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King Of Gods - Chapter 406


Chapter 406: Chapter 406 - Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye

Chapter 406 - Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye

In just a moment the young scorpions within the hole were split.

The three True Lord Ranks received the scorpions with purer bloodlines that weren’t much different from the ancient giant scorpion.

Amongst them Ye Yanyue got two of the purest scorpions of which any one of them were worth more than the other two True Lords.

This wasn’t just because of her strength. It was also because of the little thieving cat’s help.

Unknowingly Ye Yanyue trusted and loved the little thieving cat more and the expressions of the blood robed youth and Chi Gui were slightly ugly. From the start till now they had been suppressed by Ye Yanyue and with the little thieving cat Ye Yanyue was like a fish in the water.

After the pure blooded young scorpions were split the groups gaze turned towards the nearby impure scorpions.

All of these scorpions would have the bloodline as well and although much fainter, they were still better than normal beasts.

Therefore, everyone was still happy to take them.

However, there was one person in the group that didn’t move much from the start till now.

It was Zhao Feng.

He seemed to be watching a show and the process of him taking the young scorpion was done through his God’s Spiritual Eye, silent and quick.

Who would have thought that without moving he would have received a variable young scorpion?

Zhao Feng concluded that the bloodline of the variable young scorpion he got was on the two of Ye Yanyue’s level but was smarter and had a tougher mental will. Because it was a variable, it’s potential was immeasurable.

“Eh, why isn’t this kid moving?”

“Wasn’t he the one that always had that bloody luck?”

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace looked suspiciously towards Zhao Feng and to divert attention Zhao Feng took out the Sky Marking Stone then grinded it into powder and then cast it onto the two green bronze corpses.


The Sky Marking Stone powder started to sink into the corpses skin and was absorbed by their bones.

“This guy sure is free, even using the Sky Marking Stone to strengthen the bones of a corpse.”

“What a waste! He’s just throwing it on and not making into a solution.”

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace looked at Zhao Feng’s actions with envy and jealousy.

Zhao Feng remained unmoved and poured all of the powder evenly over the two then used a faint True Spirit Lightning Flame to help the ghost corpses absorb and strengthen their bodies.

Under normal situations Lightning Fire was the nemesis of ghosts but Zhao Feng found that a faint True Spirit Lightning Flame could instead help increase the speed of absorbing the Sky Marking Stone.

“The Sky Marking Stone can strengthen the body, but its energy is very chaotic and can easily leave behind hidden injuries. However, using this to strengthen corpses and dead items is very useful.”

Zhao Feng murmured.

Chi Gui revealed a surprised look when he saw Zhao Feng use a faint True Spirit Lightning Flame to refine the ghost corpses.

Although Zhao Feng’s hand actions seemed clumsy and unfamiliar, it could quickly absorb the rate of the Sky Marking Stone.

The two slightly puffy green bronze ghost corpses started to shrink under the True Spirit Lightning Flame and became bulky, but not puffy.

“Although the tiers of the two ghost corpses hasn’t risen, their body and defense has increased and can ignore almost any attack from those under the True Lord Rank.”

Chi Gui was secretly surprised.

After doing this Zhao Feng then used his eye ice bloodline.


The surface of the two green bronze corpses started to freeze and then were put back into the black lotus by Zhao Feng.

“Using the Lightning Fire to refine and then the ice to stabilize the corpses……”

Chi Gui was surprised more and more.

He would rather believe that this was all a coincident. How could a youth that had just entered the Dao of Corpses already know the refining techniques?

How would he know that Zhao Feng had already learnt 40-50% of the Six Ghost Corpse Controlling secret technique?

Most importantly, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye seemed to be very talented in the Dao of Ghost Corpses and was used very smoothly.

“After being frozen for a couple hours by my ice eye bloodline, the body of these two green bronze ghost corpses will strengthen their tiers will rise a little bit.”

Zhao Feng’s consciousness came back from his black lotus.

Currently his two corpses were almost unparalleled under the True Lord Rank. Zhao Feng even guessed that maybe these two combined could block a True Lord Rank for a short amount of time.


The three True Lord Ranks continued their way and Ye Yanyu didn’t pay much attention to Zhao Feng refining his ghost corpses as she didn’t like ghost corpses in the first place.

At this moment she was swimming in the joy of the rewards that the little thieving cat brought her.

All of this fell into Zhao Feng’s eyes and he nodded his head: The first half of the plan was going very smoothly.

It could be said that the plan was even better than expected.

For example, getting the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew and Sky Marking Stone on the way.

Zhao Feng silently followed behind the three True Lord Ranks.


A faint glow appeared on the wall ahead and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi became more active.

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up. With such a good environment it was hard not for precious materials to grow.

As expected.

The figures of the three True Lord Ranks at the head stopped and happiness appeared on their faces.

“There is indeed one Blood Glass Fruit. If I eat it my Blood Demon Reflecting Moon and cultivation will increase by leaps and bounds. At that time my strength will reach the top three amongst all those present in the Ruins.”

The body of the blood robed True Lord trembled lightly.

The Blood Glass Fruit was a very effective resource for cultivators of the Dao of Blood.

Even if it fell into the hands of other experts, it was still a treasure.

For example, Zhao Feng who had the mental energy level of a True Lord Rank. If he got the Blood Glass Fruit, he would be able to reach the True Lord Rank with half a month of seclusion.

At this point in time.

The cave had come to an end.

The wall ahead glowed and every inch seemed to contain incredible power and value.

On the wall grew a dozen ancient treasures, each and every one worth more than the Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew that Zhao Feng found before.

For example, there was around four to five treasures on the Blood Glass Fruit’s level.

The Blood Glass Fruit was around the size of a first and was bright fresh red in colour. It was juicy and gave off a dense Yuan Qi.

Zhao Feng stood at the back and scanned over the items hurriedly with his God’s Spiritual Eye and soon found the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom and Life Returning Grass.

The Earth Yin Poison Mushroom was a dim and rotten mushroom whereas the Life Returning Grass was green and gave off a lively aura that made others nearby feel close to it.

“Earth Yin Poison Mushroom… this is a perfect material for ghost corpses. If I can get this the strength of my two True Lord Rank ghost corpses will rise dramatically.”

Chi Gui suppressed the excitement in his heart.

Of the three only Ye Yanyu had furrowed eyebrows.

In this dim environment, most of the treasures were Yin based and not much of value to her.

“That Life Returning Grass can save a life if I took it back to the Sect and the Blood Glass Fruit can also help increase my cultivation.”

Ye Yanyu’s eyes twinkled and she started to discuss with the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat made some actions.

“Good idea. I should destroy some of the items of the Wicked Path if they’re of no use to me. This means that they won’t get their way as well.”

Ye Yanyu nodded her head and smiled.

The little thieving cat’s plan was very deadly. Of the over a dozen treasures here not even one third was useful to Ye Yanyu.

She obviously couldn’t give the remains to the other two sides and destroying was much easier than getting.

“Go! We can’t let this bitch Ye Yanyu destroy our chance.”

The blood robed youth and Chi Gui exchanged glances and both attacked Ye Yanyu when she made her move.

“Everyone go!”

The other elites of the peak True Mystic Rank also started to support Chi Gui and the blood robed youth.

In this critical moment both sides teamed up to face Ye Yanyu.

The frustration of the two True Lords of the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace due to them being suppressed by Ye Yanyu all the way was finally released.

After all, the treasures on the wall was top tier and could help dramatically increase their strength. The two True Lords were willing to fight Ye Yanyu for it.

“Aye, why not just sit down and have a good talk?”

Zhao Feng pretended to sigh and retreated to a corner, signalling he didn’t want to participate.

His strength was only below the three True Lords and seeing him retreat no one came to attack him.

In reality.

Zhao Feng loved this situation.

Chi Gui and Ye Yanyu also payed attention to Zhao Feng’s actions. They originally thought Zhao Feng would try to grab a thing or two, but all Zhao Feng did was sit in the corner and seemed to be unmoved by the treasures on the wall.

It wasn’t that Zhao Feng didn’t want them, it was just that he couldn’t.

These treasures had been blocked by the three True Lord Ranks and the remains of their battle could easily kill a peak True Mystic Rank.

Most importantly, this was the critical moment of his plan.

“Ye Yanyu, retreat ten yards and wait till I take a treasure or two.”

The blood robed True Lord Rank waved the moon blade in his hand and the air seemed to be eroded by the colour of blood and keep on sweeping towards Ye Yanyu.


Chi Gui first summoned a True Lord Rank corpse to tangle Ye Yanyu in close combat.

“Black Wicked Eye!”

A dot appeared in Chi Gui’s ghastly white eye.

Eye bloodline - Black Wicked Eye.

“Black Wicked Eye - Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye!”

Black circles started to appear Chi Gui’s eye and a cold mental energy aura instantly enveloped Ye Yanyu.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped as he felt a screeching mental energy.

His God’s Spiritual Eye saw pale ghosts reaching out their claws and stabbing, grabbing, biting around Ye Yanyu. This scene seemed to come directly from hell.


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