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King Of Gods - Chapter 371


Chapter 371 - The Goddess' Hug

Above the area close to the river.

Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei met once again while the icy winds howled and lightning flashed.

’’This bastard made it so that my little sister couldn't participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and stole skills from our Mystic Ice Inheritance, rising step by step....’’

Goddess Bing Wei's eyes flashed with a coldness and her chest heaved with hatred.


Her skin lit up as her Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body was activated and a powerful aura of ice enveloped a radius of a hundred yards.

The coldness chilled straight to the bone and even had an effect like Zhao Feng's Eye of Ice Soul.

’’Activating her bloodline power further and increasing her defence and recovery speed while also forming a domain of ice....’’

Zhao Feng's heart jumped as he realised that Goddess Bing Wei's strength was hidden deeper than what he thought.

In just a couple breaths time Goddess Bing Wei's skin was now perfect like snow, soft and smooth.

The only thing she couldn't instantly heal was the injury in her mind.

’’This is the power of domain. Using her Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body and bloodline to freeze everything within a certain radius. Even if an overwhelming prodigy entered their speed would decrease significantly.’’

Mo Tianyi's head popped out as he watched the battle from afar.

He was stunned when he saw Zhao Feng beat Shi Chengtian and wasn't worried for Zhao Feng fighting against Goddess Bing Wei.

After all, Zhao Feng's bloodline countered Goddess Bing Wei's and her Lightning Fire God's Eye was also deadly towards her.

’’If this domain of ice was used together with Shi Chengtian's Gravity domain, its effect would double.’’

Zhao Feng's mind turned and instantly understood Goddess Bing Wei and Shi Chengtian's original plan.

Once the Domain of Ice and Gravity Domain was used together even those at the True Lord Rank would be restricted. Across the Sacred True Dragon Gathering probably no one could break it.

Extreme Northern Mystic Ice Wind!

Goddess Bing Wei fired a chaotic howling gust of wind that froze everything in its path and Zhao Feng's blood and Qi of True Spirit started to freeze.

If it weren't for his bloodline power, Goddess Bing Wei would definitely be a troublesome opponent.


A magnificent figure rose behind Zhao Feng and sat on a throne.

When Goddess Bing Wei's ice attacks came close a part of it was absorbed.

Zhao Feng was protected from the ice and had a high resilience from it.

’’Mystic Ice Demon Suppressing Mountain!’’

Goddess Bing Wei shouted as her jade hands summoned several ice mountains crushing down towards Zhao Feng.

’’What's this Goddess Bing Wei planning?’’

Zhao Feng was suspicious.

He lifted his hands and two Sources of True Spirit surged from him which shattered the ice mountains.

Compared with before Zhao Feng had a far easier time than before when fighting Goddess Bing Wei.

Hu! Shua!

Goddess Bing Wei's eyes flashed as she closed in and her domain of ice enveloped Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng seemed to fall into countless ice but the figure and throne behind him continuously absorbed the ice.

’’The domain of ice is indeed strong but has a much weaker effect to me.’’

Zhao Feng thought.

The domain of ice used extreme coldness to freeze everything around it but for Zhao Feng, it's effect was at least 70% less. Goddess Bing Wei was just wasting her energy.

However, Zhao Feng soon felt that something was wrong.

Goddess Bing Wei kept on coming closer and the domain of ice became stronger since Goddess Bing Wei's Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body was its core.

Yet Zhao Feng didn't fear Goddess Bing Wei in close combat.

Peng! Boom!

The power of ice and lightning blossomed as the two clashed time after time.

Zhao Feng became more courageous as time passed and his Qi of True Spirit flowed more smoothly.

Goddess Bing Wei didn't have any advantage in close combat.

Zhao Feng did indeed have the strength of an overwhelming prodigy and his bloodline was her nemesis. He didn't fear her in both close or long-range combat.

Of course, Zhao Feng's bloodline also couldn't deal with Goddess Bing Wei.

Goddess Bing Wei's Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body's defence was extremely strong and could almost fully block any normal attack.

Lightning Fire God's Eye!

Zhao Feng fired an eye bloodline skill onto Goddess Bing Wei's body but under the domain of ice the damage from the Lightning Fire God's Eye was weakened by quite a bit.

Furthermore, Goddess Bing Wei was watching out for it and not caught off guard.

Zhao Feng's Lightning Fire God's Eye only injured Goddess Bing Wei's mind a little bit.

Goddess Bing Wei hmphed and gritted her teeth as she took this hit directly.

’’There's definitely a trick.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled as he found Goddess Bing Wei's kept on fighting close range.

Zhao Feng's speed was indeed decreased by Goddess Bing Wei's domain of ice but her close combat skills was just average. She wasn't as powerful as Shi Chengtian and not as agile and he.

Zhao Feng soon found a flaw in Goddess Bing Wei.

Ice Lightning Mystic Flower!

Zhao Feng's eyes flashed as his power of ice and lightning thrust towards Goddess Bing Wei's chest which had no protection there.

Goddess Bing Wei's expression changed as she tried to dodge.


It was too late and Zhao Feng's palm had reached her chest.


Zhao Feng felt a softness on his palm.


His face instantly went slightly red and was dumbfounded.

In terms of pure defence Goddess Bing Wei's Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body was the same as Shi Chengtian's and had high resilience towards ice.

Therefore, this palm barely injured Goddess Bing Wei.

’’Damn it.... I got tricked!’’

Zhao Feng realised that Goddess Bing Wei had purposely left this flaw for him and as he thought, he saw Goddess Bing Wei reveal a smug smile.

Just as he tried to retreat Goddess Bing Wei's domain of ice reached its peak and the critical coldness almost froze Zhao Feng's blood as he slowed down.


Goddess Bing Wei also reached out her arms and 'hugged' Zhao Feng.


Surprised shouts came from everywhere.

The nearby spectators had gaping mouths and the mouths of the experts in the ancient arena almost fell to the ground.

That's right!

Goddess Bing Wei had hugged Zhao Feng and in a very tight manner.

If it was in another place they would have been thought of as a couple.

’’Hehe, Zhao Feng's underestimated her.’’

A smile appeared on the Mystic Ice Queen's face.

Zhao Feng stood still as he was tightly hugged by Goddess Bing Wei and a terrifying coldness spread out throughout his body.

Being hugged by such a beauty was supposed to be great but for Zhao Feng, he had half stepped into being doomed.

Limitless coldness locked Zhao Feng's body and in the blink of an eye a layer of ice had spread across his body and was trying to go a step further and freeze his Qi of True Spirit and bloodline power.

’’How shameless is this Goddess Bing Wei to use her breasts to lure me in and freeze me.’’

Zhao Feng hiccupped as he froze.

Just like this he and Goddess Bing Wei 'hugged'. It was at first warm but then came then infinite coldness.

The two were right next to each other.

Zhao Feng's mouth almost kissed Goddess Bing Wei's face and the latter was like a Goddess of Ice as her mouth curled up in killing intent.

Apart from his bloodline power, Zhao Feng's mastery and insights into ice was more than level off than Goddess Bing Wei.

With such a small distance between them, Zhao Feng's advantage in speed was useless.

It wasn't as if Zhao Feng didn't want to resist.

Goddess Bing Wei's cultivation was higher than him by two small levels and had a purer and denser Qi of True Spirit. She also had a bloodline power and her Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body's attribute surpassed him.

In terms of coldness, Goddess Bing Wei's domain also suppressed Zhao Feng.

Therefore, being tightly hugged and frozen, Zhao Feng couldn't struggle at all.

Si! Si!

With the naked eye one, could see the area surrounding the two was being turned into ice.

Zhao Feng's body was fully sealed in ice and Goddess Bing Wei wasn't affected much.

In just a couple breaths, everything within a hundred yards radius was sealed in ice and even those at the True Mystic Rank found it hard to come close.

In the centre of the world of ice the ice sculpture of a man and woman tightly hugged each like a couple.

Mo Tianyi was stunned and Shi Chengtian was dazed as he felt a coldness extend over.

What.... What was this???

The mouths of the watching geniuses could fit an apple.

’’What the f*k? How did these two both become sealed in ice!’’

’’I knew this bitch wouldn't have any good will.’’

Taiyun Shuangzi watched the man and woman sealed in ice with shock.

At the same time.

From the East side near the river the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi started to move around.


The air and earth seemed to tremble and multicoloured lights made the nearby river create waves.

’’Sister Yufei's broken through.’’

Mo Tianyi exclaimed and a powerful True Mystic Rank appeared.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi seemed to beckon to its call and created a stunning scene.

’’Summoning the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, this can only be done by those at the True Lord Rank, how is this possible....’’

The experts watching in the ancient arena exclaimed.

When Zhao Yufei broke through the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi created flowers, as if saying that she was the chosen one of the Heavens.

’’What kind of bloodline does she have to have the momentum of a True Lord Rank when just reaching the True Mystic Rank?’’

The nine Sovereigns were all surprised. This scene had only appeared in a few legends such as the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch, Sword Saint Ye Wuxie and Yu Tianhao.

At this instance.


Another powerful inheritance shadowing appeared in the clouds above the ancient arena.


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