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King Of Gods - Chapter 429


Chapter 429: Chapter 429 - Monstrous

Chapter 429 - Monstrous

Within the branches, Zhao Feng moved the Towering Tree Yao with just a couple sentences.

The Towering Tree Yao was extremely moved by the last sentence.

It was already shocked by Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline.

What would Zhao Feng’s stronger eye bloodline technique be?

Furthermore, the Towering Tree Yao had to step back for its own safety.

Zhao Feng expending a lot of energy to kill the three True Lord Ranks was true. It was obviously not realistic for him to block the remaining seven True Lord Ranks with his current state.

“Fine, I can give the Wood Spirit Essence Soul to you but you can’t do any tricks….”

The Towering Tree Yao agreed.

As soon as it finished saying this, Zhao Feng felt a pure power of essence soul enter his mental energy world.

The energy cleansed Zhao Feng’s soul and strengthened his mental energy power, giving him a feeling that he was full of life force.

The Towering Tree Yao’s age was definitely to be counted by tens of thousands of years and the Wood Spirit Essence Soul it had was a precious treasure of nature.

Even those at the Origin Core Realm would benefit from the Wood Spirit Essence Soul and it was helpful for them to comprehend the Void God Realm.

The Wood Spirit Essence souls’ effect was more obvious more Zhao Feng because the core of his God’s Spiritual Eye was the Soul.

“Great! Brother Tree, my mental energy has been strengthened and with this Essence Soul backing me up, I believe the power of my eye bloodline will be much stronger.”

Zhao Feng was happy. He said this to reduce the Towering Tree Yao’s caution of himself and for it to fully support him.

In reality, This situation was created on purpose by Zhao Feng.

He had only used thirty to forty percent of his eye powers but on the surface, he seemed to have used a lot of energy.

He had used his eye bloodline without limit before and at the end, he used three major eye bloodlines techniques.

Of course, Mo Yu had to be killed as he was the only one that could block the dark silver poison corpses poison.

Without Mo Yu shielding the others, who would dare charge in and kill Zhao Feng?

Now Zhao Feng could ask the Towering Tree Yao for help and the latter would help him because it saw hope from Zhao Feng’s strength.

Having received the support of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul, Zhao Feng’s soul had been strengthened.

His mental energy level rose a little bit and the energy he expended before was recovering quickly.

“I hope you don’t disappoint me. This Wood Spirit Essence Soul is my core. Supporting you will also use my core’s energy.”

The Towering Tree Yao sighed. It was forced to do this.

If it wasn’t due to a life or death situation, the Towering Tree Yao definitely wouldn’t use its core to support someone else.

At the same time, Chi Gui escaped back to the other six True Lord Ranks with a pale face.

In the air, the expressions of the seven True Lord Ranks were solemn.

Who would have imagined that a True Mystic Rank genius outsider would be so strong as to kill three True Lord Ranks without being injured at all?

“My eye bloodline has used a lot of energy and I won’t be able to fight with that brat in a short amount of time.”

Chi Gui felt grateful

Mo Yu’s death shook his heart. If it wasn’t because of him, he would be the one to die.

This meant that Mo Yu had saved him with his own life.

“Chi Gui, although you guys failed, at least we know Zhao Feng’s strength.”

Zhuang Wan’er’s charming voice sounded.

“We must kill this Zhao Feng.”

Ye Yanyu’s usually expressionless face was filled with coldness.

Two of the fallen three True Lord Ranks came from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

This made her feel more guilty. If it wasn’t because that she had been tricked by Zhao Feng, Yu Luo and company wouldn’t have died so easily.

The seven True Lord Ranks watched Zhao Feng through the gaps in the branches. Zhao Feng’s face was pale white and was resting.

‘After killing three True Lord Ranks, a lot of this brat’s energy will have been used up. Now’s the time to follow up and attack the Towering Tree Yao or kill him.”

Chi Gui suggested and the other six True Lord Ranks nodded their head in agreement.

“Hmm? Wait, that seems to be the power of the Wood Spirit Essence Soul!!”

Zhuang Wan’er suddenly sensed something and turned towards Zhao Feng.

“Not good, he’s got the Towering Tree Yao’s cores support.”

Ye Yanyu also realized this.

The cultivation of the two were the highest and they soon saw the change on Zhao Feng’s body. It was obvious Zhao Feng was using the Wood Spirit Essence soul to recover his strength.

“Ridiculous! What kind of fortune does this kid have to let the Towering Tree Yao give its own essence soul to him??”

Chi Gui’s white face was contorted and his voice was filled with anger.

The other six True Lord Ranks were all angry.

The three sects had teamed up to attack the Towering Tree Yao for its Wood Spirit Essence Soul and other treasures, but now Zhao Feng had got it so easily.

It was as if their attacks gave Zhao Feng this chance.


Li Hong’s eyes were smoking and they almost burst from rage. The enemy he swore to cut into a ten thousand pieces was surviving well and all of this was because of them.

“I will kill him no matter how big the price.”

A cold killing intent formed on Ye Yanyu’s forehead.

The seven True Lord Ranks led the other geniuses and sent a barrage of attacks towards the Towering Tree Yao.

“Now’s the chance to destroy the Towering Tree Yao and kill Zhao Feng.”

“Even just weakening the Towering Tree Yao will endanger Zhao Feng.”

Under the teamwork of the seven True Lord Ranks and geniuses of the three sects, their attacks were more powerful.

Maybe only under this situation would the three sects truly band together.

Zhao Feng sat still and was unmoved by the attacks.


With a flash, Zhao Feng landed next to the ground.


A blood silver corpse was lifted out by some roots.

This blood silver corpses’ battle power was comparable to the early stage True Lord Rank and its defense was stronger than others at the early stage True Lord Rank.This corpse was one of the meat shields when fighting the giant scorpion.

A glow of lightning fire appeared in Zhao Feng’s left eye as it locked onto the blood silver corpse.


The blood silver corpse struggled, but it was restrained by the roots of the Towering Tree Yao.

“Hmph, want to destroy my mental energy symbol? It’s not that easy.”

Chi Gui sensed this from far afar and snickered coldly.

The blood silver ghost corpse had been his for many years and his mental energy symbol was imprinted deeply onto it. Even experts at the same cultivation as him would take days to destroy it.

Even if they succeeded, it would take a while to imprint their own mental energy symbol onto a True Lord Rank ghost corpse.

However, Zhao Feng was trying and his powerful Lightning Fire God’s Eye forcefully wiped Chi Gui’s mental energy symbol.

“What the hell….?”

Chi Gui’s expression changed dramatically. The connection between the blood silver corpse and him suddenly became much weaker.

Within a few breaths.


The blood silver corpse started to smoke as its mental energy symbol was wiped clean.


Chi Gui spat out a mouthful of blood. After all, the two originally had a strong connection.

“Such speed… how is that possible? Could his eye bloodline perfectly counter our dao?”

Chi Gui seemed as if he had lost his soul. By wiping Chi Gui’s mental energy symbol off the blood silver corpse, Zhao Feng once again injured Chi Gui’s mind.

Chi Gui’s injury became more severe and hence he was less threatening towards Zhao Feng.

Immediately following that, Zhao Feng circulated his God’s Spiritual Eye and then put his mental energy symbol onto the blood silver corpse.

Although in this process, the blood silver corpse struggled as it had reached the True Lord Rank, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was extremely powerful.

His eye twinkled and gave off an ancient mental energy aura that belonged to eye’s origin.

The blood silver corpse trembled out of instinct and didn’t dare to fight back.

It was as if it were a tiny ghost bowing down to a God.

Even the essence soul of the Towering Tree Yao started to shake.

In just a couple breaths, the aura from the blood silver corpse changed.


The blood silver corpse flashed and guarded in front of Zhao Feng as if it were extremely loyal to him.

“Immediately refined…. How is this possible?”

“How would there be someone so monstrous in this world?”

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace were dazed as if they were watching a legend.

In their eyes, Zhao Feng had only looked a couple of seconds with his eye to destroy Chi Gui’s mental energy symbol and another couple eyes made the True Lord Rank ghost corpse his.

“Wrong…. He’s not the counter of the Dao of Ghost Corpses, but a one in a thousand generation prodigy.”

Chi Gui was bitter. This feeling of defeat was a hundred times worse than losing to Zhao Feng head on.

He was sure that if a prodigy like Zhao Feng was known to the upper echelons of the Black Cliff Palace they would raise him with everything they had.


Zhao Feng nodded his head.

His figure flashed and returned to sitting on the branch.

This time was different from before. The blood silver corpse at the early stage True Lord Rank stood next to Zhao Feng and protected him whereas the other two poison corpses were hidden away by Zhao Feng for the next ambush.

The disciples from the three sects all took a deep breath.

It was hard to imagine how strong Zhao Feng’s overall strength had now reached.

Just the three ghost corpses in his hand were comparable to three True Lord Ranks.

Furthermore, the two poison corpses had the destructive power that could kill as long as they drew blood.

Right at this moment, a voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind: “The Ruins Treasured Palace will descend next to the Towering Tree Yao’s gap within an hour.”

“An hour?”

“That’s right, within an hour. It could even appear in the next instant.”


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