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King Of Gods - Chapter 378


Chapter 378 - True Dragon Geniuses

Ancient Arena.

The hundred thousand spectators were watching this scene in front of them.

The overwhelming prodigies had never wavered from the start of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering till now.

Who would have thought that that an overwhelming prodigy would fall, and it was Taiyun Shuangzi who had extreme battle power!

Until Zhao Feng this black horse appeared, everything became possible.

He first drew with Goddess Bing Wei first and then moved the overwhelming prodigies' position as he injured one prodigy after another, finally becoming one himself.

And now he had played a great deal in Taiyun Shuangzi's death.

Although Shi Chengtian had killed Taiyun Shuangzi, most people looked at the blue haired youth instead.

He had barely done anything and just used the flaw in Taiyun Shuangzi's heart to kill him.

Zhao Feng remained expressionless while watching Taiyun Shuangzi being stomped to death .

At this point in time.

His dragon blessing had reached the overwhelming prodigy's level and was about the same as Shi Chengtian's, more than Tantai Lanyue's and Goddess Bing Wei's.

’’Although Taiyun Shuangzi is strong his mental energy is the weakest amongst the original five overwhelming prodigies and has a major flaw in his character. The Eye of Heart is perfect for this.’’

Zhao Feng started to think about his four eye techniques.

Eye of Illusion: Using mental energy to trap the enemy but has no direct offensive power.

Eye of Heart: Entering the opponents flaw and can even control enemies with weak mental energy.

Eye of Ice Soul: Using the power of ice to erode the enemy's consciousness.

Lightning Fire God's Eye: Merging the True Spirit Flame with his eye and sending an attack that attacks both the physical and mental energy world.

There was no such as thing as the best here.

In terms of pure offense, the Lightning Eye God's Eye was the strongest but sometimes it wasn't as useful as the other eye techniques.

For example, when facing Shi Chengtian, he had used the Eye of Ice Soul and long-range attacks to destroy him. If he had used the Lightning Fire God's Eye in this situation it would be less useful.

Then again when using Taiyun Shuangzi who had a major flaw in his heart. Under the situation that their mental energy levels weren't much different Zhao Feng had won with one move by using the Eye of Heart.

’’The four eye techniques are enough for me to deal with most opponents unless their mental energy level or strength far surpasses mine.’’

Zhao Feng thought.

Above the ancient arena.

The nine Sovereigns could only watch Taiyun Shuangzi die and do nothing.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering was controlled by the ancient arena itself.

’’So unfortunate. If a person like that was able to become a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm, his strength would be immeasurable. There's not a single Sovereign yet who has two people in one body.’’

A Sovereign sighed.

Overwhelming prodigies usually only appeared once every couple generations and even though Taiyun Shuangzi like to kill, his fall still made the Sovereigns sigh.

’’Taiyun Shuangzi's flaw in his heart is too big. If it wasn't gotten rid of, his chances of reaching the Origin Core Realm isn't very high and is more likely to end up being a slaughterer.’’

Yu Xingchen faintly shook his head.

Strength was an aspect but sometimes will, state of heart also played a role and might be even more important than strength.

Experts needed a heart of an expert. Only then would they be able to control the power of an expert.

This was the connection between state of heart and cultivation therefore there was also a thing such as 'cultivating the heart.'

’’In terms of state of heart there's three people in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering who have almost no flaws.’’

The bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord slowly spoke.

’’Which three?’’

’’Yu Tianhao who has unparalleled belief and confidence;Xin Wuheng who is always as still as the water and Zhao Feng. His state of heart is always calm and never gives up even when in a desperate situation.’’

’’That's right, the hearts of these three are all perfect.’’

The Sovereigns nodded their heads.

If one person had the heart of an expert, they would become an expert sooner or later.

Probably even Zhao Feng didn't expect that his God's Spiritual Eye to have changed his inner heart as well as his body.

Of the three that the Deputy Palace Lord mentioned Yu Tianhao and Zhao Feng were overwhelming prodigies and their battle power was highly ranked.

Xin Wuheng was also at the quasi overwhelming prodigy level and could even maybe exchange a few moves with overwhelming prodigies.

Within the bubble of light.

With the fall of the old overwhelming prodigy, there was a rise in a new overwhelming prodigy.

The current five were: Yu Tianhao, Shi Chengtian, Zhao Feng, Tantai Lanyue and Goddess Bing Wei and amongst them Yu Tianhao still had the most dragon blessing.

After him was Shi Chengtian and Zhao Feng who were around equal.

The lowest was Goddess Bing Wei as part of her dragon blessing had been taken by Zhao Feng during the first round.

’’Zhao Feng, you saved my life and I owe you a favour. This Stone Heart Jade pendant is my Shi family's treasure which I'll give to you. When one day you need help you can bring this to the Shi family and find me.’’

Shi Chengtian handed over an expensive looking jade pendant to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng took over the Stone Heart Jade Pendant and found that his senses in Heaven Earth Yuan Qi increased by a lot and it also had other uses. In terms of value it was probably close to a High Tier Spiritual grade weapon.

Zhao Feng didn't decline such a thing.

’’I might need helpers when I go back to the Thirteen Countries.’’

Zhao Feng thought.

After parting with Shi Chengtian Zhao Feng once again met up with Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye.

The two still had traces of shock on their faces.

Before they had departed to cause trouble for Taiyun Shuangzi they felt uneasy but in just one move Zhao Feng had forced Taiyun Shuangzi into a desperate situation.

’’It's good that this monster died. Taiyun Shuangzi killed many people in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye felt satisfied.

They had been almost killed by him before they didn't hand over their True Dragon Token.

After finishing off Taiyun Shuangzi Zhao Feng and company went back to the river area to meet up with the three from the Heavenly Yuan Clan.

Zhao Yufei was still consolidating her foundation and Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man were still protecting her.

At this moment the two didn't know that Taiyun Shuangzi had fallen and when they knew the truth their hearts shook.

For the next few days.

Zhao Feng and company didn't purposely find new targets.

All of them had True Dragon Tokens and their dragon blessing was considerably strong.

Of the five overwhelming prodigies.

Yu Tianhao occasionally went out.

Shi Chengtian was healing and Tantai Lanyue was also recovering as well as letting her spiritual pets rest.

Zhao Feng was comprehending the battle between Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng.

Only Goddess Bing Wei went out to hunt for more dragon blessing and increase her own.


The dragon blessing of the five overwhelming prodigies was enormous and there wasn't many True Dragon Tokens left, meaning that it was hard to increase their dragon blessing.

This was why Zhao Feng stopped hunting.

He sat cross legged and closed his eyes while the scenery from that day replayed in his mind.

’’Switching the Stars... combination of mental energy, power and focus.... One with nature....’’

Zhao Feng had almost fully understood Switching the Stars especially since it was compatible with the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

After learning Switching the Stars Zhao Feng's defence was much stronger.

Combination of mental energy, power and focus and one with nature could not only increase the use of one's potential it could also strengthen Zhao Feng's mental energy level and root of law.

Zhao Feng had stepped into the path of combining mental energy, power and focus together.

He had also touched the door of being one with nature and this made his mastery of using lightning higher.

On the first day.

Zhao Feng comprehended the combination of mental energy, power and focus and being one with nature. He felt as if his potential and mental energy level was both rising.

On the second day.

Zhao Feng successfully reached the highest level, the third floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

’’According to the third floors' requirements, one needs the cultivation of the True Lord Rank to achieve this, but I actually succeeded!’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

The third floor of the lightning inheritance required a compatibility towards the heaven Earth Lightning Yuan Qi.

Because Zhao Feng had comprehended combining mental energy, power and focus and being one with nature, he succeeded in reaching the third floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

Every action and movement of the third floor was terrifying and the power of lightning reached an entire whole new level.

Although Zhao Feng's mental energy level kept on increasing and was comparable to the late stages of the True Mystic Rank, he still found it hard to use skills from the third floor of the Lightning Inheritance.

’’What level of insights has that Xin Wuheng reached? If it weren't for his normal talent and no bloodline, he definitely wouldn't be only at the beginning stages of the True Mystic Rank.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but think about Xin Wuheng.

In the past Zhao Feng's talent was very average but that changed after receiving the God's Spiritual Eye.

He knew how slow that cultivation speed was.

Time passed and on the seventh day inside the light.

The number of True Dragon Tokens was decreasing and those without the tokens counterattacked and even formed alliances and pacts.

The battles were extremely fierce but none of them reached the overwhelming prodigy level.

Those at the overwhelming prodigy level had the battle power close to a True Lord Rank and using numbers was useless.


Zhao Feng and company were quiet.

Until this day.

The number of True Dragon Tokens decreased to one hundred.


The bubble of light started to shake and gather the enormous amount of dragon blessing.

The roars of a hundred dragons could be faintly heard.

From above the ancient arena a hundred dragons could be seen and the most powerful five shining gold dragons were most than three yards long, forming a magnificent scene.

Apart from another five quasi overwhelming prodigies, the remaining gold dragons were all under one yard tall.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

The couple hundred geniuses without True Dragon Tokens disappeared from the bubble of light and were sent out.

The remaining one hundred were the famed 'True Dragon Geniuses.'


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