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King Of Gods - Chapter 370


Chapter 370 - New Overwhelming Prodigy

This was a battle belonging to the 'overwhelming prodigies' and there were many spectators.

Within the bubble of light, the geniuses watching nearby started to gather from a dozen to several dozens.

On a lone mountain in the North-West direction.

A savage two headed four-armed savage watched the battle from afar.

’’Zhe zhe zhe.... Let's wait until they both get injured then rush over and kill them all.’’

The two heads of the Taiyun Shuangzi laughed.

’’That bitch Goddess Bing Wei wanted us to be her lackeys, zhe zhe, we're not that easy to trick. No one can order us around.’’

The elder Taiyun Shuangzi smiled wickedly.

Taiyun Shuangzi hadn't agreed working together with Goddess Bing Wei but was watching in secret.

The situation went well, Goddess Bing Wei and company indeed went to fight.

The 'prey' in the overwhelming prodigy's eyes was stronger than imagined and suppressed the overwhelming prodigy.

’’Eh, the stone man's been fully suppressed.’’

’’Stone man can't fight back at all.’’

Taiyun Shuangzi's faces were surprised and looked at the battlefield with disbelief.

Near the river.

Zhao Feng fired his Eye of Ice Soul and froze Shi Chengtian's consciousness as he ran around the borders.

Beng~~ Sou! Sou!

The Luohou Bow's every attack made Shi Chengtian tremble in coldness.


Shi Chengtian roared towards the sky but couldn't change the fact he was slowing down.

He was strong but couldn't get close to his opponent. How sad was this?

Although his defence was strong Zhao Feng's Luohou Bow had aimed towards his kneecaps and kept on bombarding there, adding injury on top of injury.

As time passed Shi Chengtian's mind was getting injured.

If he didn't have a soul protection item on him, the injury on his mind would be several times worse.

It was obvious that before the Sacred True Dragon Gathering Shi Chengtian's elders had given him a soul protection item to compensate for his weakness in mental energy.

Ancient arena.

The spectating stand and stage including the Sovereigns were watching this battle.

’’Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!’’

The juniors screamed in admiration.

’’Unbelievable, his speed is enough to become a new overwhelming prodigy.’’

’’Before when he fought the Goddess Bing Wei he only barely drew but now is beating Shi Chengtian without effort.’’

Over ninety nine percent of the spectators were watching this battle.

Ever since the start of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, a new genius had succeeded in becoming an overwhelming prodigy.

’’Brother Zhao...... you've already reached this step. I'll tell this news back to the Thirteen Countries and tell Master in the Broken Moon Clan.’’

Yang Gan was filled with tears as his body trembled in excitement.

At this moment he had almost turned crazy from happiness.

’’The Broken Moon Clan produced such a genius. I believe Brother Zhao will be able to change the Cloud area's situation when he returns back to the Thirteen Countries.’’

Yang Gan was overjoyed and expectant.

With Zhao Feng's current growth rate, he'll definitely be able to increase more in the inheritances after the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

On the stage.

The nine sovereigns quietly watched Zhao Feng and Shi Chengtian's battle.

’’Zhao Feng has indeed reached the overwhelming prodigy level. This is the Sacred True Dragon Gathering's sixth overwhelming prodigy. Would there be the seventh or even more?’’

The bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord said in a low tone with expectation in his eyes.

No one questioned Zhao Feng's strength any further and his status of 'overwhelming prodigy'.

With seventeen years of time he had become an overwhelming prodigy and in this generation only Yu Tianhao and a couple others could be compared.

’’Zhao Feng's strength isn't much different from Shi Chengtian's but can always find the opponent's flaws.’’

The Mystic Sword Sovereign sighed.

’’That's right. There's no such thing as perfection in this world and Zhao Feng can always find every flaw. This is his winning card.’’

The Green Moon Sovereign nodded her head. She had paid a lot of attention on Zhao Feng and at the beginning it was due to the little thieving cat.

’’But... if this continues, Shi Chengtian's leg might be crippled.’’

A Sovereign's eyebrows furrowed.

Every overwhelming prodigy was the continents chosen ones. They could be said to be future Sovereigns that decided the fate of the continent.

If they could do anything the Sacred Alliance wouldn't let any prodigy be injured, even if it was just a slight one.

Within the bubble.

Shi Chengtian's kneecap had withstood the Luohou Bow's attacks for a while now and when he walked, he walked with a stutter.

’’Dozens of arrows.... Every single one containing the power of ice and lightning and threaten overwhelming prodigies, but it only brought him this much damage.’’

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised as he released his bow.

Even a True Lord Rank would be injured if not dead under these attacks.

Of course.

In the dozens of breaths this victor was decided.

Shi Chengtian's mind was injured and reactions were slow. His knee injury slowed down his movement speed.

Zhao Feng could destroy Shi Chengtian even in close combat now.

’’Shameless bastard... don't get arrogant.’’

Goddess Bing Wei reacted and charged from afar.

At this time, she couldn't care any less about the promise with Shi Chengtian.

’’Too late.’’

Zhao Feng smiled and put away the Luohou Bow as a flash of azure lightning flame glowed in his eyes.

Lightning Fire God's Eye!

Zhao Feng's Lightning Fire God's Eye first locked onto Shi Chengtian's body.

’’Not good!’’

’’Make him stop!’’

The expressions of the Sovereigns all changed dramatically.

Before this Zhao Feng's ice and lightning eroded Shi Chengtian's body continuously and Shi Chengtian's skin became stiff and crisp.

Once the Lightning Fire God's Eye landed on Shi Chengtian, the sudden change in heat would bring great danger to both his body and mind.


Even if they knew this the Sovereigns could do nothing.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering was now out of control and everything was directed by the ancient arena.

At this instance Shi Chengtian also felt a critical danger appear in his heart.

He did all he could and put his hands over his head then kneeled onto the ground. This way he could dodge the attack and reduce the damage.


A lightning flame landed on Goddess Bing Wei instead.

’’Si! You....’’

Goddess Bing Wei was stunned as the lightning fire exploded and set her on fire. The transparent lightning and fire quickly eroded her mental energy level and started to burn.

It was obvious that the Lightning Fire God's Eye countered Goddess Bing Wei's ice skills to a certain degree and its effect was obvious.

Compared to his Lightning Fire God's Eye in the first round, it had reached an entire new world.

Over the past few days Zhao Feng had absorbed the even purer Lightning Yuan Qi and purposely refined his True Spirit Lightning Flame.

This sudden attack caught Goddess Bing Wei off guard and her mind was instantly lightly injured as her snow-white skin scorched.


On the other side Shi Chengtian held his head with his hands but let out a long breath when he realised the Lightning Fire God's Eye didn't land on him.

Zhao Feng's eye bloodline skill was extremely fast and definitely could've attacked before he covered his head and kneeled to the ground.

If Zhao Feng was cruel that Lightning Fire God's Eye could have crippled Shi Chengtian's kneecap.

’’Why didn't he attack me?’’

Shi Chengtian felt as if he had just lived again.

At this time, he found that Goddess Bing Wei had been ambushed by the Lightning Fire God's Eye and was slightly scorched.

The place was in chaos near the river.

The two overwhelming prodigies Shi Chengtian and Goddess Bing Wei were on the ground and in the air respectively but each of them seemed ruffled.

Goddess Bing Wei's snow-white skin was scorched, and her hair smoked. She didn't seem like a 'Goddess' anymore.

Shi Chengtian had put his hands over his head and kneeled on the ground. One of his knees was almost crippled and his actions were slow and stiff.


Laughter sounded from across the spectating stand.

’’This Zhao Feng is far smarter than imagined.’’

The Sovereigns all let out a breath.

Zhao Feng didn't finish off Shi Chengtian and instead used the method of 'shocking.' Forcing back two overwhelming prodigies was more effective and stunning than beating just one.

Of course, more people were shocked at Zhao Feng's unbelievable control.

Waves roared in the hearts of the watching geniuses.

What kind of scene was this?

Zhao Feng in their eyes had his hands behind his back and his blue hair blew in the wind. An azure lightning mystic flower mark on his forehead glowed and his eyes were sharp as he looked at the two rumpled overwhelming prodigies.

This wicked youth seemed to be a Lord of the Wicked path that dominated the situation.

Defeating one overwhelming prodigy and forcing back another,

What kind of methods were these>

The geniuses within and outside the bubble as well as the experts from around the continent held their breaths.

Many people were thinking what kind of era was this?

First there was Yu Tianhao and the other five overwhelming prodigies and now there was this monster.

In a short amount of time both Shi Chengtian and Goddess Bing Wei didn't move.

Goddess Bing Wei had been injured by the Lightning Fire God's Eye and her mind was slightly injured. She saw that Shi Chengtian was extremely injured and hesitated.

At this moment in time.

Zhao Feng had the charm of facing two overwhelming prodigies with confidence.

’’Shameless bastard....’’

Cold killing intent filled with hatred flashed in Goddess Bing Wei's eyes.

Ever since she had reached the level of an overwhelming prodigy, when had she lose so much face?

She put out the Lightning Fire and tried to communicate with Shi Chengtian through Spiritual Sense.

’’I've lost.’’

Shi Chengtian smiled bitterly and didn't have the heart to fight anymore and was even slightly thankful that Zhao Feng didn't finish his leg off.

The retreat of Shi Chengtian left only Goddess Bing Wei behind and as she looked at Zhao Feng, a coldness radiated from her


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