elders of the Ten Thousand Origin Clan were slightly expectant but obviously didn’t have much hope and left defeated.

Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Around the two months period True Dragon geniuses returned from the inheritances.

Only a part of the geniuses returned from same inheritances. Others had met accidents there.

Around two and a half months, overwhelming prodigies Shi Chengtian, Goddess Bing Wei, Tantai Lanyue all appeared and had progressed well.

Amongst them Goddess Bing Wei had broken through to the True Lord Rank and her progress was only below Yu Tianhao’s.

The Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance and Mystic Ice Inheritance had all ended.

Not long after Cang Yuyue returned from the Seven Sword Inheritance with an air of sharpness. Her cultivation was closing in on the True Lord Rank and her sword intent even made other True Lord Ranks feel pressured.

In the records of the Azure Flower Continent, the Seven Sword Inheritance was only ranked below the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance and Sword Saint Ye Wuxie had entered it.

After around the three months time, all the inheritances connected onto the Azure Flower Continent had ended.

About half of the geniuses had returned including Prince Jin, Wang Xiaoguai, Tian Yunzhi etc from the Canopy Great Country.

However, Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin had never returned.


In a corner of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering the Flooding Lake City lord’s eyebrows were furrowed and full of worry.

The inheritance Liu Qinxin had entered wasn’t a major inheritance but a unique “Sky Saint Qin Inheritance” which was extremely rare.

She was the only one from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering that had entered this inheritance.

Liu Qinxin didn’t stand out amongst the hundred True Dragon geniuses so the Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance didn’t pay much attention to her.

She had most likely been beset with misfortune.

“Almost all of the inheritances had ended. However, the unknown inheritance which Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei had entered still have no signs of any news.”

The Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance placed utmost importance on this.

The unknown inheritance the two had entered was obviously higher ranked than the Heaven’s Legacy branch Inheritance.


Almost three months had passed and Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei had not returned.

“With Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline, his ability to survive should be very high….”

The Sovereigns started to discuss.

Zhao Feng was the King of Black Horses in this Sacred True Dragon Gathering and a new overwhelming prodigy.

However, this black horse king had not returned from the unknown inheritance after so long.

“Zhao Feng…. Does your miracle end here?”

The Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion murmured.

He had witnessed Zhao Feng’s growth and rise. He didn’t believe Zhao Feng would die so easily.

Even the Sovereigns believed in Zhao Feng’s ability to survive.

Although Zhao Feng who had the God’s Spiritual Eye might not be able to beat Yu Tianhao in a fight, his survival instincts were definitely stronger.

Of the five overwhelming prodigies, only Zhao Feng hadn’t returned.

The Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance and experts of the continent all cared about this.

“Looks like this Zhao Feng is only a momentary star that flashed by in the history of this continent.”

The experts of the older generation sighed lightly.

They had witnessed too many rises and falls and seen many bright geniuses fall.

As time passed there was less and less people remaining in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

The crowded banquet several months ago had started to cool down.

At the end only a few such as the Flooding Lake City lord, Iron Blood Religion Deputy Patriarch and company didn’t leave.

Zhao Feng, Liu Qinxin and Xin Wuheng had not returned.

“Looks like Yufei’s also met misfortune.”

The upper echelon of the Heavenly Yuan Clan sighed.

“How is this possible…. Yufei has the legendary bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.”

Sovereign Baiyun Dao from the Heavenly Yuan Clan was filled with disbelief.

He was Zhao Yufei’s master and was expectant and confident of his disciples and kept the ‘secret’ at heart.


After so long the Sacred True Dragon Gathering had already ended but Zhao Yufei hadn’t returned.

“Grand Elder, the Sacred True Dragon Gathering has already ended. May I ask when are you going back?”

A half step Origin Core Realm elder from the Heavenly Yuan Clan asked respectfully.

“You can go back first. I’ll wait another few days.”

Baiyun Dao closed his eyes and waved his hand.

Amongst those from the Heavenly Yuan Clan, Mo Tianyi was about to say something but sighed in his heart: “Zhao Feng, Sister Yufei, I didn’t think that the two of you would both be lost in this unknown inheritance.”

Up to now.

No one believed that Zhao Feng or Zhao Yufei would come back.

The Azure Flower Continent understood the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance and Seven Sword Inheritance to a certain degree but no one knew how dangerous the inheritance Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei entered was.

“Baiyun Dao Sovereign, I’m sorry for your losses.”

One of the Sovereigns shook their head.

“Deputy Patriarch, when are we returning to the great country? That Zhao Feng’s probably already….”

A Protector of the Iron Blood Religion asked.

“Let’s wait another three days.”


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