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King Of Gods - Chapter 421


Chapter 421: Chapter 421

Chapter 421 - Zhao Yufei’s voice

At this point in time, Li Hong didn’t conceal his killing intent anymore and released his True Lord Rank aura that summoned the lightning and water Yuan Qi nearby.

This was the first time that Zhao Feng faced a late stage True Lord Rank.

When he had fought with Ye Yanyu before, the difference was too big and Zhao Feng didn’t use all of his strength.

Zhao Feng didn’t panic in front of this aura and he looked towards Ye Yanyu. According to the deal, she needed to protect him but right now, she had no signs of doing so.

Ye Yanyu had her own plans:

She wanted to use Li Hong to dampen Zhao Feng’s power. Ye Yanyu started to feel as if she couldn’t control Zhao Feng and was unable to see through him anymore.

Zhao Feng had made a deal after being threatened by her, but he always acted calmly and got the most benefit surviving between the three sects. Not only did he get many treasures, he had also traded with her and the Black Cliff Palace.

Ye Yanyu had the feeling that she couldn’t fully control Zhao Feng anymore, especially after Zhao Feng got the Tree Yao Essence Fruit and broke through in cultivation, killing Yu Luo as well.

It wasn’t hard for Zhao Feng to guess Ye Yanyu’s thoughts. If she was just going to watch this, this meant that he had to take care of this himself.

After entering the Purple Saint Ruins, Zhao Feng relied on his intelligence to survive.

“Hehe, are the geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect so useless?”

Zhao Feng laughed lightly with a mocked tone.


The Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace who were going to watch a show were surprised.

If the geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect were ‘useless’, then what were the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace that was always suppressed by them?

“Useless? Hillbilly, don’t get cocky.”

“Even if Brother Li Hong didn’t find trouble, we wouldn’t let you go.”

Zhao Feng’s words instantly caused the geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect to be angered.

He had almost offended everyone from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect in just one sentence.

“Hahaha, then I’ll ask you, who was the real culprit that killed Yu Luo?”

Zhao Feng laughed.

True culprit?

The geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect paused and many turned towards the Towering Tree Yao.

“It’s the Tree Yao.” Someone instinctively said.

“Zhe Zhe, if Li Hong and the other two really want to take vengeance, the real culprit is right there. You can go kill it. Why would you have to trouble me, the victim?” Zhao Feng said playfully.

He purposely emphasized the words ‘true culprit’ and ‘victim.’

The true culprit was the Towering Tree Yao and Zhao Feng had been pursued by Yu Luo. He was the victim.

“Hahaha, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect only bullies the weak and is scared of the strong. Doesn’t this show how useless they are?”

Zhao Feng laughed towards the sky.

“You you….”

Li Hong was instantly speechless and the faces of the two male disciples went red and green.

This even made the faces of the other disciples turn red. They weren’t figuring out how to kill the true culprit but were finding trouble for the victim.

No matter how you looked at it, it seemed as if they were scared of the strong and bullied only the weak.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was a righteous force that needed to follow justice.

It was because of this that Zhao Feng worked with the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect and not the Black Cliff Palace or Moon Demon Palace.

“Hahaha…. The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s lost all their face. They’re just a bunch of people pretending to be righteous but in reality, they only bully the weak.” The disciples of the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace mocked.

Being their enemy, they didn’t mind hitting the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect when they were down.

The expressions of the disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect were all extremely ugly and even Ye Yanyu felt that she had lost face: “Brother Li Hong, I have a deal with Zhao Feng. We’ll decide what to do after the Ruins closes.”

Li Hong felt as if he had lost face for everyone and was extremely unwilling.

“Brat, I’ll only use one move because of Sister Ye.”

Right after he said this, Li Hong flashed towards Zhao Feng and the sudden change made Ye Yanyu’s expression change but she couldn’t stop it in time.

Li Hong had lost too much face and he obviously wanted to teach Zhao Feng a lesson or even kill him.


Li Hong’s palm ripple with blue lightning that contained the mobility of water and the destructive power of lightning.

Because of his perfect control, no one nearby would be harmed.

“This palm is definitely enough to kill anyone below the True Lord Rank.”

If Zhao Feng used his Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and bloodline power, he could manage to barely take it but he decided to be powerful to the end.

“F*k off!”

Zhao Feng roared as his body released a terrifying aura.

In that instant, one-tenth of the Water Moon Pirate’s Source of True Spirit started to burn which allowed his battle power to flip several times.

A normal True Mystic Rank wouldn’t be able to control this power as they level wasn’t enough, but Zhao Feng’s mental energy level had reached the early stage of the True Lord Rank.

He could control the chaotic power from burning the Source of True Spirit. And the Dark Water Heart and Tree Yao Essence Fruit strengthened his body.


Zhao Feng’s palm seemed to make a hundred flowers blossom and burn in the sky.

“He’s burning his Source of True Spirit, everyone watch out!”

Ye Yanyu flashed and swiped her hands, creating a barrier of moonlight that separated the power between the two.


A deep hole was created on the ground and extended up to ten yards before being blocked by Ye Yanyu.

If the power wasn’t so concentrated, everything within a mile would be flattened.

Many disciples from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect were sent flying by the wave of air and in the dust, a figure landed next to Ye Yanyu with a smile.

“Kid, you’re going to die----”

Li Hong’s angry voice sounded from within the dust. Li Hong was extremely ruffled and his hair and clothes were dirty.

The disciples of the three Sects were all stunned.

It seemed like Zhao Feng had gained the upper hand just then. Although Li Hong wasn’t injured, he looked ruffled as if he had been tricked.

“Stop!” Ye Yanyu exclaimed coldly and sent a ripple of moonlight that pushed back Li Hong several yards.

“Sister Ye, you’re protecting an outsider!?”

Li Hong’s eyes were bright red as he gritted his teeth, but he was extremely wary of Ye Yanyu’s strength even if the latter was injured.

Zhao Feng stood next to Ye Yanyu and was certain that she wouldn’t do anything.

Firstly, Ye Yanyu had said that she was working with Zhao Feng and warned Li Hong.

Li Hong attacking Zhao Feng was not giving her face.

Secondly, Li Hong had said only ‘one move’ but didn’t stick to his promise, making the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect lose more face.

It could be said that in just a short while, Li Hong had lost almost all of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s face and even Ye Yanyu couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Do you think you haven’t lost enough face?” Ye Yanyu said coldly.


Li Hong seemed to realize his rashness. He had indeed used one move already and went against Ye Yanyu by doing so.

At this moment in time, the disciples from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect felt as if there was no light on their faces.

Li Hong was full of frustration.

“If you have the time, you should instead think about how to deal with the Towering Tree Yao. That way we can avenge Brother Yu Luo and get rewards at the same time.” Ye Yanyu said.

“Sister Ye, you’re right. The most important thing right now is to kill the real culprit. As for this brat, I’ll see him after the ruins close.’

Li Hong finally calmed down.

He had already used one move and if he continued, it would only make the others laugh at him.

This chaos finally settled.

“This blue haired youth…. Is not simple.”

Zhuang Wan’er from the Moon Demon Palace looked at the youth next to Ye Yanyu. Ye Yanyu also glanced at Zhao Feng. The Source of True Spirit he just burned was obviously different from his own.

Li Hong’s move didn’t go to waste. At least, he uncovered one of Zhao Feng’s hidden cards.

Zhao Feng had another Source of True Spirit within his body and although it wasn’t at the True Lord Rank, it had reached the peak True Mystic Rank and if Zhao Feng burnt it without caring for the price, it could threaten those at the True Lord Rank.

“I said before that this youth wasn’t simple. No wonder he wasn’t scared when trading with us.”

Chi Gui’s expression was solemn and felt lucky that he didn’t attack Zhao Feng before.

“Li Hong just then had only casually used a move and was tricked by me.”

Zhao Feng’s mind was calm.

Soon, the geniuses of the three Sects gathered together once more and started to discuss how to deal with the Towering Tree Yao.

The Towering Tree Yao had been injured by the Void God Protection and there was a gap in it now.

Zhao Feng yawned as he lost interest.

Even if they killed the Towering Tree Yao, he wouldn’t get the Wood Spirit Essence Soul unless he wanted to become the enemy of all three sects.

At this moment in time.

“Brother Zhao Feng.”

A familiar voice from a girl sounded in Zhao Feng’s mind.

Who was it!?

Zhao Feng jumped up in fright. This voice was very familiar. It seemed to be…. Zhao Yufei.

But why would Zhao Yufei’s voice appear in his mind?

In the next instant.


A blurry figure appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind and it was Zhao Yufei.

The Zhao Yufei in his mind smiled faintly: “Brother Zhao Feng, I’m the inheritor to the Purple Saint Ruins, but I might need your help to truly control the Ruins.”


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