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King Of Gods - Chapter 388


Chapter 388 - Purple Saint Ruins (1)

After a flipping sensation Zhao Feng landed onto the ground.

There was only Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei as well as the little thieving cat had disappeared.

’’At that time when Yufei, the cat and I were in the whirlpool we were teleported out randomly.’’

Zhao Feng concluded.

He could still feel a connection between him and the little thieving cat although the connection was slightly weak.

Yet if this connection remained it meant the little thieving cat was alive.

’’I'm actually worried for the little thieving cat?’’

Zhao Feng found this funny.

With the little thieving cat's mysteriousness, intelligence and power to avoid harm, his life would definitely be better than Zhao Feng's.

As for Zhao Yufei, she was the main target of the unknown inheritance and might be taken care of here.

Zhao Feng only needed to be worried about himself and his first reaction was to inspect his surroundings with his God's Spiritual Eye.


Zhao Feng was surprised. In this weird place his spiritual sense and ability to detect was restrained.

His God's Spiritual Eye was also a source of detection and could only see one tenth as far.

From this point alone, one could see that this unknown inheritance wasn't simple.

It wasn't as if Zhao Feng hadn't been in places where they restricted mental energy senses. For example, the Floating Crest Palace had such restrictions but didn't affect his God's Spiritual Eye much and back then his God's Spiritual Eye hadn't evolved this much.


Zhao Feng could still see everything within a one hundred to two hundred miles radius clearly.

After looking around Zhao Feng's expression was very solemn.

In the air he saw groups of birds all of them with at least one leader at the True Mystic Rank.

The True Mystic Rank bird leader's strength was close to an overwhelming prodigy's and led at least ten True Human Ranks as well as thousands of others.

A group like this was enough to cause trouble for Zhao Feng.

After leaving the ancient arena the power of transferring across space disappeared and Zhao Feng's strength returned to usual.

Furthermore, there was even bigger groups of birds of which the leading bird's cultivation had reached the True Lord Rank and had at least ten True Mystic Rank underlings of which a couple were comparable to the overwhelming prodigy level.

’’There's about ten to twenty thousand birds in one of the larger groups. Even if the five overwhelming prodigies teamed up we would probably be wiped out.’’

Just thinking about it made Zhao Feng's heart jump.

The danger wasn't just restricted to the air. There were also many beasts on the ground on in the water. There were also lonely True Mystic Rank beasts as well as the occasional rare True Lord Rank.

’’The most important task right now is to gather information.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but take a deep breath.

If this was one of the Four Great Inheritances he would at least have some information.

However, this was the first time this unknown inheritance had descended onto the Azure Flower Continent.

About half the time it took to make tea later.

Zhao Feng had scouted the situation roughly within a two three hundred miles radius.

After that he found a relatively safe small hill and started to rest.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering had gone on for ten to twenty days and any genius would feel tired.

Zhao Feng needed to be in peak state to survive this place.

Another reason was that Zhao Feng needed to consolidate his cultivation.

In the Sacred True Dragon Gathering he had increased by leaps and bounds and the power of transferring across space made his mental energy rise rapidly.

’’The profoundness of the Sky Stone Statues' figure is immeasurable and just touching it made my mental energy level rise to the peak True Mystic Rank and even close in on the True Lord Rank.’’

Zhao Feng thought.

He left a bit of energy to focus outside and started to cultivate.

In the blink of an eye two to three days had passed and Zhao Feng's mental energy, power and focus reached a peak. He had gained further comprehension with being one with nature.

In just a thought Zhao Feng could absorb the surrounding Lightning Yuan Qi.

’’My mental energy level is almost at the True Lord Rank and as long as I train it and comprehend the profoundness from the figure time will be the only thing standing in my way for my mental energy to reach the True Lord Rank.’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

Since his mental energy had touched the True Lord Rank his cultivation speed would also rise quickly.

This meant that there would be no difficulty for him to reach the early stages of the True Mystic Rank and could do so in just another day or two in seclusion.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had replayed the process of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and understood more of eye bloodlines.

Zhao Feng's strength had risen again and with this momentum he obviously wanted to keep on staying in seclusion.

However, at this moment Zhao Feng heart a low growl and trembling.

’’Are there beast hordes nearby?’’

Zhao Feng's heart jumped.

Many of the beasts here could threaten him and if he was unlucky and met a beast at the True Lord Rank then his life would be in danger.


Zhao Feng's figure landed onto a hill as he surveyed the direction where the sound came from.


Thirty miles away there was a black scaled crocodile dozens of yards long with dark red eyes and black lightning surrounded it.

Wherever the black lightning went the ground would become scorched and start to smoke.

’’What a weird lightning.’’

Zhao Feng felt his Qi of True Spirit in his body tremble slightly.

The lightning from the black scaled crocodile had a high conductivity and its power wasn't lower than Zhao Feng's.

Furthermore, it's tough body could take hits from the True Lord Rank.

If Zhao Feng had to face this crocodile without his God's Spiritual Eye, he would definitely lose.

’’Ha-ha, the scale of this 'Blackpool lightning crocodile' can block True Force attacks and is almost fully resilient towards lightning attacks. The 'lightning bone' and 'water heart pulse' are rare materials.’’

Three males and one female all around the age of twenty, obviously of the younger generation pursued the black scaled crocodile from behind.

There was people!?

Zhao Feng stared at the three males and one female in surprise.

The black scaled crocodile was stronger than Goddess Bing Wei and Shi Chengtian. Apart from Yu Tianhao, probably no one was its match but these four had beaten the black scaled crocodile to a degree where it couldn't even fight back.

Sou Sou Sou!

The three males and one female soon surrounded the 'Blackpool lightning crocodile' and furiously attacked it.

’’One peak True Mystic Rank, two late stages of the True Mystic Rank and one early stage True Mystic Rank.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye scanned over the four and his heart shook.

The girl with the lowest cultivation displayed strength almost close to an overwhelming prodigy and the two-late stage True Mystic Ranks were on par with the overwhelming prodigies, or a bit stronger.

As for the peak True Mystic Rank eagle eyed youth, his battle power was terrifying and beat the Blackpool lightning crocodile with every move. Across the entire Sacred True Dragon Gathering, probably only Yu Tianhao could fight him.

If it weren't for the Blackpool lightning crocodiles defence, which was even stronger than Shi Chengtian's, it probably would have already been ripped into pieces.

The eagle-eyed youth also seemed to be very casual and was looking around with wariness.

’’What's the background of these people, could it be...’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

The answer was obvious. If these people weren't natives from this place, then they might be geniuses from the outside world.

’’Outside world geniuses!’’

These people were all around twenty and the eagle-eyed youth wasn't past thirty.


Zhao Feng's heart tightened. If he had to face these four he might have no ability to fight back at all.

’’Who's there!’’

The eagle-eyed youth seemed to sense something, and a cold ray of light locked onto the hill Zhao Feng was on.

Zhao Feng immediately used the Yin Shadow Cloak to hide himself.

’’Li Xiao, Qing Xiaoxue, you two go over and check that place out. I feel as if we're being looked at. If it's people from the 'Black Cliff Palace', we'll be in trouble.’’

The eagle-eyed youth ordered.


One of the males and the female went in different directions and locked onto a one hundred radius where Zhao Feng was at.

Zhao Feng's heart dropped. If he ran, he definitely would be found.

The Yin Shadow Cloak's invisibility effect would only be best when not moving and during night time. It wasn't night right now.

At this instance.

Qing Xiaoxue, the female started to close in where Zhao Feng was in seclusion before.

Qing Xiaoxue was pretty and around seventeen to eighteen years old but had the cultivation of the early stages of the True Mystic Rank and not far away from the late stages.

’’Not good, if she gets close to the place I was in seclusion, she'll definitely sense something.’’

Zhao Feng's expression dimmed.

The place where Zhao Feng was in seclusion before was a small cave which still had Zhao Feng's aura inside.


Qing Xiaoxue landed onto the hill and soon found Zhao Feng's aura with her spiritual sense and the place where he had sat.

’’It's still warm and the aura hasn't dissipated yet. This person definitely hasn't gone far.’’

Qing Xiaoxue's eyes flashed as a cold smile appeared on his lips.

A bug appeared on her hand which sniffed where Zhao Feng had sat.

All of her actions were in Zhao Feng's control. He was only a few dozen yards away.

’’Better to attack first than late.’’

Zhao Feng thought and turned into a blur that closed in on Qing Xiaoxue.

’’Who's there!?’’

Since Zhao Feng's cultivation was higher than Qing Xiaoxue's, the latter only realised when Zhao Feng was right behind her.

Eye of Illusion!

Qing Xiaoxue's gaze landed on a freezing cold eye that enveloped her world.


In the next instant.

Qing Xiaoxue appeared in a freezing dimension.

Lightning chains as thick as a fist bound her limbs and the coldness made her unable to move.

’’Who are you? This is a mental energy illusion.... You're from the Black Cliff Palace?’’

Qing Xiaoxue screeched and counter attacked with her mental energy trying to break free from here.

’’Black Cliff Palace? Never heard of them.’’

Zhao Feng paused. Looks like there was more than one force here.

’’You don't know the Black Cliff Palace? Are you a native of the Purple Saint Ruins?’’


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