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King Of Gods - Chapter 375


Chapter 375 - Comprehension

Alone in the Heavens!

Yu Tianhao's battle intent surged and a supreme belief radiated from him that made the Earth tremble and make the sky lose its colour.

At that point in time he seemed to be the only being in the world as he looked down at everything.

Switching the Stars! Ten Thousand Origins Retract!

Xin Wuheng had a solemn expression on his face that was never did before, and his two hands profoundly tried to absorb and redirect Yu Tianhao's palm.


At the last moment Yu Tianhao's cultivation uncontrollably rose to the late stages of the True Mystic Rank.


Xin Wuheng's body flew out and smashed into the mountain bringing dust down.

’’I've lost. If you want the True Dragon Token I can give it to you.’’

Xin Wuheng expressionlessly took out the True Dragon Token.

Within the bubble of light victory didn't mean you could take the loser's dragon blessing. One had to physically take the True Dragon Token.

Due to the difference in cultivation and Yu Tianhao's bloodline, it was obvious he would win.

’’You forced me to use the cultivation of the late stages of the True Mystic Rank with only cultivation of the beginning stage True Mystic Rank power and I barely w.’’

Yu Tianhao looked at Xin Wuheng deeply as if trying to remember what he looked like.

However, Xin Wuheng was too normal, there was nothing special about him.

It was the calm and peaceful aura from him that didn't seem in sync with his age.


Yu Tianhao didn't take Xin Wuheng's True Dragon Token and left.

In his heart he didn't win;it could be said he even lost.

Being the number one genius Yu Tianhao had been crowned ever since he was young and stood lonely at the peak.

However, although he didn't lose this battle he felt as if he did.

Sending Yu Tianhao away with his eyes Xin Wuheng shook his head and smiled. It seemed that it was within his expectations that the opponent didn't take his True Dragon Token.

Above the ancient arena on the stage.

’’Although it seemed Xin Wuheng lost the last move, he's not injured as he had nullified the power.’’

The Green Moon Sovereign's face was filled with surprise.

’’It's better this way. Hao'ers path of cultivation has been too smooth and it's not a good thing to have no opponents.’’

Yu Xingchen's eyes twinkled as he started to think.

Being a father, he obviously wished for Yu Tianhao to have more powerful opponents yet Yu Tianhao's talent was outstanding and threw every other prodigy behind his back.

In the past year Yu Tianhao purposely didn't break through to the True Lord Rank or else what would the Sacred True Dragon Gathering mean to him>

On the mountain.

Zhao Feng's consciousness entered a profound state and seemed to have leapt out of his body and watched the process of Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng's battle.

He had felt this feeling twice before.

Both times an Eye of Heaven had appeared in the sky but expended a lot of mental energy.

This time Zhao Feng slightly controlled it and only 'watched' and didn't put any pressure on it.

After the fight Xin Wuheng glanced towards the sky and appeared to be thinking.

’’Yu Tianhao's battle power is indeed unparalleled, even Xin Wuheng lost.’’

Inside the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye, the scenes replayed in his mind.

Yu Tianhao's belief had surpassed normal sword and blade intent. Cang Yuyue, Tian Yunzhi and company would be useless against him.

This power came from the heart and Zhao Feng couldn't copy it.

There was a limit to skills Zhao Feng could copy.

His God's Spiritual Eye had a limit - it wasn't as if he could do everything.

First was the compatibility between bloodline and element.

Some bloodline secret techniques were based on a certain bloodline so even if Zhao Feng knew how it was used, he couldn't use it.

This was the greatest barrier.

Second was the level of skill. If it was too high Zhao Feng couldn't comprehend it and might be restricted by his cultivation level.

For example, he wouldn't be able to comprehend the legendary 'Earth grade' skills that even Origin Core Realm experts found hard to understand.

However, Xin Wuheng's skills had no obvious element nor bloodline requirements since he didn't have a bloodline himself.

However, his insights were profound and cultivation wasn't high.

’’Hehe, Switching the Stars and Ten Thousand Origins Retract as well as that unique intent. Every action putting mental energy, power and focus together;becoming one with nature.’’

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face as he copied Xin Wuheng's skills.

There was a total of three.

The first was Switching the Stars, a skill that redirected energy elsewhere.

The second was Ten Thousand Origins Retract which was even more profound and used an invisible hand to absorb the enemy's power and convert it to their own.

The third was the combination of mental energy, power and focus, becoming one with nature.

Zhao Feng could only immediately copy the first type which was to redirect energy.

The second Ten Thousand Origins Retract was more profound and started to touch the skill Xin Wuheng cultivated so Zhao Feng couldn't learn it instantly.

The three was the most difficult and Zhao Feng found that basically it was the use of the root of law.

’’If I comprehend the third it can increase my root of law.’’

Zhao Feng realised.

He put more importance on the third while merging the first type into his own skill.

The Lightning Inheritance and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible were top tier skills across the continent but was only considered average in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Zhao Feng had to keep absorbing and strengthening his own skill to have the chance to reach the peak of this continent.

He thought that he wasn't knowledgeable to create his own skills but could try to do so by merging the skill of others together.

After a while.

Zhao Feng returned to the cave near the river and Zhao Yufei was still consolidating her cultivation while Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man protected her.

In the blink of an eye, half a day had passed and Zhao Feng had successfully merged the technique of Switching the Stars into his own.

He then focused on Xin Wuheng's One with the nature intent.

Under this intent Zhao Feng had to concentrate fully on his mental energy thoughts and interact it with his root of law.

The combination of mental energy, energy and attention could use the full potential of one's power and was slightly easier to comprehend.

Apart from thinking about it in his mind Zhao Feng would also time to time stand up and test it out.

Mo Tianyi and company were first surprised then realised that Zhao Feng seemed to become more and more like Xin Wuheng.

Switching the Stars, mental energy, power and focus into one.

Zhao Feng could do this.

The combination of mental energy, power and focus could release Zhao Feng's full potential and reach levels where he usually couldn't.

Zhao Feng felt his root of law become clearer and become more able to interact with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

The Qi of True Spirit within his body was one with his mental energy and circulated smoothly with every thought.

’’No wonder Xin Wuheng's cultivation speed is so fast.’’

Zhao Feng's mental energy and power had reached an unprecedented level and felt his senses with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi become stronger.

In just half a day's time, Zhao Feng felt his cultivation rise.

At this moment.

His cultivation was fully consolidated and exceeded most beginning stage True Mystic Ranks and was moving towards the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

The more he comprehended the more Zhao Feng felt how not simple Xin Wuheng was.

Zhao Feng didn't believe Xin Wuheng got these tricks from the Clan.


Zhao Feng asked Mo Tianyi.

’’There's many rumours about this Xin Wuheng. Some said he reached this level by self-learning and never had a master. He can use terrifying power from normal skills and cultivate devastating skills.’’

Mo Tianyi said after some thought.

After all, before the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Xin Wuheng was a genius of the Northern Continent just below Mo Tianyi and Xia Xianshang.

As the two were talking, shouts came from the river.

’’Chapter Leader Zhao!’’

’’Is Chapter Leader here?’’

A male and female's voice sounded from above.

Zhao Feng raised his head and was slightly surprised as he appeared in the air above the river.

The two were Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye.

The two had sullen expressions and no signs of dragon blessing came from them.

’’What happened?’’

Zhao Feng realised that he had forgotten about Die Ye and Jiang Sanfeng from the Iron Blood Religion after entering this place.

After some discussion Zhao Feng found that Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye's True Dragon Token had been stolen.

The two had teamed up and as long as they didn't meet the geniuses of the first tier, they could usually win.

However, their luck was bad two days ago and met Taiyun Shuangzi's pursuit.

’’Your True Dragon Tokens were taken by Taiyun Shuangzi?’’

Zhao Feng furrowed his eyebrows.

He had seen how cruel Taiyun Shuangzi was in this place. If the person didn't hand over their True Dragon Token, they would be beaten or killed.

’’I almost lost my life. My right arm was broken like this.’’

Jiang Sanfeng said sadly and Zhao Feng saw that half his right arm was empty.

’’If it wasn't because Taiyun Shuangzi found a new target at the last minute we might've been crippled or killed.’’

Die Ye said luckily.

In this place if one True Dragon Token was taken, it was hard to find another.

As time passed the number of True Dragon Token's would decrease and the ones with True Dragon Tokens were all very powerful. Even the two of them combined wouldn't last a few moves.


The two had given up but over the past day they had heard of the six overwhelming prodigy and rushed over to find Zhao Feng.

’’Relax, I'll help you guys get back a True Dragon Token and I think that the number of overwhelming prodigies here is a tad too much.’’

Zhao Feng eyes flashed coldly as his blue hair blew in the wind.

Die Ye and Jiang Sanfeng were stunned. From Zhao Feng's tone it seemed that he was going to trouble Taiyun Shuangzi.

Taiyun Shuangzi was known for his cruelty and cunningness in the five overwhelming prodigies.

Furthermore, the brothers each had a blade and sword. They had no flaws when fighting and could both attack and defend.


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