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King Of Gods - Chapter 422


Chapter 422: Chapter 422

Chapter 422 - Purple Saint Partial Spirit

In the limitless ocean.

This was a very large space and the sea seemed to extend into eternity.

In the distance, a large mountain stood out amongst misty ocean and it took up several hundred miles.

There was an elegant and noble building on the mountain and the most eye-catching point was the arena and floating spectator stands.

In terms of size, this was ten times bigger than the Sacred True Dragon Gathering’s ancient arena.

At this point in time, a large screen that seemed to be made of water appeared in front of the mountain.

The size and quality of the screen was far better than the inheritance shadowings of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, but there was only one and within it were some clear pictures could be seen.

The pictures seemed to come from another dimension but they looked extremely real and one of the pictures was of a mysterious canyon which included the Towering Tree Yao and nearby small figures of people.

There were several powerful auras near the mountain, but all of them were dead silent.

In the sky, three immeasurable ‘powers’ seemed to suppress the ghosts and gods of this land.

There was no terrifying aura or burst of Yuan Qi, but a pressure from the soul that pressured thoughts and the mind.

In front of these three ‘powers’, even the Yuan Qi nearby seemed to be frozen.

The people on the mountain looked up to the source of these three powers like looking up to a God.

Two were male and one was female.

They were respectively:

A golden skeleton with an air of death that sat on a throne made of white bones. A pure and holy female who seemed like a Goddess of the Stars and Moon. A god of the Demonic Dao with black air surrounding him as if they were black holes.

These three ‘powers’ looked like three gods that ruled the world.

“The Purple Saint Ruins has lost energy dozens of times more than before and there are already several places with weak points already.”

The pure and holy moon robed female’s voice seemed to be like a swan's.

“Zhe Zhe, Saint Moon Aunt Goddess, looks like the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect is also planning on taking the Purple Saint Ruins for themselves.” The golden skeleton said in a deep tone.

“The last time I checked, the energy within the Purple Saint Ruins could sustain it for another hundred years, but now it can only sustain it for twenty. If the three Sects teamed up, we might be able to enter.” The demonic male said in a dominant tone.

Attack the Purple Saint Ruins.

The expressions of the other two powers changed and they were slightly moved. But they were obviously filled with more wariness.

The hearts of some of the experts below who heard this thumped.

The Purple Saint Ruins was ranked highly amongst other inheritances and its original owner was one step away from the Heavenly divine Realm.

For most forces, just to be able to send their people inside to receive the inheritances was a rare opportunity.

Only the three two-star Sects had the ability to even attack the Purple Saint Ruins.

The Purple Saint Ruins was a spatial dimension that contained precious resources, rare beasts, and powerful inheritances. Its value was immeasurable.

If a certain sect was able to control the Purple Saint Ruins, it would be hard to imagine how strong they would become.

“It’s not hard for to attack the Purple Saint Ruins with the three sects combined. But as long as the Purple Saint Partial Spirit is there, we can’t do anything.”

The holy face of the moon robed female was decisive and amongst the three, she was the strongest.

“Although the Purple Night Saint Lord’s partial spirits power has lost more than 90% of its power after all these millenniums and its control of the ruins is weakening, it has merged with the core of the ruins and can destroy it with a thought.”

Hearing this, the golden skeleton and demonic man went silent.

Although the three Sects could break through the Purple Saint Ruins, it wasn’t worth it. After all, the owner was once the ‘Purple Night Saint Lord’, who had shocked thousands of clans.

“Then what does Aunt Goddess suggest?” The golden skeleton asked.

“Although we can’t attack, we can try to increase the speed of the partial spirit losing its energy. In tens of years or even shorter, the partial spirit will run out of energy and then we can enter safely.” The moon robed female smiled and said.

The golden skeleton and demonic man faintly nodded their heads.

The Purple Saint Ruins couldn’t be forcefully attacked. They could only wear it down and this required patience.

Tens of years for them was the time it took them to enter seclusion once.

“But this time, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit seems to have realized its ending will come soon and used some method to open a path and connect with another place.”

Worry appeared on the moon robed female’s forehead.

“You’re worried…. that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit used a lot of energy to choose an inheritor?” The golden skeleton said.

“That’s right. Right now it seems as if one or two outsiders have entered the Ruins. One has to know that because our ancestors had some relationship with the Purple Night Saint Lord that we were allowed within the Ruins.”

The moon robed female nodded her head.

“Aye, it’s been so long but isn’t there any genius at all that the Purple Saint Partial Spirit wants to take over the ruins?”

The demonic man shook his head impatiently.

The three sects had a long history and the number of prodigies that they produced was countless.

“Apparently, the Purple Night Saint Lord had a faint bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races and her requirement for an inheritor would probably also need the bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.”

“Ten Thousand Ancient Races? Are you joking? From the ancient era to now, how would such a legendary bloodline appear so easily? In the past ten thousand years, we’ve only heard of one and no one knew what happened to him/her….”

“That’s right, the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodlines are all forbidden bloodlines that defy the heavens. For example, the Heaven’s Legacy Race of the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance split into countless branches that spread across the world. Apparently, the Light Race ranked 7th in the Ten Thousand Ancient Races was the incarnation of light and when someone from the Light Race died, they would make the area they were in speed by up thousands of years….”

When the three mentioned the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, they were all respectful.

Even the famous Purple Night Saint Lord only had a faint Ten Thousand Ancient Race bloodline.

Purple Saint Ruins, within the mysterious canyon.

The geniuses from the three Sects were discussing how to attack the Towering Tree Yao.

There was a total of five True Lord Ranks and dozens of True Mystic Ranks.

However, Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er, who were the strongest were injured.

“If Brother Lu Tianyi arrived, our chance of killing the Towering Tree Yao will increase greatly. We can wait for him and send people to find him.” Ye Yanyu suggested.

She had used the Void God Protection before and with Lu Tianyi’s cultivation, he would be able to sense it if he wasn’t too far away.

“Hmph, everyone’s senses are restricted in the Purple Saint Ruins and Lu Tianyi hasn’t appeared for a long time. Maybe he’s restricted by some kind of inheritance.”

“Lu Tianyi’s probably already entered the Ruins Treasured Palace. We can’t wait for long.”

The Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace both immediately retorted.

Lu Tianyi was too strong and if he arrived, the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace could only stand to the side.

“Why don't we rest half a day and those injured and recover? If Brother Lu has sensed the Void God Protection, he can definitely arrive within half a day. In this time, Brother Li Hong and the other uninjured True Lords can test out the Towering Tree Yao.”

Ye Yanyu suggested and the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace agreed.

After all, Zhuang Wan’er and Chi Gui were both severely injured and needed to rest.

While the three were talking, Zhao Yufei’s voice sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind and her image became clearer and clearer.

“That’s so cool. Your voice and appearance can appear in my mind.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but admire.

“Hehe, I have Sister Purple Night’s help, but unfortunately her power is getting weaker and weaker especially since she forcefully connected to the Azure Flower area. Now she can’t fully control the ruins or she could've let Brother Zhao Feng into the Ruins Treasured Palace with just a thought.”

Zhao Yufei smiled and said with some worry.

Zhao Feng knew the rough situation of the Purple Saint Ruins.

“Although the original owner of the Ruins had fallen long ago, there was still a will from her soul that remained behind, which was the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.”

The Sister Purple Night that Zhao Yufei talked about should be the Purple Saint Partial Spirit.

“What can I do to help?”

Zhao Feng got straight to the point.

If Zhao Yufei became the inheritor to the Purple Saint Ruins, Zhao Feng would also benefit. The two came from the same family and their relationship was always good.

“Firstly, Sister Purple Night has lost too much power. She needs to help me become the inheritor and she has lost almost all control of the dimension. The only advantage we have is that we can see everywhere in the Ruins.”

Zhao Yufei paused for a moment as if waiting for Zhao Feng to digest this.

“Oh? Then doesn’t this mean that we can know every secret in the Ruins?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, but right now there’s a problem. The canyon where Brother Zhao Feng is at is one of the Ruins’ sources of energy and one of the weak points. Once the Towering Tree Yao is slain, this weak point will become more obvious and form a flaw. If the flaw is big enough, the experts of the outside world can enter the ruins and disrupt my inheritance.”


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