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King Of Gods - Chapter 423


Chapter 423: Chapter 423 - Zhao Feng’s Mission

Chapter 423 - Zhao Feng’s Mission

“.........Once the Towering Tree Yao is slain, this weak point will become more obvious and form a flaw. If the flaw is big enough, the experts of the outside world can enter the ruins and disrupt my inheritance.”

Hearing this, Zhao Feng’s expression became to grow solemn.

“You want me to…. Stop the disciples of the three Sects attacking the Towering Tree Yao?”

He couldn’t help but take a light breath.

After the Towering Tree Yao was injured by the Void God Protection, it had left an obvious flaw and the disciples of the three sects were bent on taking it down.

If Zhao Feng wanted to stop them, he had to fight against them.

“It’s not realistic for Brother Zhao Feng alone, but Sister Purple Night will try her best to make the Ruins Treasured Palace descend. It will be able to protect the Towering Tree Yao and give Zhao Feng a chance to receive an inheritance.”

Zhao Yufei explained and this made Zhao Feng let out a small breath.

He didn’t think that this mysterious canyon was one of the ruins sources of power and was that important.

Once the Towering Tree Yao was slain, the loss of power would increase and a major flaw may appear.

“Brother Zhao Feng only needs to stall the three Sects until the Ruins Treasured Palace descends.”

Zhao Yufei added.

Zhao Feng nodded his head. His only job was to support. If it could be completed, that’d be best but if it couldn’t be, done there was nothing he could do.

The main force was the Ruins Treasured Palace.

Once the Ruins Treasured Palace descended Zhao Feng would be able to touch the core of the Purple Saint Ruins and might even get his own inheritance. With Zhao Yufei’s help, Zhao Feng’s chance would be much higher than the others.

“When will the Ruins Treasured Palace descend?”

Zhao Feng asked.

“At least several hours and at most a day and a half.”

Zhao Yufei responded.

In his mind, after talking with Zhao Yufei, Zhao Feng understood the Purple Saint Ruin’s situation better.

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit, which controlled the Purple Saint Ruins was about to die and the purpose of its existence was to find an inheritor.

However, it hadn’t found an inheritor from the beginning of its existence and as it was coming to its end, it faintly sensed a candidate.

Therefore, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit used the remaining will to cast its inheritance shadowing to the Azure Flower area and because its ranking was quite high and wasn’t like the Heavens Legacy Inheritance that only descended part of its inheritance, it faced a great force.

Luckily, the Purple Saint Ruin’s power was similar to Zhao Yufei’s and was able to descend.

“Brother Zhao Feng, you can ask for what you want and Sister Purple Night will do her best to satisfy you.” Zhao Yufei suddenly said.

Zhao Feng went silent. The Purple Saint Partial Spirit had almost lost full control of the ruins or else, it could send away the disciples of the three sects with just one thought. Obviously, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was dying and it had lost a lot of its original abilities.

“Can it take off the restrictions on my senses?” Zhao Feng asked for something that was realistic.

“It can.”

Zhao Yufei replied after a while.


Zhao Feng felt his mental energy become light and the restriction from the ruins disappear.

He couldn’t help but be overfilled with joy. Without the restriction of the ruins on his mental energy, his God’s Spiritual Eye’s full capabilities could be used.

This meant that Zhao Feng’s senses were extremely strong and were even stronger than those at the Origin Core Realm in the ruins.

At the same time, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye caught a wisp of invisible power entering his mental energy dimension.


Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and locked onto this invisible power.


In the next moment, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye seemed to see through obstacles.

There was a purple dressed girl sitting in an elegant building trying to refine a crystal key in front of her.

Next to her was a faint woman who could destroy countries with her looks. Although her body wasn’t physical and consisted of purple light, her every action and smile contained a superior nobility.

“Hehe, without the restrictions of the ruins, everything's different.”

Zhao Feng laughed lightly.

Through his God’s Spiritual Eye, he traced the invisible power into the Ruins Treasured Palace and saw this scene.

He realized, that with the rise in his mental energy, his God’s Spiritual Eye became more useful.

The purple-dressed girl was obviously Zhao Yufei and the faint figure next to her was without a doubt the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

“How… is this possible!?”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief.

More accurately, at the ‘Eye of Heaven’ above but the latter disappeared with a ‘Shua,’ as if it was never there.

The mysterious canyon.

Zhao Feng’s mind returned back to his body. He had traced the energy back to the other side, mainly to see how Zhao Yufei was.

It was certain that Zhao Yufei wasn’t threatened, but instead, she was receiving her inheritance.

Zhao Feng was over-cautious and hence used this. He didn’t realize how shocked the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was when she saw this.


In his mind, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s figure appeared next to Zhao Yufei.

“What else is there?”

Zhao Feng relaxed after making sure Zhao Yufei was safe.

“Your eye….” The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said.


Zhao Feng’s heart soon moved. The original owner of the ruins was once a master at the Mystic Light Realm and her knowledge was definitely not simple.

Maybe she knew the source of the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng was expectant of what the Purple Saint Partial Spirit was going to say next.

“I only have a small portion of the memories I had when I was alive. If I was alive right now, I would probably be able to see the source of your eye.”

However, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit furrowed her eyebrows and said something useless, making Zhao Feng speechless.

“Although your bloodline isn’t of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, your eye is definitely connected with the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.”

The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said with joy.

Zhao Feng didn’t feel much after hearing this. He didn’t even know what the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were.

What Zhao Feng cared about was whether there was an inheritance that suited him in the Ruins Treasured Palace.

“Unfortunately, there’s no suitable inheritance for your eye bloodline. You’re more suited for the Ancient Dao of the Soul or the inheritances of the Eight Great God Eyes. Of course, going back a step the Ruins Treasured Palace does have lightning based skills or inheritances regarding your ice bloodline.” The Purple Saint Partial Spirit said regretfully.

“At least there is something.”

Zhao Feng let out a breath.

He didn’t find a truly suitable inheritance in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. But luckily this time, there were lightning inheritances in the Purple Saint Ruins or ice elemental inheritances that suited his bloodline.

Zhao Feng was already satisfied with this. If he could help Zhao Yufei become the inheritor of the ruins, then Zhao Feng’s benefits would be much greater than expected.

A while later, Zhao Feng understood enough and cut the connection with Zhao Yufei and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

“Right now, all I need to do is wait for the Ruins Treasured Palace and stall for time so that the Towering Tree Yao isn’t killed.”

Zhao Feng thought.

Currently, Li Hong was the disciple of the three Sects who was going to attack the Towering Tree Yao and test it out.

Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er were both using this time to recover and the True Lords attacking were only Li Hong and Mo Yu from the Black Cliff Palace.

The two True Lord Ranks led twenty to thirty disciples and attacked the gap in the Towering Tree Yao time after time.

“Hahaha…. This Towering Tree Yao isn’t as powerful as I imagined.”

Li Hong sent a barrage of attacks and the front and ripples of lightning and water exploded on the branches of the Towering Tree Yao.

The disciples behind also unleashed their skills.

“The Void God Protection created a gap for the disciples and in this area, there are almost no branches. The Towering Tree Yao can only stand there and be hit.”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed as his face grew solemn.

It wasn’t that Li Hong was strong and had a good leadership. It was just that the opponent was weakened.

The Void God Protection’s attack was too powerful and had cleared a path for the three sects.

Looking closely, Zhao Feng saw that the main body of the Towering Tree Yao had appeared and there were many scorch marks on it.

Peng Peng Boom----

Continuous attacks came from the three sects and landed on the main body of the Towering Tree Yao.

Luckily, the Towering Tree Yao’s defense was extremely strong and this place was where the defense was the most powerful.

Although Li Hong was at the late stage True Lord Rank and his offense seemed powerful, his attacks of water and lightning were still restricted by the power of wood and grass.

However, if one place was attacked continuously, ants would still kill an elephant and finally threaten the Towering Tree Yao.

“I can’t just sit here.”

Thinking up to here, Zhao Feng moved.

“What are you doing?”

Ye Yanyu suddenly opened her eyes and stared coldly at him.

“I’m very sorry for Yu Luo’s death. I would like to help the fellow Daoists of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect kill the Towering Tree Yao, even if I’m not very strong.”

Zhao Feng swore.

Hearing this, Ye Yanyu’s face became suspicious. She didn’t believe Zhao Feng had such a good heart.

This guy survived between the cracks of the three sects and never lost anything.

Would he help the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect for free?

“Fine, you can go but don’t forget to not leave within three miles of me.” Ye Yanyu agreed.

After all, Zhao Feng’s suggestion was righteous and was willing to test the Towering Tree Yao. She couldn’t decline him.

Secretly, Ye Yanyu told people to tell Li Hong to watch out for Zhao Feng.

“You guys also pay attention to him…”

Ye Yanyu ordered another one or two people.

As they interacted more often, Ye Yanyu found that Zhao Feng was very hard to control and she couldn’t see what the latter’s motives were.


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