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King Of Gods - Chapter 409


Chapter 409: Chapter 409 - Blocking the Way

Chapter 409 - Blocking the Way

“What, this is possible?”

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace nearby looked weirdly towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng hadn’t done anything at all and just sat at the back while the others fought for the treasures.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect side only had Ye Yanyu and she had crushed the people present alone.

After Ye Yanyu had had reaped the rewards he had asked for a precious life returning grass. Even those from the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace couldn’t stand to watch such shamelessness.

However, Zhao Feng acted very confidently, as if he was certain Ye Yanyu would give it to him.

“Nice dreams.”

Ye Yanyu gave the white eye to Zhao Feng.

She didn’t mind Zhao Feng taking some of the shares from the giant scorpion as the organs inside were dirty and bloody.

However, the Life Returning Grass was different. Its value wasn’t something a giant scorpion poison sack could be compared to.

Furthermore, the Life Returning Grass was a second life to anyone and Zhao Feng hadn’t done a thing at all when they thought. Just thinking about this made Ye Yanyu angry. She was even hesitating whether to recommend him into the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect or not.

“According to our deal, you need to help me three times. Let this time count as one.”

Zhao Feng said expressionlessly and Ye Yanyu paused.

According to the deal between them, this was indeed true.

Zhao Feng had already used one chance to help when Ye Yanyu had protected him and Zhao Feng was obviously going to the second chance right now.

“Hehe, our deal was that I would help you three times but doesn’t include giving you free items.”

Ye Yanyu smiled. She wasn’t someone that would let Zhao Feng cut her up freely.

Zhao Feng fell silent for a moment before saying through gritted teeth: ’You’re being shameless.”

“My help to you can’t obviously be without limit or restrictions. If you want me to die will I go kill myself? If you told me to give everything to you, will I have to?”

Ye Yanyu laughed coldly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat clapped its paws together for Ye Yanyu with gloat.

Zhao Feng’s eyes squinted and although Ye Yanyu had been deceived by him and the little thieving cat she obviously wasn’t a retard that would give such easy benefits to him.

“Do you want the Life Returning Grass to save someone important life? If you dissolve the blood pact between you and the little thieving cat I can consider it.”

Ye Yanyu’s eyes flashed as she came close to the truth.

“Just owe someone a favour.”

Zhao Feng turned and walked to the other side.

He had expected Ye Yanyu to not agree but Zhao Feng didn’t panic. He still had two ways to get the Life Returning Grass.

At this time the geniuses of the three sides still scavenged the treasures nearby but Zhao Feng didn’t participate.

After the fight all three True Lord Ranks were injured and Ye Yanyu walked out of the cave to find a calm place to recover.

“The erosion wound on my soul is so difficult to heal….”

Ye Yanyu sat cross legged with a slightly pale expression.

Her physical body had been lightly injured during the fight and the main damage was her blood essence as well as soul.

After all, in the battle Chi Gui and the blood robed youth had both used forbidden techniques which Ye Yanyu took head on.

Ye Yanyu used many precious spiritual pills which recovered her Yuan Qi but her recovery speed for her blood essence was much slower.

The hardest to heal was still the damage on her soul caused by Chi Gui’s ‘Wicked Spiritual Ghost Eye.”

“The damage on the soul can’t be healed quickly. Even if you use the Life Returning Grass, it’ll only recover your life force but won’t have much of an effect on your soul.”

Zhao Feng said slowly.

“What? You know medicine?”

Ye Yanyu harrumphed and released her True Lord Rank aura to shake the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby to signal Zhao Feng not make any moves as even if she wasn’t at her peak she could kill Zhao Feng as easily as flipping her palm.

“I would think that you have one or two spiritual pills which help recover the soul but will take at least half a month and wouldn’t guarantee the injuries to be fully healed.”

Zhao Feng smiled faintly and Ye Yanyu was surprised because what he thought was almost the exact same as the situation.

This meant that Ye Yanyu needed at least half a month to reach her peak and the Purple Saint Ruins was filled with fortune including the core of the Ruins - the Ruins Treasured Palace.

“Luckily I found some Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew in the cave which can cleanse the erosion by the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye. If you get two drops of the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew only two or three days will be needed to heal the injury on the soul. Plus, it won’t leave behind any hidden injuries.”

Zhao Feng smiled and said.

Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew.

Hearing this Ye Yanyu’s expression changed.

She had obviously heard of the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew’s effect before. It could strengthen mental energy and comprehension. It was even useful for her who was at the late stages of the True Lord Rank.

Most importantly this was extremely effective to heal injuries of the soul.

“Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew….”

Ye Yanyu bit her lips.

In her current situation she desperately needed this item which could cleanse the soul and in terms of value the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew was only below the Life Returning Grass and blood glass fruit.

However, after saying this Zhao Feng became silent.

This was his second path and he didn’t believe Ye Yanyu would reject this.

However, Ye Yanyu was very calm and didn’t immediately ask to trade as she was worried Zhao Feng would rip her off drastically.

Zhao Feng was happy to wait and used another drop of Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew in front of Ye Yanyu’s eyes to strengthen his mental energy.

“The second drop of the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew isn’t that effective for me anymore but still can fully consolidate my mental energy level to the early stage True Lord Rank.”

Zhao Feng started to comprehend and while Ye Yanyu was recovering Zhao Feng didn’t forget the two green bronze corpses within the black lotus.

The air of death of the two green bronze ghost corpses started to consolidate and the smell of erosion was getting stronger.

In the blink of an eye two days had passed and the auras of the two ghost corpses were about the True Lord Rank level and the energy from the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom had almost been fully expended.

On the outside dark silver lines had replaced the green bronze and it was better to call it ‘dark silver poison corpses’ instead because the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom was a very deadly plant and the two ghost corpses already had a strong poison.

“Even if the giant scorpion poison sack isn’t added on this dark silver poison corpses’ poison is enough to threaten those at the True Spirit Realm.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be filled with expectation.

His poison corpse plan was about 60-70% complete.

Next Zhao Feng secretly put the poison sack into the black lotus and then added it on the dark silver poison corpses in secret in the black lotus.

With the addition of the poison sack the silver lines on the two poison corpses were more obvious now.

“In terms of level these two dark silver poison corpses are barely at 80% of a True Lord Rank but with their poison, their true damage far exceeds normal True Lord Rank ghost corpses.”

Zhao Feng inspected them with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

As long as he raised them well these two dark silver poison corpses would be able to easily reach the True Lord Rank.

After three days of resting Ye Yanyu finally couldn’t resist it and found Zhao Feng.

“Let’s trade.”

Ye Yanyu’s voice sounded from behind and a smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s lips as he traded two drops of Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew for two drops of the Elixir of Life.

“Elixir of Life is now in my hands now.”

Zhao Feng put the two drops into his green gourd and Ye Yanyu immediately used the two drops of Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew to increase her recovery speed.

In this period, Zhao Feng travelled around the mysterious canyon trying to find some treasures.

Sou Sou Sou!

The geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace were heading this way as well as the leading Chi Gui had mostly recovered and saw Zhao Feng and the recovering Ye Yanyu from far away.

His eyes twinkled as it scanned over Ye Yanyu and Zhao Feng.

Even if Ye Yanyu wasn’t at her peak, they didn’t have the confidence to beat them.

“Brother Chi Gui, Brother Mo Yu has sent a ghost arrow letter saying he’ll come over and support us.”

A figure flashed and arrived.

“Great, Brother Mo Yu is even a bit stronger than me and we’ll have a 60% victory rate against the soul injured Ye Yanyu. At the very least that blue haired brat and cunning cat won’t be able to escape….”

A brutal smile appeared on Chi Gui’s face.

The strongest genius from the Black Cliff Palace this time wasn’t Chi Gui, but Mo Yu and Mo Yu also led a team that was even larger.

“Brother Chi Gui, that kid’s coming.”

The girl who originally owned the black lotus looked at the blue haired youth coming over in fear.

The newcomer was indeed Zhao Feng.

“Everyone please wait.”

Zhao Feng confidently blocked the path of those from the Black Cliff Palace and Chi Gui and company’s expression dimmed as they released their ghostly auras that would even make normal True Spirit Realms unable to breathe.

“Brat, how dare you block our way? Are you tired of living?”

“Brother Chi Gui let us kill him!”

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace grinded their teeth in hatred.


The expression of the nose pierced Chi Gui fell as white flames seemed to glow in his eyes as he stared at Zhao Feng but didn’t make any moves.

The confidence and calmness Zhao Feng displayed made him suspicious that there was a trick.


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