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King Of Gods - Chapter 374


Chapter 374 - Looking Down from the Clouds

Goddess Bing Wei had detected Zhao Yufei arrival and circulated her bloodline power to drop the temperature to a terrifying level.

She had already prepared to seal the person coming to help in ice as well.

It was because of this that Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man didn't dare to come help Zhao Feng.

The centre of the ice area couldn't be moved by normal True Mystic Ranks and might be eroded by the cold.

’’Sister Yufei, watch out!’’

The expressions of Mo Tianyi and company changed but it was too late.

In terms of speed Zhao Yufei had already surpassed Mo Tianyi, one of the top geniuses of the North.

Zhao Yufei quickly came closer to the area of ice and each step she got closer, the cold went become chillier.

Even normal True Mystic Ranks would be hard pushed to move at the core of the ice.

Zhao Yufei's skin had a jade feel to it and when the coldness came, she wasn't frozen as expected.

A layer of light surrounded her body and could summon the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby within a mile radius. It was as if she was a True Lord Rank.

Mo Tianyi and company could only watch as Zhao Yufei closed in on the centre of the ice area.

At this moment in time.

Although Zhao Yufei's bloodline was unique and had almost exceeded the limits of flesh, a thin layer of ice still interacted with her multi coloured light.


Zhao Yufei shouted as her jade hand lit up and sent hundreds of sharp lights towards the ice.

Crack crack!

The outer layer of the ice zone started to shatter.

’’What power! Every action and move can summon the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.’’

Mo Tianyi and co. were dazed.

Zhao Yufei had just reached the True Mystic Rank but was far stronger than imagined.

Although her cultivation and mental energy level was still at the beginning stages of the True Mystic Rank, her compatibility with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was comparable to a True Lord Rank.

’’You want to break through my ice by just you?’’

Goddess Bing Wei's body released an even more powerful surge of cold light that quickly recovered the broken ice.

Gusts of howling icy wind swept towards Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei exclaimed and used her skills to block these winds. In terms of strength Zhao Yufei was still a line away from an overwhelming prodigy such as Goddess Bing Wei.


Goddess Bing Wei had forgot something. Zhao Feng who she had sealed was the sixth overwhelming prodigy who was at her level.

Being distracted by Zhao Yufei gave Zhao Feng time to recover and using this time he quickly burnt his Qi of True Spirit to melt the surrounding ice.

’’Mystic Lightning Explosion!!’’

Flowers of lightning formed around Zhao Feng and started to blossom.

Boom~~~ Crack!! Crack!

A barrage of shocking booms came from within the ice and teamed up with Zhao Yufei.

In that instant, everyone within a hundred miles radius could hear the sound of an ice mountain crumbling and the surrounding ice shattered layer by layer.

The terrifying power of the Mystic Lightning Explosion first hit Goddess Bing Wei who was hugging him.

The distance was too close.

Goddess Bing Wei's body went numb and she was sent flying and a leak of blood appeared on her lips.

’’Burning my Qi of True Spirit makes me indeed strong, but this Mystic Lightning Explosion is also created from the Lightning Inheritance, Lightning Mystic Stone and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible while I was sealed in ice.’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed, and arcs of chaotic lightning scorched the surroundings.

In an instant he became a God of Destruction.

The spectating overwhelming prodigies Shi Chengtian and Taiyun Shuangzi were stunned.

The Mystic Lightning Explosion was created with burning the Qi of True Spirit as the basis and its power was devastating.

Before Zhao Feng was fully sealed in ice so couldn't release this move or else he might have injured himself.

’’Brother Zhao, are you ok?’’

Zhao Yufei did her best to try and dissolve the nearby lightning and ice to try and meet up with Zhao Feng.

’’Yufei, you came right on time.’’

The two stood shoulder to shoulder and faced off Goddess Bing Wei.

Lightning Fire God's Eye!

Without saying anything Zhao Feng fired a shot onto Goddess Bing Wei's body.

Goddess Bing Wei's mind started to burn, and she circulated her Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body to put off the flames.


Goddess Bing Wei's face was pale white as she heaved her chest up in down to catch her breath.

From the start of the battle till now Goddess Bing Wei had used all his methods and even used a shameless hugging method to seal a stranger but ended in failure.

Furthermore, Goddess Bing Wei's mind was even more injured.

’’One overwhelming prodigy and another quasi overwhelming prodigy. If I don't leave now it'll be troublesome.’’

Goddess Bing Wei turned into a streak of light that escaped to the South.

Zhao Feng sent her away with his eyes and didn't pursue her.

He and Zhao Yufei had both broken through not long ago and needed to consolidate their foundation.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn't have any confidence to make Goddess Bing Wei stay. Her bloodline and Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body was troublesome.

Zhao Feng's bloodline could absorb ice attacks, but Goddess Bing Wei's bloodline had strong defence and was also resilient towards most ice elemental skills.

It was Zhao Yufei's strength that surprised Zhao Feng. She had just reached the True Mystic Rank but had the battle power of a quasi-overwhelming prodigy.

The area next to the river was in chaos.

Only Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei were left behind and the two stood shoulder to shoulder, like a holy couple.

Goddess Bing Wei and Shi Chengtian had both retreated.

Zhao Feng looked towards the directions where the two ran and a playful smile appeared on his lips.

Just as Goddess Bing Wei escaped one hundred miles away, a girl holding a five-coloured glass whip appeared out of a lake. She revealed part of her legs and her eyes were pure.

’’Tantai Lanyue, what's the meaning of this?’’

Goddess Bing Wei's expression changed slightly.

’’Hehe, Goddess Bing Wei, I still haven't paid you back for ambushing me before.’’

Tantai Lanyue twirled the whip in her hands and a puff of white smoke enveloped a hundred yards radius.


A soul shocking roar came from under the girl dressed in several colours and the invisible aura radiating from it made Goddess Bing Wei unable to breathe.

A small mountain was revealed after the white smoke faded. It was an Earth Dragon Beast brown yellow in colour with a dragon horn on its head. Its mouth was dark and even larger than a normal house.

Compared with the Earth Dragon Beast, Tantai Lanyue's figure was like an ant but she was the owner of this One-Horned Earth Dragon Beast.

’’Hehe, one horned, let's beat her up.’’

Tantai Lanyue laughed childishly as she waved her whip and ordered the Earth Dragon Beast to attack Goddess Bing Wei.

It was as if a small mountain was charging forwards.

Goddess Bing Wei didn't have Yu Tianhao's overwhelming battle power nor Shi Chengtian's strength so could only dodge.

At the same time.

On the other side dozens of miles away.

Shi Chengtian's walking was uneven and he suddenly stopped in front of a hill.

’’Hehe.... Shi Chengtian, we've waited a long time for you.’’

Taiyun Shuangzi laughed wickedly as he gripped a sword and blade and blocked Shi Chengtian's path.

Shi Chengtian didn't specialise in speed and his leg was still injured therefore he could only fight.

These scenes obviously fell into Zhao Feng's eyes.

Goddess Bing Wei and Shi Chengtian had both been ambushed by other overwhelming prodigies after fighting Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng didn't feel any pity for them.


Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei met up with Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man.

Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man were slightly awkward.

At first when Zhao Feng was frozen they didn't go help but Zhao Yufei did.

After the danger was over, both Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei were happy.

Zhao Yufei still needed to consolidate her foundation but Zhao Feng didn't really need to since he had formed his root of law before breaking through.

’’Brother Mo, you go first protect Yufei. I'll be right back.’’

Zhao Feng said then turned into a blur that flashed through the air.

Zhao Feng didn't go to chase Goddess Bing Wei or kill Shi Chengtian.

He came to a hill and looked towards a cave with his God's Spiritual Eye.

Within the cave.

Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng had started a soul shaking battle.

The attacks of the two were extremely powerful and holes could be seen everywhere.

’’This Xin Wuheng has indeed hidden himself deeply.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye locked onto Xin Wuheng.

Xin Wuheng's intents seemed to be from nature and every movement from him was perfect.

Every action, every skill used Xin Wuheng's power to his entire potential.

The surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi seemed to become his shield.

His opponent Yu Tianhao was just purely powerful and his belief was like sword and blade intent that could slash through the void.

If Zhao Feng had to say which one was stronger, it would be Yu Tianhao who had unparalleled battle power.

However, Xin Wuheng was more skilled.

Ten moves... fifty moves... one hundred moves.

The pace of the two was fast and slow at times, giving off a feeling that the space had been distorted

Those watching this battle including Zhao Feng and the spectators in the ancient arena felt their hearts shake.

The difference was that Zhao Feng was watching with his God's Spiritual Eye and could copy the scenes into his mind.

Therefore, Zhao Feng circulated his God's Spiritual Eye to the maximum to his 'steal' more skills.

At a certain point he suddenly felt his consciousness exit his shell.


Zhao Feng's point of view changed.

He saw Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng's battle from the sky.

Both Yu Tianhao and Xin Wuheng seemed to feel a cold eye look down onto them but when they looked up, there was nothing there.

Only till two hundred moves later was the victor decided.


One of the figures was sent flying into the mountain.


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