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King Of Gods - Chapter 436


Chapter 436: Chapter 436 - Purple Saint Treasured Palace

Chapter 436 - Purple Saint Treasured Palace


Lu Tianyi’s smile instantly froze and his mouth was wide open as if he had choked on something.

The geniuses of the three sects all looked on with disbelief.

Miao Miao!

The little thieving cat waved its Mystic Snake Blood Whip and pulled away from Lu Tianyi.

“How is this possible? How can a cat survive Lu Tianyi’s blast of Qi of True Spirit?”

“Even those at the True Lord Rank would die. How would the little thieving cat and youngling scorpion disappear then reappear?”

The people present couldn’t believe their eyes.

Just a moment before, the two had been killed by Lu Tianyi’s last of Qi of True Spirit and now the two had reappeared.

The youngling scorpion had inherited the bloodline of the ancient scorpion and it was a variant. Theoretically, its poison could kill most True Spirit Realms and in reality, it was more destructive than imagined.

If the youngling scorpion had only drawn blood from Lu Tianyi, the poison would take time to enter the latter’s body. However, the youngling scorpion had gone into Lu Tianyi’s body and if the poison was released into the body directly, then its power would be several times stronger and would act instantly.

If it was just this, then it wouldn’t be too bad since the youngling scorpion was still different to the true ancient scorpion and Lu Tianyi had half stepped into the Origin Core Realm so could resist some of the poison from the scorpion.

However, the position of the youngling scorpion was also unique.

“Wu… cough cough….”

One of Lu Tianyi’s hands held onto his throat. His face grimaced in pain and beads of sweat dropped from his face and his face went green and purple.

“Dammit, the youngling scorpion is stuck in Brother Lu’s throat!”

Som disciples from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect exclaimed.

Hearing this, all the geniuses from the three sects were stunned.

Organs and the throat were all vital points for both experts at the True Spirit Realm and Origin Core Realm.

Once the organs or throat were critically injured, even those at the True Lord Rank would die and this youngling scorpion was perfectly stuck in Lu Tianyi’s throat.

The release of poison in the throat was more than ten times more devastating than in the skin.

“Brother Lu!”

Ye Yanyu’s expression changed as she turned into a streak of moonlight that sped towards Lu Tianyi.

Lu Tianyi’s figure shook in the air and his eyes were full of hate and killing intent.


He managed to circulate his Qi of True Spirit and thrust out towards the little thieving cat.

Miao Miao!

The little thieving cat seemed to be ready for this and disappeared without a trace.

The eye in the clouds was filled with mockery.

Ice Soul Shooting Line!

The Eye of Heaven shot out a beam of cold light that hit Lu Tianyi’s body.


Using this chance, the little thieving cat disappeared into the branches of the Towering Tree Yao.

“Nice job!”

Zhao Feng’s consciousness returned to his body and smiled faintly with a pale face.

The little thieving cat’s performance just then was stunning and it forced Lu Tianyi into a situation of life and death.

At this moment, the poison in Lu Tianyi’s body activated and caused his body to spasm.

“Brother Lu!”

Ye Yanyu was the first to arrive and supported Lu Tianyi.

After that, Zhuang Wan’er and others flew over and surrounded Lu Tianyi.

Lu Tianyi was only able to last two to three breaths before fainting.

Following Li Hong, the second True Lord Rank of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect fainted and this time it was the strongest True Lord Rank, Lu Tianyi.

All of this was done by the blue haired youth outsider.

“Zhao Feng, you killed so many disciples including Yu Luo and even Brother Li and Brother Lu are injured…. The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect won’t let you go.”

Ye Yanyu bit her lips so hard that it started to bleed and her face became twisted from the immense killing intent.

However, Ye Yanyu still held onto her mind to make sure she wasn’t affected by Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline.

In reality, fighting this long had exhausted most of Zhao Feng’s energy and he didn’t dare to overuse his bloodline.

The Eye of Heaven was already retracted back.

“Human, your display has surprised me. Although over half of my Wood Spirit Essence Soul has been used, I’m still lucky to survive.”

The Towering Tree Yao let out a breath.

After this fierce battle, Zhao Feng and the Towering Tree Yao had won.

At this moment in time.


A faint tremble sounded from above the Towering Tree Yao and a dream-like mist started to condense at the gap of the Towering Tree Yao.

The sound of music resounded across the air and in just a few breaths a purple palace started to form. It gave off a light that lit up the skies and clouds.


The hearts of the geniuses from the three sects shook as they stared at the condensing purple palace.

“Ruins Treasured Palace!!”

“The Purple Night Saint Lord’s ground of inheritance - the Ruins Treasured Palace!”

The geniuses all revealed looks of overwhelming joy.


The purple mist perfectly descended in the gap of the Towering Tree Yao and a wicked blue haired youth stood right in front of the gap, which was the entrance of the purple saint treasured palace.


“This was all a plan!”

The three sects looked at this scene and wanted to vomit blood.

It was as if Zhao Feng was waiting for the purple saint treasured palace to descend right in front of him.

“See you later.”

A cold smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s mouth as his figure passed through the mist and disappeared.

“The appearance of the purple saint treasured palace is extremely short. Quick!”

Zhuang Wan’er was the first to fly through the air and into the mist.

In reality, the Ruins Treasured Palace descended to protect the Towering Tree Yao and it wouldn’t disappear.

Seeing the Ruins Treasured Palace descend, how would the geniuses have the heart to attack the Towering Tree Yao anymore? All of them charged towards the purple saint treasured palace.

Sou Sou Sou----

All of the geniuses used every second they could and flew towards the palace with their fastest speed.

“Zhao Feng kept on guarding here and stalled for time as if he knew the purple saint treasured palace would descend…”

Ye Yanyu’s eyes flashed as she had her guesses.

The descent of the Ruins Treasured Palace this time was different from usual.

It had perfectly landed on the Towering Tree Yao’s gap.

“We’ll first send Brother Lu and Brother Li back to the outside world and bring the elders the news and then we’ll enter the ruins treasured palace.”

Ye Yanyu ordered.

The geniuses all had their own respective inheritance tokens and as long as they crushed their tokens, they would be able to return to the outside world.

Soon, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect made two geniuses Lu Tianyi and Li Hong leave.

Crack crack!

Lu Tianyi and Li Hong’s inheritance tokens were broken and the two were covered by a flashing silver vortex that devoured them.

“There are Kings at the Void God Realm outside. Brother Lu and Brother Li might be able to live.”

Only after doing all this did Ye Yanyu fly towards the ruins treasured palace.

To protect the Towering Tree Yao and block the flaw of the Purple Saint Ruins, the Ruins Treasured Palace stayed where it was and the group of geniuses rushed in.

This was probably the first time this had happened in history.

Within an elegant and magnificent hall.

Shua Shua Shua!

One figure after another appeared in the hall. They were the geniuses from the three parties and most of them were from the major three sects.

“The brat’s right in front of us.”

A disciple from the Black Cliff Palace glanced towards the Northern area where a blue-haired youth stood.

On the shoulder of the blue haired youth was a cat slightly bigger than a palm and it opened its mouth and smiled towards the three parties.

This human and cat were obviously Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat.

“Hmm? The youngling scorpion isn’t dead yet?”

Zhao Feng was puzzled. He had signed a blood contract with the youngling scorpion and if the latter died, Zhao Feng would be able to sense it.

He had given up on the youngling scorpion to defeat Lu Tianyi.

Zhao Feng thought that the youngling scorpion would almost certainly die but at this instance, the connection between the two suddenly became very weak.

This was the moment Lu Tianyi and Li Hong left the Purple Saint Ruins.

Zhao Feng had his own thoughts and started to think.

Right at this moment, the geniuses of the three sects entered the Ruins Treasured Palace and saw Zhao Feng but Zhuang Wan’er, Chi Gui, and company were filled with wary as they watched Zhao Feng not far away.

Although they had more people, they were cautious of this outsider.

Zhao Feng stood on the ground and didn’t bother with them.

A voice sounded in his mind: “Zhao Feng, I’ll give the Ruins Treasured Palaces’ map to you… It has all the ways to pass through the passages and open the mechanisms.”

The owner of the voice was the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.


A map of the palace appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind and on it was entrances and how mechanisms were set out.

“The Ruins Treasured Palace has three floors. The first floor ‘Ten Thousand Imagery Treasured Palace’ contains the skills, martial arts, geography and inheritances that the Purple Night Saint Lord had gathered over time and are comparable to normal inheritances. The second is the ‘Legend Treasured Palace’ which contains inheritances or weapons that represent a legend. The third floor the ‘Purple Night Treasured Palace’ contains the Purple Night Saint Lord’s own inheritance and Yufei is there…”

Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye to copy the map and received a lot of information.

His senses weren’t restricted in the Purple Saint Ruins and his God’s Spiritual Eye could see through objects. Now he also had the map of the Ruins Treasured Palace and the mechanisms.


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