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King Of Gods - Chapter 358


Chapter 358 - Against the Prodigy (2)

At this moment in time.

Miraculous and incredible gazes focused on the blue haired youth on the Northern stage.

In the blink of an eye his cultivation had turned from the early stage True Human Rank to something that was comparable to the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

On the Northern stage.


Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei faced one another and their auras made the geniuses below unable to breathe.

The mental energy level of a True Mystic Rank.

The root of law of a True Mystic Rank.

The Source of True Spirit of a True Mystic Rank.

From the surface Zhao Feng seemed no different from an early stage True Mystic Rank.

’’My plan's succeeded. Reaching the top ten of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering isn't a dream anymore.’’

Zhao Feng was filled with excitement. Every action of his was able to interact with the Heavens and his Qi of True Spirit was several times stronger than before.

Zhao Feng had realised that because his mental energy level was enough he could form a root of law and this idea gave him a plan.

At that time Zhao Feng's thoughts was to condense a root of law and apart from his True Spirit cultivation, nothing else was much different from a True Mystic Rank.

However, he still had the Source of True Spirit from the Water Moon pirate.

After forming the root of law and controlling the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit, how much different would he be from a True Mystic Rank?

This plan was terrifying and could change everything.

Once it succeeded it meant that Zhao Feng could even challenge the overwhelming prodigies.

Of course.

Apart from luck there was two key points that was required.

One, to form the root of law needed the merging of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

Two, the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit.

None of the two requirements could be missed.

Normal True Spirit Realm experts couldn't preserve their Source of True Spirits behind or give it to anyone.

However, the Water Moon Pirate had a forbidden skill from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance and used a special state to seal his Source of True Spirit.

This was planned out carefully by him and a gift for the inheritor of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

Although Zhao Feng didn't cultivate the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, he still 'inherited' this Source of True Spirit in another way.

’’Exciting! Great!’’

Tiemo who was watching clapped with excitement and relaxed.

He had obviously guessed what had happened to Zhao Feng.

Not only was Tiemo cheering him on, others that knew Zhao Feng were also screaming.

’’Way too strong brother Zhao.... You once again flipped the view of the world.’’

In the spectating stand Yang Gan's voice was trembling and tears streaked from his face.

Ever since he came to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering he would always watch Zhao Feng's every match and Yang Gan faintly understood what First Elder meant by sending him here.

’’Great! Brother Zhao, you succeeded!’’

Zhao Yufei was overjoyed.

Liu Qinxin, Die Ye, Jiang Sanfeng and company were all stunned.

The representatives from the Canopy Great Country such as Prince Jin, Tian Yunzhi and company were shocked but also somewhat proud.

’’My god! This is a miracle. He can't be described as a black horse anymore.’’

The square faced youth said with excitement and proudness.

He had always thought good of Zhao Feng and his opinion was different than Qin Kunwu's.

Shock was written over Qin Kunwu's face and he was dazed.

The change in the Northern stage caused countless geniuses to be filled with hot blood.

’’Zhao Feng! Zhao Feng!’’

’’We support you challenging the overwhelming prodigies!’’

The crowds roared.

Overwhelming prodigies were a legend that enveloped the geniuses of this generation.

Zhao Feng was a miracle who charged towards the overwhelming prodigies.

The round stage in the air.

’’Incredible, that Source of True Spirit within him probably comes out from the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.’’

’’Struggling step by step even under an almost definite losing situation. This belief is the foremost requirement for him to achieve this miracle.’’

The Sovereigns discussed.

If Zhao Feng admitted defeat, would he have created this miracle?

But Zhao Feng didn't have the words 'admit defeat' in his dictionary. One could lose, but they wouldn't surrender.

Tiemo couldn't help but think about himself in the past. The giving up and admitting defeat. If he didn't have that and focused onwards maybe now he would be a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm.

The person with the same feeling was Mo Tianyi.

His two fists were clenched and his body trembled.

Mo Tianyi suddenly realised he lacked something.

Facing the overwhelming prodigy, he admitted defeat after one move. At that time, he could see Yu Tianhao's disappointment.

Compared with the difference between Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei, the difference between him and Yu Tianhao wasn't that big.

’’Only opponents like this are worthy.’’

A light flashed in Yu Tianhao's eyes.

He had a competitive blood and his eyes burned with battle intent.

Yu Tianhao stood at the peak of the continent and was the head of the overwhelming prodigy. He had surpassed the Scarlet Moon Religion patriarch and Sword Saint Ye Wuxie when they were his age.

The top genius in a thousand years.

Everyone turned towards this lonely genius who finally praised someone for the first time.

Unknowingly, their rating of Zhao Feng went up another level.

’’Yu Xingchen, your Yu family bloodline is one of the weirdest bloodlines. It seems to be real but untouchable at the same time.’’

The bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord said with interest.

’’In the legends my Yu family had an ancestor name Yun Wushuang, meaning that he was unparalleled. His will was to defeat everyone under the heaven.’’

Sovereign Yu Xingchen was filled with admiration.

’’Then, did Yu Wushuang achieve this?’’

Another Sovereign nearby said with interest.

There was always one stronger person. There was no such as thing as truly unparalleled.

’’He did but the result was that he didn't go any further after that and died in solitude - that was our Yu family's lesson.’’

Yu Xingchen said solemnly.

The current Sovereigns couldn't help but think after they heard this.

Yu Wushuang was only a legend but whether or not he was unparalleled was the key point. It was the lesson that was.

Northern stage.

Zhao Feng's every action allowed him to use the root of law and interact with the Heaven and Earth.


He exclaimed and all his attacks had the base cultivation of the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

Cultivation was the basis between experts.

Skills, weapons, bloodline and insights would also affect the outcome.

With Zhao Feng's current cultivation base comparable to the early stages of the True Mystic Rank and his root of law plus bloodline power, a casual hit from him could kill normal True Spirit Realms.

’’How.... how is this possible!!?’’

Goddess Bing Wei's inner heart screamed. She couldn't accept this reality.

At the beginning she had to hold back her power in case she killed the opponent by accident or purpose which would affect her final outcome.

Her plan was to erode Zhao Feng's body with ice poison and make him an 'ice corpse' that had no more fortune with the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and would die within half a year.


The plan didn't succeed and instead her opponent broke through time after time.

The last change was a heavy blow.

All her efforts had helped the opponent.

At this moment Goddess Bing Wei had used almost all her strength to fight Zhao Feng.

Goddess Bing Wei's bloodline and skills were even highly ranked amongst the five overwhelming prodigies but Zhao Feng's bloodline could absorb and turn coldness into energy and countered his bloodline.

Under the fact that their difference wasn't too big Zhao Feng's bloodline advantage was greater.

Plus, Zhao Feng still had the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus' defence and could even block the pursuit of a True Lord Rank within a short amount of time.

The sad thing was.

All of Goddess Bing Wei's offensive capabilities had the ice element and whenever they came near to Zhao Feng at least fifty percent of it would be absorbed by Zhao Feng and increase the length of his bloodline power.

Focusing on one path was indeed the best path to the top but when facing someone at the same level who specialised in everything, it was pitiful.

Zhao Feng's attacks could harm both the physical and mental energy world.

Lightning Fire God's Eye.

Zhao Feng's left eye flashed with faint azure lightning.


An even fiercer lightning flame landed on Goddess Bing Wei and started to burn.

Even though she had the Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body she didn't dare underestimate it.

’’His eye skills become stronger.’’

Goddess Bing Wei couldn't stand the pain from her body and especially mental energy.

Zhao Feng didn't continue attack and instead used this chance to merge the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit.

’’Only by fully merging the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit would I become a true Mystic Rank.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes wasn't covered by the current power he had.

Although it seemed like his mental energy and Qi of True Spirit had reached the True Mystic Rank already, all of this was only the outside.

Only by fully absorbing the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit and merging his flesh, mental energy and root of law together would it be success.

’’My real cultivation is at max at the peak True Human Rank.’’

Zhao Feng's mind was clear and he focused on defence, trying to conserve as much Source of True Spirit as possible because the Water Moon pirates was non-renewable.

This meant that this was a 'dead' Source of True Spirit and didn't have the ability to give more unless it was fully converted into Zhao Feng's and recovered through Zhao Feng's body.

At that time would Zhao Feng truly reach the True Mystic Rank.

Therefore, Zhao Feng defended most of the time and occasionally fired a lightning Fire God's Eye to make Goddess Bing Wei worry.

Secretly he was using his root of law to convert and merge the Water Moon Pirate's Source of True Spirit.

With every bit that converted Zhao Feng's 'true' cultivation would increase.


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