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King Of Gods - Chapter 426


Chapter 426

Chapter 426 - Black Wicked Eye

Mysterious canyon, within the forests.

The ten True Lord Rank auras spread across the sky and made clouds turn. The air was filled with different elements and colours.

At this point in time.

The forces of the three sects had reached a hundred people, far stronger than before.

’’Human, looks like the second half of your promise will be hard to complete. I can't escape this.’’

The sad voice of the Towering Tree Yao sounded next to Zhao Feng's ears.

Under normal situations, even if there was twice the number of True Lord Ranks present, they couldn't finish off the Towering Tree Yao.

However, the Towering Tree Yao had been injured by the Void God Protection and a massive hole had appeared.

There was no protection where the hole was, and it hadn't healed.

This meant that the geniuses of the three sects could attack the Towering Tree Yao freely and because of this gap the Towering Tree Yao could only be hit and do nothing. Even a true Origin Core Realm expert wouldn't be able to withstand this.

Zhao Feng perched on the trees and was expressionless: ’’It's indeed a bit more troublesome than I thought.’’

Compared with the Towering Tree, Yao Zhao Feng was calmer.

’’Human, do you have any plans? What do I need to do?’’

Maybe because of Zhao Feng's calmness, the Towering Tree Yao saw a ray of hope.

Although the Towering Tree Yao was strong, it could only sit there and be attacked.

Therefore, all of its hope landed on Zhao Feng.

’’Wait for them to come over.’’

Zhao Feng didn't want to explain too much.

He opened the God's Spiritual Eye and inspected the ten true Lords.

With the God's Spiritual Eye every True Lord's situation, element of their skill, state of health etc appeared in front of him.

’’Of the ten True Lords, three are at the late stage True Lord Rank, four early stage True Lord rank and three beginning stage True Lord Ranks.’’

Zhao Feng murmured.

The only ones that Zhao Feng was wary of were Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan'er.

Zhao Feng didn't have the any confidence to fight any one of them head on.

Of course, right now it wasn't a problem of single combat anymore.

Zhao Feng was facing all of them.

It's starting!

Sou Sou Sou Sou----

The ten True Lord Rank geniuses led the hundred True Spirit Realms and headed towards the gap of the Towering Tree Yao.

The gap's protection was destroyed by the Void God Protection, leaving behind only the main trunk that wasn't fully healed yet.


The ten True Lord Ranks all sent long range attacks and skills towards the trunk of the Towering Tree Yao.

When one reached the True Lord Rank, they could attack the target from a hundred yards away.

Peng Peng Boom---- the main trunk of the Towering Tree Yao took the brunt of the attacks head on and its branches rattled. Behind the ten True Lords were more True Spirit Realm geniuses whose power could destroy a small force straight away.

There was no tactic, no strategy, but overwhelming numbers.

Luckily, the Towering Tree Yao's body was extremely strong and could take damage from the ten True Lord Ranks and a hundred True Spirit Realms head on for a while.

’’Human, quickly think of something. I can only stand here and be hit and will die within two hours.’’

The Towering Tree Yao's tone was urgent.

’’Do these people think that I'm non-existent?’’

Zhao Feng perched on the branch and watched the barrage of attacks from the three sects silently.

He soon understood the intention of the three sects. As long as they slew the Towering Tree Yao, Zhao Feng would lose his protection. At that time, wouldn't he be easily captured?

Therefore, if Zhao Feng didn't do anything, the ten True Lord Ranks would do nothing as well.

’’Let's start.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye suddenly opened, and his left eye seemed to radiate ice.


The hearts of some True Spirit Realm experts shook.


'Hand over the Wood Spirit Essence soul!’’

’’Arghhh.... Senior brother! Why... did you attack me!!?’’

Chaos broke out amongst the group. Some True Spirit Realms suddenly lost control of their emotion and attacked the people next to them.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Blood flew everywhere as several disciples from the three sects were killed by those next to them.

Eye of heart!

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye faintly scanned over the group.

In just a short while, four to five geniuses from the three sects were controlled by Zhao Feng's Eye of Heart and attacked those next to them.

’’Everyone watch out!’’

The three sects panicked, and everyone only cared for themselves.

No one under the True Lord Rank could block Zhao Feng's Eye of Heart and in just one glance, their emotions were controlled.

Facing those would could 'betray' them at any second, how would the disciples have the heart to attack the Towering Tree Yao?

'Eye of Illusion!’’

Zhao Feng's attacks didn't stop and his God's Spiritual Eye continued scanning.

Plop Plop!

Two disciples from the three sects fell from the skies and landed close to the earth.


Roots broke out of the earth and dragged these geniuses into the ground as they became new fertilisers.

The group of the three sects became more chaotic.

’’Chi Gui, if you may.’’

Ye Yanyu's eyes flashed as she turned towards Chi Gui.

Chi Gui was the one that specialised in eye bloodline techniques the best amongst the Ten True Lords.

’’Leave him to me!’’

Chi Gui's harrumphed coldly as the ring on his nose flew through the air.

When Zhao Feng used his bloodline, Chi Gui was watching.

’’This brat's bloodline is more based towards mental energy. Before I finish him, no one without soul protective items go close. Those with cultivation lower than the peak True Mystic Rank should stay away.’’

Chi Gui ordered and after this was said the ten True Lord Ranks started to organise themselves.

Over two thirds of the people retreated, and the remaining geniuses' cultivation had reached the peak True Mystic Rank or had good soul protective items.


Zhao Feng was going to attack but he suddenly felt a cold and wicked aura enter his soul.

Black Wicked Eye!

Chi Gui's eyes flashed with a white flame as a mysterious dark dot appeared in the centre of his eye.

The two looked at each other and the Black Wicked Eye faced the God's Spiritual Eye.

’’Outsider.... Let me see how strong your eye bloodline is!’’

Chi Gui licked his lips as battle intent surged in his eyes.

Thinking about how his eye bloodline had lost to the opponent before, his heart was filled with unwillingness and desire to truly battle.

And now this chance was finally here.

Black Wicked Eye vs God's Spiritual Eye!

A clash of eye bloodlines!


The dot of Chi Gui's Black Wicked Eye suddenly shook and in the next instant an invisible bridge seemed to extend from him to Zhao Feng.

The disciples of the three sects didn't understand what was going on.

The 'ghost bridge' crushed onto Zhao Feng and the latter felt a wicked air travel over from the bridge. His body started to go cold as the power belonging to the Black Wicked Eye crashed onto him.

A normal expert's soul would probably be destroyed by this terrifying air of evilness and become a shell that had no thoughts.


A white ghost claw suddenly shot out from the bridge towards Zhao Feng. This large claw was enough to envelop an entire room and Zhao Feng's body had been locked on by the ghost bridge, meaning that he couldn't dodge.

’’To be able to reach so deep in a bloodline. Indeed, worthy of a two-star sect.’’

Zhao Feng opened his God's Spiritual Eye and inspected Chi Gui's skill.

Through the Black Wicked Eye, Chi Gui reached a limit on how to use the air of evilness and his methods were hard to fend against.


Zhao Feng circulated the ice pond within his mind and clashed with the power from the ghost bridge.

The God's spiritual Eye contained a power that seemed to be able to shock ghosts and gods and a coldness that seeped straight to the bone was released.

The ghost claw was instantly pushed aside by the simplest way and almost faded. The ghost bridge started to shake and become unstable.


Chi Gui gently tapped his ghost bag and from it out came dozens of brutal ghosts. Some were in the shapes of humans while others were in the shape of beasts and their auras were released.

A part of these ghost merged into the bridge and the ghost bridge became more stable and realistic.

Another portion of the ghosts howled under the ghost bridge's power and turned into a white flame that burned towards Zhao Feng.

’’Using outside help to increase his eye bloodline technique.’’

Zhao Feng learnt something now. To defeat Zhao Feng, Chi Gui had made many requirements of the other sects and the other disciples of the Black Cliff Palace gave him many resources.

Chi Gui could be said to be well prepared to battle Zhao Feng.


With the merging of nearly a hundred ghosts, Chi Gui's Black Wicked Eye's attack became fiercer.

'Zhe zhe zhe, Brother Chi Gui's Black Wicked Eye's and methods are uncountable.’’

’’Even Ye Yanyu that bitch was injured by the Black Wicked Eye.'

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace laughed smugly.

The other nine True Lord Ranks were also satisfied with this situation.

'Looks like even if Chi Gui can't win that brat will be suppressed. This means that we can attack safely.’’

The True Lords nodded their heads.

Ye Yanyu's eyes flashed: ’’Chi Gui indeed didn't disappoint us. But to be safe, we'll send two True Lord Ranks to support Chi Gui and if it's done well, we may even slay him.’’

Unknowingly, she felt uneasy about Chi Gui's battle with Zhao Feng.

Maybe Zhao Feng's calculations towards her and his mysterious had left a deep impression on her.

Sou! Sou!

Another two True lords of the nine remaining True Lord Ranks went to support Chi Gui.


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