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King Of Gods - Chapter 402


Chapter 402: Chapter 402 - The Little Thieving Cat’s Plan

Chapter 402 - The Little Thieving Cat’s Plan

Ye Yanyu and Zhao Feng both watched and didn’t interfere.

Zhao Feng knew he wasn’t enough to turn the tide and Ye Yanyu just wanted to watch both sides get injured and watched with a smile.

The two forces fighting the ancient large scorpion weren’t retards and looked towards Ye Yanyu with wary.

“There’s a change in the plan, Ye Yanyu is here.”

The nose pierced Chi Gui suddenly waved his hand and let the Black Cliff Palace side rest.

Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord from the Moon Demon Palace exchanged glances and then both sides retreated.

Since they couldn’t take the scorpion down in a short amount of time and the latter would only protect the cave, they didn’t need to finish it off right away.

When Chi Gui saw Zhao Feng, his white eyes constricted.

Although he hadn’t personally see Zhao Feng, he was very familiar with his aura.

If it weren’t for Ye Yanyu, the people from the Black Cliff Palace would probably have killed Zhao Feng.

“As long as I’m with Ye Yanyu no one in the Purple Saint Ruins will probably attack me.”

Zhao Feng knew this very clearly.

In terms of cultivation Ye Yanyu had reached the late stages of the True Lord Rank and surpassed the Chi Gui and the other True Lord.

Furthermore, Ye Yanyu came from the most powerful Pure Moon Spiritual Sect and was ranked within the top three in the Ten True Lords.

Only if Chi Gui and the blood robed youth teamed up would they be able to fight Ye Yanyu.


Ye Yanyu had become one of the greatest protectors of Zhao Feng.

If he was alone it would be hard for him to survive in the Purple Saint Ruins and would be ten times more difficult to fight for inheritances.

Shua Shua!

Chi Gui and the blood robed youth faced off Ye Yanyu and the three started to talk.

“Ye Yanyu you came just in time, team up with us and kill this scorpion or help distract it.”

Chi Gui suggested.

The blood robed youth nodded his head.

The two of them weren’t the ancient large scorpion’s match and even if they could kill it, who knew how many would die.

Now that Ye Yanyu had arrived, it was better for her to help instead of just watching both side lose casualties.

Firstly, they could reduce their losses and have a greater chance of beating the scorpion.

Secondly, Ye Yanyu was alone and the amount of rewards she would get would be less than theirs after they entered the cave.


Chi Gui and the other True Lord’s suggestion was smart.

Ye Yanyu stood still and didn’t say anything.

Seeing this the blood robed youth quickly added: “Goddess Ye, Brother Chi’s ghosts just went inside and there’s heaps of treasures there. The reason the ancient large scorpion is blocking the cave is because there’s a couple pure young blooded ‘ancient scorpions.’ I believe Goddess Ye can also think of this.”

“Oh, pure blooded young ancient scorpions?”

Ye Yanyu revealed a look of interest.

Everyone had seen how strong the ancient large scorpion was and didn’t even need to fear four or five True Lord Ranks at once.

The bloodline of the scorpion was extremely powerful, and its poison could even kill True Lord Ranks.

If it weren’t for the fact the ghost corpses of the Black Cliff Palace perfectly countered this poison, then even if another two True Lord Ranks came it wouldn’t change a thing.

Ancient beasts with rare bloodline were extremely precious in the outside world and worth more than normal mature beasts.

Young beasts were easier to take in as spiritual pets and their loyalty would be very high.

If they gave it to the sect it could become a protector spiritual beast of the sect when it grew strong.

Personally, it could grow with its owner and become a great helper.

“This scorpion is perfect for offense and defense, it’s poison is also critical….”

Zhao Feng found that this ancient giant scorpion’s abilities were almost perfect, and he couldn’t help but compare it with the little thieving cat.

In terms of battle power and damage the little thieving cat was far behind and could only be a diviner.

Zhao Feng’s actions fell into Ye Yanyu’s eyes and a smile appeared on her face.

“The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the cave is extremely unique and to be guarded by an ancient scorpion as well as you trying so hard means that there shouldn’t just be the young scorpions inside, right?”

Zhao Feng interrupted coldly.

Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lords both paused and looked towards the blue haired youth.

Zhao Feng had always stood behind Ye Yanyu and they didn’t know his situation, but if he dared to interrupt and Ye Yanyu didn’t say anything, maybe he now belonged to the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s side.

“With this brat’s bloodline strength, he might be heavily used for Ye Yanyu.”

Chi Gui and company became warier of Zhao Feng.

The Black Cliff Palace had met Zhao Feng’s methods before, but they would never guess Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu’s relationship right now.

Ye Yanyu too lazy to say anything missed the chance for her to truly understand Zhao Feng’s strength.

“Cough cough, it’s like this. There are indeed a couple treasures in there such as the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom, Blood Glass Fruit, Life Returning Grass etc.”

The blood robed youth said and Ye Yanyu was even moved.

Anything what he had said just then was enough to make the eyes of True Lord Rank’s go red and be eyed upon by those at the Origin Core Realm.

Earth Yin Poison Mushroom: Must be grown in a place of extreme Yin and for ten thousand years plus. This mushroom is a perfect material for ghost corpses and at the same time is one of the resources to create deadly poisons.

Blood Glass Fruit: An extinct treasure that can greatly increase cultivation and had double effect on cultivators of the Dao of Blood and is created from the gathering of the essence of blood Yin.

When Zhao Feng heard these two items his heart started to thump.

Even Ye Yanyu’s expression changed.

“This Blood Glass Fruit is definitely a Sovereign tier treasure in the Azure Flower Continent. If the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch isn’t dead and instead severely injured, just one or two will help him recover. If I can get one I can reach the True Lord Rank even if I’m not a cultivator of the Dao of Blood.”

Zhao Feng’s heart sped up.

This Blood Glass Fruit gave Zhao Feng the chance to turn things around.

If a Blood Glass Fruit was given to a late stage True Mystic Rank or peak stage True Mystic Rank, it’s energy might be wasted.

However, Zhao Feng had the mental energy level of a True Lord Rank and could absorb most of its energy. If he ate one and went in seclusion for ten days or half a month breaking through the True Lord Rank was certain.

Putting aside the True Spirit Realm, the Blood Glass Fruit was even beneficial for those at the Origin Core Realm.

Unfortunately, this treasure was now extinct on the Azure Flower Continent.

The other Earth Yin Poison Mushrooms and Life Returning Grass were also on the same tier at the Blood Grass Fruit.

“Hm, Life Returning Grass….”

Zhao Feng suddenly thought of something

Life Returning Grass: A treasure created by the Heaven and Earth. As long as you have one wisp of life it can heal your injuries. The Elixir of Life from it can also heal injuries and extend life.”

Suddenly a voice appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind: “If you really want to repay me, reach the top twenty in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and if you’re able to get some Elixir of Life, Life Restoring Pills or similar life items, I’ll be extremely grateful.””

Back at the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion the thick eyebrowed elder that Tiemo had recommended Zhao Feng to had said this.

Because of that elder Zhao Feng was able to step into the Dao of the Soul and increase his eye capabilities.

The Elixir of Life that the mysterious elder mentioned could be made from the Life Returning Grass and the Life Returning Grass was more precious than the Elixir of Life.

At this moment in time Zhao Feng and Ye Yanyu finally understood why the ancient scorpion blocked the cave.

It wasn’t just protecting its child, it was also guarding treasures.

“We’ll kill this scorpion together then split the rewards inside depending on our ability.”

Chi Gui and company didn’t hide anything.

If there wasn’t enough benefits Ye Yanyu wouldn’t be used by them.

Zhao Feng could already imagine that the Blood Glass Fruit and other treasures weren’t just the only ones inside.

Thinking up to here his heart was filled with excitement.


The three True Lord Rank’s teamed up and attacked ancient scorpion.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, Moon Demon Palace, Black Cliff Palace teamed up for once.

Hu~ Shua Shua!

This time Chi Gui summoned two True Lord Rank ghost corpses and there was a blood silver ghost corpse instead of the silver striped skeleton than before.

These two were two to three yards tall and had a dim aura. They weren’t scared of the giant scorpion’s poison and went to block it.

“This Chi Gui has two True Lord Rank ghost corpses.”

Zhao Feng was surprised and envious.

They played a key role in whether they could slay the scorpion.

A brutal blood moon blade with a chaotic aura appeared in the blood robed True Lord from the Moon Demon Palaces’ hand.


He slashed the blade and the air became filled with a blood moon that kept on eroding the scorpion.

Ye Yanyu’s strength was even stronger than Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord. She waved her hand and a line of silver rippled and formed a transparent water silver sword.

When she attacked even the ancient scorpion’s eyes were filled with wary.

Chi Gui and the blood robed youth were also wary as they looked at each other.

“This Ye Yanyu has trained the Moon Flower Spiritual Sword Technique to such a high level. One sword from her can probably slash my True Lord Rank skeleton into two.”

Chi Gui was stunned.

“No one’s probably her match under the Origin Core Realm.”

The blood robed youth took a deep breath.

Of the three sides the Moon Demon Palace and Black Cliff Palace had each used over a dozen people whereas only Ye Yanyu had attacked from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, but it was enough to shock the other two sides.”

“Looks like her battle power is very likely at the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion’s level.”

Zhao Feng raised his opinion of Ye Yanyu.

At the same point in time.

The eyes of the little thieving cat in the corner flashed with cunningness as it exchanged glances with Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng looked deeply at it. Thieving cat, oh thieving cat. Although your plan is smart but it’s extremely dangerous. That Ye Yanyu and the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect behind her wasn’t just terrifying.


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