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King Of Gods - Chapter 355


Chapter 355 - Admit Defeat?

Mo Tianyi, the legend of the Northern continent was injured in just one move by the overwhelming prodigy Yu Tianhao.

Mo Tianyi landed on the ground and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with shock.

How similar was this scene from the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering?

He had improved a lot in the past ten years but the result was the same.


Yu Tianhao's figure appeared and said in a low tone: ’’You're the first to take one blow from me in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and still have the ability to fight.’’

Bitterness appeared on Mo Tianyi's face. So, what if he could take one blow? He was already injured.

If he continued to fight he would be severely injured and might even harm his foundation, meaning that his final result would be lower and maybe miss entering one of the better inheritances.

’’I admit defeat.’’

Mo Tianyi soon decided.

The terrifying opponent in front of him had reached the peak True Mystic Rank now from the early stages of the True Mystic Rank of ten years ago.

The five overwhelming prodigies were truly supreme.

Mo Tianyi admitting defeat made Yu Tianhao shake his head in slightly disappoint and his figure was lonely as he walked off stage.

He had been lonely for too long.

In this era Yu Tianhao made the other geniuses lose their colour, he was their sadness.

However, how was Yu Tianhao not sad? No one in this generation was his match.

On the small stage above.

The nine Sovereigns would always watch Yu Tianhao's battles.

’’Yu Xingchen, your son's future accomplishments are immeasurable. If I remember correctly Yu Tianhao's only twenty-six to twenty-seven years old and reached the True Spirit Realm when he was only ten, becoming the continents top genius.’’

The Mystic Sword Sovereign sighed.

In the last Rising Dragon Auction the Mystic Sword Sovereign had appeared and was now one of the nine Sovereigns on the small stage.

Some Sovereigns looked at a handsome figure with envy.

He was Yu Tianhao's father, Yu Xingchen.

’’Hehe, what if I told you that Yu Tianhao's purposely suppressing himself to not break through? If he wasn't he could be at the True Lord Rank now.’’

Yu Xingchen smiled.

Hearing this the Sovereigns' hearts all shook.

’’If that was the case then this Sacred True Dragon Gathering would have no meaning anymore. For example, Taiyun Shuangzi, Goddess Bing Wei and company wouldn't have any threat to him.’’

Yu Xingchen sighed lightly.

He didn't really approve of what his son did.

If Yu Tianhao reached the True Lord Rank there was no meaning anymore in first place, why did he want this change?

After Mo Tianyi's defeat many gazes of the ancient arena turned to the Northern stage.

Another battle from an overwhelming prodigy was coming and it was the overwhelming prodigy challenging someone else.

’’That Goddess Bing Wei received the essence of the Mystic Ice Inheritance and apparently has cultivated the rare Mystic Ice Jade Charming Body, dramatically increasing her battle power. She has the chance to challenge Yu Tianhao's position this Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

’’In the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering Goddess Bing Wei was also one of Yu Tianhao's major opponents.’’

The discussion of many was about the Northern zone and when Goddess Bing Wei was mentioned, so was Zhao Feng.

After defeating Bing Shuiyue, Zhao Feng became the Northern zone's number one black horse and of the horses present across the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, he was definitely in the top three.

’’I wonder how many moves the number one black horse of the North can take from an overwhelming prodigy.’’

’’Hehe, I guess that he'll lost within three, and is likely to lose in the first.’’

’’Wait, that Zhao Feng might admit defeat instantly.’’

The geniuses of the Northern zone were waiting for this battle. Everyone was just guessing how long he would last in front of the overwhelming prodigy.

It wasn't as if they hadn't thought of Zhao Feng winning. It was just that it was too unrealistic.

Even the legend of the Northern continent ’’Mo Tianyi’’ had admitted defeat after one move in front of an overwhelming prodigy, so how much could Zhao Feng who was also from the Northern Continent do?

’’Unless I condense the root of law and that plan succeeds, I'll have no chance at all.’’

Zhao Feng had also analysed the result but the conclusion was he had no chance.

The regretful thing was that Zhao Feng's root of law was at its last stage and met a resistance there mainly because the merging of the essence of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible into the Lightning Inheritance became far more difficult.

Within his mind.

The transparent azure lines created faint flowers and was surrounded by specks of lightning.

This was just the beginning shape of the root of laws. It hadn't fully formed yet but even then, Zhao Feng still had a bit of ability to conduct the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and create more power.

His effort hadn't gone to waste. Zhao Feng's strength had increased substantially.


His True Dragon Token suddenly directed him towards the Northern stage.

’’It's finally starting.’’

Goddess Bing Wei impatiently flashed onto stage.

’’Bing Wei, you are challenging Zhao Feng. If you win you'll only get half the usual amount of dragon blessing and if you lose, you lose twice the norm.’’

The judge emotionlessly said.

In a normal battle the loser would lose a small part of their dragon blessing and even if Bing Wei won this fight, she would only be able to take half the usual.

This meant that even if Zhao Feng lost, the decrease in dragon blessing wasn't much.

’’I confirm.’’

Bing Wei replied without hesitation.

She had used the same way as her sister to fight Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng's figure turned into an arc of lightning that landed on the Northern stage.

The root of law had barely condensed but Zhao Feng could feel the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was much more closer and his speed had increased.

’’Zhao Feng, you won't admit defeat, will you?’’

Goddess Bing Wei mocked with a smile as her eyes flashed coldly.

Admit defeat?

Zhao Feng's heart moved. He did have the thoughts to do so.

Before he could say anything.

’’You won't have the chance.’’

Goddess Bing Wei's eyes flashed and her snow jade perfect figure released a devastating coldness that seemed to come from an ancient being.

At that instant the surrounding air seemed to freeze and Zhao Feng hiccupped as a dangerous feeling enveloped his body.

After experiencing what it was like to face an overwhelming prodigy, Zhao Feng understood their power - it was like facing a True Lord Rank.

’’Zhao Feng quickly admit defeat!’’

Tiemo in the spectating stand realised something was wrong and exclaimed but Goddess Bing Wei's attack was too fast.

Extreme Northern Ice Wind!

Her robes flapped in the air as the sky was filled with a cold icy current that instantly created an ice storm that swept across a mile radius.

The chilling coldness filled every corner of the stage and both the water and stage turned into ice.

At that moment in time Goddess Bing Wei was like an ice goddess of a world of ice and snow that controlled everything.

Si! Si!

A layer of ice formed around Zhao Feng and his bloodline power as well as Qi of True Spirit were eroded by a chilling coldness.

His Qi of True Spirit had been fully frozen and couldn't resist at all.

’’So, this is the power of the overwhelming prodigy....’’

Zhao Feng felt his limbs lose their senses.

A breath later.

Zhao Feng lost total control of his body and a coldness tried to freeze his consciousness.

He was like a stone statue that remained frozen in place.

At this point in time the only thing Zhao Feng could move was the God's Spiritual Eye.

Goddess Bing Wei playfully smiled as a wind of transparent ice formed on his palm and was more powerful than before.

’’Not good!’’

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye locked onto the wind in Goddess Bing Wei's hand. It was stronger and more condensed than the Extreme Northern Extreme wind.

A danger like never before enveloped him.

Instinct told him that if that ball of wind in Goddess Bing Wei's hand flew over he would become sealed in eternal sleep and become a true ice statue that had no life/

’’I've lost my ability to move. If she purposely kills me she'll lose the right to participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.’’

Zhao Feng's calm mind spun and realised that Goddess Bing Wei wouldn't do this on purpose.

It wasn't worth it.

If Goddess Bing Wei wanted to avenge her sister the best way was to cripple Zhao Feng or make it so he couldn't participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering anymore, having no chance with the inheritances.

Bloodline open!

Zhao Feng's left eye shone mysterious blue as he used his God's Spiritual Eye to activate his bloodline power/

A thin ice blue tattoo appeared on Zhao Feng's skin.

Weng Hu!

A blurry magnificent figure sitting on a throne of ice suddenly appeared behind Zhao Feng and the coldness in Zhao Feng's body instantly weakened.

Extreme Northern Mystic Wind!

Goddess Bing Wei snickered coldly as she was ready for this and fired another condensed ball of chilly air towards Zhao Feng.

Haung! Hu~

Zhao Feng's figure was sent back fifteen yards and the figure behind him had a few cracks.

’’I'm going to beat you time and time over again until the cold erodes your body. This way your body will lose its feeling. At that time apart from mental energy consciousness you'll just be a walking cold corpse that won't survive through half a year.'

A cold flash appeared in Bing Wei's eyes.

She not only wanted Zhao Feng to be unable to participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering anymore, she also wanted to kill directly.

As long as Zhao Feng didn't immediately die on stage, Goddess Bing wouldn't need pay a price.


Zhao Feng used his God's Spiritual Eye and the figure and ice throne behind him started to repair itself and it became bright.

The ice light figure gave Zhao Feng a mysterious protection from ice.

At this point Zhao Feng's bloodline figure became stronger instead of weaker.


Goddess Bing Wei thrust out another palm and made the Zhao Feng lose the ability to move.

’’Am I really going to admit defeat?’’

Zhao Feng's left eye burnt with a flame.

In reality, Zhao Feng had the power to fire up.

His voice could also be sent from the mental energy dimension even though it was under the erosion of ice.


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