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King Of Gods - Chapter 365


Chapter 365 - Pushing Towards the True Mystic Rank

Within the cave.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged with Zhao Yufei next to him.

Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man were responsible for protecting them and inspecting the situation around.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared holding the Mystic Snake Blood whip and stood next to its owner, becoming the closest guard.

The reason why Zhao Feng could trust Mo Tianyi was because of Zhao Yufei.

Of course.

Zhao Feng wouldn't put all his safety concerns to others. The reason why he let Mo Tianyi protect him was because he still had something to rely on.

’’I've already passed the most difficult part of the breaking through to the True Mystic Rank, the root of law. Now I only need to condense and refine the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit.’’

Although Zhao Feng was closing his eyes he always left a bit of focus on the outside world.

Furthermore, he still had the little thieving cat guarding him. Zhao Yufei could be considered a friend that had grown up with him. If Zhao Feng and Mo Tianyi started fighting Zhao Yufei was more likely to protect the former.

The worst result was Zhao Feng failing to break through but there would be no dangers.

Therefore, this deal was worth a try.

’’Yufei, here's the Mystic Flower Saint Liquid.’’

Zhao Feng handed over a small bottle to Zhao Yufei.

The Mystic Flower Saint Liquid was made from the Hundred Flower Saint Liquid and three other Saint liquids, forming a supreme liquid. It helped those at the True Spirit Realm comprehend the root of law and increased the chances of reaching the True Mystic Rank by 30%.

Zhao Feng's price for the deal seemed bad but the Mystic Flower Saint Liquid would end up in Zhao Yufei's hands in the end, so Zhao Feng didn't mind it.

Plus, the Mystic Flower Saint Liquid's main use was to increase the mental energy senses so wasn't much help to Zhao Feng who had already formed a root of law.

The yellow faced man and Mo Tianyi were both at the True Mystic Rank and obviously didn't need this as well.

The Mystic Flower Saint Liquid was given to Zhao Yufei as part of the deal but was without a doubt the best result.

’’Brother Zhao Feng, I coincidentally have a Lightning Mystic Stone from entering the Clan's inheritance last time.’’

Zhao Yufei handed over a natural purple lightning stone to Zhao Feng.

This stone's appearance instantly caused the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to move and Zhao Feng's Qi of True Spirit to tremble with excitement.

’’It's the Lightning Mystic stone. The requirements of this stone are to pass through the countless washing of Heaven and Earth Lightning until it contains the profoundness of lightning....’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed as he received this stone.

In terms of value Zhao Feng's Lightning Mystic Stone wasn't any lower than the Mystic Flower Saint Liquid.

This scene obviously fell into Mo Tianyi's eyes.

The interaction between Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei made him feel complex.

Even in the world of clans, martial brothers would calculate one another and even kill them if there was enough profit.

Mo Tianyi was used to this and was lonely, cold.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei didn't have any tricks. After all, the two had grown up together.

’’Last time a martial uncle had asked to trade something for the Lightning Mystic stone off Sister Yufei, but I remember her saying that she had already traded the Lightning Mystic Stone. I didn't think she still had it.’’

The yellow faced man's eyes twinkled as he guessed the connection between the two.

Could these two be related by blood?

The cave was dead silent.

Zhao Feng gripped the Lightning Mystic Stone and wisps of pure lightning essence was sucked into his body then refined by his True Spirit Lightning Fire.

Originally Zhao Feng worried about his Lightning Inheritance Source of True Spirit would be replaced by the Water Moon pirates but with the Lightning Mystic Stone, the process would slow down substantially.

What made Zhao Feng surprised was that the lightning within the Lightning Mystic Stone was more compatible with nature and purer than his own Lightning Inheritance.

The lightning insights contained with it could perfect and replenish Zhao Feng's comprehension of lightning.

Within his mind.

The tower representing the Lightning Inheritance.

The second floor had fully lit up and the third floor had the signs of light appearing.

Unknowingly Zhao Feng had reached the peak of the second floor and according to the description of the Lightning Inheritance, the third floor needed the cultivation of the True Lord Rank to comprehend.

Sizzles of azure lightning appeared around Zhao Feng and moved agilely, but none of them hit the little thieving cat.

Time passed slowly.

Zhao Feng kept on absorbing the essence of the Lightning Mystic Stone while also absorbing and refining the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit.

This still meant that Zhao Feng's Source of True Spirit was dominated by the power of lightning.

On the other side.

Zhao Yufei received the Mystic Flower Saint Liquid and felt refreshed.

Her situation was the complete opposite of Zhao Feng's.

Zhao Feng's mental energy level surpassed his cultivation and it was his Qi of True Spirit that was lacking whereas Zhao Yufei's bloodline had retraced back to its ancestor and had a high compatibility with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Her Qi of True Spirit was pure, and could even her flesh could merge with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. The True Spirit Yuan Qi she had was several times the norm.

This meant that as long as her mental energy level was enough, Zhao Yufei could rapidly increase her cultivation.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye saw all this with a glance.

It had to be said that Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei had helped one another and the former suddenly remembered thee Yin Yang trading technique.

If it could be used Zhao Feng's mental energy level could help Zhao Yufei's and Zhao Yufei's pure Qi of True Spirit could help Zhao Feng.

However, this thought flashed by in Zhao Feng's mind. Just as the Water Moon pirate said, although the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible was powerful, it wasn't the best path.

When Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei were in seclusion Mo Tianyi and company were doing their job.

There was the occasional genius that came here and Mo Tianyi and co. would chase them away.

Zhao Feng's dragon blessing was too enormous and those that got close would be able to easily sense it.

With Mo Tianyi and company's strength and dragon blessing, the normal geniuses that came by would usually quickly retreat.

As long as they didn't meet the overwhelming prodigies, Mo Tianyi didn't need to fear anything.

His only worry was what if the overwhelming prodigies came?

As long as the overwhelming prodigies didn't meet another, they were unbeatable existences.

Under normal situations Mo Tianyi could escape if he met an overwhelming prodigy but now he needed to guard Zhao Feng.

Even if it wasn't because of Zhao Feng he still needed to take care of his junior martial sister who was also a disciple of a Sovereign.

’’This Zhao Feng sure does know to plan and dragged Sister Yufei down as well.’’

Mo Tianyi knew he couldn't retreat.

Zhao Feng was now on the Heavenly Yuan Clan's boat.

On the second day Zhao Feng was in seclusion a first-tier genius arrived.

If it was a normal first tier genius such as Qin Kunwu, Xia Xianshang or company, Mo Tianyi was confident he could take care of them.

However, this first tier genius was the successor of one of the three major eye families, the Tuoba family - Tuoba Qi.

Tuoba Qi's performance was even better than Mo Tianyi's in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

In the air Mo Tianyi and Tuoba Qi looked at each other.

Tuoba Qi had a cold smile on his face and wasn't scared of the two True Mystic Rank's.

His Heavenly Piercing Eye was almost instantly slash his opponent and rarely be dodged.

The atmosphere became tense and the people outside the bubble of light were interested in what was going to happen next.

The Sovereigns and spectators watching obviously knew that Mo Tianyi was protecting Zhao Feng.

Weng~ Hu!

Right at this moment a powerful aura surged from the river and the faint shadow of a golden dragon seemed to appear.

Tuoba Qi's heart went cold, and an ice-cold eye seemed to lock onto him.

Looking at the golden dragon again Tuoba Qi seemed to guess something, and his expression became solemn.


Tuoba Qi instantly turned around and left.

Facing the sixth strongest dragon blessing holder and a person also with a powerful eye bloodline, Tuoba Qi didn't have any confidence especially with Mo Tianyi and company there.

He had watched Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei's battle and heard of the news of the ghost eyed man being defeated by Zhao Feng.

It was because of this he chose to retreat.


Mo Tianyi and company let out a breath.

Tuoba Qi's Heavenly Piercing Eye was terrifying and hard to fen against.

Before there was even a first-tier expert that was defeated by Tuoba Qi in one eye.

Even Mo Tianyi didn't know the outcome if he fought Tuoba Qi.

’’Looks like the sixth dragon's fame is pretty big.’’

The yellow faced man couldn't help looking down at the lake and say.

Zhao Feng returned to his cave and resumed cultivation.

Because he had already formed the root of law Zhao Feng only needed to convert and purify the Qi of True Spirit, so he could exit cultivation any time he wanted.

Anytime a powerful genius appeared and didn't retreat Zhao Feng would release some aura.

Apart from the five overwhelming prodigies no one dared to go up against Zhao Feng and Mo Tianyi teamed up.

Three days soon passed, and Zhao Feng's Source of True Spirit expanded to the peak True Human Rank.

He was just a little bit away from reaching the True Mystic Rank.

’’This guy's growth rate is way too fast.’’

Mo Tianyi clucked his tongue.

He thought that Zhao Feng would need ten to fifteen days to reach the True Mystic Rank but right now, it seemed like he only needed four or five.

’’This is the last day, guard it well.’’

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and focused on cultivating.

In reality.

Because Zhao Feng and Mo Tianyi were here many geniuses put this place down as a forbidden area.

Not many people came here.

However, right on this day a surge of powerful aura came from in front. A shining dragon could be seen.

’’Not good, there's an overwhelming prodigy approaching!’’

Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man's expression both changed dramatically and immediately warned Zhao Feng.

’’Overwhelming prodigy? Could it be Goddess Bing Wei?’’

Zhao Feng's expression drooped.

He opened his God's Spiritual Eye and looked out.

In the air a beautiful woman sat on a large colourful bird and held a five-coloured glass whip. Her eyes were pure and bright.

’’Overwhelming prodigy.... Tantai Lanyue!’’

Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man exclaimed in panic.


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