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King Of Gods - Chapter 376


Chapter 376 - One Move is Enough

After meeting Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye Zhao Feng parted with the three from the Heavenly Yuan Clan.

Of the Heavenly Yuan Clan, Zhao Yufei had the strength of a quasi-overwhelming prodigy and Mo Tianyi was at the first tier. With these two here even if an overwhelming prodigy appeared they would be able to fight back a bit or two.

Zhao Feng led the way at the front and his gold dragon shone in the sky and could be sensed from far away.

’’Run! The sixth overwhelming prodigy Zhao Feng has exited seclusion!’’

’’This Zhao Feng first severely injured Shi Chengtian and then Goddess Bing Wei, two overwhelming prodigies.’’

On the way geniuses ran everywhere, especially those with True Dragon Tokens.

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye followed behind Zhao Feng and clucked their tongues with shock. They felt excited and complex at the same time.

Thinking about how they had been chased away by these geniuses and now they experienced what it felt to see these peak geniuses scatter. Although it wasn't because of them they still felt good.

’’This is the effect strength brings.’’

’’I never would have thought that our Iron Blood Religion would also have an overwhelming prodigy.’’

Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye were happy and relaxed. They didn't need to worry about being pursued anymore.

On the way.

Zhao Feng and company met Prince Jin and a few others from the Canopy Great Country on the way.

Seeing Zhao Feng's aura of an overwhelming prodigy Prince Jin was first stunned before reacting and took a deep breath to 'seek refuge' from Zhao Feng.

If Zhao Feng was willing, he could take them in as a few lackeys.

’’You can go. If I meet you next time I'll see you guys as my opponent.’’

Zhao Feng said coldly and declined straight away as he released his mental energy pressure making Prince Jin and company unable to breathe.

There were no rules here and he wasn't a buddha that needed to protect others.

Prince Jin and company left but this result was expected. Zhao Feng didn't seem like one of those nice people.

’’Chapter Leader Zhao, your dragon blessing is too strong and anyone that sees you will have ran away when they see you.’’

Die Ye said, somewhat worried.

As time passed the number of True Dragon Tokens decreased.


Zhao Feng waved his hand and let the little thieving cat out.

He used Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye as bait while the little thieving cat helped, and Zhao Feng supported them with the Luohou Bow.

In reality, with Zhao Feng's speed, he could easily catch up to those escaping and steal their True Dragon Token's.

However, he didn't want the two to get True Dragon Token's so easily.

An hour later.

Zhao Feng didn't do much and Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye both now had a silver True Dragon Token with a glitter of gold.

After completing the problems for the two, Zhao Feng decided to find trouble for Taiyun Shuangzi.

Zhao Feng ordered Die Ye and company to stay within a twenty mile radius of him so this way his overwhelming prodigy dragon blessing aura would make other geniuses not come near.

’’Chapter Leader, that Taiyun Shuangzi is gruesome and terrifying. Since we've already got a True Dragon Token we don't need to become his enemy.’’

Jiang Sanfeng felt uneasy.

After all Zhao Feng had just reached the overwhelming prodigy level whereas Taiyun Shuangzi was a pair of brothers that each had 80% power of an overwhelming prodigy. When combined, their sword and blades exceeded normal overwhelming prodigies.

From the Sacred True Dragon Gathering's beginning till now only Yu Tianhao and Taiyun Shuangzi had no losses.

’’Taiyun Shuangzi has both a sword and blade and does indeed have strong battle power. In terms of pure offense, he might even exceed Shi Chengtian and Goddess Bing Wei. I don't have much confidence in a full straightforward combat.’’

Zhao Feng said calmly.

Hearing this Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye felt uneasy.

If Zhao Feng didn't have much confidence, then why would he find trouble for Taiyun Shuangzi?

If it was because of them that Zhao Feng had an accident, they couldn't bear the responsibility.

’’Of course, I'm talking about straightforward battle. In other people's eyes Taiyun Shuangzi's offense and defence is perfect and has no flaws. However, I have their flaw and can win in one move.’’

A confidence surged from Zhao Feng.

Only other overwhelming prodigies could take care of overwhelming prodigies.

After saying this he opened his God's Spiritual Eye and scanned for Taiyun Shuangzi's location.

In just a second Zhao Feng had confirmed his location.

’’Let's go.’’

Zhao Feng led the path and Jiang Sanfeng and Die wanted to say something but was overtaken by expectation.

On the way.

A sudden surge of a golden dragon appeared from in front that was even slightly stronger than Zhao Feng's.

Both Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye took a deep breath and became nervous.


A rainbow dressed young girl appeared in the sky on a flying fish the size of a pond. Her five-coloured glass whip made the nearby geniuses retreat.

Within the bubble of light.

Once an overwhelming prodigy appeared, everyone would run.

Yet what if an overwhelming prodigy met another?

Under normal situations overwhelming prodigies would be able to sense another from a long way off and would usually avoid one another since they weren't confident in winning.


Zhao Feng had locked onto Taiyun Shuangzi's direction and had no signs of avoiding her.

’’It's him....’’

Tantai Lanyue saw Zhao Feng from long away and her expression became slightly solemn.

She and Zhao Feng had met at the river but didn't fight.

At that time Zhao Feng's strength was at most at the quasi overwhelming prodigy level and although he couldn't be ignored by Tantai Lanyue, he was looked down upon.

However, after defeating Shi Chengtian and Goddess Bing Wei, Zhao Feng's position of overwhelming prodigy was unmovable.

Tantai Lanyue had also watched that battle.

’’His eye bloodline is biased towards the mental energy, but my mental energy level is high and can counter him. I'm scared that he'll attack my spiritual pets though.’’

Tantai Lanyue analysed and although she wasn't scared of Zhao Feng, she was still wary of him.

The two didn't retreat and the golden dragons in the sky approached one another.


Zhao Feng and Tantai Lanyue were a mile apart.

Attacks could be fired at this range already especially for Zhao Feng who specialised in the bow.

Tantai Lanyue had already prepared in her heart but in her sight Zhao Feng didn't even both looking at her and passed by behind her.


Tantai Lanyue was slightly surprised. She first thought that Zhao Feng was here to cause trouble as she had interrupted him that day.

Looking at the direction Zhao Feng was heading in she suddenly remembered something.

’’If I'm right Taiyun Shuangzi and Shi Chengtian should be in that direction....’’

Tantai Lanyue's pure eyes spin as she thought of something.

If she was correct, Zhao Feng had most likely locked onto a certain overwhelming prodigy.

Thinking up to here she decided to follow behind.

Half the time it took to make tea later.

A mountain appeared from in front and there were large fluctuations of Earth Yuan Qi.

On this mountain was two powerful auras from overwhelming prodigies.

In the depths of the mountain Taiyun Shuangzi held a sword and blade and laughed towards the sky as he brutally hacked towards the large stone ball in front of him.

The large stone ball gave off a faint yellow light.

Ding Ding! Peng! Peng!

The sword and blade left sparks on the large stone ball.

One dragon blessing came from Taiyun Shuangzi and the other came from the large stone ball.

Looking closely the large stone ball was actually a person who had wrapped himself up and a layer of brown and yellow formed a strong defence around him.

The large stone ball had sunk into the mountain as if trying to interact with the Earth and gain more defence.

’’Shi Chengtian who has the Stone Heart bloodline is indeed worthy of having the strongest defence amongst the overwhelming prodigies...’’

Zhao Feng sighed as he looked from afar.

Shi Chengtian's defence was already terrifying and normal overwhelming prodigies would find it hard pressed to break through it.

At this moment he had curled himself into a ball and almost become fully stone as he interacted with the earth Yuan Qi.

This meant that his defence and recovery speed both rose substantially.

If it weren't because of the fact that Zhao Feng had almost crippled Shi Chengtian's leg Taiyun Shuangzi probably couldn't finish off Shi Chengtian.

However, Taiyun Shuangzi was cunning and hit the metal while it was hot, forcing Shi Chengtian into this desperate situation.

No matter how strong Shi Chengtian's defence was, he wouldn't be able to escape from the fate Taiyun Shuangzi's sword and blade brought.

’’Big bro, there's another overwhelming prodigy aura appearing.’’

’’Not good, it's that brat. Does he want a share of our spoils of war?’’

Taiyun Shuangzi stopped and caught his breath before glaring at Zhao Feng with deadly threatening eyes.

Most overwhelming prodigies usually tried to avoid Taiyun Shuangzi.

This pair of brothers were savage and fought like maniacs. Once they fought with their lives normal overwhelming prodigies couldn't take it.

’’Blue haired kid, you got here just in time. We'll team up and take down this stone guys first then we'll split his dragon blessing 60-40.’’

The elder brother of Taiyun Shuangzi bulged his eyes as he thought of a plan.

In this current situation it was best for them not to fight Zhao Feng.

They had already forced Shi Chengtian into a corner and if they started to fight Zhao Feng now, Shi Chengtian would recover and pincer attack them.

It wasn't easy to face two overwhelming prodigies at once and seeing Zhao Feng arrive Shi Chengtian's ball of stone sunk deeper into the ground.

Taiyun Shuangzi didn't really care about that and waited for Zhao Feng's response. The severely injured Shi Chengtian wouldn't be able to run far.

’’So, this is what overwhelming prodigies say to one another? Taiyun Shuangzi's scared to fight us and even asked to team up.’’

Jiang Sanfeng and Die behind were stunned.

Taiyun Shuangzi suggesting working together and give 40% of the dragon blessing was taking a step back and admitting Zhao Feng's strength.


Zhao Feng's blue hair blew in the wind as he shouted: ’’You really think an ugly monster like you has the right to work with me? My target isn't the stone man, but trash like you... one move is enough to finish you two off.’’


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