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King Of Gods - Chapter 433


Chapter 433: Chapter 433 - Soul

Chapter 433 - Soul


Lu Tianyi’s figure flashed into the canyon and his brilliance of Yuan Qi made the Towering Tree Yao nearby sense it and curse.

“Human, it looks like we can’t escape this.”

The Towering Tree Yao’s bitter voice sounded.

Zhao Feng knew that Lu Tianyi’s arrival gave the Towering Tree Yao a sense of danger.

If the Towering Tree Yao were at its peak, it might be able to fight Lu Tianyi but after being hit by the Void God Protection, its main trunk was revealed.

Furthermore, the Towering Tree Yao had used a lot of its Wood spirit Essence Soul in facing the attacks of the three sects so its strength had dropped.

“This Lu Tianyi is indeed strong. He might have the ability to challenge those at the Void God Realm and is someone I can’t handle.” Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

Before this, Zhao Feng had injured more than half of the ten True Lord Ranks but this was mainly because he had the Towering Tree Yao’s protection.

In a one on one battle, Zhao Feng didn’t have much confidence to face Ye Yanyu or Zhuang Wan’er. After all, the battle power of these two were at least comparable to the Iron Blood Religion’s Deputy Patriarch and they could challenge normal half step Origin Core Realm.

Lu Tianyi’s strength had reached another level. Through his God’s Spiritual Eye’s inspection, Zhao Feng saw that Lu Tianyi’s every action contained the force of the earth.

It was because of this the weird wind could be ripped apart by Lu Tianyi casually.

Both Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er couldn’t do this.

“Brother Tree, we don’t have to fight someone that we can’t. The ruins Treasured Palace will appear soon. You just need to give all your support and leave the rest to me.”

Zhao Feng’s voice was still calm, but at the same time, he felt a danger.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Ruins Treasured Palace would definitely descend, Zhao Feng would have run away ages ago. Staying behind would only mean death.

Fighting Lu Tianyi and the other True Lord Ranks was similar to challenging an Origin core Realm Sovereign.

What was the difference between courting death and challenging a Sovereign?

“Human, you’ve already brought me too many surprises. Hopefully, you can keep on doing so.”

The Towering Tree Yao’s emotions stabilized as he circulated his Wood spirit Essence Soul to support Zhao Feng.

At this moment in time, it couldn’t care less about how much energy was used. After all, it was better than being wiped off this planet.

At this same time, Lu Tianyi met up with the geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

Seeing the figures of the three sects Lu Tianyi was stunned: “What happened?”

In the ten True Lord Ranks, apart from him, number two and three were also here.

The losses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect angered Lu Tianyi.

Amongst the three sects, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect lost the most.

Yu Luo had died, Li Hong was the same as dead and there were other True Lord Ranks and True Mystic Ranks that died.

“Brother Lu, you came just at the right time. Killing that brat will be almost certain.”

Ye Yanyu was overjoyed.

Lu Tianyi was now even more surprised. The usually calm Sister Ye was full of killing intent.

Soon, Ye Yanyu told the truth to Lu Tianyi.

“Such a thing happened!?”

Hearing this, Lu Tianyi was enraged.

When have the Core disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect been humiliated to such a degree?

“You relax. Wait for me to kill that bastard.”

Lu Tianyi’s laziness disappeared as his two eyes became as bright as the moon. There were lines of blood in them and he seemed like the God of Killing.

At this instance, Lu Tianyi sensed something and looked up towards the sky.


A blue eye had appeared in the sky and seemed to exist with the heavens and earth as it looked down coldly at him.

“This is the that bastard’s eye bloodline? I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it.”

Lu Tianyi jumped up in fright. He thought that this was the descendant of one of the God Eyes.

If it were a true inheritor of the Eight Great God Eyes, even Lu Tianyi would be solemn.

At this point in time, the eye in the cloud gazed down coldly and released an indescribable pressure.

Apart from Lu Tianyi, every other person felt a deep pressure.

After all, the mental energy of Zhao Feng himself had reached the late stage True Lord Rank and he had the support of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

“His intent isn’t much different from mine, but it has something I can’t seem to understand.”

Lu Tianyi stood still and his eyes were like gold moons that ruled supreme.

Although he didn’t move, a whirlpool of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi surrounded him and brought an irresistible power of nature with him.


A brilliant gold moon appeared in Lu Tianyi’s palm and shot towards the sky.

The geniuses of the three sects all held their breaths as they revealed stunned expressions.

Lu Tianyi’s move just then had the power to easily destroy a village and even the aura from the Eye of Heaven was suppressed.


The gold moon brought a destructive power over the area where the Eye of Heaven was at and everywhere within three to four miles was enveloped.

Even the Towering Tree Yao sensed the trembling and the whistling of Yuan Qi made its branches shake.

After everything was over. Although the clouds in the sky were broken, the Eye of Heaven was still perfectly fine and looked down at Lu Tianyi with playfulness.

“Lu Tianyi, this eye is a void existence and attacks under the Void God Realm can’t truly destroy it. The simplest way is to kill that bastard.”

Chi Gui’s weak voice sounded. Lu Tianyi’s attack was very strong, but it was used wrongly and was no different from attacking the air.

Unless it was an expert specializing in the Dao of the Soul or had an eye bloodline comparable to Zhao Feng’s, it would be extremely hard to destroy the Eye of Heaven.

“Interesting.” Lu Tianyi wasn’t very surprised.

The Eye of Heaven had given him a feeling that it couldn’t be destroyed, but Lu Tianyi wouldn’t give up so easily.

After that, he sent another couple of attacks into the Eye of Heaven making the geniuses nearby tremble.

However, all of these attempts ended in failure.

The Eye of Heaven could still be seen and brought more pressure upon them.


Lu Tianyi couldn’t hold it back any longer. He couldn’t stand being looked down upon by an eye.

“Brother Lu, quickly go and kill that bastard. Zhao Feng still hasn’t retreated after seeing you arrive. I’m worried something will happen.”

Ye Yanyu felt uneasy.

This was an instinct that came from interacting with Zhao Feng.

“Ok, I’ll go kill that bastard now.”

Lu Tianyi nodded his head. He would only somewhat listen to Ye Yanyu as the two were both disciples of Kings at the Void God Realm and in terms of talent, Ye Yanyu was younger than him and her future wasn’t below his.


Lu Tianyi’s figure flashed as he charged towards the Towering Tree Yao’s direction.

The geniuses of the three sects felt their eyes blur and Lu Tianyi had only flown by half a mile.

Even Zhao Feng who was looking in the sky was frightened.

Lu Tianyi’s speed was too fast and only needed ten steps or so to arrive here.

Eye of Ice Soul!

The Eye of Heaven suddenly shot out a beam of light towards Lu Tianyi.

“Hmm?” Lu Tianyi found that his actions became slower and a coldness entered his mind, trying to freeze his thoughts.

On top of that, Zhao Feng’s Eye of Ice Soul summoned the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and instantly everything around Lu Tianyi became covered in ice.

Zhao Feng didn’t use the Ice Soul Shooting Line this time because the Eye of Ice Soul could decrease Lu Tianyi’s movement speed and Zhao Feng knew that the Ice Soul Shooting Line or Lightning fire God’s Eye wouldn’t be able to injured Lu Tianyi much as the latter’s mental energy level was at the half step Origin Core Realm.

“Hehe, no one can stop my footsteps.” Lu Tianyi laughed lightly as the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around him howled.

Zhao Feng’s Eye of Ice Soul was enough to freeze normal True Lord Ranks and slow them down. Under a long time, they would become similar to what happened to Li Hong.

However, Lu Tianyi wasn’t harmed at all.

The only effect was that his speed was slowed down.

“His mental energy level is higher than mine and half a Soul protecting item.”

Zhao Feng saw very clearly with his Eye of Heaven.

It wasn’t rare for prodigies such as Lu Tianyi, Ye Yanyu, and Zhuang Wan’er to have protective items.

Under normal situations, Zhao Feng didn’t really want to use mental energy attacks against those with strong mental energy and good soul protecting items.

“I can only stop Lu Tianyi by doing this.”

Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

At the same time, the Towering Tree Yao sensed Zhao Feng’s intentions and poured a pure wave of essence soul into Zhao Feng’s mental energy world.

Under the Eye of Heaven’s state, Zhao Feng quickly absorbed the power of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul and stored a little bit within his god’s Spiritual Eye.


Lu Tianyi found that his thoughts were becoming slower and the power from the Eye of Ice Soul was becoming stronger.

The pressure from the Eye of Heaven was increasing.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng received help from the Towering Tree Yao and in just a few breaths, Zhao Feng’s soul surpassed normal peak True Lord Ranks.

In terms of mental energy strength, Zhao Feng wasn’t too far off Lu Tianyi.

Of course, in terms of real mental energy level, Zhao Feng was still at the late stage True Lord Rank.

All of this was because of the Towering Tree Yao’s biggest treasure - the Wood Spirit Essence Soul.

Even Sovereigns at the Origin Core Realm would find this helpful.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had absorbed, stored and used more than one-third of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul from the beginning to now.


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