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King Of Gods - Chapter 393


Chapter 393: Chapter 393 - Powerful Combination

Chapter 393 - Powerful Combination

Black smoke and dust covered this arena and the Wicked Teeth group was sent flying from the attack from behind.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The three figures roared as they flipped in the air and landed onto three spots.

Wah! Wah!

The man with the jagged blade and the girl with the black lotus both spat out a mouthful of blood as they landed unsteadily on the ground with severe injuries.

The black lotus girl with the weakest defeat half kneeled onto the ground with a pale face and red eyes: “Little black poison----”

The snake under her feet had been blasted into pieces by the Ice Lightning Raging Dragon.

The girl with the black lotus had a cold expression and stared at the blue haired figure in the dust with deadly eyes.

Of the Wicked Teeth group, only the ‘chained skeleton man’ wasn’t too injured but there were some scorches on his body and his expression was ugly.

“En, that wasn’t bad. The reaction of these three and their strength is stronger than expected.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

After finding out that the Wicked Teeth group were closing in Zhao Feng’s first reaction was to ambush them and not run.

The aura within the cave was extremely obvious and purposely left behind by him to hook them in.

Hence came this scene of the Wicked Teeth group being ambushed by Zhao Feng.

However, what surprised Zhao Feng was that the Ice Lightning Raging Dragon didn’t manage to kill any one of them.

“Shameless brat, how dare you ambush the Wicked Teeth group?”

“Bastard, I’m going to peel your skill and eat your meat then refine you into a ghost corpse for killing my little black poison.”

The man with the jagged black and girl with the black lotus had killing intent so strong that it seemed to condense.

This was especially so for the girl with the black lotus. Her face was contorted and as white as paper. She was dim to a point like a ghost that chilled others to the bone.

However, these two were severely injured and couldn’t counter attack within a short amount of time.

“Brat, you’ve gotten bored of living. Ambushing us instead of running?”

The chained skeleton man smiled as he jingled his chains.

Zhao Feng felt uneasy in the centre of the black smoke.

In terms of strength every one of the Wicked Teeth three were stronger than normal overwhelming prodigies.

Zhao Feng’s situation wasn’t very good.

Even though the three had been sent flying, they perfectly formed a triangle that surrounded Zhao Feng.

Such reaction and teamwork showed their experience.

Zhao Feng was the ambusher but was now surrounded.

“Let’s see how strong the geniuses of the outer world are.”

Zhao Feng didn’t have any signs of retreat and instead his battle intent surged.


The chained skeleton man waved his arms and black iron chains shot out with a deadly glimmer. With a ‘wu’, it shook the soul and pierced the ears.

Sou! Huhu----

The air seemed to be filled with metal snakes with the aura of death and shot towards Zhao Feng at nasty angles.

Zhao Feng’s figure turned into a streak of lightning and the metal snakes seemed to be alive as they came back around even if it was dodged.

Peng! Bam! Boom---

A deep abyss was left where Zhao Feng was originally at and the stone seemed to be cut through like tofu.

The chained skeleton man was extremely powerful and had cultivated in a body strengthening technique of the Wicked path. The chains he jingled around were filled with the air of death and even a True Lord Rank would be injured when hit by it. Those under the True Lord Rank would lose half their life if their bones weren’t shattered into pieces.

“This skeleton man has monstrous strength and across the entire Sacred True Dragon Gathering probably only Yu Tianhao can fight him.”

Zhao Feng was secretly moved.

If it weren’t for his fast speed and the God’s Spiritual Eye’s control, he would most likely be suppressed by the man and forced into a desperate situation.


An eye catching flower made of ice and lightning in Zhao Feng’s palm and it instantly blossomed as it clashed with the skeleton man for the first time.

As the lightning and ice exploded a coldness and electricity was sent everywhere.

Zhao Feng’s target wasn’t the skeleton man himself but the chains in his hand.

Si! Si!

The surface of the chains the skeleton man jingled started to smoke and its movement became slightly rigid.

The power of lightning perfectly countered the Wicked path and the ice could freeze metallic weapons.

Zhao Feng didn’t immediately attack the opponent but restrained their strength.

“You two come over and help.”

The skeleton man roared. The chains in his hand weren’t as agile as before and a sizzle of lightning numbed his body.

The jagged blade male and girl with the black lotus were both surprised. The skeleton man couldn’t take care of Zhao Feng?

They didn’t immediately attack before was because they had just stopped their injuries and were stopping Zhao Feng from escaping.

These three had worked together for a long time but Zhao Feng had no intentions to run anyways and fought more and more courageously with the skeleton man.

“Bastard, die---”

The man with the jagged blade licked his lips and his jagged blade started to spin with a high speed and cold glint.


The rotating blade was like a chainsaw that pierced through the air.

Before the attack even arrived Zhao Feng felt his skin go cold as if he was being chopped up.

Of the three the man with the jagged blade specialised in offense and breaking through defense. The rotating blade spun at a level where even Shi Chengtian’s turtle shell could be cut open.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. If he was hit by this……

Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng’s body suddenly split into two or three figures that dodged and evaded the enemy’s attacks.

Both the skeleton man’s chains and the chainsaw weren’t something to be fought against under the True Lord Rank.

And these two monsters were both in the same group.

Then what kind of strength would the remaining girl with the black lotus have? Zhao Feng didn’t believe she was responsible for only tracking.

As expected.

The black lotus girl half kneeled on the ground and intertwined her hands as the black lotus suddenly opened and a black light extended out.

The area within one mile was instantly enveloped by this layer of black mist.

The senses of those in the black mist was restricted heavily but her partners weren’t affected at all.

Immediately following after screeches came from the black mist that attacked the mental energy level.

Looking closely Zhao Feng saw four to five human shaped ghosts were the air of death charge towards him.

“The people from the Black Cliff Palace control Yin spectres and ghosts.”

Under the gaze of Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye these ghosts were all seen.

These ghosts did physical attacks but mainly focused on mental energy attacks to erode and even eat the blood of alive humans.

Before when the four from the Wind Snow Pavilion were fighting Zhao Feng had seen these.

At that time the geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace had only used these and managed to slaughter those from the Wind Snow Pavilion.

“Junior, I won’t kill you immediately but torture you bit by bit.”

The girl with the black lotus said coldly with a face as white as paper.

These human shaped ghosts were formed from Yin Spectres and the air of death. Each of them had the strength of the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

Facing these four or five ghosts it meant Zhao Feng was facing the same amount of early stage True Mystic Ranks.

“Measly ghosts dare to attack me?”

Zhao Feng had no fear at all and instead felt his God’s Spiritual Eye jump with excitement.


Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye suddenly shot out a brilliant light that seemed to scare the ghosts and demons.


These ghosts suddenly all screeched as if they had met their nemesis.

Shush! Shush!

Two of the ghosts at the front started to smoke then scattered into dust.

The remaining ghosts started to tremble in fear and didn’t dare come close to Zhao Feng and disobeyed the girl in black lotus’ orders. Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye was extremely mysterious and powerful. These ghost didn’t dare come close to it.

“How could his eye bloodline counter…?”

The black lotus girl exclaimed.

Just one glare from Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye had scattered these ghosts.

The skeleton man and chainsaw man were both shocked.

Zhao Feng’s usage of lightning had reached a high mastery and combined with his Yin Shadow Cloak it was full of illusions.

The two of them combined hadn’t even threatened Zhao Feng. Of course if Zhao Feng was to clash head on with any one of them it wouldn’t be easy and clashing with the two he would be at a disadvantage. From this one could see the skeleton and chainsaw men had overwhelming battle power.

“This skeleton man is extremely strong and his defense is powerful. He specialises in close combat and holding back the enemy and is the strongest. The chainsaw man specialises in breaking through defense and the girl with the black lotus in the support who controls the ghosts….”

Zhao Feng had understood the roles of the three.

He hadn’t used his full strength just then and only activated 70% of his bloodline and none of the four eye techniques were used.

“If that’s the case I can finish all three with three moves.”

While Zhao Feng saw their strengths he also saw their weaknesses.

At this point in time the situation changed.

“Wicked Bone secret technique!”

The skeleton man exclaimed as his body cracked.

Crack crack cracck!

His entire figure rose by another yard and a dark grey air surrounded him which increased his power and Qi of True Spirit’s power.

The taller skeleton man’s strength was almost comparable to a normal True Lord Rank.


Under the Wicked Bone secret technique the chains of the skeleton man started to burn with grey flames.


The ground below started to crack, erode and fall. Just he alone forced Zhao Feng to retreat.

“Brat, the Wicked Bone group combined has the ability to fight those at the True Lord Rank. By staying behind, it shows that you don’t know how high the Heavens are.”

The man with the jagged man smiled gruesomely and spat out a mouthful of blood onto the chainsaw.


The jagged edges started to tremble and flew through the air as it chased Zhao Feng from a long range.

At the same time.

The girl with the black lotus who was half kneeling on the ground swiped her hand and two three yards tall green bronze ghost corpses were summoned. Each of them had auras close to the peak True Mystic Rank and had a chilling air of death with them.


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