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King Of Gods - Chapter 386


Chapter 386 - Pushed Aside

The azure door wasn't half real or half fake but instead physically there, different from the others.

While the Mystic Ice Inheritance was connected the Heavens Legacy Inheritance opened a bright door and didn't need to connect it onto the steps. It could ignore the rules of the ancient arena.

Just from this point alone one could tell the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance was more than a level better than the other Inheritances.

This sudden change surprised many True Dragon Geniuses.

The descension of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance was too sudden and had already opened a door before many geniuses reacted.

’’What an old aura, it's definitely the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance.’’

Zhao Feng felt the inheritance shadowing of the Mystic Ice Inheritance become pressured and slightly unstable.

Of the Four Great Inheritances probably only the Heavens Legacy Inheritance had this power.

But at the same time Zhao Feng cursed in his heart: Why the f*k did the Heavens Legacy Inheritance had to appear now and not some other time.

The Heavens Legacy Inheritance already had a door open and it was slightly far away from Zhao Feng, so he didn't know what to choose.

At the same time.

There was a couple True Dragon Geniuses near the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

’’Hahaha, great!’’

’’Since the Heavens Legacy Inheritance appeared right in front of me, it looks like I'm the chosen one.’’

Two geniuses close to the door were overfilled with joy as they leapt towards the mysterious azure door.

Sou! Sou!

The others could only watch these two with unwillingness and anger.

Bam! Bam!

The azure door shook and threw these two True Dragon Geniuses aside.

What's going on?

The smiles of the two True Dragon Geniuses froze then turned ugly.

’’Hahaha.... Looks like not any trash can enter the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.’’

The geniuses watching from afar understood and were filled with happiness.

Sou Sou---

Many True Dragon Geniuses closed in on the azure door.


Another True Dragon Genius was pushed aside by the azure door and their expressions changed slightly.

In just a couple breaths the Heavens Legacy Inheritance had become the focus of the place and many True Dragon Geniuses charged over crazily.

Amongst these included Yu Tianhao, Xin Wuheng and Shi Chengtian.

These three overwhelming prodigies instantly started to fight before the azure door.

’’Which one should I choose?’’

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled and Goddess Bing Wei and Tantai Lanyue also hesitated.

Without a doubt the Heavens Legacy Inheritance was better than the Mystic Ice Inheritance and the inheritances within wasn't limited to skills.

Being the most ancient and mysterious inheritances the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance might contain a Dao of Soul Inheritance.

However, if Zhao Feng gave up the Mystic Ice Inheritance and turned to fight for the Heavens Legacy Inheritance he may end up missing both because there was a certain distance between the two.

At this point in time.

The entrance of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance was blocked by Yu Tianhao, Xin Wuheng and Shi Chengtian. Any one of them could enter at this time and end the connection between the Heavens Legacy Inheritance and the ancient arena.

All of the Great Inheritances had limited spots.

’’Once I choose the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance then I'll certainly miss the Mystic Ice Inheritance.’’

Zhao Feng's thoughts spun.

Although it seemed as if he had thought a lot, only one tenth of the time it took for an eye to blink had passed.


Zhao Feng revealed a decisive look.

Right at this instance both Tantai Lanyue and Goddess Bing Wei used their full force and attacked Zhao Feng.

A crystal ice sword appeared in Goddess Bing Wei's hand as she slashed out cold arcs of ice of which the invisible ice beams had already attacked in the mental energy level.

Tantai Lanyue waved her glass whip and ordered the Horned Earth Dragon Beast to attack as she bit her lips.


Zhao Feng's figure was destroyed by the attacks of the two overwhelming prodigies.


An arc of lightning flashed through the sky and charged towards the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.


Tantai Lanyue wasn't surprised. She didn't think the two of them could threaten Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's aim was the most mysterious Heavens Legacy Inheritance.


Tantai Lanyue sat on the Horned Earth Dragon Beast and used its size to push Goddess Bing Wei out of the way as she first entered the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

After one person the light of the Mystic Ice Inheritance's door faded by a lot.

Goddess Bing Wei's expression changed slightly and was about to enter but felt her mind burn.

’’Lightning Fire God's Eye!’’

A half transparent azure lightning flame landed on Goddess Bing Wei and because her guard was down, the lightning flames burned her body and her mind.

With the power of transferring across space Zhao Feng's Lightning Fire God's Eye had reached an entire new level that even those at the True Lord Rank would be harmed.

Adding on the fact that Goddess Bing Wei's guard was down, this Lightning Fire God's Eye did a lot of damage to her.

Who would have thought that Zhao Feng would use his Lightning Fire God's Eye as he retreated.

’’Yufei, go quickly into the Mystic Ice Inheritance.... Hmm?’’

Zhao Feng warned Zhao Yufei who was not far away.

The reason why he sent a Lightning Fire God's Eye to attack Goddess Bing Wei was to leave a spot for Zhao Yufei.

This plan was soon completed.

If he gave up on the Mystic Ice Inheritance, then he wouldn't let Goddess Bing Wei have it.

Zhao Yufei was already at the quasi overwhelming prodigy level and had a stronger power of transferring across space than Goddess Bing Wei. The important thing was after the transferring across space, her cultivation had reached the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

While Goddess Bing Wei was injured Zhao Yufei did have a high chance to replace her.

That's right.

Zhao Feng's plan was perfect. While pushing aside the enemy he could also help his friends.

But the thing was that Zhao Yufei had a problem.

While all the other True Dragon Geniuses were fighting for the inheritances Zhao Yufei didn't move.

She sat on the ground and her forehead burned. The Qi of True Spirit within her body summoned the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Zhao Yufei flesh contained a pure True Spirit Yuan Qi and with the power of transferring across space her Qi of True Spirit her cultivation rose, and something happened to her bloodline power.


Zhao Yufei suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and thin colours of green, purple, red blue started to appear on her jade white skin.


Zhao Feng's expression changed, and his footsteps paused.

He opened his God's Spiritual Eye and inspected Zhao Yufei's situation.

’’The rise in cultivation.... Clash of Qi of True Spirit.... She needs to release it and her bloodlines gone weird.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye was better than any doctor's detection.

At this instance.

A figure flashed into the azure door of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance


Xin Wuheng's footsteps passed through the azure door and became the first to enter the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

This door was extremely weird and Xin Wuheng tried at least three times before he succeeded.

Yu Tianhao had tried three times and Shi Chengtian twice but didn't succeed.

’’Hehe, another ten thousand years later, a person from our Ten Thousand Origins Clan has entered the Heavens Legacy.’’

’’With Xin Wuheng's comprehension after he enters the Heavens Legacy Inheritance he might have the ability to change the Heavens.’’

’’The future of the continent will depend on the Ten Thousand Origins Clan.’’

The elder generation of the Ten Thousand Origins Clan was filled with excitement and the other forces were envious and regretful as they stared intently at the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.


The azure door of the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance was still stable and didn't close after one person entered.

’’There's still a chance.’’

The Ten Great Clans and major families and even Sovereigns were filled with excitement.

At this moment in time the Heavens Legacy Inheritance became the only focus.

As for the Mystic Ice Inheritance it had already disappeared.

Each of the Four Great Inheritances had appeared in this Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

The Heavens Legacy Inheritance was the last to appear and could be said to be full of surprises.


Zhao Feng used this time to close in on the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.

Miao miao!

At the same time a silver-grey cat landed next to Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Feng had made the decision to go fight for the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance and left the little thieving cat to take care of Zhao Yufei.


Yu Tianhao's figure passed through the azure door.

After Xin Wuheng, Yu Tianhao was the second to pass into the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance.

At this point Zhao Feng had arrived.

Shi Chengtian was starting to panic and clashed once again into the azure door but failed.

’’Let me!’’

Zhao Feng pushed away the nearby True Dragon Geniuses and turned into a blur that charged towards the azure door.


Zhao Feng was pushed aside by the azure door.

He wasn't surprised and used the God's Spiritual Eye to inspect the door.

Before, Xin Wuheng and Yu Tianhao had both tried several times to enter.

Right at this moment, Zhao Yufei who was sitting on the ground moaned in pain as her skin started to flash.

Pa Pa!

The little thieving cat seemed to think and then gently tapped Zhao Yufei's shoulder blades.


Zhao Yufei shouted as the part that was tapped glowed and a pair of half transparent wings grew out.

With the growth of the pair of wings, Zhao Yufei's Qi of True Spirit finally found a way to be released and her aura rose.

’’Thank you.’’

Zhao Yufei looked gratefully towards the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat suddenly sensed something and threw its old coins in the air.

The next instant.

Wu---- Boom!

The entire ancient arena and air seemed to shale.

Zhao Yufei sensed something and looked up at the same time as the little thieving cat.

At this instance.

The Heavens Legacy Inheritance shook, and the space started to creek.

Immediately following that.

An inheritance shadowing that blotted out the sun appeared.

Looking from afar it was a world of multi coloured lights.


The most ancient and mysterious Heavens Legacy Inheritance was pushed aside by this unknown inheritance shadowing.


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