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King Of Gods - Chapter 367


Chapter 367 - Success

Inside the cave.

Sending Yu Tianhao away with their eyes Mo Tianyi and company's heart felt much better.

The yellow faced man laughed: ’’Directing the current away is such a good trick. I wonder what Yu Tianhao's reaction will be when he finds that the latter isn't what he imagined.’’

’’Zhao Feng, are you sure Xin Wuheng can attract Yu Tianhao's attention?’’

Mo Tianyi's face was curious.

The two were uneasy.

Mo Tianyi knew Xin Wuheng's strength.

The two had sparred before and Mo Tianyi had won.

He had to admit that Xin Wuheng was skilled but to fight an overwhelming prodigy? He was at least a level or two away.

’’Xin Wuheng is immeasurable and I want to see his strength but this time... his opponent is the number genius in the continent. Let's see if he can bring some surprises.’’

Zhao Feng said uncertainly.

He wasn't sure whether Xin Wuheng could block Yu Tianhao. After all Yu Tianhao was a chosen one that had crushed geniuses of dozens of generations and had even surpassed the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch and Sword Saint Ye Wuxie when they were his age.

Yu Tianhao could be described as the most talented prodigy ever.

However, Zhao Feng also did this based on instinct.

There were many puzzles in his life.

For example, this God's Spiritual Eye's history and its past owner. What kind if being was it?

For example, what was the point of the curses of the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground?

How would the ancient arena connect with the inheritances?

These were all puzzles and in Zhao Feng's heart Xin Wuheng was also one.

Back at the Sun Feather City in the Genius Summit Xin Wuheng had 'intents'.

At that time everyone was at the Consolidated Realm and drew with Zhao Feng after suppressing his cultivation by one rank.

He had then left, and no one knew where he went.

After Yu Tianhao's departure.

Zhao Feng grasped the time available to try and reach the True Mystic Rank.

In reality, there was no bottleneck for him, just a bit of time was needed.

Within his dantian sizzles of Lightning Qi of True Spirit cleansed his body and fused with him.

Apart from the lightning Qi of True Spirit there was also a wicked Qi of True Spirit that came from the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

To make the Lightning Inheritance the dominant force Zhao Feng absorbed the energy within the Lightning Mystic Stone and comprehended the origin of Lightning.

Not only was Zhao Feng's True Force rapidly rising, his insights were also increasing by leaps and bounds.


The True Spirit Lightning Flame within Zhao Feng's dantian refined the Qi of True Spirit within his body and with the expansion of the Source of True Spirit the True Spirit Lightning Flame's power also rose.

A part of Zhao Feng's Lightning Fire God's Eyes' power came from this True Spirit Lightning Flame.

Therefore, at the last moment he was trying to purify and refine this True Spirit Lightning Fire.

Time passed slowly and on the last point of the last day Zhao Feng's True Spirit aura started to condense and become deeper.

The two protectors had complex expressions.

The growth of Zhao Feng within a few days was at least several years to a decade's hard work from a genius.

Mo Tianyi was certain that Zhao Feng had met some fortune. At least the Source of True Spirit within his body couldn't be explained.

On the other side.

Zhao Yufei's were closed and after drinking the Mystic Flower Saint Liquid, her body gave off a compact mental energy aura.

The Mystic Flower Saint Liquid could greatly increase one's mental energy senses and was useful for comprehending the root of law.

Slowly but steadily the signs of a root of law appeared on Zhao Yufei's body.

’’Sister Yufei's already formed the beginning of a root of law.’’

Mo Tianyi was slightly shocked.

As time passed Zhao Yufei's root of law signs was growing stronger.


Zhao Feng felt an unusual aura.

The nearby Heaven Earth Yuan Qi's activity rate was dozens of times more than the norm.

These Heaven Earth Yuan Qi were extremely close to Zhao Yufei and closed in on her.

Zhao Feng opened his God's Spiritual Eye to look at it closer.

In the air countless sparks of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi flowed in from every direction and approached Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei was like a magnet that attracted Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

’’Yufei's bloodline has a shocking compatibility with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. After forming the root of law, the compatibility rate seems to have been magnified ten times.’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye was stunned by what he analysed.

Furthermore, he found that Zhao Yufei's flesh and blood could absorb and merge with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Her skin was pure white and as smooth as jade.


Zhao Feng also received some benefits from this. His root of law caught the lightning Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby.

It was as if Zhao Feng was sitting next to a Heaven Earth Yuan Qi magnet and the benefits from it was unbelievable.

’’Looks like my breaking through speed can be doubled.’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed.

Zhao Yufei was like his lucky star. She first brought him the Lightning Mystic Stone then attracted so many Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

The air above the river where the two cultivated started to flash with lightning and other colours.

Luckily most of the geniuses had set this place as a forbidden zone and didn't dare come closer.

Many knew that there was the 'sixth dragon blessing' genius Zhao Feng and first tier Mo Tianyi there. Without an overwhelming prodigy no one dared to venture there.

Most of the other overwhelming prodigies knew this as well.

Yu Tianhao and Tantai Lanyue had passed by but no battle was fought.

On a mountain in the South.

Goddess Bing Wei's eyes looked coldly towards where Zhao Feng was with hatred and unwillingness.

’’Zhao Feng, so you were hiding all the time cultivating? Looks like your true cultivation hasn't reached the True Mystic Rank and is still half a level away from the overwhelming prodigy level.’’

Goddess Bing Wei's face went chilly.


Her figure flashed and disappeared from the mountain.

She didn't head towards where Zhao Feng was at and instead went in the opposite direction.

’’This Zhao Feng's bloodline power counters mine and has strong defence. Just me alone can't take care of him.’’

Goddess Bing Wei wasn't blinded by hate.

Even if she went over, facing Zhao Feng, Mo Tianyi and company, she wouldn't win.

Therefore, Goddess Bing Wei soon had a plan.

Find helpers.

Only by finding another overwhelming prodigy that wasn't countered by Zhao Feng would the chances of winning increase.

Apart from her, the other overwhelming prodigies were: Yu Tianhao, Taiyun Shuangzi, Tantai Lanyue and Shi Chengtian.

Goddess Bing Wei immediately excluded Yu Tianhao.

Yu Tianhao was lonely and wouldn't allow himself to team up against someone especially if that someone wasn't even an overwhelming prodigy.

In the entire Sacred True Dragon Gathering Yu Tianhao didn't need to team up with anyone to beat them.

Next, Taiyun Shuangzi.

’’Taiyun Shuangzi is strong but is cruel and cunning. His attitude changes frequently. It'll be hard to work with him but it's worth a try.’’

Goddess Bing Wei's eyes flashed.

Next was Tantai Lanyue and Shi Chengtian.

Goddess Bing Wei removed Tantai Lanyue.

Before Tantai Lanyue had teamed up with Shi Chengtian to fight Yu Tianhao but not only did they win, they also had some losses.

Goddess Bing Wei who was hiding in secret also ambushed Tantai Lanyue and the latter's losses were quite big. At the same time, she now hated Goddess Bing Wei.

Therefore, the only two choices were Taiyun Shuangzi and Shi Chengtian.

’’Taiyun Shuangzi consists of two brothers meaning their strength is doubled when working together. Shi Chengtian has the Stone Heart bloodline and has extreme defence. He once took Yu Tianhao's attacks head on and has talent in gravity.’’

Goddess Bing Wei searched for these two overwhelming prodigies.

The aura of the overwhelming prodigies in this place was extremely obvious.


Goddess Bing Wei found the slaughterer Taiyun Shuangzi.

Of the five overwhelming prodigies, Taiyun Shuangzi's dragon blessing was only below Yu Tianhao's.

’’Hehe.... Ice beauty, what you here for?’’

The two heads and four eyes of Taiyun Shuangzi respectively controlled the sword and blade like a monster of slaughter.

One of the mouths even had remaining blood there which was soon licked up.

Taiyun Shuangzi's two pairs of eyes scanned towards Goddess Bing Wei's body, especially the breasts and legs with lust and greed.

Goddess Bing Wei's eyebrows furrowed with obvious disgust. If it were someone else, she would have turned them into an ice block with an Extreme Northern Ice Wind.

However, Taiyun Shuangzi was an overwhelming prodigy at her level that also had the power to challenge Yu Tianhao.

The cave.


A layer of azure lightning surrounded Zhao Feng.

This lightning was incredible agile. It could turn into spider webs or even form sword and whips.

An 'azure lightning mystic flower' mark appeared in Zhao Feng's forehead, different from the mark of the Lightning Inheritance before.

He aura wasn't chaotic anymore but agile and ghostly, more natural with the Heaven and Earth.

A deep azure Source of True Spirit now had a larger quantity and was purer than before.


The Lightning Mystic Stone within Zhao Feng's palm turned into powder.

The yellow faced man and Mo Tianyi both had complex expressions and they let out a long breath.

Zhao Feng gave them a brand-new feeling from inside out.

His gaze was as sharp as lightning, and his blue hair seemed to be from a dream. The azure lightning mystic flower mark on his forehead made him seem more wicked.

Looking at him, Zhao Feng was like a Lord of the Wicked path, confident and cold.

’’Zhao Feng, you're breaking through speed was much faster than expected. Don't you need to consolidate your foundation?’’

Mo Tianyi saw Zhao Feng stand up and couldn't help but say.


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