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King Of Gods - Chapter 411


Chapter 411: Chapter 411 - Bait Kill Fail

Chapter 411 - Bait Kill Fail

In the air of the canyon.

Black smoke rolled across the skies and everything within a ten-mile radius was dead silent.

Chi Gui stood at the middle and a white flame danced in his eyes. One hand was raised and killing intent was released.

Those from the Black Cliff palace had excited and gruesome expressions as they held their breaths.

At this moment in time even Ye Yanyu two miles away felt a chilling killing intent.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat yawned, as if it didn’t care about its ‘previous owners’’ life or death.

“Little thieving cat, if he dies you’ll also be dragged down.”

Ye Yanyu revealed a worrisome expression.

She didn’t care whether Zhao Feng died or lived but was scared that his death would also drag down the little thieving cat whom he had a blood pact with.

This strength of this dragging down depended on the distance between them, their cultivation, bloodline and soul strength.

However, it was obvious Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat were very close to one another and they didn’t have massive differences between them.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and revealed a cold expression, signalling that even if it might die it’ll bring down its previous owner.

“No, this is too risky. What if Zhao Feng decides to kill you first before he dies out of unwillingness?”

Ye Yanyu couldn’t resist it and stood up.

There was only two miles between them and all Zhao Feng needed to do was block a moment or two and Ye Yanyu would arrive.

However, Zhao Feng had turned his black to those from the Black Cliff palace and was walking over slowly.

He didn’t even seem to feel the cold killing intent from those behind.

“This brat…. Is he certain that I’ll save him?”

Ye Yanyu was infuriated and stomped her foot on the ground.

Zhao Feng was too close to the Black Cliff Palace and once Chi Gui and company attacked Ye Yanyu wouldn’t have the time to rescue him.


In this critical moment Chi Gui’s raised hand never lowered.

A rare sign of hesitation appeared on his face.

That’s right, Ye Yanyu saw the clear sign of struggle on his face.

Even the geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace felt weird. Brother Chi Gui was usually decisive, what was there to worry about?

At this point in time.

Unknowingly, Chi Gui’s bloodline, the ‘Wicked Spirit Eye’ suddenly became uneasy.

He cultivated the Dao of Ghost Corpses and his mental energy was stronger than others his cultivation. Adding on the fact he had an eye bloodline he had a sensitive instinct.

Chi Gui always trusted his instinct without doubt and it had allowed to escape several times before.

A scene suddenly appeared in Chi Gui’s mind:

An ‘Eye of Heaven’ appearing in the skies and looking down at the world as if it was an existence on level with the Heaven and Earth.

At the last moment the gaze of the Eye of Heaven seemed to see through his body and into his soul.


Chi Gui shook his head and hiccupped.

Voices from others from the Black Cliff Palace sounded in his ears: “Brother Chi Gui, if we don’t make a move now we’ll miss the chance.”

Chi Gui looked over and saw that Zhao Feng had walked out of a hundred yards, still at that slow pace.

It was Ye Yanyu who was instead rushing over urgently.


Chi Gui suddenly decided that no one understood.

Although the geniuses from the Black Cliff palace were surprised they didn’t dare go against the order and retreated.

“Brother Chi Gui, that kid’s very close to us and once we make a move even Ye Yanyu won’t make it in time.”

The youth as skinny as a branch didn’t understand.

“This brat isn’t pretending to be calm. He really isn’t scared of us and most importantly, I can’t see his true skills.”

Chi Gui said solemnly.

In the Purple Saint Ruins Chi Gui was familiar with the other ten True Lord Ranks and he knew a bit about Ye Yanyu and even the number one genius.

However, the more Chi Gui interacted with this youth in front of him the more terrifying he felt Zhao Feng was.

There was a saying: Unknown enemies were much scarier than known enemies.

The geniuses from the Black Cliff palace didn’t make a move and watched Zhao Feng fly out one mile.

“I wanted to trick this Chi Gui, but it looks like he’s pretty cautious….”

Zhao Feng murmured to himself with slight regret.

He had purposely turned around on them to give them the ‘flaw’ to kill him.

Zhao Feng was certain that Ye Yanyu wouldn’t just watch him die.

Hence the geniuses from the Black Cliff palace and Ye Yanyu would clash and once this succeeded Zhao Feng had a high chance to make half the Black Cliff palace stay and might be able to even slay the True Lord Rank Chi Gui.

After all, Chi Gui’s fall in strength was greater than Ye Yanyu’s and Ye Yanyu had already recovered a lot from using the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew from a couple days ago.

In a head on exchange with Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat as support, Ye Yanyu had a 50-60% to slay Chi Gui.

Even if they couldn’t kill him they would be able to kill a couple others and the spoils of war would be useful to Zhao Feng as they were about the Dao of Ghost Corpses.


Chi Gui instead retreated at the critical moment and hence, he dodged this ‘bait kill’, meaning that the trick ended in failure.

Why did it failure?

Zhao Feng felt that he acted too calm and made Chi Gui wary of Ye Yanyu.

Of course, there was also that instinctive protection which Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye also had which had allowed him to escape.

For example, back at the Sun Feather City, Zhao Feng had been pursued by an elder of the Qiu family, but this had been sensed by him beforehand and he prepared for it.


Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu met and the latter let out a breath but had a cold face: “You better not have any tricks and don’t even think about working with wicked forces such as the Black Cliff palace.”

“Goddess Ye is correct. I wanted to trade with the Black Cliff Palace but didn’t think these wicked Daoist’s had killing intent in their hearts. I have to thank Goddess Ye for helping me.”

Zhao Feng said.

In terms of collaboration he would choose the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect first.

This was the strongest of the three sects and was righteous. Whatever said, they were better than the Black Cliff Palace and much safer.

Ye Yanyu was about to say something but the sound of flying appeared from afar.

Sou Sou Sou!

Eight or nine figures flashed through the air and headed in this direction.

Amongst them was a powerful True Lord Rank aura which was even stronger than Chi Gui and the blood robed youth’s.

“Could Brother Mo Yu’s reinforcements have arrived?”

The geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace were expectant and a flash of joy appeared on Chi Gui’s eyes.

However, his expression changed dramatically when he released his spiritual sense.


Chi Gui ordered and led the group in retreat.

A while later.

Sou Sou Sou!

Eight or nine moonlight figures consisting of both males and females arrived.

The leader was a handsome silver robed youth with red hair.

His cultivation had reached the early stages of the True Lord Rank and was faintly stronger than Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord Rank’s.”

The silver robed youth’s eyes lit up as he spotted Ye Yanyu and said with a smile: “Sister Ye we found some things over there so came over a bit late, sorry about that.”

“I am enough. Just two True Lord Ranks from the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace isn’t enough to threaten me.”

Ye Yanyu sat cross legged on the ground with an emotionless attitude, not caring about the silver robed youth at all.

Zhao Feng could see that this silver robed True Lord was one of those chasing after Ye Yanyu and he wasn’t surprised. Why wouldn’t someone like Ye Yanyu have handsome youths going after her?

Most normal youths probably didn’t even have the right or courage.

There were one or two martial sisters that were pretty good with Ye Yanyu and started to talk with her.

“Sister Ye, you’re injured?

“Who else apart from Brother Lu would be able to suppress Sister Ye with her strength?”

The two martial sisters had reached the peak True Mystic Rank and were both surprised.

Ye Yanyu smiled and shortly told what had happened with Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord.

“It’s hard to imagine that Sister Ye has this good luck. The treasures in this cave was even better than ours.”

The girls were as close as sisters and just looking at them felt nice.

The male disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect sighed with admiration. Ye Yanyu was flawless.

However, Ye Yanyu and a few others were all extremely pretty and even the silver robed True Lord couldn’t interrupt.

Zhao Feng didn’t mind this and instead was surprised at the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s strength.

In the group Ye Yanyu and the silver robed youth were True Lords and over the remaining half were peak True Mystic Rank’s.

Zhao Feng’s late stage True Mystic Rank strength was at the bottom amongst the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

“Sister Ye, who’s this brat?”

The silver robed male and company finally found a topic to discuss and their eyes landed on Zhao Feng with a flash.

Zhao Feng didn’t have any auras of the three sides on him and this gave them many speculations.

Any genius that entered the Purple Saint Ruins had inheritance tokens from the three sects.

“Hehe, I think she’s Sister Ye’s prisoner of war.”

A pretty young girl smiled and inspected Zhao Feng and even touched his blue hair.

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed but didn’t do anything. The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s strength wasn’t just terrifying.

According to what he knew five of the ten True Lord Ranks came from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sects including the strongest.

“This cat is also so cut!”

Another girl wanted to touch the little thieving cat but was dodged by the latter.

“Sister Ye, what’s with this human and cat?”

The eyes of the silver robed youth twinkled, and the other male disciples inspected Zhao Feng with caution.

Ye Yanyu finally mentioned simply about the deal between her and Zhao Feng.

“Hmph, what’s there to discuss with these clowns. We’ll just capture him and torture out his secrets.”

The silver robed youth coldly released his True Spirit Realm aura and the air seemed to be filled with a brilliant moonlight that made others unable to breathe.


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