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King Of Gods - Chapter 382


Chapter 382 - Inheritance Connection


Zhao Feng's speed just then was so fast that some True Lord Ranks couldn't even see him move.

Goddess Bing Wei was in a daze.

The mental energy intent from that Sky Stone Statue was incredibly powerful and although the owner had fallen, the remaining intent of it had still given Zhao Feng a mysterious power.

Every one of the stone statues represented a myth, a tale, a legend.

Amongst them there was several tiers ranging from dozens of yards to a hundred yards and three hundred yards another.

The tallest Sky Stone Statues reached almost one thousand yards and when the owners were alive, their power was immeasurable. Even when they had fallen, they could still descend through the passage of space and time.

Zhao Feng's figure cast was without a doubt one of the strongest.

The black scaled, demon like giant shadow figure behind him made the other figures nearby tremble.

For example, Goddess Bing Wei's ice goddess figure kept on shaking and the power she could utilise was decreased significantly.

’’Ridiculous, this bastard....’’

Goddess Bing Wei's face was filled with humiliation. When she looked up it was the middle of the blue haired youths legs and Zhao Feng didn't even care about her. Instead understanding flashed in his eyes as he stood still.

The power of transferring of space contained information and power which was hundreds or thousands of times more profound than his Lightning Inheritance.

The thing was that this information and power was locked onto the genius' they descended upon so no matter how profound it was the geniuses could comprehend a tiny bit of it.

’’What a powerful will, battle skill and use of strength.....’’

Zhao Feng had only touched this information and was stunned.

However, this Sky Stone Statue's element wasn't the most compatible with Zhao Feng but its power and aura could still help Zhao Feng's mental energy state.

In just a short while Zhao Feng's mental energy level had increased by leaps and bounds and closed in on the peak True Mystic Rank.

Within the dimension of his left eye, the freezing pond had started to melt and a ripple of water extended to two point nine yards.

The size of the freezing pond was connected to Zhao Feng's mental energy level.

The True Human Rank level was within one yard, True Mystic Rank within three yards and after three yards should be the mental energy level of the True Lord Rank.

Zhao Feng felt that his God's Spiritual Eye had a close aura with the Sky Stone Statue figure behind him, as if they came from the same aura.

’’Zhao Feng, you shameless bastard.....’’

Goddess Bing Wei bit her lips with humiliation and actually burnt her Qi of True Spirit as she charged towards Zhao Feng while burning with an ice flame.

Burning her Qi of True Spirit!

Zhao Feng jumped up in fright. The ice flame gave him the feeling that it could destroy the life within his two legs.


Zhao Feng's foot smacked onto Goddess Bing Wei's face and her perfect figure was sent flying another dozen of yards as she spat out a mouthful of blood in midair.

When Goddess Bing Wei landed on the ground her jade like face had a red foot mark on it and it burned.

The True Dragon Geniuses on the floating arena were shocked.

They had seen the overwhelming prodigy Goddess Bing Wei been stepped upon by Zhao Feng then smacked right in the face.

’’If it weren't for the Mystic Ice Palace's strength, I would've killed her already.’’

Zhao Feng was feeling frustrated and a flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Goddess Bing Wei burning her Qi of True Spirit and creating that ice flame gave him a dangerous feeling.

’’Bing Wei, don't be rash!’’

The Mystic Ice Queen outside the ancient arena exclaimed.

She had seen the killing intent flash in Zhao Feng's face and if it weren't for the fact that the latter was calm and hadn't lost his mind, Goddess Bing Wei wouldn't have just ended up in this state.

At this moment in time.

The gaze of the crowd landed upon him and the nine hundred plus yards Sky Stone Statue figure behind him as it stood out amongst the others.

The other True Dragon Geniuses' stone shadow figure was only dozens of yards or a hundred yards.

Even Yu Tianhao and Zhao Yufei's were only two to three hundred yards high.

This meant that the amount of benefit gained by Zhao Feng was far more than the others.

’’Could this Zhao Feng reach first place?’’

A few spectators couldn't help but say.

Across the floating arena Zhao Feng's aura, dragon blessing and stone statue figure seemed to suppress this generation and even some of the Sovereigns were curious as whether Zhao Feng could move Yu Tianhao's position.

’’Maybe. This Sacred True Dragon Gathering is extremely weird and the last round's aim isn't for the rankings.’’

The bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord said and started to think.

’’Zhao Feng? You indeed didn't disappoint me.’’

Yu Tianhao laughed instead of being sullen.

The blood within him seemed to boil and a powerful battle intent surged from him that merged with the three hundred yard high figure behind him.

Although the figure behind Yu Tianhao wasn't as powerful as Zhao Feng's, his mental energy level and belief allowed him to be more compatible with the power of transferring across space and hence had higher control.

Alone in the Heaven's!

Yu Tianhao flew over and forced all the nearby geniuses to retreat.

In terms of will and intent, he surpassed the strongest sword intent in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering by more than ten times.

With just that intent alone he could injure geniuses at the first tier.

At this point in time Tantai Lanyue, Shi Chengtian, Goddess Bing Wei and company were all stunned.

No one would have thought Yu Tianhao's true strength was this strong and had the ability to wipe out everything in his path.

There was no way to defend against it and he used unparalleled offense to crush everyone in his path.

Facing that confident belief Zhao Feng's heart shook and was almost pressured by the opponent.

’’This era's new overwhelming prodigy - come and fight!!’’

Zhao Feng felt the Sky Stone Statue behind him give him a dominant power.


At the same time an ice throne and figure appeared behind Zhao Feng.

This time there was a crown on the figure and he held a black sword.

With the power of transferring across space Zhao Feng's bloodline had obviously strengthened.

Ice Lightning Raging Dragon!

Zhao Feng exclaimed and as his blue hair blew, the surrounding world became enveloped in lighting and ice that was enough to kill normal True Mystic Ranks.

A chaotic dragon was formed from ice and lightning and seemed to be somewhat similar to the black demonic dragon under the stone statue figure but the power of ice and lightning from it was more chaotic.

Alone in the Heavens! Ice Lightning Raging Dragon!

The two terrifying powers clashed and almost came close to the peak True Lord Rank power as it bashed heavily and sent airwaves across four or five yards.


Screams came from the floating arena as some unlucky geniuses were killed or injured from the clash of these two.

The exchange between the two supreme prodigies made the other True Dragon Geniuses dumbfounded as they quickly evaded.

The ancient arena's spectating stand broke out into discussion.

After taking a hit from Yu Tianhao head on Zhao Feng's figure was forced back dozens of yards and he forcefully pushed the blood in his throat back down.

His cultivation and foundation was after all, lower than Yu Tianhao's and if it weren't for the advantage of transferring across space, he wouldn't be only lightly injured.


Yu Tianhao's figure retreated and his body became icy numb, unable to attack the second time.

At this point in time the two both felt that their opponent was troublesome and faced one another but none of them made a move.

’’Zhao Feng has reached the step where he can clash head on with Yu Tianhao.’’

Mo Tianyi's heart churned.

Countless True Dragon Geniuses on the floating arena pulled away from Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao, scared that they would be injured by them.


A weird tremble and powerful transferring across space suddenly interrupted Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao.

The seventh statue of the ten Sky Stone statues descended a seven hundred yard figure onto Xin Wuheng.

’’Hehe, even that guy's come out. I'll loosen my bones as well.’’

A laugh sounded in Xin Wuheng's head.

Behind Xin Wuheng was a purple robed daoist with a purple cloud flame above his head and an unknown flaming bull below his feet.


Xin Wuheng finally revealed a rare joyful expression. Under normal situations he had no talent and bloodline so it was hard for him to interact and communicate with the ten Sky Stone statues.

However, with Zhao Feng leading the way, he finally managed to communicate with one.

When Xin Wuheng received the power of transferring across space, the situation on the floating arena changed once more.

Xin Wuheng's aura rose to a level not much weaker than Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao but was still much stronger than the normal overwhelming prodigies.

’’Three way?’’

The Sovereigns on the stage looked with interest.

The bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord murmured: ’’This third round doesn't look like it's determining the rankings but is more of a blessing. What will happen next?’’

As he was thinking the floating arena suddenly changed.


An inheritance shadowing had the signs of condensing and extended a door towards the ancient arena.

’’What's going on? How come the inheritance is connecting so quickly?’’

’’The Sacred True Dragon Gathering hasn't ended yet but an inheritance has connected.’’

The ancient arena broke out into chaos.

’’I see, the rankings are basically decided by the dragon blessing from the second round and this round is about the competition to enter the inheritances.’’

The Deputy Palace Lord realised.


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