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King Of Gods - Chapter 363


Chapter 363 - Dual Skies of Ice and Fire

Inside the transparent bubble of light.

Mo Tianyi's eyes glittered and his figure was still.

Beside him was two other geniuses of the Heavenly Yuan Clan. One of them was Zhao Yufei and the other was the yellow faced man who was ranked number two in the clan.

’’Brother Zhao Feng......’’

Zhao Yufei watched the golden dragon blessing with joy and worry.

The three geniuses of the Heavenly Yuan Clan were all at least faint gold and Mo Tianyi's was pure gold but not bright enough to make a dragon appear.

’’Brother Mo, what do we do?’’

The yellow faced man's heart tightened.

Zhao Feng's stride in this Sacred True Dragon Gathering was too strong and had fought against an overwhelming prodigy. He was without a doubt the number one black horse and no one questioned that he was the top genius under the five overwhelming prodigies.

Now Zhao Feng's dragon blessing almost rivalled the five overwhelming prodigies.

’’If he wants to fight then we shall fight.’’

Mo Tianyi's expression was solemn and wasn't as casual as he first met Zhao Feng.

Back at the Northern Star Stand Mo Tianyi's first opinion of Zhao Feng was: So-so.

And now it was like he was facing a great danger.

He had watched the entire battle between Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei of the battle of five zones and saw how Zhao Feng had created a miracle. He was shocked and stunned at that time.

No matter how arrogant and proud he was, he had to admit the opponent was terrifying.

The yellow faced man's eyes twinkled as he said: ’’If us three team up we definitely won't lose.’’

The chances were unlikely if it was just Mo Tianyi against Zhao Feng but if it added on him and Zhao Yufei, the result would be different.

After all, there was no rules here. Teaming up or sneak attacks were allowed.

’’You two don't interfere no matter the result.’’

Mo Tianyi took a deep breath and ordered. He felt embarrassed at what his junior martial brother had suggested.

Being the Head disciple of one of the Ten Great Clans and the legend of the Northern continent, how would Mo Tianyi team up to challenge a newbie?


Zhao Feng stood on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and was heading towards Mo Tianyi and company's direction as his God's Spiritual Eye scanned around.

As the two sides were closing in.

The atmosphere became heavy and the geniuses watching from afar held their breaths.

The spectators outside and Sovereigns watched with interest.

Zhao Feng had the God's Spiritual Eye and obviously saw Mo Tianyi and company, but he didn't back down and carried forwards.

The atmosphere became tenser and Zhao Yufei's heart jumped. Would brother Zhao Feng attack them?

According to previous experience, once Zhao Feng attacked, there was almost no chance of failing.

’’Looks like this battle is unavoidable.’’

Mo Tianyi's Qi of True Spirit started to circulate, and his actions connected with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. The air seemed to contain one mountain after another.

Zhao Yufei and the yellow faced man retreated a certain distance, not going to interrupt Zhao Feng and Mo Tianyi's battle.

Before this Mo Tianyi had been the top genius of the Northern continent and even Xin Wuheng, Xia Xianshang and company had lost to him before.


Zhao Feng's left eye flashed with a transparent azure lightning flame. The colour wasn't faint azure anymore.

The azure lightning flame sparkled and looked extremely beautiful but was contained with critical danger.

Mo Tianyi and company all yelled shit in their hearts.

Zhao Feng had used this Lightning Fire God's Eye back at the battle of five zones and its power was comparable or even more terrifying than the successors of the three major eye families.

Even Goddess Bing Wei was wary of this skill.

Plus, Zhao Feng's cultivation was now at the peak True Human Rank and the Lightning Fire God's Eyes' power had obviously increased.

At this instance.

Both Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man tensed up.

Everyone understood that Zhao Feng's eye skill was almost impossible to avoid. No one at the True Spirit Realm could dodge it.

Although the yellow faced man had the cultivation of the True Mystic Rank, he felt as if his flesh and mind was burning.

Mo Tianyi seemed calm on the outside but had no confidence against the Lightning Fire God's Eye.

Lightning Fire God's Eye!

Zhao Feng's left eye flashed with a transparent azure lightning flame.

At that moment in time.

Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man's heart both jumped.


The Lightning Flame God's Eye started to burn in a lake two miles out and the devastating power instantly evaporated all the water within a yard radius.


A scream came from the lake and a ghost eyed man tumbled out.

’’Ghost eyed man!’’

’’It's him... the successor of one of the three eye families, the Wu family?’’

Mo Tianyi and those watching exclaimed and felt lucky.

Every saw that the ghost eyed man's body as burning with an azure flame and lightning flashed everywhere.

The power of lightning fire could attack both the physical and mental energy dimension.

’’Shameless bastard, sneaking up on me....’’

The ghost eyed man finally put on the lightning fire, but his face was pale.’’

’’You've been hiding in the lake for a long time now. What good intentions do you have?’’

Zhao Feng's face was cold and seems to have victory in grasp.

His Lightning Fire God's Eye had already injured the ghost eyed man both physically and mentally.

The ghost eyed man gritted his teeth as he endured the burning in his mental energy dimension.

A transparent azure flame was burning in his mental energy dimension and lightning crackled. That pain was ten times to one hundred times than physical pain.

If it wasn't because he had an eye bloodline, he might've already crumbled.

Seeing Zhao Feng close in the ghost eyed man turned into a shadow that disappeared.


No matter how he ran, he couldn't run past Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye.

’’Ghost Eye Soul Burner!!!’’

The ghost eyed man gritted his teeth as a dark flame glowed in his eyes.

Dark grey fire instantly wrapped around Zhao Feng's body and that cold aura made Zhao Feng uneasy.

Zhao Feng wore the Heavenly Luo Mystic Cloak, but it was unharmed. He activated his bloodline power and an ice void figure appeared behind him.


A light of ice and lightning put out the dark grey flames which seemed to meet its match.

The ice instantly put out the flames and the lightning perfectly countered the darkness.

As for the mental energy level Zhao Feng once again circulated his Lightning Fire God's Eye and put out the burn in mental energy.

His mental energy source far surpassed the ghost eyed man and remained uninjured.

’’Brat, you stole my bloodline technique and is now repaying gratitude with vengeance.’’

The ghost eyed man howled, his voice trembling with obvious fear.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye perfectly countered all his skills including his bloodline power and stealth.

The Lightning Fire God's Eye had copied his Ghost Eye Soul Burner but the former easily suppressed the latter.

Powers such as lightning and fire was a huge counter for ghosts and the wicked path. Furthermore, Zhao Feng's bloodline was stronger.

Eye of Ice Soul!

Zhao Feng's left eye turned into a freezing pond and the power of ice eroded the opponent's mental energy.


The ghost eyed man seemed to fall into an ice cave. He was trembling and hiccupping as the coldness travelled and eroded his thoughts.

Before it was lightning and fire, now it was ice.

The ghost eyed man had taken Zhao Feng's ’’Dual skies of Ice and Fire’’ and his mind was injured.

After being hit by the Eye of Ice Soul the ghost eyed man's actions became very slow.

People's actions were controlled by thoughts and when thoughts became frozen, it wasn't much different from being frozen.

’’Indeed, worthy of being one of the three major eye families. After being hit by two of my skills he's only injured and isn't in a life or death situation.’’

Zhao Feng couldn't help but admire.

Zhao Feng's ’’Dual Skies of Ice and Fire’’ could end most normal early stage True Mystic Rank's.

Although the Eye of Ice Soul wasn't explosive, it could last a long time.

Zhao Feng's left eye was like a crystal that locked onto the ghost eyed man and made the latter keep on hiccupping. His actions and expressions were all slowed down.

Miao miao!

An agile dark silver whip seemed to appear from out of nowhere and wrap towards the ghost eyed man.


The whip tightened around ghost eyed man and started to suck his blood essence. This was a powerful blood from one of the three eye families.

’’Don't you dare steal my True Dragon Token....’’

The ghost eyed man's face contorted and his dark grey eyes flashed with blood lines, as if he was going to use a more powerful secret technique.


The little thieving cat slapped his face with a paw and he instantly didn't know which direction was which way.


The ghost eyed man kneeled on the ground and before he could react the cat that had stolen his True Dragon Token had disappeared.

’’En, not bad.’’

Zhao Feng soon received a gold True Dragon Token that was on par with Mo Tianyi's.


In that instance his golden dragon immediately rose by one third.

Within the bubble of transparent light, the other five golden dragons seemed to sense something and let out a deep roar.

At this point in time all the geniuses within this dimension could feel a sixth terrifying dragon blessing.

Anyone within a hundred-mile radius could see the golden dragon with their naked eye.

’’Zhao Feng's dragon blessing has reached the five overwhelming prodigies' level.’’

’’Could he become this generation's sixth overwhelming prodigy?’’

The spectators broke out into chaos.

If this continued, he definitely would.

Mo Tianyi had watched Zhao Feng defeated the ghost eyed man and take his True Dragon Token from start to finish. This process left him shocked and a heavy heart.

One had to know the ghost eyed man was at the same level as him - experts of the first tier.

Right at this moment.


Zhao Feng flew towards Mo Tianyi, his blue hair dazzling.

Not good!

Mo Tianyi and the yellow faced man's expression changed and even had the thoughts to run.


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