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King Of Gods - Chapter 397


Chapter 397: Chapter 397 - Pure Moon Spiritual Sect

Chapter 397 - Pure Moon Spiritual Sect

Next to the tree.

The girl was puzzled. In the instant just then, she felt as if Zhao Feng had lost his soul and immediately following that, his face went white.

If it was just making his sight ascend to the skies, the expenditure of energy wouldn’t be so terrifying, but Zhao Feng had also used a mental energy attack as well.


He touched the black lotus and once again put away the two green bronze ghost corpses.

Using the move just then had moved his consciousness out of his body and his body would have no feeling. It was best if he had a guard nearby.

Zhao Feng’s eyes then turned to the girl.

The girl screamed, and her face went white. This might be her last moment. At the same time, she cried bitterly in her heart. If it weren’t for the reinforcements of the Black Cliff Palace that forced Zhao Feng into this situation, would she die?

Of course, she didn’t know that her fellows of the Black Cliff Palace were all in shock.

“Tell your fellow sect mates that if they keep on following me, I will kill all you no matter what and with every method possible.”

A cold voice filled with killing intent sounded within the girl’s head.

Before she could react, an after image was left behind.


Zhao Feng flew into the complex forest and concealed his aura with a secret technique from the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

As long as the Dark Light Ghost Eye or similar skills didn’t appear, Zhao Feng wouldn’t be easily tracked.

Furthermore, he would create a Yin Shadow Doppelganger at regular intervals and make it travel into a different direction with his aura.

“That ghost lantern should have a range. If I’m far away enough from them, for example five hundred or even a thousand miles, would it be able to sense me?”

Zhao Feng quickened his pace.

Around the time it took to make tea later. The Black Cliff Palace arrived at the tree where Zhao Feng was originally hiding. The girl was sitting on the ground and recovering. When she saw Chi Gui and company come, she revealed a look of joy.

“Senior brother Chi Gui, did you capture or kill that brat?”

She immediately regretted it after saying this.

Chi Gui and company’s expressions were solemn and after hearing this, their expressions became ugly.

After that.

The girl told the process of the Wicked Teeth group’s defeat and how Zhao Feng had stolen her black lotus and ghost corpses as well as the threat he left behind.

When the people from the Black Cliff Palace heard this, their faces became even dimmer but became warier of Zhao Feng’s display of abilities.

“What kind of eye bloodline is this? Just two glances to kill two junior brothers. And that last eye even travelled a hundred to two hundred miles and destroyed my Dark Light Ghost Eye.”

The more Chi Gui knew, the more shocked his was.

The target was only an outer genius at the early stages of the True Mystic Rank who knew nothing.

Ever since the shattering of the Desolate Continent every speck of dust became a place in the ocean like an island, named the ‘island areas’.

Every ‘island area’ was a place and the natives there were like frogs in the bottom of the well, thinking they lived on a vast continent.

Who knew which island area that brat came from?

After all, the world was too large. Apparently, after the destruction of the Desolate Continent, it was still expanding.

“Senior brother Chi Gui, are we really going to listen to that brat’s threats?”

The skinny youth said unwillingly.

Although the Black Cliff Palace was ranked slightly behind in the three sects, it was still two stars and its wicked name was known far and wide. When had it reached a level where an unknown youth could threaten it?

Chi Gui fell into momentarily silence and his expressions kept on changing.

“If it’s a head on fight, that kid’s definitely not my match but his eye bloodline is too mysterious and powerful. Apart from me, probably most of the people here can’t block one eye of his.”

Chi Gui’s face was struggling. After being defeated in a fight of bloodlines by a youth whose cultivation was an entire rank lower, his battle intent had been ignited.

However, he also had to consider the whole situation.

Zhao Feng worked alone and had no worries and countless methods, whereas he had many fellows of the same sect here.

“The plan is to try and contact Senior brother Mo Yu and then our chances of capturing that brat will be much higher. Furthermore, we still need to find the Ruins Treasured Palace in the Purple Saint Palace which has no specific location.”

Chi Gui made his final decision.

They were here for rewards and in the ruins, there was things that was extinct in the outside world.

Apart from that some people were able to meet fortunes here.

The most famous was the Ruins Treasured Palace which was the core of the Purple Saint Ruins. Apparently, the Purple Night Sacred Lord lived the end of her life there and set an inheritance there.

However, the chances of the Ruins Treasured Palace appearing wasn’t high and only had a 1% chance.


A dark bone arrow suddenly shot through the air and travelled towards Chi Gui and company.

“Ghost arrow message!”

Chi Gui caught the dark ghost bone arrow with one hand.

This method of communication was only limited to the Black Cliff Palace. In the outside world, they could travel several tens of thousands of miles but in the Purple Saint Ruins, it could only go a thousand miles and would double in distance during night.

A unique letter was attached to the ghost bone arrow.

“Ye Yanyu of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect is at the North-East mountains and found some fortunes there in a mysterious canyon. Apparently, there’s a lot of ancient treasures there…”

Chi Gui’s eyes flashed after he read the letter.

“Ye Yanyu!”

“Ye Yanyu is one of the Ten True Lords and her strength is definitely ranked within the top three and is second in the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.”

The people of the Black Cliff Palace mentioned this name with fear and wary.

The Purple Saint Ruins was held by three two-star sects and amongst them the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect was two and a half stars and stronger than the Black Cliff Palace.

A total five True Lord Ranks had entered from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

The Moon Demon Palace had three True Lord Ranks enter. After all, they were also once a two-and-a-half-star sect.

The Ten True Lords were split amongst the three sects and the ten one-star elite clans had no True Lord Ranks. At best, they were at the quasi True Lord Rank level.

From this one could see that an extra star was a large difference. It could be reflected not only by the strength of an entire force, but their disciples as well.

“This Ye Yanyu likes to work alone. If everyone from the Black Cliff Palace gather, we can ambush her and if that won’t work we can team up with the Moon Demon Palace.”

Chi Gui snickered.

In terms of one on one combat, he wasn’t Ye Yanyu’s match as the latter had reached the late stages of the True Lord Rank and came from a two-and-a-half-star sect. Her talent and bloodline was definitely top tier across the three sects.

However, in the Purple Saint Ruins, not one person’s strength alone could decide everything. One needed to be able to work together with others and have plans.

Sou Sou Sou---

Chi Gui led the people from the Black Cliff Palace towards the ‘Three Ridge Mountains.’

An hour later.

When Chi Gui and company arrived, there was already people from the Black Cliff Palace here waiting.

“Senior brother Chi Gui, the mysterious canyon is over there but it’s very dodgy and blows a weird wind all day. Once hit by it, even normal True Mystic Ranks would lose a layer of skin if they don’t die….”

A Black Cliff Palace disciple said.


When they got close to the mysterious canyon, they felt the continuous blow of the weird wind.

With the naked eye, they could see a gust of wind sweep across the mysterious canyon every couple breaths.

When the wind ended, everyone could feel the dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and even the aura of ancient materials.

“There’s definitely rare materials in this canyon.”

The Black Cliff Palace and nearby geniuses from other forces watched.

When the wind ended, everyone managed to see a goddess in green at the depths of the canyon.

The goddess dressed in green was elegant and as light as a leaf.

“Ye Yanyu!”

Chi Gui and company’s expression changed as they watched the chosen one of Heaven.

There were dozens of geniuses here but only Ye Yanyu had managed to enter the depths of the canyon and from her smile, one could tell she had gotten some good items.

Chi Gui opened his Black Wicked Eye and inspected Ye Yanyu when the wind ended.

As expected, this girl held some ancient materials in her hand. Each one of them was worth a city when sold in the outside world.

Miao miao!

A small dark grey cat the size of palm was snuggling across Ye Yanyu’s face.

Chi Gui felt something was off.

He had never seen this cat with Ye Yanyu before.

Ye Yanyu’s looks and strength was famed across the Tianlu islands, and who knew how many geniuses thought of her as the goddess in their dreams.

And now this small cat was loved by Ye Yanyu. Such close contact with her was enough to make the eyes of the geniuses chasing her go red with jealousy.

What made Chi Gui weird was that the weird small cat even looked at him with a playful gaze.

Miao miao!

The weird little cat threw some old coins into the air like a diviner.

“Little cat, what else did you find?”

Ye Yanyu revealed a happy smile as her fingers gently stroked the fur on the little thieving cat’s head.

Ever since she had met this little cat, she met fortune wherever she went and her path was smooth and even found this mysterious canyon.

The most important thing was that this little cat was intelligent, and she liked it.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat revealed a pleasurable expression and then pointed towards a certain direction with a ‘Hmph.’

A while later in the direction the little thieving cat pointed, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi started to move as it welcomed another prodigy at the True Lord Rank.


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