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King Of Gods - Chapter 379


Chapter 379 - Transferring across Space

The number of True Dragon Geniuses every Sacred True Dragon Gathering was perfectly one hundred every time.

Those that could be crowned a 'True Dragon Genius' was not only a glory, it also had a practical use - inheritances.

Only True Dragon Geniuses, the strongest geniuses, have the right to enter the inheritances, therefore the True Dragon One hundred strong was a major difference.

The top geniuses participating in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering all strived towards making the top one hundred, but it was very difficult.

After all, there was a couple thousand geniuses participating in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and only one hundred was picked out. How competitive would it be?

Shua Shua!

The failed geniuses were sent out of the bubble of light leaving behind only one hundred.

They were the chosen ones of the continent and True Dragons in the Heaven.

Zhao Feng scanned the place with his God's Spiritual Eye and saw that a total of twenty-seven or eight from the Northern Continent had made it.

The five continents together, East, West, South, Middle and North all only had one hundred spots in total and on average, every continent had twenty places.

This meant that the Northern continent had did much better than before.

There was quite a few that Zhao Feng knew. Xin Wuheng, Zhao Yufei, Mo Tianyi, Liu Qinxin, Cang Yuyue, Prince Jin, Wang Xiaoguai, Jiang Sanfeng and company.

The unfortunate thing was that Bei Moi didn't make it past the first round hence had no fortune with the top hundred, so Zhao Feng couldn't help him even if he wanted to.

After picking the True Dragon One Hundred strong the ancient arena changed once again.


The light on the ancient arena started to fade and was replaced by darkness.


’’What's going on?’’

The hundred thousand spectators were all surprised.

The entire ancient arena was pitch black and only the space within the bubble of light was bright.


Within the bubble of light, the earth started to shake and immediately following after, the sky seemed to open.

From this angle one could even see the inheritance shadowings in the sky and the surrounding stone statues.

’’Can we now control the competition?’’

A Sovereign asked on the stage.

’’No, the bubble of light will kick out everyone without dragon blessing.’’

The white bearded Sovereign shook his head and said after trying to.

Ever since the second round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, the Sacred Alliance had lost control over it.

This was partially good and bad.

The good thing was that no one could interfere with the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, meaning that it was extremely fair.

The bad side was that there was a lot of casualties.

For example, one overwhelming prodigy had died in this Sacred True Dragon Gathering. This was something that hadn't happened for dozens of generations.

’’Where will the ancient arena take the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?’’

The Deputy Palace Lord murmured with excitement.


The bubble of light started to rise from the pitch black ancient arena.

’’Could it be....’’

Sovereign Yun Xingchen's eyes flashed.

The large bubble of light started to approach the inheritance shadowings in the sky and Zhao Feng found that the surrounding bubble of light started to fade.

The earth, mountains and sky were getting smaller while they approached the inheritance shadowings.

Through the clouds, scenery of what was within the inheritances could be seen. There were weird towers and even races they had never seen before even though the images were blurry.

’’Mystic Ice Inheritance!’’

Goddess Bing Wei stared at the inheritance shadowing with the most powerful aura with joy.

From the start of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering till now, almost nine inheritances had appeared and the Mystic Ice Inheritance was the largest and overtook the others.

The appearance of the Mystic Ice Inheritance was a blessing for those cultivating the Dao of Ice and Goddess Bing Wei was the strongest genius of Ice in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. She had even entered the Mystic Ice Inheritance before and so was experienced.

At this point in time.

Goddess Bing Wei's bloodline and Qi of True Spirit seemed to feel a summoning from the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye and bloodline also felt this. After all, his bloodline was indeed more ice based.

’’Looks like the Mystic Ice Inheritance is suitable for me.’’

Zhao Feng thought.

The Four Great Inheritances were all powerful and Zhao Feng could consider going into the Mystic Ice Inheritance, but he also specialised in the path of Lightning and Ancient Dao of Soul.

Zhao Feng wasn't certain if his God's Spiritual Eye would keep on evolving and turn into another element.

This meant that entering the Mystic Ice Inheritance was risky.

’’Now's not the time to consider this. Every Sacred True Dragon Gathering has three rounds and there should be one more.’’

Zhao Feng regained his calmness.


The bubble of light disappeared, and a new arena appeared in the skies.

The reason why it was new was because the dimensions were only of a smaller scale and looking from afar it seemed like a small island.

Floating Arena!

The hundred thousand spectators watching were stunned.

From the beginning of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering till now the ancient arena had changed multiple times and at this moment the surrounding stone statues seemed to survey the arena.

In the sky was the floating arena and above the floating arena was the inheritance shadowings.

This scene pushed the Sacred True Dragon Gathering to a peak.

A hundred True Dragon Geniuses were spread across the floating arena as they looked at the inheritance shadowings above.

’’This last round is different from before.’’

’’In the past the third round would ranked first place, the top three, top ten etc’’

The Sovereigns looked at each other.

’’Would there be no rules again? They're all chosen ones out of billions.’’

Discussion arose.

The entire ancient arena was pitch black and only the floating arena, stone statues and inheritance shadowings could be seen.

Amongst those the floating arena was the brightest and the stone statues were slightly dimmer, with the occasional weird flash.

The inheritance shadowings were transparent and hard to see.

Just as the people were guessing what was happening.


The surrounding stone statues all swayed slightly.

’’What's going on!?’’

The hundred thousand spectators were surprised.


A near a hundred-yard-high statue suddenly glowed. That statue was in the shape of a large ape with three heads and six arms. It seemed to come alive at this moment and released an ancient old aura.


A deep roar seemed to come from this large ape and even those at the Origin Core Realm felt a pressure.


The near hundred-yard-high ape statue sent an ape figure into the floating arena.

’’What a powerful aura. These stone statues are indeed not normal and seem to contain a mysterious power.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye caught sight of the ape figure.


The ape figure landed in front of a youth of the True Dragon One hundred strong.

Wang Xiaoguai!

Those from the Canopy Great Country exclaimed.

Wang Xiaoguai's True Dragon Token hummed and turned into a strong surge of True Dragon blessing that went into ape figure.

The True Dragon Token cracked as all of its dragon blessing was eaten by the ape.


After eating the dragon blessing the ape figure shone and landed on Wang Xiaoguai's body.


Wang Xiaoguai roared and pounded his fists on his chest as if he was possessed by a demon.

His mental energy and battle intent surged and seemed to understand something.

At this moment the aura from Wang Xiaoguai's body made the other True Dragon Geniuses' heart jump and feel a pressure.

’’This is.... The power of transferring across space!’’

’’My Heavens, the legend is real. These stone statues all contain some intents left behind by some experts!’’

The Sovereigns watched this scene in shock and disbelief.

Under the ape figure Wang Xiaoguai's battle power rose and his bloodline was ignited as he gave off a terrifying aura.


Wang Xiaoguai waved his gold and silver stick and immediately made the nearby True Dragon Geniuses cough out blood.

’’How is this possible......!??’’

These True Dragon Geniuses exclaimed.

Of the one hundred Wang Xiaoguai's ranking and strength was towards the back and the nearby geniuses were all ranked higher than Wang Xiaoguai but sent flying by one stick


Another two stone statues cast their figures. One was a black armoured god and the other a snake tailed yao beast.

Shua Shua!

Two giant figures landed into the ancient arena and the True Dragon Geniuses all revealed expectant expressions.

These figure casts represented being looked well upon by ancient experts and would choose to help the selected geniuses.

Soon two other geniuses received the power of the ancient experts and their battle strength rose.

At the same time.

Many stone statues gave off lights, roared, howled.... Different types of powers travelled between the ancient arena.


Almost ten figure casts and ascended onto their respective geniuses and one of them was a goddess with a fan that landed onto Liu Qinxin. The latter's eyes were closed, and the music of ancient times seemed to play in her eyes.

The power of transferring across space could make any geniuses' battle power rise dramatically within a short amount of time and even be comparable to the overwhelming prodigy level.


Zhao Feng suddenly sensed something, and several magnificent stone statues lit up and seemed to 'look' at him.

These stone statues were all at least a hundred yards tall and bigger than the previous ones. They seemed to be trying to communicate with Zhao Feng and await his response.


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