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King Of Gods - Chapter 399


Chapter 399: Chapter 399 - Betrayal!

Chapter 399 - Betrayal!

“.... This fruit can cleanse the body and is very effective for those under the True Lord Rank. With your current state, one fruit alone can give you more than 50% chance of rising a small level.”

Zhao Feng’s figure froze, and cold sweat started to appear on his back.

Although the voice of the female behind was extremely nice to hear and solved the answer to his question, he hadn’t sensed the female and she was within a few dozen yards of him.

Of course, this might be because she had no killing intent or could control herself well.

At the same time, a very familiar aura appeared nearby.

Zhao Feng turned around and looked at the girl in green as if nothing was wrong.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat sat on the girl dressed in green’s shoulder and looked gloatingly at Zhao Feng.

Little thieving cat!

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped as he had many thoughts.

The inside of the mysterious canyon wasn’t small, and the terrain was complex. It was obvious he was the girl’s target by coming from behind.

The solution was known to all.

If she didn’t have the little thieving cat’s help, how would it be so easy?

The green dressed goddess inspected Zhao Feng: “You’re the little cat’s owner? You don’t belong to any of the three forces but is able to enter the Purple Saint Ruins. Interesting.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled. This girl’s cultivation had reached the late stages of the True Lord Rank and was even stronger than Chi Gui. She was probably outside of his limit.

Zhao Feng could guess her identity. When he had entered the canyon the name ‘Ye Yanyu” had been spoken with respect or love.

“Little thieving cat, why did you betray me? When did I mistreat you?”

Zhao Feng didn’t bother with Ye Yanyu and said coldly to the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws towards Zhao Feng in dissatisfaction before lying lazily next to the beauty.

Ye Yanyu smiled: “This cat is extremely intelligent and has an ancient bloodline. You forced it to sign a blood pact with you when it was just born and weak. How would it be loyal to you?”

Zhao Feng paused and thought about how Li Fuluan in the Floating Crest Palace had indeed helped him sign a blood pact with the little thieving cat.

At this moment the little thieving cat had brought a powerful enemy to its owner. No matter how you looked at it, one could see it’s heart of betrayal.

“So what? The little thieving cat’s my spiritual pet. Since you know that it’s signed a blood pact with me, do you want to take it by force?”

Zhao Feng snickered coldly.

Blood pact was extremely strong and could control its life or death.

And at this point if the owner Zhao Feng died, the little thieving cat would also be injured.

Unless…. Zhao Feng willingly dissolved the blood pact.

Ye Yanyu couldn’t not know this, but seeing that she still came over with the little thieving cat, she must have her plans.

“As long as you say how you came into the Purple Saint Ruins and willingly dissolve your blood pact with the little thieving cat, I won’t trouble you and will instead recommend you into the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect. With your talent and cultivation, you will become at least an inner disciple and maybe even have the chance to become a core disciple.”

Ye Yanyu smiled and said.

Her voice was soft to the eye and ‘using power to force him’ had turned into helping Zhao Feng.

Of course.

For most geniuses and Zhao Feng, entering the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was a leap.

A two-and-a-half-star force was more than ten times stronger than the Ten Great Clans of the Azure Flower Continent.

Some of the subordinate clans of even the Pure Moon Spiritual Clan even had the strength of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

“One, entering the Purple Saint Ruins was an accident that even I don’t know the reasons, so I can’t tell you.”

“Two, the little thieving cat is my spiritual pet. I won’t give it to anyone.”

Zhao Feng said decisively.

This was especially so for the second as once the pact between him and the little thieving cat was broken Ye Yanyu would have no more worries with dealing with Zhao Feng.


Ye Yanyu really liked the little thieving cat and was even of wary attacking Zhao Feng.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat made some actions to Ye Yanyu.

“Oh? You want to break the blood pact even with the risk of death? Relax, I’ll make him do it.”

Ye Yanyu touched the little thieving cat’s head and reassured.

She couldn’t help for sorry for it. How cruel was Zhao Feng for the little thieving cat to risk death to break the blood pact?


Zhao Feng turned into a flash of lightning and left behind an afterimage.

In the next instant he charged into the forests and disappeared.


Zhao Feng knew that Ye Yanyu’s cultivation had reached the late stages of the True Lord Rank and was much stronger than the Flooding Lake City Lord, probably on the Deputy Patriarch of the Iron Blood Religion’s level. He had no chance in a head on clash.


Zhao Feng’s figure started to fade in the trees and he created a Yin Shadow Doppelganger that went in the opposite direction to lure the opponent.


Just as Zhao Feng had ran one or two miles a goddess seemed to appear out of nowhere in front of him and smile.

“So, this is the strength of the late stage True Lord Rank.”

Zhao Feng’s heart fell.

He gritted his teeth and sent a flower of ice and lightning towards where Ye Yanyue was at.


The nearby forests were destroyed and scorched.

Zhao Feng’s expression froze before the dust even settled.

Ye Yanyu still stood on a tree and a liquid barrier enveloped her.

Not only was she completely unharmed, even all the trees and leaves were all there.

“That move just then was comparable to the overwhelming prodigy level….”

Zhao Feng was surprised.

Ye Yanyu seemed to be very satisfied with Zhao Feng’s expression.


Ye Yanyu left an after image behind on the tree.

Not good!

Zhao Feng was about to move but with a ‘pa’ a slender hand clasped his shoulder.

A wave of Qi of True Spirit as great as the ocean instantly sealed the Qi of True Spirit within his body.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat threw out the Mystic Snake Blood Whip and captured Zhao Feng with a smug smile.

“How’s my suggestion from before?”

Ye Yanyu smiled faintly.

“There’s no way at all.”

Zhao Feng said decisively: “If you use force I’ll bring the little thieving cat down to my grave as well.”

No matter what Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat had a blood pact and once this was signed the spiritual pet’s life and death was in its owner’s hands.

“You can ask for whatever you want as long it’s not too excessive. Of course, I won’t let you go before you break the blood pact.”

Ye Yanyu felt her head hurt.

She had already displayed her strength and the opponent couldn’t fight back at all.

However, Zhao Feng had the killing card of the blood pact and at worst he could suicide.

“What I want?”

Zhao Feng felt his heart move, the negotiations was looking good and seeing Zhao Feng moved, Ye Yanyu let out a breath.

Everything in this world had a price, including spiritual pets. As long as Zhao Feng set a price, Ye Yanyu would believe.

“Firstly, you need to provide my safety and not restrict my freedom such as sealing my Qi of True Spirit or binding my limbs.”

“Secondly, what I get in the ruins belong to me. If I need your help you will help me.”

Thirdly, after we leave the ruins you need to make me a disciple of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.”

Zhao Feng asked his requirements.

Ye Yanyu immediately agreed to the first. In her eyes Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to escape her fingers.

“I won’t restrict your freedom, but you can’t leave within three miles of me.”

Ye Yanyu said.

She had also agreed to the second but only said she would help Zhao Feng three times.

As for the rewards if Zhao Feng got them by himself she wouldn’t interfere. For example, the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King would be Zhao Feng’s.

The third was also what she wanted.

Zhao Feng had entered the Purple Saint Ruins very weirdly and the elders of the Sect needed to investigate.

Furthermore, once Zhao Feng was in the Elders’ hands, maybe the blood pact could also be solved easily. At that time Ye Yanyu would have the advantage.

“Lastly, I’ll only break the blood pact if you do all the tasks and the little thieving cat is willing.”

Zhao Feng said his requirements and Ye Yanyu had agreed but made slightly adjustments.

“Little thieving cat, let go of your previous owner.”

Ye Yanyue smiled and purposely emphasised the word ‘previous’.

Zhao Feng was expressionless as Ye Yanyu released the seal on his Qi of True Spirit and Zhao Feng immediately left after regaining his freedom.

“Although your speed isn’t bad, you have no chance against me.”

Ye Yanyu warned.

Zhao Feng didn’t bother replying and went back to the mountain and sat down.

However, he then took out the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King.

“What are you doing?”

Ye Yanyu paused.

“I’m going into seclusion.”

Zhao Feng ate the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King and closed his eyes to cultivate.


“As you said before I have a 50% chance of reaching the late stages of the True Mystic Rank by eating this Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King and you…. Will protect me.”


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