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King Of Gods - Chapter 357


Chapter 357 - Against the Prodigy (1)

’’This guy actually broke through!’’

Exclaims came from across the ancient arena and the geniuses below were stunned: This was way too fake. Just saying breaking through had allowed him to break through.

Putting aside how his bloodline had retraced a step back to its ancestor due to the pressure, he had now even broken through a small level.

On the high stage.

The nine Sovereigns watched the Northern stage as Goddess Bing Wei was fighting but the process of this battle was unexpected.

’’It's not as if geniuses haven't broken through or evolved their bloodlines in battles in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

’’But the two situations combined is extremely rare.’’

The Sovereigns discussed.


The bronze skinned giant Deputy Palace Lord shook his head faintly: ’’This Zhao Feng's bloodline evolving was unexpected but he controlled the rise in cultivation.’’

Sovereign Yu Xingchen smiled and said: ’’Deputy Palace Lord's right. This kid's mental energy level far surpasses his cultivation and is creating his root of law. He had reached the breaking point of the early stages of the True Human Rank long ago but decided to break through right now without any difficulty.’’

On the Northern stage.

Wisps of purer Qi of True Spirit appeared in Zhao Feng's dantian and with the evolving of his blood power, gave him greater strength.


Zhao Feng shouted and forcefully once again block the ice mountain.

’’..... how is this possible!?’’

Goddess Bing Wei's expression was extremely colorful. It went green to red unknown whether from anger, shock or regret.

Zhao Feng 'did as she asked' as broke through.

In reality, Zhao Feng had been comprehending the root of law over the past few days and his mental energy level kept on rising. His cultivation had reached the peak of the early stages of the True Human Rank and had fulfilled the requirements to reach the late stages.


Zhao Feng knew that reaching the late stages of the True Human Rank didn't have much an increase in strength than his root of law. The root of law was the most important thing in his plan.

Yet facing this great danger Zhao Feng used the help of his bloodline to break through.

Mystic Ice Demon Suppressing Mountain!

Goddess Bing Wei exclaimed and waved her hand as another ice mountain larger than the first than landed on top of the first.

’’What - this move can be added on?’’

Zhao Feng took a cold breath as he thrusts his palms upwards.


Zhao Feng shook and his two flowers shattered.


Immediately following that the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus shield faded in colour then broke.

The ice figure and throne behind him also cracked once and became fainter.


Zhao Feng spat out a mouthful of blood and was slightly injured.

Luckily, he had several layers of defence and his bloodline could absorb ice or else he would have turned into an ice block by now.

Lightning Fire God's Eye!

Zhao Feng didn't retreat at this critical moment and instead a faint azure lightning fire flashed in his eye.


A half transparent lightning flame even more powerful than the last landed on Goddess Bing Wei.

Goddess Bing Wei didn't have time to react and was hit by the flames.

Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body!

Her skin became jade like and the lightning flame only left a tiny mark on her.

If it were another normal True Mystic Rank that hadn't received the essence of the Mystic Ice Inheritance or had cultivated the Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body they would have probably been killed.

But even then.

The lightning fire faintly injured her in the mental energy dimension.

Goddess Bing Wei's eyebrows furrowed and her mind started to burn.

With Zhao Feng's rise in cultivation and bloodline power, his Lightning Fire God's Eye this time was stronger.


She gritted her teeth and poured out the lightning fire with ice.

Using this time Zhao Feng furiously circulated his Qi of True Spirit and bloodline power, forming another layer of defence.

’’My Qi of True Spirit can't catch up.’’

Zhao Feng felt the pressure increase.

The greatest difference between the two wasn't level, skill, bloodline but cultivation.

Under this situation Zhao Feng could only use the 'Water Moon Pirate's' Source of True Spirit that was sealed within his body.

A large amount of pure Qi of True Spirit entered Zhao Feng's dantian.

At the same time the barely formed root of law interacted with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.


The faint azure lines within Zhao Feng's mind suddenly became brighter and stronger.


Zhao Feng was surprised.

His 'half' root of law had met some 'resistance' at the last moment. Why would it suddenly increase now?

What's the reasoning behind this?

Zhao Feng was puzzled by this surprise.


Zhao Feng's increase in insights could be sensed by the change in Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

In his mental energy dimension, the transparent lines became bigger, bright and longer.


Zhao Feng thrust out his palm and his flower of lightning and ice seemed to have life and had its power almost doubled.

If the same force was applied to the same move, then the damage would continue for twice as long.

This was happening on Zhao Feng's body.

’’That kid's forming the root of law!’’

’’How's that possible!? How can a late stage True Human Rank form a root of law?’’

The geniuses of the Northern zone sensed this and widened their eyes.

At this moment in time.

A profound aura was released from Zhao Feng and interacted with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

It looks like his root of law was about to be fully formed,

’’What helped me break through that bottle neck?’’

Zhao Feng wasn't dazed from the joy.

If there was something unexpected then something must be wrong.

His God's Spiritual Eye quickly scanned over his body and analysed the results.

In an instant he found the culprit - the Source of True Spirit of the Water Moon pirate.

’’No wonder. The root of law is based on the Source of True Spirit and my root of law comes from the merging of the Lightning Inheritance and essence of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible but most of my Source of True Spirit comes from the Lightning Inheritance and I lacked the Source of True Spirit for the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.’’

Zhao Feng's eyes flashed as he became excited.

The truth was unveiled.

Zhao Feng's Mystic Flower Treasured Bible lacked the Source of True Spirit making it so that when he merged it with the Lightning Inheritance, the root of law was stopped at the last step.

But now.

What Zhao Feng lacked appeared.

The Water Moon Pirate left his Source of True Spirit behind and he had cultivated the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

After satisfying this last requirement Zhao Feng's root of law had no more restrictions and started to form.

With a thought the root of law in his mind merged with the two Sources of True Spirit.

’’The plan's succeeded.’’

Zhao Feng was overjoyed and his battle intent rose.

’’Blue haired brat, there's no use. Even if you've formed the root of law, you don't have the cultivation.’’

Goddess Bing Wei's eyes were filled with mockery and coldness.

She didn't care whether Zhao Feng had reached the late stages of the True Human Rank or that he had condensed his root of law.

The difference in strength between them was too big and a small level in cultivation was nothing.

’’Hahaha.... Who said I haven't?’’

Zhao Feng pulled back his head and laughed as his root of law complete. Every action of his interacted with the sky.

He suddenly released a True Spirit Realm aura that surpassed the True Human Rank and even Bing Shuiyue and Ma Tiansan.


Zhao Feng had the power of the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

It wasn't just in terms of mental energy. Even his Qi of True Spirit was so.

’’What's going on!?’’

’’What's happening?’’

’’This kid suddenly jumped another level??’’

The Northern zone and entire ancient arena broke out into chaos.

Looks of incredibility.


Zhao Feng thrust out his palm and terrifying flower of lightning and ice expanded.


The two ice mountains above him were shattered by Zhao Feng.

’’How... how is this possible?’’

Goddess Bing Wei was stunned and couldn't believe it.

Extreme Northern Mystic Ice Wind!

In disbelief she waved her hands again and sent chilling ice winds towards Zhao Feng.

’’Overwhelming prodigy.... Let's fight!’’

Zhao Feng roared with laughter and synced with the profoundness of the Heaven and Earth.

Instantly lightning waves rampaged across a mile radius like a continuous blossoming lower.

Boom! Bam! Dang----

Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei's clash was enough to kill normal True Spirit Realms.

’’... how is this possible? Did he conceal his cultivation?’’

Goddess Bing Wei was stunned and speechless.

In the blink of an eye. Zhao Feng suddenly had the cultivation comparable to the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.

What.... What was going on?

Not only could Goddess Bing Wei not accept this, all the other geniuses were speechless as well but everything was in front of their eyes.

Normally a person's cultivation was determined by how their mental energy level and strength of True Force.

Did Zhao Feng have the mental energy level of an early stage True Mystic Rank?

He did.

His mental energy level was comparable to the True Mystic Rank long ago and his root of law was formed from two skills.

Therefore, the second his root of law was formed it was comparable to the early stage True Mystic Rank and stronger than Bing Shuiyue's.

Did his True Force have the strength of an early stage True Mystic Rank?

He did.

One had to know the Water Moon Pirate was almost at the True Lord Rank at his peak and the sealed Source of True Spirit was larger than the early stage True Mystic Rank.


To fully control this Source of True Spirit, two requirements needed to be met.

One, have enough mental energy to form the root of law.

Two, have an element similar or the same as the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible.

Unfortunately for others, Zhao Feng met both these requirements.


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