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King Of Gods - Chapter 401


Chapter 401: Chapter 401 - Ancient Giant Scorpion

Chapter 401 - Ancient Giant Scorpion

Even if the little thieving cat had ‘changed owners’ it still had its divination characteristic.

Ye Yanyu believed it without a doubt.

Ever since she had met it, her luck had been good. Even this canyon was directed by the little thieving cat. In her heart the little thieving cat was now her ‘lucky cat.’

Zhao Feng expressionlessly followed the two.

According to the little thieving cat’s path a plain appeared from in front and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was more active. Any grass nearby was one or two humans tall.


Peng Peng Bam!

From the plains came the roars of beasts and heavy footsteps.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had already caught sight of some powerful large beasts and if he were here alone he definitely would retreat.

One had to know some beasts outside in the Purple Saint Ruins could be compared to the True Lord Rank, and this was the mysterious canyon.

However, the Ye Yanyu this powerful True Lord opening the path, Zhao Feng didn’t need to worry.

As they entered a hundred yards into the plains a massive horde of several yard-tall metal bull with spikes on its back appeared. Their bodies were tough, and their footsteps made the ground tremble.

“Iron Back Raging Bull, a beast with faint ancient bloodlines. Strong but easy to anger and can usually crush several beasts of the same level to death. When it gets angry, its bloodline will be activated, and its battle power doubled.”

Zhao Feng recognised this beast. Iron Back Raging Bulls were extinct in the Azure Flower Continent and were only heard of in ancient records and impure bloodlines.

This weakest of this horde of Iron Back Raging Bulls was at the True Human Rank and many were at the True Mystic Rank.

The strongest one’s battle power came close to the True Lord Rank and was this horde’s ‘King.’

Zhao Feng and company entering their territory instantly caused them to attack.

The Iron Back Raging Bulls had a fiery attitude and ancient bloodline. Even if a True Lord Rank came they would have the courage to fight.


Hundreds of Iron Back Raging Bulls caused the earth to shake as they charged over to Zhao Feng and company.

Ye Yanyu smiled and waved her hand as a line of cold intent flashed.

From the surface it seemed Ye Yanyu’s attack was soft and calm, as if there wasn’t much power.

However, Zhao Feng’s pupils constricted as shock appeared in his face.

Back then at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng’s fight seemed simple but their control had reached the limit. Each and every action contained intent which allowed them to kill others of the same level like ants.

This situation had also appeared on Ye Yanyu, but was much more perfect.

Bam Bam Bam-----

Where the line of silver passed, the bodies of the Iron Back Raging Bulls suddenly froze.

In the next instant.

Dozens of Iron Back Raging Bulls spurted out fountains of blood as they fell dead and dyed the ground red.

Others might not be able to see anything, but Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could clearly see the faint silver line pass straight through the bulls’ skin and their organs.

This meant that every bull had been pierced through with countless holes.

No matter how strong their defense was their organs were still stabbed by countless dots and left them with no life.

Ye Yanyu’s casual move instantly killed dozens of bulls and Zhao Feng definitely wouldn’t have this ability as the defense of these bulls were strong and he could one with one palm or glance each but to kill dozens at once was something even the True Lord Rank’s would find hard. Ye Yanyu killing this large amount of Iron Back Raging Bulls angered and scared the remaining horde.

The eyes of these bulls with red with fury as a dark red light started to appear on their bodies and their battle powers rose.

“The battle power of these bulls has doubled.”

Zhao Feng felt a large pressure and his blood stiffened.

After being enraged, these bulls were definitely able to attack those at the True Lord Rank.

The Iron Back Raging Bull King was ten yards wide and six to seven yards tall. With a roar it summoned a gust of chaotic wind and its battle power was comparable to the True Lord Rank.

If it was Zhao Feng he definitely would hide as far as possible.

Ye Yanyu smiled and floated onto the Iron Back Raging Bull King’s back.


A ripple of moonlight surrounded Ye Yanyu’s body, making her seem like a goddess as she forced the Iron Back Raging Bull down.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat excitedly waved its Mystic Snake Blood Whip and absorbed the blood essence of the Iron Back Raging Bull King.

“So that’s how it is.”

Zhao Feng started to think.

The strength that the Iron Back Raging Bull King displayed when it was angry was the early stage True Lord Rank and Ye Yanyu could kill it easily.

However, the little thieving cat’s Mystic Snake Blood Whip could increase in strength after absorbing blood essence and it had now already exceeded normal Mid-Tier Spiritual grade weapons, just slightly below Zhao Feng’s Luohou Bow.


Zhao Feng touched the black lotus and summoned the two green bronze ghost corpses to feed on the flesh of the Iron Back Raging Bull.

At this point in time the two green bronze ghost corpses were comparable to the peak True Mystic Rank and eating flesh containing a faint ancient bloodline was beneficial for them.

Ye Yanyu just glanced at it but didn’t say anything.

These Iron Back Raging Bulls or Zhao Feng’s green bronze ghost corpses were just ants in her eyes that could be destroyed with one finger.

A while later.

The Iron Back Raging Bull lost all its blood essence and died, leaving behind hundreds of corpses.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat arrogantly puffed its chest out after the satisfying meal and caused Ye Yanyu to giggle.

Zhao Feng remained expressionless and would take a couple treasures on the way.

Ye Yanyu was at the front killing the stronger beasts and Zhao Feng just followed behind reaping the rewards.

These bodies were worth an entire city in the Azure Flower Continent and Zhao Feng’s hands got sore from picking up things and blamed that his interspatial ring wasn’t big enough.

Ye Yanyu seemed to be very casual and would only pick the precious materials. She was obviously rich and had resources dozens of times better than the Ten Great Clans.

Up to now.

From the place ahead came some soul shaking howls and the entire mountains and clouds was filled with a fearsome aura.

Zhao Feng’s blood twitched, and his Qi of True Spirit was suppressed as his bloodline sensed something.

“The aura of an ancient bloodline more than ten times purer than the Iron Back Raging Bull.”

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

This was the first time he had felt such a powerful bloodline aura after entering the Purple Saint Ruins.

In the depths of the plains in front of a large cave was more than a dozen figures that were battling with a large black scorpion.

Ding Ding---

The large black scorpion had a faint metallic glow and the attacks only made sparks.

Some of the attacks from the peak True Mystic Ranks weren’t even able to leave an obvious mark on it.

The over a dozen figures present were maintaining a distance with it and were very cautious.

There were already four to five corpses on the ground from the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace.

“Everybody watch out, the poison from this scorpion will kill everyone under the Origin Core Realm and anyone that gets hit by it will die so maintain your distance.”

The nose pierced ‘Chi Gui’ ordered the geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace to fight with the scorpion.

Apart from Chi Gui there was also the blood robed youth from the Moon Demon Palace and even the two combined weren’t able to suppress the ancient scorpion.

If it weren’t for the fact the geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace had a large number of corpses, skeletons and other things that were resilient towards poison, probably no one could fight with the scorpion in close combat.

Shua Shua!

Right at this moment.

Ye Yanyu and Zhao Feng arrived, and they saw this situation.

“This ancient giant scorpion’s bloodline is very high and even the two True Lord Ranks and this many geniuses can’t handle it.”

Zhao Feng was cautious.

Even normal True Lord Ranks didn’t dare face the scorpion head on. If Zhao Feng was to go up extra lives wouldn’t do a thing.

Chi Gui controlled a silver lined True Lord Rank skeleton and four to five others near the True Lord Rank that held back the ancient giant scorpion.

Because they were already dead, they weren’t scared of the scorpion poison.

Ye Yanyu revealed a solemn look: “This scorpion’s bloodline is very rare and better than the geniuses in the Purple Saint Ruins. Furthermore, it had some worries and hasn’t used all its power.”

Hearing this Zhao Feng agreed.

The bloodline of this scorpion was extremely powerful and even Zhao Feng’s bloodline was pressured.

This was because its bloodline was extremely pure and wasn’t something an Iron Black Raging Bull with faint bloodlines could be compared to.

“If the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace combined will find it hard to take it down, why are they fighting it?”

Zhao Feng was puzzled.

What benefits did this have for the two sects?

He then inspected the situation and soon understood.

Behind the scorpion was a large cave of which an aura came from.

The True Lords of the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace had tried to distract the scorpion away but ended in failure.

This ancient large scorpion had guarded the entrance and wouldn’t move.

“This bastard’s not falling for it.”

Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord’s luring had ended in failure.

Because it needed to guard the entrance the ancient large scorpion couldn’t use all its power or else the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palaces’ casualties wouldn’t be this little.

Ye Yanyu obviously saw this as well and her charming eyes turned towards the cave behind the scorpion.

“There’s definitely something important in the cave that needs the scorpion’s protection. It might be a treasure that even makes a highly intelligent ancient giant scorpion guard it even to its death.”


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