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King Of Gods - Chapter 395


Chapter 395: Chapter 395 - Dark Light Ghost Eye

Chapter 395 - Dark Light Ghost Eye

The area where the Black Cliff Palace geniuses were was filled with the air of death. At this moment in time, the other geniuses shook their head.

“Maybe not! That person affected my black demon crow and Qiao Changning had questioned them and heard that this person had taken Qiao Xiaoxue hostage and stolen their spoils. His strength and methods are out not to be underestimated.” Chi Gui with the pierced nosed said.

If Zhao Feng was here, he would be surprised because the eagle-eyed youth from the Wind Snow Pavilion hadn’t escaped the nightmare in the end.

After questioning the eagle-eyed youth, the Black Cliff Palace tracked Zhao Feng from the mini hill then followed him here.

This was why Zhao Feng met the Wicked Teeth three.

“If it was under normal situations, I wouldn’t waste so much effort on this person, but he might have the secret of the Purple Saint Ruins that doesn’t belong to the three sects and has no inheritance token but is able to enter here. We must catch him alive.”

Chi Gui’s eyes flashed like a flame from hell. At this moment in time. the other figures from the Black Cliff Palace were full of respect and nodded their heads in agreement. Chi Gui was one of the True Lords from the Black Cliff palace and he was extremely strong as well as had the trust of the sect.

Chi Gui’s actions were also from the sect’s perspective.

If they were able to control the Purple Saint Ruins’ hole, how much profit were they able to be the sect?

“Senior brother Chi Gui, if the culprit really is that brat, then he’ll definitely be more cautious the next time.” A peak True Mystic Rank ghost faced man said.

“The tracker last time was Li Youlian from the Wicked Teeth group who's probably dead now. This time, I’ll do the tracking myself.” Chi Gui said deeply as if making a large decision.

“Hahaha, I forgot that our best tracker is actually senior brother Chi Gui, even Li Youlian and company had received pointers from him.”

“Putting aside the Black Cliff Palace, who else in the Purple Saint Ruins has tracking skills comparable to Senior Brother Chi Gui?”

The people from the Black Cliff Palace revealed looks of joy and praised.

“Protect me!”

Chi Gui sat down and was instantly surrounded by the group as they surveyed the area.

In the Purple Saint Ruins danger was everyone and even the Black Cliff Palace didn’t dare to be arrogant.


A small flask appeared in Chi Gui’s hand. Inside was a faint blue and azure aura that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye but could be sensed with spiritual sense.

If someone familiar with Zhao Feng was here, they would realise that this aura was Zhao Feng’s.

In reality, this was the aura the Black Cliff Palace had gathered from Zhao Feng.

“Dark Ghost Void!”

Waves of transparent black rippled from Chi Gui and an invisible wave of mental energy crushed everything within a hundred yards radius. At that moment everything within ten miles became dead silent.”

“Black Wicked eye!”

“This is senior brother Chi Gui’s eye bloodline and can interact with Yin and Yang and specialises in tracking.”

Chi Gui’s eyes were pure white and a dark dot appeared in the middle.

Peng Peng! Peng Peng!

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace felt their mental energy consciousness freeze.


Zhao Feng’s aura within the small flash floated in the air then under Chi Gui’s ‘Black Wicked eye’s’ gaze, turned into a black smoke that faded. Immediately following that, a transparent light shot out from Chi Gui’s ‘Black Wicked eye.”

Everyone looked up and saw a floating black light like a lantern float in the sky.


The lantern seemed to sense something and flashed in a certain direction.

“Dark Light Ghost eye!”

“This Dark Light Ghost Eye is a secret technique of the Wicked path and without the specific eye bloodline, no one can use it.”

The geniuses from the Black Cliff Palace admired.

The Dark Light Ghost Eye in the sky pointed a certain direction for the Black Cliff Palace.

“I’m using my eye bloodline to sustain the Black Wicked Eye. The Dark Light Ghost Eye can not only survey everything within a hundred miles, if the target is within five hundred miles, I can sense their direction. Furthermore, during night, its power will rise.” Chi Gui laughed.

“Let’s go!”

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The seven geniuses from the Black Cliff palace led by Chi Gui went in the direction of the Dark Light Ghost Eye and flew through the air.

Several hundred miles out, Zhao Feng and the girl with the black lotus landed on a tree.

“You won’t be able to escape senior brother Chi Gui’s tracking. You better give up and let me go and maybe then you’ll be able to survive.”

The black lotus girl pretended to be calm to hide the fear in her heart.

Up to this moment, Zhao Feng killing the skeleton man and chainsaw man with two glances still replayed in her mind.

Zhao Feng didn’t both replying and started to search the girl.

“You… what are you doing? Please stop!”

The black lotus girls’ body stiffened as she cried.

Zhao Feng was unmoved as he soon found an ancient book from inside her clothes. During this time, he obviously had touched her skin, but his gaze was on the book which glinted with a weird light.

“You… how did you know!”

The girl with the black lotus was stunned. She kept this book by her side all the time and didn’t even put it in her interspatial bracelet.

“Six Ghost Corpse secret technique, High tier Spiritual grade. Absorbing the air of Yin, Death, Ghost, Corpse, Poison and company to control ghost corpses and rule the world….”

Zhao Feng hurriedly read its summary and his two eyes shone.

He had seen the Black Cliff Palace use it and this line of skill was almost extinct in the Azure Flower Continent. Only the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion seemed to have similar methods.

Furthermore, this skill was at the High Tier Spiritual grade, even better than the Lightning Inheritance and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.


Zhao Feng first opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and copied the contents of the Six Ghost Corpse secret technique into his hand. He then took the black lotus off the girl. The black lotus was a precious weapon of the Dao of Ghosts and even more valuable than Zhao Feng’s Three Flowered Treasured Lotus. Furthermore, within it was also two green bronze ghost corpses whose strength was almost at the peak True Mystic Rank.

“Tell me how to control the ghost corpses.” Zhao Feng said coldly.

He had once been a beast tamer and controlled spiritual pets and was slightly interested in controlling ghost corpses.

In this dangerous Purple Saint Ruins, if he was able to control some ghost corpses, it would be very beneficial for Zhao Feng.

For example, the two green bronze ghost corpses of the girl were meat shields with strong defense almost comparable to Shi Chengtian’s.

If Zhao Feng had these meat shields and combined them with his God’ Spiritual Eye, it would be perfect.

“How to control the ghost corpses? Even if I told you, you wouldn’t be able to do it. You haven’t cultivated the skills of controlling ghosts and the wicked air of death will eat your consciousness…”

The girl seemed to be speechless.

“Shut up! Just do what you’re told or else your ending will be nastier than the other two.”

Zhao Feng coldly scanned his God’s Spiritual Eye over the girl and the girl’s heart started to tremble. That kind of fear seemed to reach straight to the soul. She had only felt this feeling from the two True Lord Rank geniuses of the sect such as senior brother Chi Gui.

“I have a skill here which you can compare it to the third page of the Six Ghost Corpse controlling secret technique….”

The girl said in a trembling tone and pale face.

After learning this skill then comparing it with his beast taming skills and some of the wicked skills in the Dark Eye incomplete page, it seemed to resonate with it.

Over the past few years Zhao Feng had copied many techniques and skills and was considered one of the most knowledgeable under those of the Origin Core Realm.

After a while Zhao Feng seemed to understand something.

Controlling ghost corpses was the same as controlling beasts and spiritual pets. Its focus was on how to use mental energy and this was Zhao Feng’s forte.

“What’s the next step? These ghost corpses don’t have any intelligence so how are we supposed to connect with it?”

Zhao Feng asked.

These ghost corpses were dead beings.

“You’ve learnt it?”

The girl shook her head and smiled in disbelief.

“Shut up with the useless talk.”

Zhao Feng said impatiently while the girl laughed in her heart. Yea right, keep on pretending.

Of course, due to Zhao Feng’s strength, she didn’t resist and continued: “You need to put your own mental energy symbol on the ghost corpse. The second page of the Six Ghost Corpse Controlling secret technique….”

Zhao Feng nodded his head and started to learn.

At a certain moment, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye flashed with transparent lightning onto the two green bronze ghost corpses.


The two green bronze ghost corpses smoked and changed.


A streak of blood leaked from the girl’s mouth as she exclaimed in shock: “In an instant, my mental energy symbol was wiped…. How is this possible? Even a True Lord Rank expert doesn’t have this ability.”

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had used his Lightning Fire God’s Eye and the lightning and fire elemental wiped out the mental energy symbol of the girl.

Lightning and fire were the nemesis of the Wicked path and was considerably easier to wipe out mental energy symbols. Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was comparable to the True Lord Rank and had the God’s Spiritual Eye’s advantage.


The black lotus girl had no more connection with the two green bronze ghost corpses and now Zhao Feng could put his own mental energy symbol on the two green bronze ghost corpses.


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