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King Of Gods - Chapter 353


Chapter 353 - The Overwhelming Prodigy's Challenge

Northern stage.

From the overwhelming prodigies to the normal geniuses and spectators across the continent, they were all in shock.

Lightning Fire God's Eye!

Zhao Feng's left eye flashed and a half transparent flame had landed on Bing Shuiyue.

Victory was decided in the blink of an eye.

No one had thought that the change would be so fast.

A moment before Bing Shuiyue had the absolute advantage but now was rolling around as if she would rather be dead.

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised. The Lightning Fire God's Eyes' power had exceeded his expectations and instantly forced the opponent into a life or death situation.

At this moment the half transparent lightning fire was burning Bing Shuiyue's soul and that pain was ten to one hundred times more painful than physical pain.

’’Little sister! Shuiyue... quickly admit defeat.’’

Goddess Bing Wei and the Mystic Ice Queen on the spectating stand exclaimed.


Bing Shuiyue screamed and then fainted.


The judge waved the True Dragon Flag as he looked deeply towards Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng's True Dragon Token became much brighter and turned from deep bronze to faint silver.

His dragon blessing increased by a huge margin.

When Zhao Feng came from the stage he saw Goddess Bing Wei's cold killing intent as well as the ghost eyed man's jealousy and rage.

Although his fame had grown after this fight he had offended one of the overwhelming prodigies and caused the ghost eyed man to be jealous.

’’The main point is to quickly form the root of law.’’

Zhao Feng sat down and insights merged in his mind and interacted with the surrounding Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.


The battle of five zones had entered the late stages and in the Northern stage four black horses, only Zhao Feng had forty-five wins.

The fight just then made Zhao Feng become the number one black horse of the Northern stage.

At the same moment, there was also black horses from the East, South, West and middle zones.

The Southern zone had four black horses including Xin Wuheng and Liu Qinxin. Xin Wuheng fought with only one hand and even defeated someone at the True Mystic Rank.

Above the arena on the stage.

The nine Sovereigns watched the arena with surprised expressions.

’’This Xin Wuheng is so young but has the feeling of a Master. He doesn't have any bloodline nor good talent but is able to reach this step. Weird, weird.’’

The bronze skinned giant Deputy Palace Lord thought.

’’It is indeed a miracle and he's even suppressed his true cultivation level.’’

’’The eye bloodline of the blue haired kid from the Northern zone is also strong and is at least on par with the three major eye families. Zhe zhe, maybe it might have some connection with one of the Eight Great God Eye's.’’

The Sovereigns discussed their thoughts.

The dragon blessing of this generation was incredibly strong and the amount and quality of the black horses surpassed the past.

Each one of the five overwhelming prodigies could crush several generations.

In the clouds.

Another blurry figure appeared. In this picture green grass, humans and even two-winged people or snake bodied human could be seen.

’’Eh? Another inheritance shadowing appeared.’’

The Sovereigns raised their head.

’’This is the Green Ocean Inheritance and contains several species that are now extinct from the continent. This Inheritance only appeared once ten thousand years ago.’’

’’The Green Ocean Inheritances' value is indeed not bad and close to the Four Great Inheritances.’’

The smiles of the Sovereigns became broader.

The first round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering hadn't even ended yet and two inheritance shadowings had appeared.

Even in Sword Saint Ye Wuxie, the Scarlet Moon patriarch's era, no such thing had happened.

The only regretful thing was that any one of the four Great Inheritances hadn't been seen yet

If not even one of the Four Great Inheritances appeared then it would be too sorry for this generation.

’’Don't panic, the four great inheritances only appear at the last moment.’’

The bronze skinned Deputy Palace Lord smiled faintly.

Even though this era was powerful, the dragon blessing wouldn't reach a peak until the late stages of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Northern zone.

Zhao Feng sat cross legged on the ground and put all his focus into the root of law.

Within his dantian came tremble. This was the source of all of Zhao Feng's cultivation. His insights and everything was based here.

Zhao Feng's insights started to appear in his mind and faint azure wisps occasionally appeared that merged into the earth.

At this moment.

The root of law had begun to form in Zhao Feng's mind.

’’If it was just the Lightning Inheritance, I might have already formed a root of law....’’

Zhao Feng sighed.

He knew that he wasn't even in the True Mystic Rank but was trying to form a root of law.

Furthermore, he was greedy and wanted to merge the essence of the Mystic Flower Treasured Bible into it.

However, although Zhao Feng now had no path for retreat, he didn't regret it.

’’The strength of the root of law affect one's strength later on. For example, Bing Shuiyue had only just reached the True Mystic Rank but was able to beat Ma Tiansan.’’

Zhao Feng didn't take a step back and gritted his teeth.

Under this pressure, his God's Spiritual Eyes;learning skills and comprehension reached a peak as his potential was discovered.

The insights within Zhao Feng's mind may have clashed a thousand times already.


The True Dragon Token directed Zhao Feng onto the stage.

’’I surrender.’’

A late-stage True Human Rank youth pouted and admitted defeated without thinking.

After beating Bing Shuiyue Zhao Feng was now the number one black horse of the North and his strength was comparable to the first tier.

When he went off stage.

Zhao Feng felt a coldness that chilled his body.

Looking around.

Goddess Bing Wei's eyes were filled with cold killing intent and next to her was Bing Shuiyue who had a pale face.

The Mystic Ice Queen crossed her hands and was treating her disciple.

’’Master, can't you do anything?’’

Goddess Bing Wei asked.

Ever since the fight, Bing Shuiyue had entered a situation of life or death.

Luckily there was an origin Core Realm Sovereign here and Spiritual Pills that saved her life.

’’Shuiyue has left the danger zone but the injury on her soul can't be healed within a short amount of time. I'm just worried that this will injure Shuiyue's root of law and if it's serious, she won't be able to improve anymore.’’

The Mystic Ice Queen sighed.

’’Then doesn't that mean...’’

Goddess Bing Wei gritted her teeth unwillingly.

’’Yes, she can't continue to participate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering anymore.’’

The Mystic Ice Queen said with force as she looked deeply at Zhao Feng's back and fell into silence.

Even a Sovereign at the Origin Core Realm couldn't interfere in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

Every genius in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering had the protection of the Sacred Alliance, especially those that made it into the top one hundred.

Furthermore, she remembered that Zhao Feng came from the Iron Blood Religion.

Because no one died or was crippled, she couldn't interfere amongst the juniors.

Damn it!

Goddess Bing Wei's eye flashed with killing intent and the surrounding air was covered with ice.

’’Sovereign, I would like to challenge Zhao Feng.’’

Goddess Bing Wei took out her shining gold True Dragon Token and her dragon blessing covered the entire Northern zone.

According to the Sacred True Dragon Gathering's rules, everyone had three chances to challenge someone.

Before Bing Shuiyue had used this way to challenge Zhao Feng and this time Goddess Bing Wei was going to do the same to avenge her sister.

’’Although I can't purposely kill on the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, I'll kill you even if I have to lose some of my dragon blessing. I will at least cripple you and destroy your cultivation.’’

Goddess Bing Wei's face was filled with killing intent and her snow white almost perfect face was twisted.

The overwhelming prodigy's True Dragon Token roared and a faint gold dragon wrapped around Goddess Bing Wei.

’’My god, what's Goddess Bing Wei doing?’’

’’Challenging a black horse as an overwhelming prodigy?’’

This scene shocked the entire ancient arena.

'Yu Tianhao' from the Middle zone, ’’Tantai Lanyue' from the Eastern zone, ’’Taiyun Shuangzi' from the Southern zone and 'Shi Chengtian' from the Western zone all sensed something and turned towards the Northern zone.


Five gold dragon blessings rose from the five zones.

At this moment in time, the first round of the Sacred True Dragon Gathering entered a peak and the atmosphere was hyped. Countless geniuses felt their blood boil.

Weng~ Huang!

The surrounding stone statues became more and more real.

The pressure from it rose rapidly and even those at the Origin Core Realm couldn't stand it.

This aura was magnificent, powerful and seemed to come from the ancient eras.

’’The ancient arena seems to have ignited the great ancient era's powers. This is indeed a supreme era.’’

The bronze skinned giant Deputy Palace Lord's eyes were filled with excitement.


Another shadow appeared from the clouds.

This time.

The picture was filled with clouds and the scenes seemed to be piled up of oceans of blood and mountains of corpses that even the geniuses within the ancient arena could feel.

’’My lord! It's the inheritance shadowing from the Scarlet Moon Inheritance!’’

’’Why has the Scarlet Moon inheritance appeared so fast?’’

The Scarlet Moon Inheritance was indeed worthy of being one of the Four Great Inheritances. It had just appeared and pushed the other two inheritances to the side.


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