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King Of Gods - Chapter 361


Chapter 361 - No Rules

’’We've lost control of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering....’’

This shocking news made the expressions of the nine Sovereigns change and the Sacred Alliance broke out into chaos.

The first stage 'battle of five zones' was completely under the Sacred Alliance's control but the ancient arena had created the second stage itself and formed a brand-new battlefield.

The mountains, rivers, forests inside the transparent light was another plane.

A total of five hundred geniuses were spread out across the dimension and didn't know what to do.

’’This ancient arena is older and more mysterious than the Sacred Alliance and Ten Great Clans. It contains a heaven reaching power itself.’’

The Deputy Palace Lord looked at the surrounding statues with respect.

’’But since the Sacred True Dragon Gathering has gone out of control, wouldn't the results be unpredictable?’’

’’These geniuses are our continent's future in this shining era.’’

The Sovereigns were worried.

The bronze skinned giant spoke in a low tone: ’’The most urgent mission right now is to find out what the rules of the second round is.’’

The Sovereigns looked towards the reporting white bearded Sovereign.

’’Rules? I'm afraid there is no rules.’’

The white bearded Sovereign smiled bitterly.

No rules.

The Sovereigns lost their cool.

In the second round the ancient arena had put all the remaining geniuses in a separate dimension and the Sacred Alliance couldn't do anything.

As for the rules, there was no mention of them.

’’Does this mean that theses geniuses can do whatever they want? Kill people, set fire, beat one another, destroy... anything?’’

The Mystic Sword Sovereign took in a deep breath.

’’It should be so. After analysing the spatial array those outside can see the inside, but the ones inside can't see outside, meaning that we can't interrupt or make any suggestions.’’

The white bearded Sovereign shook his head.

The Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance had lived for several hundred years and witnessed many Sacred True Dragon Gathering's.

But this generations Sacred True Dragon Gathering was controlled by the ancient arena. This was the first time this had happened.

’’Then let's watch what happens.’’

The Deputy Palace Lord's voice was emotionless.

Inside the transparent light plane.

Five hundred geniuses were spread out amongst the place and were like headless flies.

They were within this dimension but couldn't see what was outside, yet the spectators could see every detail.

’’Unable to connect to the outside world? What's happened to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering?’’

Zhao Feng furrowed his eyebrows as he stood on the plain.

He was different from most of the others and kept his cool.


Zhao Feng opened his God's Spiritual Eye and saw the spectating stand outside including the one in the air.

At the same time.

The successors of the three major eye families all circulated and tried to look past the transparent light.

The result was.

The ghost eyed man failed. His eye bloodline didn't specialise in seeing through.

The successor of the Tuoba family failed after several tried.

Only Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye could see the situation outside with his God's Spiritual Eye.

Of course, this didn't mean that Zhao Feng's eye bloodline was better than the three major eye families. His God's Spiritual Eye specialised in looking from afar and inspection. This was the basis of having the ability to copy.

’’Eh? This kid seems to be able to see us.’’

Sovereign Yu Xingchen inspected Zhao Feng with curiosity but right at this moment Zhao Feng took back his gaze, as if it was just a coincident.

A while later Zhao Feng found the highest mountain and surveyed the landscape below within the transparent light dimension.


With a scan of the God's Spiritual Eye a 'real map' was copied into Zhao Feng's mind.

Zhao Feng had first controlled the 'landscape' and remembered the map.

After finishing this step Zhao Feng didn't make any rash moves and instead inspected what was happening within the dimension.

He quickly saw the scenes of battle near a lake.

Taiyun Shuangzi had made a move on a peak True Human Rank genius.

With the strength of an overwhelming prodigy, he beat that genius to vomiting blood within a move or two.


The elder Taiyun Shuangzi chopped off one of that genius' arm.


That genius howled in pain and kneeled down to beg: ’’I admit defeat. Please stop!!’’

However, the weird thing was that although he admitted defeat, his dragon blessing didn't change.

There were no regulators this time.

’’What's going on? Why don't we get dragon blessing from those that we defeated?’’

’’What a shit Sacred True Dragon Gathering, what the f*k went wrong?’’

Taiyun Shuangzi and unleashed his frustration on that genius and as that genius was almost half dead.

’’Forgive me.... Let me live I'll give my True Dragon Token to you.:

That genius handed over his True Dragon Token in tears.


The second he received the True Dragon Token Taiyun Shaungzi's True Dragon Token's gold light rose by a yard.


That genius' True Dragon Token faded and shattered.

’’Hahahaha this feels great! As long as I take their True Dragon Token, I can steal all their dragon blessing!’’

Taiyun Shuangzi absorbed a large amount of dragon blessing and howled at the sky.

The first round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was very tiring. He could only absorb one fifth of the opponent's dragon blessing but now he could take all of it.

This scene obviously fell into the spectator's eyes.

’’I understand, this round is about pillaging and has no regulations or rules. Only this way would one be able to reveal their true strength.’’

Sovereign Yu Xingchen's eyes lit up.

’’That's right, there's too many factors affecting one's strength including skill, state of mind, potential etc. With these restrictions everyone is restrained from their full power.’’

’’That's great but isn't this too cruel? These are all elites of the continent.’’

The opinions of the Sovereigns differed.

At the same time Zhao Feng also saw this and couldn't help but think.

’’This round doesn't seem to have any restrictions. Any methods can be used to get the True Dragon Token.’’

Zhao Feng was filled with excitement and joy after he came to this conclusion.

He like this far more, and this landscape was perfect for him.

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye continued to pay attention to Taiyun Shuangzi.

The injured genius wasn't kicked out after losing his True Dragon Token.

What did this mean?

’’I'm not out yet? Although my True Dragon Token was taken by Taiyun Shuangzi, but I can still steal other peoples.... I still have a chance!’’

The peak True Human Rank genius' eyes twinkled as a hope appeared in his heart.

After this he must use all his skills to steal the True Dragon Token of others.

Thinking up to here his eyes flashed and ran away from Taiyun Shuangzi.

’’Hmph, I'll let you go because you knew what to do.’’

’’Now it's time for us to slaughter all those that don't hand their True Dragon Token over....’’

Taiyun Shuangzi charged towards the closest place where there were humans around and looked for new prey.

Within half the time it took tea to be made the sound of fighting could be heard again.


A scream came from a mountain and a genius that didn't hand over their True Dragon Token was killed by Taiyun Shuangzi.


The experts from the spectating stand broke out into chaos and the elders of the killed genius asked to kick Taiyun Shuangzi out of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

’’I'm sorry everyone. The Sacred True Dragon Gathering has entered a brand-new era and the ancient arena made its own rules. The rules are: there is no rules.’’

The bronze skinned giant Deputy Palace Lords' voice sounded across the spectating stand.

The rules were that there were no rules.

The crowd broke out into chaos.

’’Guests from across the continent. The Sacred Alliance has lost control of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, this isn't something we want to see.’’

The white bearded Sovereign said with a red face and the elders of every force all took in a cold breath.

In reality this was the truth. The Sacred True Dragon Gathering had indeed gone out of control and the Sacred Alliance couldn't do anything.

Sneak attacks, teaming up, setting fire... any methods could be used in the second round.

The rules were that there were no rules.

’’Don't you think that only those that have been refined under metal and blood can fulfil their potential and increase the continents dragon blessing?’’

The bronze skinned giants' eyes were filled with cruelty, excitement, expectation and other emotions.

Fighting wasn't anything to Sovereigns. It wasn't as if they hadn't seen it before.

No one spoke back against the Deputy Palace Lord's suggestion.

Most didn't know the Deputy Palace Lord's strength, but some Sovereigns knew that he had fought with the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, Sword Saint Ye Wuxie before.

Those familiar with him knew that he was someone that loved slaughter.

Within the transparent light the sounds of killing arose and geniuses started to tear at each other.

Of course, there weren't many as cruel and savage as Taiyun Shuangzi.

Normal battles usually ended when one side handed over their True Dragon Token.

After all, everyone came from the same continent and killing one person might offend another force or even Sovereign.

Those that could reach this step had powerful backgrounds that were at least of the True Lord Rank.

Some of these geniuses were even successors or descendants of Sovereigns.

’’Let's go.’’

Zhao Feng's figure flashed and floated down from the mountain as his God's Spiritual Eye soon found a direction.

At a certain instant an ice sapphire crystal bow appeared in Zhao Feng's hand and three arrows were attached to it.


An arrow of lightning and ice shot into the forest. Its speed was twice as fast as sound.


A youth dressed in dark clothes fell to the ground with a 'plop.'

His shoulder had been pierced through by the Luohou Arrow and lightning as well as ice eroded his body and made him unable to move.

’’How is this possible... how could you see past my Dark Secret Hiding Technique?’’

The youth in dark clothes was stunned.

Miao miao!

A silver-grey cat appeared out of nowhere then with a 'Shua', stole his True Dragon Token.


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