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King Of Gods - Chapter 390


Chapter 390

Chapter 390 - Steal

Small hill.

Zhao Feng took Qing Xiaoxue hostage. The latter's face was pale white and had no energy within her. Her powers had been sealed and didn't even had the ability to speak.

The three geniuses of the Wind Snow Pavilion were shocked and angry but didn't dare make any rash moves.

’’Bastard, let go of Xiaoxue then beg for forgiveness and we'll let you live.’’

The eagle eyed leading youth said coldly.

His cultivation had reached the peak True Mystic Rank and his battle power comparable to Yu Tianhao. His steps were confident and have off a cold aura. Every action from him was enough to make normal True Spirit Realm's uneasy.

Zhao Feng expressionlessly put more power on Qing Xiaoxue's throat.

Qing Xiaoxue's face instantly turned green as she struggled and coughed with despair. It was obvious she was in pain.


The expressions of Li Xiao and the other late stage True Mystic Rank changed and the eagle eyed youths' footsteps paused,

He was secretly surprised as this blue haired youth was only at the early stages of the True Mystic Rank but wasn't moved by his pressure. It was as if he was very experienced in taking 'hostages.'

Furthermore, with the opponent's cultivation, how was he able to capture Qing Xiaoxue so easily?

’’Hmph, I, Qiao Changting, hate being threatened. If she dies, I'll make you beg to die.’’

The eagle-eyed youth said darkly.

Zhao Feng remained unmoved: ’’If any of you take a step further I'll chop off one of her arms. If you don't believe me, you can try.’’

The three males looked at each other, not expecting this youth to be so experienced.

Indeed, taking hostages wasn't Zhao Feng's first time doing so and he specialised at it.

This method was very useful against powerful opponents.

Back at the Water Moon Treasury he had kidnapped the mechanisms master and instantly turned the tides and blocked the three True Spirit Realms even though he was only at the Ascended Realm.

He had kidnapped Empress Qin in the Capital of the Canopy Great Country and shocked the country.

’’Kid what do you want?’’

Li Xiao couldn't restrain himself as the woman he loved was in such pain and could die anytime.

’’Don't come close until I'm ten miles away. Any movement will mean her death.’’

Zhao Feng said slowly.

’’Who knows that you won't kill her afterwards?’’

The eagle-eyed youth said coldly.

Ten miles? The eagle-eyed youth was slightly surprised because this distance wasn't far.

’’I'll put her here and then you can rescue here after I pass ten miles. This is an honest deal.’’

Zhao Feng put Qing Xiaoxue onto the ground.


The youths looked at each other and thought in their heart: ’’Is this brat retarded? Putting the hostage down then running?’’

If he did that then the four from the Wind Snow Pavilion could rescue the hostage while pursuing him at the same time.

All in all.

Doing this put Zhao Feng in a shit situation and was 'honest' enough.

’’Fine, we agree.’’

Li Xiao was overjoyed and immediately agreed.

Although the three were suspicious they had decided that when Zhao Feng had put Qing Xiaoxue down and gone for several miles they could kill him.

As for a promise? That wasn't worth anything.

’’Fine, you can go now. We won't trouble you before you reach the ten miles radius.’’

The eagle-eyed youth's eyes twinkled.

Zhao Feng nodded then slowly walked away after putting Qing Xiaoxue down.

’’He really left like this?’’

The three from the Wind Snow Pavilion couldn't believe their eyes.

At this point in time the three held their breaths and stared at Zhao Feng in case he regretted this decision.

After all, Zhao Feng was still close to Qing Xiaoxue while they still had a distance to go.


One hundred steps, two hundred steps, one hundred yards.... One mile.

Zhao Feng walked further and further and the three from the Wind Snow Pavilion were moved.

’’Li Xiao, you're closest to Qing Xiaoxue. When that kids reached two miles, you immediately go and rescue her.’’

The eagle-eyed youth said.

In their calculations, once Zhao Feng reached the two mile mark his threat towards the hostage would be very low.

Li Xiao nodded his head and killing intent flashed in his eyes.

As Zhao Feng was about to reach the two-mile mark.

Li Xiao couldn't resist and made his move.

However, at this moment.

Lightning Fire God's Eye!

Zhao Feng suddenly turned around and his left eye flashed with an azure flame.


A half transparent lightning flame landed on Li Xiao and exploded and started to burn in his mental energy dimension.


Li Xiao howled and fell onto the ground with a 'plop' as he circulated his Qi of True Spirit to put out the flames.

In just a short while his mind and body had been scorched.

This sudden change shocked the two behind.

They had just been about to move when Zhao Feng's left eye locked onto Qing Xiaoxue with a half transparent lightning flame.

Qing Xiaoxue had no resistance and if she was hit by the Lightning Fire God's Eye she would certainly die.


The three yelled including Li Xiao who was still injured.

The eagle-eyed youth with the highest cultivation took a deep breath and inspected Zhao Feng again.

He admitted he had underestimated the enemy.

The blue haired brat acted in an experienced manner and to put Qing Xiaoxue down first meant he had some sort of reliance.

’’My eye technique's skills' range is ten miles and you've seen how fast it goes.’’

Zhao Feng said expressionlessly as he turned around and went on his way again.

Ten miles.

The three felt incredulous.

It wasn't as if they hadn't seen such a skill, but this range was unbelievable.

Of course, this was only because Zhao Feng had the God's Spiritual Eye and ten miles was just a safe distance. However, the longer the distance the less power it was and when it reached a certain range, its attack was useless.

’’I'll give you one last chance or else she'll die.’’

Zhao Feng turned around and left.

This time his retreating speed was much faster.


An arc of lightning soon merged into the forests and in the Purple Saint Ruins, the spiritual sense of the eagle-eyed youth and company were decreased significantly and could only estimate where Zhao Feng was around.

They didn't realise that in the forests Zhao Feng hid in a dark corner and a 'shadow' was released from him.

As time passed.

Zhao Feng's speed became slower and slower.

After half the time it took to make tea the three from the Snow Wind Pavilion couldn't hold it back.

’’Brother Qiao, he's almost out of ten miles now.’’

Li Xiao said urgently.

’’Li Xiao, you're responsible for rescuing Qing Xiaoxue. Lu Yuan, you help him.’’

The eagle-eyed youth distributed the tasks.

Li Xiao was to rescue Qing Xiaoxue and Zhao Feng was now only a faint shadow.

The other late stage True Mystic Rank Lu Yuan was to be the guard. At the front was the rescue and pursuit while behind them was the Blackpool lightning crocodile's corpse.

After all, there was still more people than just the Snow Wind Pavilion and they needed to guard against geniuses from other forces.


The peak True Mystic Rank eagle eyed youth flashed through the air and chased Zhao Feng.

’’I'm going to kill this brat no matter what. He doesn't have the aura of an inheritance token and doesn't belong to any one of the three parties. He very likely has controlled a hole in the Purple Saint Ruins.’’

A cold light glinted in the eagle-eyed youth's eyes.

From the first moment he had seen Zhao Feng he hadn't planned to let him go.

With the eagle-eyed youth's speed, he soon caught up to 'Zhao Feng.'

’’Kid, give up now.’’

The eagle-eyed youth looked down and scanned the Zhao Feng running through the forest.

However, the blue haired blur didn't respond and when the eagle-eyed youth was close enough to use his spiritual sense to lock onto the target, his expression changed.

’’Not good! I've been tricked!’’

The eagle-eyed youth waved his hand and a cold gust of wind destroyed 'Zhao Feng'.


The figure disappeared into the air like a dream.

Zhao Feng had used his Yin Shadow Cloak to create a Yin Shadow Doppelganger and because his cultivation was high enough, this doppelganger had a certain amount of battle power.

Due to the fact that spiritual sense was suppressed in the Purple Saint Ruins, they couldn't use their spiritual sense to detect things far away.

The Yin Shadow Doppelganger had the cover of the forest and the eagle-eyed youth could only use their naked eye to track him.

After all, not everyone was like Zhao Feng and had a God's Spiritual Eye which allowed him to not use Spiritual sense.

’’If that's the fake body, then where's the real one?’’

The eagle-eyed youth felt that something was wrong.

At the same time Lu Yuan who was on guard exclaimed: ’’Thief! How dare you steal our spoils of war!?’’


A blue haired youth had appeared next to the Blackpool lightning crocodile.

’’Hehe, distracting the tiger away from the mountain has succeeded.’’

Zhao Feng laughed and took out a sharp weapon and he quickly cut through the Blackpool lightning crocodile and took the lightning bone and water heart pulse.

In reality.

The Blackpool lightning crocodile has already been cut open, but the spoils weren't taken yet.

Zhao Feng had realised this and put his plans onto this idea.

Now the strongest eagle-eyed man was about twenty miles away and Li Xiao as well as the rescued Qing Xiaoxue were about seven to eight miles away.

Lu Yuan was the closest to Zhao Feng and was two to three miles away.

Of course, just one overwhelming prodigy alone wasn't enough to threaten Zhao Feng.

Shu Shu!

Zhao Feng quickly took the lightning bone and water heart pulse off the crocodile.

’’The Blackpool lightning crocodile has a faint ancient bloodline and is extinct in the Azure Flower Continent. The lightning bone of this crocodile is a top material for crafting a lightning elemental weapon and because it also contains the essence of lightning, it has the same uses as the Lightning Mystic Stone but better. The water heart pulse might be biased towards the water element but can strengthen one's meridians and heal hidden injuries. It can also increase one's body attributes as well as consolidate my foundation.’’

Zhao Feng's heart was filled with joy. With these two items his strength could rise by a whole level.

’’How dare this brat steal our reward?’’

The eagle-eyed youth and company were so angry so that their noses almost became bent with madness.


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