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King Of Gods - Chapter 372


Chapter 372 - The Dao Sovereign's Secret

The second Zhao Yufei reached the True Mystic Rank a new inheritance shadowing appeared above the ancient arena.

That inheritance shadowing was enormous, and a chilling cold aura knocked aside the nearby inheritance shadowings.

Everyone turned and inspected it. They saw a palace made of ice and snow.

’’Mystic Ice Inheritance!’’

The Mystic Ice Queen exclaimed as she looked at the inheritance shadowing with joy and surprise.

The Mystic Ice Palace had one of the Mystic Ice Inheritance entrances and therefore knew a lot about this inheritance.

However, being one of the Four Great Inheritances, it wouldn't be so easily controlled by just one force.

The Mystic Ice Palace only controlled a part of the Mystic Ice Inheritance.

Only in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering would the main Mystic Ice Inheritance connect with the ancient arena.

’’One of the Four Great Inheritances, the Mystic Ice Inheritance.'

’’Ha-ha, those cultivating in the Dao of Ice are lucky.’’

The spectators discussed.

Being one of the Four Great Inheritances, the Mystic Ice Inheritance rarely appeared once every thousand years and when it did appear, forgotten Ice elemental skills, treasured and resources would be found and those cultivating in the Dao of Ice would rise.

It could be said that any one of the Four Great Inheritances would affect the continents destiny.

Amongst these the Heavens Legacy was the most ancient and mysterious. It's every appearance would have an enormous effect on the world.

’’This is the second of the Four Great Inheritances. Unfortunately, the Scarlet Moon Inheritance was taken by the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch.’’

Sovereign Yu Tianhao sighed.

’’Every appearance of an inheritance isn't about luck. The requirements must be fulfilled.’’

The bronze skinned giant's gaze turned towards the bubble of light. More precisely, towards Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei.

’’It's most likely Goddess Bing Wei. Her powerful bloodline and ice elemental techniques must have attracted the Mystic Ice Inheritance. Plus, this generations Sacred True Dragon Gathering is extremely powerful.’’

’’It might be connected to Zhao Feng as well. His bloodline power is also of the ice element and is a very pure ancient bloodline’’

Several Sovereigns nodded their head in agreement.

The appearance of the Mystic Ice Inheritance was great, and the Sacred Alliance was overjoyed and was even more expectant.

After all, the Sacred True Dragon Gathering hadn't reached the last stages yet.

Of the nine Sovereigns, only a white robed elder was silent.

He hurriedly glanced towards the Mystic Ice Inheritance then put all his attention on Zhao Yufei breaking through.

’’The Ten Thousand Ancient Races have the strongest bloodlines in the universe and the appearance of any one of them has greater importance than the Four Great Inheritances.’’

The white robed elder didn't move.

In his eyes, Zhao Yufei reaching the True Mystic Rank was more important than the inheritances.

This white robed elder was Zhao Yufei's Master, one of the Grand Elders of the Heavenly Yuan Clan and a Sacred Alliance member.

He didn't speak much in this Sacred True Dragon Gathering because he had a secret. A secret that apart from another Grand Elder, no third person knew.

And at this moment Zhao Yufei reaching the True Mystic Rank might cause a scenery from her bloodline that other Sovereigns might detect.

Once that secret was found, the white robed elder couldn't imagine the outcome. At least the Heavenly Yuan Clan wasn't enough.

Therefore, the white robed elder was slightly uneasy but luckily the Mystic Ice Inheritance directed everyone's attention.

’’Baiyun Dao Sovereign, that Zhao Yufei is your disciple. Her momentum in reaching the True Mystic Rank isn't small.’’

The Green Moon Sovereign faintly smiled as she noticed the white robed elder's tension.

The white robed elder was Baiyun Dao Sovereign, one of the nine present.

’’Hehe, so this is the disciple of Baiyun Dao Sovereign. Your disciple's bloodlines so powerful. Maybe she'll become another overwhelming prodigy and catch up to Sword Saint Ye Wuxie.’’

’’From how she reached the True Mystic Rank, her bloodline power has just been discovered and probably has the battle power close to an overwhelming prodigy.’’

The Sovereigns praised, and Baiyun Dao Sovereign pretended to be worried: ’’Aye, my disciple's broken to the True Mystic Rank in too much of a rush. This will make her foundation unstable.’’

In reality, he clearly knew that Zhao Yufei's bloodline was extremely compatible with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and her foundation was solid.

Within the bubble of light multi coloured clouds bloomed.

In the cave.

Zhao Yufei's skin was as smooth as jade and even gave off a faint light, like a flower.

Her face seemed pure and holy under the light and she was the centre of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that beckoned to her call.

She felt the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was like her mother and every action and breath of hers could summon Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. The compatibility rate was ten times more than normal True Mystic Ranks, on par with a True Lord Rank.

In just a few moments.

Her True Force cultivation had passed by the beginning stages of the True Mystic Rank and approached the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

After breaking through the True Mystic Rank barrier, she had stepped into a brand-new world.

Luckily, she was in the cave and not many people could see her situation.

Of course, those at the True Lord Rank and Sovereigns could see a little bit.

’’This is an unparalleled bloodline. As long as her mental energy is enough she can break through.’’

The bronze skinned giant Deputy Palace Lord was slightly envious.

This bloodline suddenly made him remember something.

’’Could it be? No, that's way too unlikely....’’

This thought was soon tossed out.

The multi coloured clouds and flowers around the river started to fade and Zhao Yufei realised that if it weren't because her mental energy was enough she could instantly reach the early stage True Mystic Rank.

If Zhao Feng this talent he could charge into the early stage or even late stages of the True Mystic Rank in one breath.

However, there was no such thing as a perfect bloodline.

Zhao Feng's bloodline focused on mental energy whereas Zhao Yufei was directly opposite. She was biased towards the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and it was her mental energy that couldn't catch up.

Near the river.

Zhao Feng was hugged by Goddess Bing Wei and continued to be sealed in ice.

’’Bastard, I'll see how long you can last. My cultivation and mastery of ice both surpass yours....’’

Goddess Bing Wei tightly hugged Zhao Feng and the two maintained this position.

’’Goddess Bing Wei's power of ice is still being released. This means that Zhao Feng's not fully sealed yet.’’

Mo Tianyi was worried but he didn't know what to do.

Should he go rescue Zhao Feng? But Sister Yufei was also at the critical moment.

’’Senior brother, according to the deal before we'll protect Zhao Feng when he's in seclusion. Now the deal is complete it doesn't matter whether we rescue him or not. Plus, we can't even get close to him due to the ice.’’

The yellow faced man shook his head and Mo Tianyi was helpless.

Goddess Bing Wei had activated her bloodline and normal True Mystic Ranks might be also sealed in ice when close enough.

At the centre of the ice it was so solid that even normal True Mystic Rank probably couldn't even shatter it.

Under this situation Mo Tianyi and company decided to place Sister Yufei's safety as the number one priority.

In the end, Zhao Feng was still an outsider.

’’Want to ice seal me... don't even think about it!’’

Although Zhao Feng was frozen, his Qi of True Spirit never gave up.

As long as his mental energy consciousness was still there he could control his bloodline and Qi of True Spirit.

A part of the ice was absorbed by his bloodline.


Zhao Feng had two Sources of True Spirit within his body, one belonging to himself and the other to the Water Moon pirate.

In this situation Zhao Feng conserve his own Qi of True Spirit and burned the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit.

In terms of strength the Water Moon pirate's Qi of True Spirit was stronger than Zhao Feng's.

Due to the burning of Qi of True Spirit, Zhao Feng's resistance rose.

Of course, he could only burn a small amount at a time or else his body wouldn't be able to handle it and might explode.

’’This brat's burning his Qi of True Spirit. Hmph, I'll wait till he's injured his foundation and falls back down to the True Human Rank.’’

Goddess Bing Wei snickered coldly in her heart as at the edges of the zone of ice Shi Chengtian was healing himself.

On top of a lone mountain.

Taiyun Shuangzi's cunning eyes kept track of the current situation.

’’Zhe zhe.... Keep on fighting and hopefully you all become injured then we'll finish them all off.’’

The younger one of the Taiyun Shuangzi said smugly but the time Zhao Feng lasted against Goddess Bing Wei in the ice was longer than imagined.

In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed and Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei still hadn't come to an end.

’’She's indeed worthy of being an overwhelming prodigy that crushes several generations. Aye, it's all my fault for getting tricked by her before.’’

Zhao Feng didn't dare to burn all his Qi of True Spirit because his body was sealed in ice and could only work it down with Goddess Bing Wei.

This meant it was a battle of endurance and Zhao Feng didn't worry about this. He was wanting to give up a part of the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit anyways, but could Goddess Bing Wei do that?

’’Brother Mo, Sister Yufei's broken through. Should we ask her to come help?’’

The yellow faced man asked.

No, she's just reached the True Mystic Rank and won't be of much help.’’

Mo Tianyi shook his head.

At the same time.

Within a calm cave in a bubble of light.

’’You are Xin Wuheng?’’

The black-haired Yu Tianhao with eyes as large as the universe looked the normal man sitting on a stone opposite him.

’’Why are you chasing me? I'm not your match. You should know no one in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering is your match.’’

Xin Wuheng shook his head and sighed.


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