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King Of Gods - Chapter 354


Chapter 354 - Done for Someone Else

No one thought that before even the first round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering had finished, the inheritance shadowing from the Scarlet Moon Inheritance would appear.

The Scarlet Moon Inheritance was ranked 3rd of the Four Great Inheritances and the Scarlet Moon patriarch had received this inheritance.

This Sovereigns at the Sacred Alliance were stunned.

’’Wait, there's something wrong. Although this generation is full of geniuses and has five overwhelming prodigies, the first round is still not enough to attract the four great inheritances.’’

The bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord furrowed his eyebrows and felt something was off.


The bloody picture in the clouds became blurry and seemed to be unstable.



A large bloodied hand around a hundred yards long appeared in front of the Scarlet Moon inheritance.


The Scarlet Moon Inheritance shadowing instantly disappeared.


’’What just happened!?’’

The Sovereigns of the Sacred Alliance widened their eyes in shock.

Although the Scarlet Moon Inheritance hadn't connected yet, it's inheritance shadowing had already appeared.

How would an inheritance shadowing disappear?

’’Who has the power to move the Scarlet Moon Inheritance?’’

The Sovereigns looked at each other.

’’There's two requirements to do this: 1. Have the cultivation of close to the Void God Realm and 2. Must be connected to the Scarlet Moon Inheritance in some way and can summon it with a secret skill.:’’

The Deputy Palace Lord took a deep breath.

Only one person fulfilled the two above requirements.

Who was it?

’’The Scarlet Moon Patriarch!’’

The Sacred Alliance Sovereigns exclaimed.

’’What terrifying calculation. Our Sacred True Dragon Gathering was all done for someone else.’’

’’The dragon blessing from the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and the Scarlet Moon Patriarch's planning made the Scarlet Moon Inheritance appeared again.’’

’’If I'm not wrong the Scarlet Moon Demon must be in the continent somewhere opening the Scarlet Moon Inheritance.’’

The Sovereigns soon came to a conclusion.

Everything was done for someone else.

Thinking about this result the nine Sovereigns were angry and unwilling.

Back then the Scarlet Moon patriarch had almost swept across the entire continent and to make it to that step, the Scarlet Moon patriarch's strength and methods were unparalleled.

’’Deputy Palace Lord, should we send people to find the place where the Scarlet Moon Inheritance will be opened and stop their revival?’’

’’That's right, destroy the demon religion.’’

The current Sovereigns gritted their teeth.

’’How would the Scarlet Moon Patriarch not have any plans ready after such a long time? Right now, he's hidden in darkness while we're in the light. We might not be able to find him but he can definitely find the Sacred True Dragon Gathering. Once we send people away the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion can destroy the Sacred True Dragon Gathering with ease.’’

The Deputy Palace Lord's voice was low and the other Sovereigns fell into silence.

The Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch's calculations was too perfect and used the Sacred True Dragon Gathering to reopen the Scarlet Moon Inheritance.

Now the Sacred Alliance couldn't make any moves as well because the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was in the light and if they sent people away and then the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch came, they would lose everything.

After all, the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch was a legend who could cover the heavens with his hand.

Who in the continent dared to face the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch?

’’Everyone, this is a bright era and the chances of the Heavens Legacy Inheritance appearing has always been increasing. Once the Heaven's Legacy Inheritance arrives, it will change the continent's situation and is much more useful than the Scarlet Moon Inheritance.’’

The Deputy Palace Lord said loudly.

’’What the Deputy Palace Lord is correct. The Scarlet Moon Inheritance is better for those in the demonic and evil path and is nowhere near as good as the heaven's Legacy Inheritance or the Seven Sword Inheritance.’’

Everyone nodded their heads.

The Scarlet Moon Inheritance was ranked 3rd of the Four Great Inheritances and the Heavens Legacy Inheritance as well as the Seven Sword Inheritance were ranked above it.

Sword Saint Ye Wuxie had received the Seven Sword Inheritance and became a critical person in defeating the Scarlet Moon Religion Patriarch.

The ancient arena.

The Scarlet Moon Inheritance shadowing was just a little interruption that lasted ten breaths and the fights still continued in every zone.

Northern zone.

The overwhelming prodigy Goddess Bing Wei challenged Zhao Feng.


The judge nodded but Zhao Feng had just fought so couldn't immediately be challenged.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering's rules were extremely strict and Zhao Feng would only fight Goddess Bing Wei when he went up the next time.

And at this time, Zhao Feng had reached the crucial point in comprehending and forming his root of law.

Within his mind.

The faint azure half transparent lines sparkled lightning and blossomed.

The root of law came from the Source of mental energy and was an increase in mental energy.

Once it was condensed Zhao Feng's every action would be able to connect to the Heaven Earth Lightning Law and rise in power dramatically.

At that time apart from Zhao Feng's cultivation, he would be no different from a True Mystic Rank.

’’My root of law comes from the merging of the Lighting Inheritance and Mystic Flower Treasured Bible, the combination of both the Righteous and Wicked path. Once it forms it'll be at least stronger than Bing Shuiyue's.’’

Zhao Feng was filled with expectation.

He didn't know that forming a root of law from two different laws was something that normal True Human Rank's didn't even dare think about.

Doing this Zhao Feng had almost hit a forbidden area.

This was a very dangerous act and if failed, could result in the crumbling of his mental energy but luckily Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye could analyse and calculate far better than others.

His source of mental energy was also immeasurable and he had stepped into the ancient Dao of soul so hadn't met any dangers.

’’Zhao Feng.’’

A voice suddenly sounded in Zhao Feng's mind.

Zhao Feng opened his eyes and looked towards the spectating stand. The speaker was Tiemo.

’’When Goddess Bing Wei challenges you, you better admit defeat fast.’’

Tiemo said solemnly.


Goddess Bing Wei's challenge?

Zhao Feng hiccupped and was frightened. When was this?

He had put all his energy on condensing the root of law and didn't know this.

Looking around he saw Goddess Bing Wei and her eyes of killing intent almost materialised and even rushed into Zhao Feng's mental energy level, bringing him a chilling coldness.

’’I know you're unwilling and trying your best but the overwhelming prodigies' strength is not just one level above you. You're still young and more than ten years younger than many others. Your performance has already surprised me.’’

Deputy Patriarch Tiemo warned.

Zhao Feng still hadn't recovered from being challenged by the overwhelming prodigy.

Each and every one of the overwhelming prodigies has strength almost comparable to a True Lord Rank.


Just watching the five overwhelming prodigies Zhao Feng concluded his chances of winning were less than 10% and might be instantly defeated.

’’Don't force it. Goddess Bing Wei definitely doesn't have good intentions in challenging you. Plus, even if you lose you won't lose much dragon blessing. The key point is the inheritances, that's the best thing....’’

Tiemo continued.

’’Deputy Patriarch relax, I know what to do.’’

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Tiemo's plan was obviously smart and placed more importance on the overall situation.

If Zhao Feng tried to force it how would he get a placing by being a cripple? How would he get an inheritance?

According to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

If several inheritances appeared the higher ranked would get the first choice.

For those slightly larger inheritances there might be many spots instead of just one.

’’Blue haired brat you destroyed my little sister's future. She can't enter the inheritances this time. I'll give back what you did to her and cripple you.’’

Goddess Bing Wei's eyes were cold.

’’Bing Wei, don't go overboard later. Don't destroy your future because of small stuff.’’

The Mystic Ice Queen warned.

Being an elder she couldn't punish Zhao Feng as that would lower her status. Furthermore, the participant of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering would be protected, especially a black horse like Zhao Feng.

Time passed slowly by and both Goddess Bing Wei and Zhao Feng felt that time passed too slowly.

Many geniuses looked at Zhao Feng with gloat.

Zhao Yufei, Jiang Sanfeng, Bei Moi and company were all worried.

No one had broken the legend of an overwhelming prodigy. They had all been utterly crushed.

Right at this time an exciting battle happened on the middle stage.

Mo Tianyi vs Yu Tianhao.

On one side was the head of the overwhelming prodigies who was said to have crushed dozens of generations and the other was at the peak of the Northern continent.

Yuan Mountain Great Secret Palm!

Mo Tianyi gathered all his power and used the Heavenly Yuan Clan's ultimate skill without hesitation.


The palm shone and a metallic imprint of a mountain seemed to appear that could crush anything within a hundred yards radius.

The entire stage trembled slightly in front of this terrifying move and the force made the geniuses unable to breathe.

’’This Mo Tianyi's so strong. His Yuan Mountain Great Secret Technique has reached this mastery already.’’

Qin Kunwu, the ghost eyed man and company were all stunned.

’’As powerful as the mountain. Without using my bloodline, I can't block this.’’

Zhao Feng's heart jumped. Mo Tianyi had already reached this step.

Unparalleled under the heavens!

Yu Tianhao expressionlessly thrust out a palm that seemed to dominate everything.


The heavens seemed to shake in front of this palm and a mysterious light seemed to cleave through the sky's, destroying everything and anything in its path.

’’My lord, he has the battle power of a True Lord Rank.’’

’’This Yu Tianhao is indeed worthy of being an overwhelming prodigy that surpassed dozens of generations. He's overtaken Sword Saint Ye Wuxie, the Scarlet Moon Patriarch when they were his age...’’

The entire middle stage was enveloped by Yu Tianhao's powerful Unparalleled under the Heaven's skill.


Mo Tianyi's figure flew out and spat out a mouthful of blood in midair as his face went white.


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