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King Of Gods - Chapter 416


Chapter 416: Chapter 416 - One Arrow to Seal the Result

Chapter 416 - One Arrow to Seal the Result

“.... It’s like saying there’s a peerless treasure in a well-guarded city. Millions of troops might not be able to take the city down, but a master thief could get the treasure without being injured.”

When Zhao Feng said this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

A colorful light flashed in Ye Yanyu’s eyes as she looked at Zhao Feng with joy and praise.

Zhao Feng’s plan wasn’t very smart, but his chain of thought allowed them to get the result with the smallest price.

The Towering Tree Yao was like a strong fort and even if all the geniuses of the three Sects were here, they would find it hard to defeat the Towering Tree Yao and that would result in more losses.

However, if their target was just a Tree Yao Essence Fruit, they didn’t need to kill the Towering Tree Yao.

“Hmph, the Towering Tree Yao’s battle power is comparable to the Origin Core Realm. Who can take a blow head on? Who would be the one to steal the fruit in front of its eyes?What’s the difference between this and sending one to their death?”

Yu Luo mocked.

The Towering Tree Yao’s battle power was terrifying and no one could probably take one blow from it. The blood robed True Lord who died before was an example.

Zhao Feng smiled faintly, not retorting back. Although his thought was dangerous, it was ten times easier than attacking the Towering Tree Yao head on.

Yu Luo didn’t like him and Zhao Feng was too lazy to explain.

“This might be possible. Although the Towering Tree Yao’s battle power is almost at the Origin Core Realm level, it can’t move and due to its size, it’s clumsy. If we let a fast genius go, there’s a high chance of success.” Ye Yanyu smiled and agreed.

“That’s right, the weak point of the Towering Tree Yao is that it’s big and clumsy. It lacks agility.”

“We can achieve the final result without fighting the Towering Tree Yao head on. Looks like we did think wrong before.”

Zhao Feng’s plan was soon confirmed by the others.

The geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect weren't retarded. They just didn’t realize before as they were fighting already, whereas Zhao Feng watched from a spectators view and soon found the problem.

Zhao Feng believed that even if he didn’t suggest this, the three sects would find the correct path after experiencing some failures.

Indeed, the Moon Demon Palace didn’t fully retreat and instead watched the Towering Tree Yao.

“Sister Zhuang, the Towering Tree Yao is big, but us humans are like bugs in front of it. If we let a genius that specializes in speed and agility go, we might be able to steal the Tree Yao Essence Fruit.”

A skinny man from the Moon Demon palace suggested.

“This could work. Although there’s a certain amount of danger involved, it’s much easier than fighting it head-on.”

Zhuang Wan’er nodded her head in agreement.

Within the forest.

After the three Sects retreated, a safe distance they started to re-plan.

The five True Lords of the three sects soon started to talk.

“The person that goes to steal the fruit must be at the True Lord Rank as only then we’ll have a higher chance. How about all three sides send a True Lord Rank that specializes in speed and the others will distract them.”

Zhuang Wan’er suggested and the five True Lord Ranks agreed after some thought.

Ye Yanyu would be the one from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect. Her strength and cultivation was top tier.

Chi Gui would be the one from the Black Cliff Palace. Although he wasn’t as strong as Mo Yu, he was faster.

Only Zhuang Wan’er remained from the Moon Demon palace and even if the blood robed True Lord was alive, she would be the one to go as her speed was even faster than Ye Yanyu’s.

Sou Sou Sou!

The three True Lord Ranks flashed through the air and became after images that headed towards the Towering Tree Yao.

The remaining two True Lord Ranks and geniuses started to attack from the outer edges to attract the Towering Tree Yao’s attention.

Peng Boom----

The Towering Tree Yao waved its branches and disturbed the earth, causing sand and stone to fly everywhere.

However, this time the three True Lords didn’t fight with the Towering Tree Yao and instead utilized their speed to the limit.

Boom Boom Boom!

The branches of the Towering Tree Yao could only hit the after images of the True Lord Ranks.

This scene was like a muscular man waving a swatter trying to hit the flies and mosquitos nearby.

Although it seemed easy, the hearts of the three True Lord Rank geniuses were tense and every evasion was filled with danger.

Once they were hit by the branch, even they would become meat patties.

The geniuses responsible for distraction started to seat.

“The plan is easy, but it is extremely hard to use. Only those at the True Lord Rank can try or else, the gust of wind by the Towering Tree Yao would blow the others away.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye saw the situation of the three True Lord Ranks.

Even when Zhao Feng understood the tactic, he wasn’t willing to try.

Normal True Spirit realm cultivators couldn’t withstand the wind from the Towering Tree Yao and even if they could, their agility and speed would decrease.

Only the three True Lord Ranks that specialized in speed and agility could try.

Time passed by slowly and the three True Lord Rank geniuses started to enter the depths of the Towering Tree Yao.

A short one hundred yards at this moment seemed to be extremely long. An extra step meant more branches.

However, as they closed in even more, the Towering Tree Yao’s attacks started to be limited as it was scared to hit itself.

“We’re almost there.”

Ye Yanyu’s eyes were calm as she dodged the branches.

A Tree Yao Essence Fruit was only dozens of yards away from her now, but these dozens of yards were heavily protected by the Towering Tree Yao, leaving behind only a couple of gaps.

Ye Yanyu must find the correct path to take the Tree Yao Essence Fruit and retreat unharmed.

“Sky Moon Nine Slashes!”

A transparent sword appeared in Ye Yanyu’s hand and with a ‘weng’, eight or nine flashes of moonlight went forward.

Shu Shu Shu---

The moonlight stacked upon one another and lit up the area.

After the third and fourth slash, a small gap had appeared in the smaller branches, allowing her to get closer to the Tree Yao Essence Fruit.

Miao Miao!

At the same time, the little thieving cat disappeared as it agilely lept around the Towering Tree Yao.

“This cat is incredible!”

The geniuses behind it exclaimed.

The size of the little thieving cat was too small and the branches of the Towering Tree Yao couldn’t stop it.

In terms of agility, it was even better than the three True Lord Rank geniuses and it could easily jump through the gaps in the branches.


The little thieving cat surpassed the three True Lord Ranks and appeared in front of a Tree Yao Essence Fruit then chomped down.

The Tree Yao Essence Fruit was the size of a watermelon, even bigger than the little thieving cat, but the little thieving cat could swallow it in one gulp.

Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu weren't surprised by it.

“Little thieving cat, I’ll give that fruit to you but you need to help me get another one or two.”

Ye Yanyu turned around to another target.

“The fruit just then was indeed eaten by the little thieving cat.”

Zhao Feng saw it clearly from far away. The little thieving cat was in its growing stages and the number of treasures it ate was even more than its owner Zhao Feng.

“I can’t use the little thieving cat again this time in case it raises Ye Yanyu’s suspicion.”

Zhao Feng decided to leave the group and head towards the depths of the Towering Tree Yao.


He turned into a streak of lightning and used the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and his speed wasn’t too much slower than the three True Lord Ranks.

“Brat, what do you want to do?”

The expressions of the geniuses from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect changed as they saw Zhao Feng’s actions.

One of the girls wanted to stop him but she wasn’t fast enough.

Zhao Feng didn’t even tell them anything and immediately went forward.

“This brat is looking for his death.”

Yu Luo snickered.

“Brother Yu Luo, go stop him!”

A girl nearby who had talked with Zhao Feng felt unwilling.

Yu Luo was about to decline but thinking about it, he nodded his head: “Sure, I’ll do my best and can help Ye Yanyu as well.”


Yu Luo flew through the air as if he was going to save Zhao Feng but he didn’t use all of his speed.

“Let’s see what this brat is playing.”

Yu Luo was thinking how to kill off Zhao Feng and if Zhao Feng entered the depths of the Towering Tree Yao, it would be certain that he would die.

“Go, go….”

A playful smile appeared on Yu Luo’s lips.

However, Zhao Feng stopped at the Towering Tree Yao’s offensive limits and didn’t go one step further.


Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and his left eye seemed to reflect the entire world.

In that instant, Zhao Feng saw every leaf and the passage and path of where its Yuan Qi went.

Zhao Feng saw every small detail and all the possible changes were controlled.

“With the three True Lord Ranks troubling the Towering Tree Yao, it’ll be much easier for me.”

A surge of calmness and confidence came from Zhao Feng.


The Luohou Bow in Zhao Feng’s hand suddenly lit up and he quickly pulled out an arrow.

The arrow’s route was controlled by the God’s Spiritual Eye and was perfectly accurate.


An arrow flashed in the sky that could barely be seen by the naked eye and shot through the gaps amongst the branches.


The Luohou Arrow shot into the center of the Towering Tree Yao.

After several turns and twists, the Luohou Arrow passed by the dangers. It was like a small paper boat that could capsize with any blow.


The Luohou Arrow passed by the barriers and started to dim down as it lost power.


The second the lightning disappeared, the Luohou Arrow perfectly hit a Tree Yao Essence Fruit but it didn’t harm its flesh or energy.

“How…. did he do this?”

The geniuses of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect including Yu Luo stared with wide eyes.


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