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King Of Gods - Chapter 410


Chapter 410: Chapter 410 - Trade

Chapter 410 - Trade

At this moment.

Zhao Feng blocked those from the Black Cliff Palace with confidence.

“Zhe zhe, does this brat want to take all of us alone?”

The geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace had mockery on their faces but the black lotus girl in the group had fear and wary in her eyes, not daring to underestimate Zhao Feng.

“Kid…. do you want to come to the Black Cliff palace’s side? Since you’re a genius in the Dao of Corpses I can consider recommending you.”

White flames burned in Chi Gui’s eyes as he licked his lips and glanced at Ye Yanyu two miles away out of the corner of his eye.

He had the confidence to slay Zhao Feng before Ye Yanyu arrived.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t seem to have any traces of fear as he faced those from the Black Cliff Palace.

What was even weirder was that Ye Yanyu who was recovering didn’t even seem to care about Zhao Feng’s life.

All of this unusualness made Chi Gui suspicious.

Did Ye Yanyu really not care about Zhao Feng’s life?

The eyes of those from the Black Cliff Palace twinkled but they couldn’t make a decision as they were scared there was a trick.

In reality.

Chi Gui and company weren’t wrong. Ye Yanyu did indeed not care about Zhao Feng’s life but was worried if he died, the little thieving cat would also.

As for Zhao Feng he wasn’t scared of the Black Cliff Palace because his mental energy had reached the early stage True Lord Rank and with two other dark silver poison corpses with the battle power of a True Lord Rank each, normal True Lord’s weren’t his match.

“Let’s make a deal.”

Zhao Feng said lightly in a casual tone.


Chi Gui and company were first surprised but their faces was then filled with disdain yet before their response, Zhao Feng had opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and scanned across the group.


Those from the Black Cliff Palace felt their senses turn and suddenly appear in a simple building.

Within the building Zhao Feng sat on one side while Chi Gui and the others were on the other.

“Mental energy illusion? He put all of us into one?”

“This kid’s mental energy illusions are indeed not simple and uses this method to communicate with us.”

A couple of the genius’ from the Black Cliff Palace looked at Zhao Feng in a different perspective and Chi Gui was slightly moved. Zhao Feng had created a mental energy illusion which was extremely realistic but most importantly, it had enveloped all of them.

He suddenly realised why Zhao Feng dared to face all of them alone.

Zhao Feng’s mental energy level had reached the early stage True Lord Rank, not far different from Chi Gui.

If he used a mental energy skill everyone apart from Chi Gui wouldn’t be able to block it.

“Kid, what do you want? What do you have to trade with us?”

Chi Gui immediately got straight to the point.

At this moment he didn’t dare underestimate Zhao Feng.

Once Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu teamed up, all of them might be left behind.

Luckily he saw that there was a bridge between Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu as well and they didn’t trust one another.

“I want the giant scorpion claws, Deadly Yin Crystal Bone and Ten Thousand Corpse Grass.”

Zhao Feng asked for three materials and was certain that they had the giant scorpions claws.

When they were splitting the giant scorpion, the claws had went to the Black Cliff Palace.

As for the Deadly Yin Crystal Bone and Ten Thousand Corpse Grass Zhao Feng wasn’t certain if they had it or not.

“The giant scorpion claws is easy to say, as we have four and trading one is fine. As for the Deadly Yin Crystal Bone it can increase the offense of a ghost corpse and is extremely rare. The Ten Thousand Corpse Grass is even more precious and can raise the ghost corpses cultivation and it’s value is just below the Earth Yin Poison Mushrooms. Even if we had it we wouldn’t trade it with you.”

Chi Gui responded.

He was wondering what Zhao Feng needed this items for.


A flash passed Chi Gui’s eyes: “The giant scorpion claws comes from the large scorpion and is extremely sharp. Once it combines with the poison sack it’ will be able to use the poison better. He wants the giant scorpion claw then use it with the poison and add it onto the ghost corpses…”

He was indeed worthy of being a True Lord Rank genius and soon found Zhao Feng’s thoughts.

Zhao Feng was actually planning this. He would increase the sharpness of the ghost corpses and the claws worked in sync with the poison.

“The Deadly Yin Crystal Bone can increase the ghost corpses offense and only by increasing the attack power would the opponent’s defense be pierced open and for the poison to take effect.”

Chi Gui continued down this path.

“However, although the Deadly Yin Crystal Bone can raise a ghost corpses offense the ghost corpse still can’t threaten those at the True Lord Rank in the end. Therefore he wants the Ten Thousand Corpse Grass to raise the ghost corpse to the True Lord Rank.”

After finishing the analysis Chi Gui looked coldly at Zhao Feng.

Once Zhao Feng’s chain of thoughts was complete his strength would greatly threaten the ten True Lords.

Chi Gui was now wary and cautious against Zhao Feng.

“We can’t do this deal.”

Chi Gui immediately declined and Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised. Why would Chi Gui increase the opponent’s strength?

However, if he found Chi Gui it meant that he had a certain amount of confidence even if it wasn’t one hundred percent.

“I’ll use two resources to trade. If you’re not willing then nevermind.”

After saying this Zhao Feng took out a drop of Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew and a small piece of the Sky Marking Stone.

Zhao Feng still had three drops of the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew left and was only planning to trade one.

There was originally one large piece of Sky Marking Stone but had been split into three by Zhao Feng to strengthen the two ghost corpses and this was the last remaining small piece.

When these two items were taken out Chi Gui’s expression changed slightly.

“If I remember correctly, your True Lord Rank skeleton but slashed into two by the giant scorpion and the arm of the other True Lord Rank corpse had been cut off be Ye Yanyu. Is Brother Chi willing to heal them?”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and Chi Gui didn’t say anything.

Over the past couple days his two True Lord Rank corpses had barely been fixed and cost a lot of top resources but their battle powers had both fallen by a bit.

Coincidentally Zhao Feng’s Sky Marking Stone could strengthen ghost corpses and he had to admit the Sky Marking Stone attracted him.

“If I can get a piece of Sky Marking Stone my two True Lord Rank ghost corpses will not only recover but even become a bit stronger.”

Chi Gui’s heart was moved but he didn’t immediately speak.

“Hehe, a forbidden technique such as the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye must have a terrible backlash. One drop of the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew doesn’t seem to be enough.”

Zhao Feng laughed lightly again and this time Chi Gui’s expression changed dramatically.

He had paid a price for using the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye and harmed himself after using it on Ye Yanyu who had higher cultivation.

Even though a genius from the Black Cliff Palace had given him a drop of the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew, he still hadn’t fully recovered.

Even Ye Yanyu had to trade with Zhao Feng for two drops of Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew to recover.

“If you don’t want to trade then I’ll leave.”

Zhao Feng slowly rose and waved his hand.


Everyone felt their senses return to the mysterious canyon.

Everything just then was created by a mental energy illusion from Zhao Feng and no one apart from those at the Origin Core Realm or higher could see what went on.


Chi Gui gritted his teeth and called Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng seemed to look puzzled back towards those from the Black Cliff palace.

The reason why he suggested the trade meant he obviously had some confidence.

Currently Chi Gui’s strength had decreased and needed the Sky Marking Stone and Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew urgently.

“If I can get these two items my strength will recover and might even rise by a bit.”

Chi Gui made a decision and took out a claw as big as a tree from his interspatial ring then threw it onto the ground.

“Giant scorpion claw.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

After that Chi Gui told another youth from the Black Cliff Palace to take out a dark silver crystal with a pained expression.

“Deadly Yin Crystal Bone.”

Zhao Feng was very satisfied.

“We only have these two items. Even if we had the Ten Thousand Corpse Grass we wouldn’t give it to you because the value of it is far more than the two you’re giving.”

Chi Gui said lowly and laughed coldly within his heart: “Without the Ten Thousand Corpse Grass your ghost corpse won’t be able to reach the True Lord Rank level and no matter how poisonous they are and how sharp their attacks is, it won’t be able to threaten me.”

In reality Chi Gui and company really didn’t have the Ten Thousand Corpse Grass. If they had it they would have used it on their own ghost corpses already.


Zhao Feng revealed a barely manageable expression.

The reason why he mentioned the Ten Thousand Corpse Grass was to mislead Chi Gui’s ‘thoughts’ and make him think that he needed it to increase the level of his ghost corpses.

He wouldn’t have thought that Zhao Feng had already increased the ghost corpses’ level by using the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom.

This misleading could result in Zhao Feng hiding his cards and make the opponent underestimate himself.

He hadn’t dreamed of getting the Ten Thousand Corpse Grass. Just getting the scorpion claw and Deadly Yin Crystal Bone was enough.

For safety Zhao Feng made Chi Gui send out two peak True Mystic Rank geniuses to trade with him as on the surface the Black Cliff Palace had an overwhelming advantage.

“This kid is very cautious.”

Chi Gui nodded his head in agreement.

A while later Zhao Feng got his giant scorpion claw and Deadly Yin Crystal Bone while Chi Gui got what he wanted.

The two sides probably wouldn’t have thought that they would have traded with one another.

“The giant scorpion claw can sharpen the claws of the two dark silver poison corpses and can slash through the opponent’s defense, allowing the poison to take effect. The Deadly Yin Crystal Bone can increase the overall strength of the corpses.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed in his heart.

The Black Cliff Palace side.

Chi Gui and company had dim expressions with killing intent as they watched Zhao Feng leave.

“Senior brother, do you want to…..”

A skinny youth waved his hand in the motion of cutting.

At this point in time Zhao Feng had his back towards them and was only a hundred yards away.

It could be said that this was the best time to attack.

“Does this brat really not fear us?”

Deadliness flashed in Chi Gui’s eyes as he slowly raised a hand.

The geniuses from the Black Cliff palace all held their breaths and licked their lips in excitement. With one order they could splatter Zhao Feng’s blood and take his life and treasure.


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