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King Of Gods - Chapter 398


Chapter 398: Chapter 398 - Canyon

Chapter 398 - Canyon

Purple Saint Ruins, in a corner next to a mountain.


Zhao Feng’s figure suddenly stopped as he sensed a connection on the other side of his blood pact.

If it was in the outside world this blood pact connection would be very strong and the higher their cultivation the stronger their senses.

However, in the Purple Saint Ruins every type of sensing was restricted and Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye couldn’t even be avoided. After all, the owner of this ruins had reached the Mystic Light Realm when she was alive and was just a step away from reaching the Heavenly divine Realm.

The other side of the blood pact was obviously the little thieving cat.

After entering the Purple Saint Ruins, Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei and the little thieving cat were all split up.

At this point in time Zhao Feng could only feel a blurry direction.

“I’ll first meet up with the little thieving cat.”

Because of this sensing Zhao Feng decided to change his plan.

According to the original plan he had decided to feed the other ghost products in the black lotus to increase the green bronze ghost corpses strength.

At the same time his mental energy level had reached the True Lord Rank and with the help of the lightning bone and water heart pulse his foundation was very stable and had improved on the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

Due to the fact his mental energy level had reached the True Lord Rank and could summon Heaven Earth Yuan Qi his cultivation speed was several times faster now.

Adding on the fact the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi here was several times denser than the Azure Flower Continent Zhao Feng had a 50% chance to reach the late stages of the True Mystic Rank with five or six days of seclusion.

But now Zhao Feng’s plan changed.

After entering this inheritance which happened once every ten years Zhao Feng couldn’t waste any time.

Now that he had sensed the little thieving cat Zhao Feng would have another helper.

An hour later.

Zhao Feng entering a large yet dangerous mountain. Types of flying birds and beasts appeared out of nowhere.

At this point in time the connection with the little thieving cat was becoming stronger.

“It’s very close now.”

Zhao Feng cautiously locked onto canyon hundred to two hundred miles out.

Around there were a couple dozens of geniuses but they didn’t dare go in easily.

The mysterious canyon was filled with a weird wind that could rip True Human Ranks into shreds and most True Mystic Ranks found it troublesome as well.

Boom--- plop!

A couple True Mystic Rank geniuses rolled out of the canyon, ruffled.

Two of the late stage True Mystic Rank geniuses were injured and blood leaked from their mouths.

In terms of strength they were on par with Overwhelming prodigies from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“This weird wind’s so strong! Without the cultivation of the True Lord Rank it would be hard to protect oneself. Even if a True Lord Rank met the strongest wind they would be troubled.”

Zhao Feng was secretly surprised.

If this mysterious canyon was so dangerous but these geniuses didn’t want to leave, it meant the fortune inside was quite well.

Amongst the group.

Zhao Feng saw Chi Gui and company from the Black Cliff Palace. Apart from them there was also another force led by a blood robed youth at the early stages of the True Lord Rank.

The blood robed youth had a blood moon mark on his forehead and gave off a bloodthirsty aura.

Zhao Feng thought of the blood corpse protector and Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion from this aura.

If he was correct this blood robed youth should be from the two-star sect the ‘Moon Demon Palace’ and was more than ten times stronger than the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

When Zhao Feng arrived both the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace had tried to enter the mysterious canyon but ended in failure.

There were also a few nearby one-star clans around who tried to enter but left corpses that weren’t even in human shapes anymore.

Of course, after paying a price the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace found some patterns.

“The weird wind here changes with a certain pattern. Even True Human Ranks can be safe in the places of the weakest wind and the strongest winds can even kill True Lord Ranks. If we form a group, then take the best route we can decrease the rate of injury and death.”

“As long as we pass by this place and enter the core of the canyon, there’ll be many treasures there and definitely won’t have this weird wind.”

The two True Lords of the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace started to interact.

Only by taking more people in would they be able to gather all the resources.

While Chi Gui and the blood robed youth were discussing Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye also saw the change in the weird wind.

When the weird wind blew, Zhao Feng could copy the places where the strongest and weakest parts of it went.

After ten times of copying Zhao Feng found a pattern.

For the next few times Zhao Feng used the pattern and predicted which areas would have what strength of wind and what changes there were.

Once one grasped the pattern the threat of the wind dropped by at least 70%.

Of all the geniuses present probably only Zhao Feng had this ability to find this pattern through detection.

After all, the canyon’s radius was about a hundred miles and was comparable to a normal city. If it were someone else, they would take days to scout out the area and then they still had to find the pattern….

The Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace both paid a price and found an incomplete pattern due to luck.


This time Chi Gui led a group of ten elites along a route into the mysterious canyon.

The Moon Demon Palace went along another route.

“Both these groups are going near the mountain wall and although the overall strength of the wind decreases, it’s not the best path.”

Zhao Feng watched them with his eyes then turned into an azure streak of lightning that closed in on the mysterious canyon.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye hadn’t seen the little thieving cat before meaning that it had probably entered the core of the canyon.


The air hummed with lightning and Zhao Feng passed into the mysterious canyon.

“Hmm? What clan is that person from? It seems to be just one person.”

“Its speed is too fast, could it be a beast?”

At the entrance of the canyon was still some geniuses of ‘smaller forces.’

Although they were ‘smaller forces’ that was only compared with the three two-star sects. Behind them were forces that were all around the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s level.

Zhao Feng didn’t speed past the canyon.

At times, he would stay at the same spot for a while, while at other times he would retreat.

But without a doubt, he would face the weakest wind every time and it would be blocked easily with his Three Flowered Treasured Lotus.

Putting aside Zhao Feng, even Shi Chengtian’s defense would be ripped into shreds by the stronger winds.

Therefore, Zhao Feng’s progressing speed was much slower than the Black Cliff Palace’s and Moon Demon Palaces.

However, this was also Zhao Feng’s intention.

The Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace weren’t alone and the strength of the two True Lords far exceeded him.


Through two hours of dodging Zhao Feng entered the depths of the canyon by walking past the areas of weakest wind.

The weird thing was that once he passed the stone area the weird wind disappeared.

The depths of the canyon was filled with a dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that was ten times better than the other areas of the Purple Saint Ruins.

Zhao Feng felt an ancient aura sweep by and as if he had entered the forests of ancient times.

There was weird flowers and forests here that was extinct in the outside world.

A tree had reached a hundred yards and its branches extended for miles, about the size of a village.

Every flower and wood here was heavily influenced by the dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and almost exceeded the limits of normal plants.

Simply said, every piece of wood or dirt here could be sold for hundreds or thousands of primal crystal stones.

This place was literally filled with cold.

“If I cultivate here the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi is about a hundred times stronger than the Azure Flower Continent. It’s hard to imagine how many treasures are here.”

Zhao Feng was stunned.

At this time the sound of battle and roar of beasts came from within the depths of the forests.

It was obvious that the other parties had met something in the mysterious canyon.

Zhao Feng quickly turned around a leapt onto a high rock to survey the area with his God’s Spiritual Eye.

His God’s Spiritual Eye scanned across every rock, every piece of wood including the flowers and underground.

Just by the first scan alone Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

The number of treasures here was unimaginable.

Just by looking once Zhao Feng found dozens of weird treasures with the first look alone and their values was enough to make the eyes of the True Lord Rank go red.

Even the rock Zhao Feng was next to contained something valuable.


Zhao Feng shattered the rock and revealed a slightly wet plant.

On the plant was a few small black fruits around the size of a thumb and its skin had a weird line.

With his God’s Spiritual Eye Zhao Feng found that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi contained within these fruits was enormous and exceeded anything he had seen in the Azure Flower Continent.

“What is this black small fruit?”

Zhao Feng felt a pure surge of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi when he picked off these fruits. The awkward thing was that even with his knowledge he didn’t know what it was.

“This is the Sky Dark Pearl Fruit King which is slightly biased towards the ice element and contains a pure and large amount of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. It can instantly recover a True Spirit Realm’s Qi of True Spirit and at the critical moment increase one’s battle power back to its peak. Apart from that this fruit can cleanse the body and is very effective for those under the True Lord Rank. With your current state one fruit alone can give you more than 50% chance of rising a small level.”

The casual but enticing voice of a female sounded from the mountain wall behind.


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