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King Of Gods - Chapter 352


Chapter 352 - Flaming Eye's Power

Ever since the Capital, Zhao Feng's usage of bloodline was much better than before.


A large mysterious figure around a yard high appeared behind Zhao Feng but this time it was clearer than in the past.

The only difference was that under the figure a blurry 'throne of ice' seemed to appear and it gave off an ancient aura.


On the spectating stand the Mystic Ice Queen inspected the figure behind Zhao Feng's back with surprise.

That figure was obviously a power that traced back to its ancestor.

However, such a pure and old bloodline power was something that even the Mystic Ice Queen didn't know about.


Zhao Feng shouted and thrust out his palm like a flower blooming and thunder crackling.

With this palm the Lightning Inheritance and Mystic Ice Treasured Bible's insights merged perfectly together and its effect wasn't as simple as one plus one.

Obviously, Zhao Feng's comprehension of the root of law of the past few days had improved.


The palm was surrounded by a figure of ice that could freeze blood.

The palm Zhao Feng thrust out expanded to a flower of ice and lightning around ten yards large.


The ice phoenix clashed with the flower of ice and lightning, creating a terrifying booming sound.


The flower of ice and lightning exploded in the air.


Bing Shuiyue's Ice Wind Phoenix Wings still had the advantage and charged towards Zhao Feng even though it was incomplete.

Zhao Feng wasn't surprised. There was major difference in cultivation between the two.


The remaining power of the Ice Wind Phoenix Wings smashed onto the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus and made the three petals tremble.


The mysterious figure behind Zhao Feng roared deeply and gave a mysterious protection which made the coldness disappear as soon as it came close.

’’How is this possible... your hand actions were the exact same as mine! You stole my technique!’’

Bing Shuiyue looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief. She didn't expect him to have such a powerful bloodline power.

The weird thing was that Zhao Feng's bloodline element was the same as hers.

Back at the Canopy Great Country Prince Jin and Wang Xiaoguai's bloodline secret technique were different so Zhao Feng could only look at it to improve his own.

Now that he had met someone with the same bloodline element, he could directly copy it.

’’How is this stealing your technique? Ice elemental bloodlines isn't something that only the Mystic Ice Palace has.’’

Zhao Feng smiled.

’’You're courting death. Although your bloodline might be strong the difference in cultivation and mastery can't be closed in upon.’’

Bing Shuiyue's face was cold as she once again attacked.

Ice Wind Phoenix Wings!

An ice blue windstorm condensed to an even large ice phoenix that crushed down towards Zhao Feng.

Ice Lightning Mystic Flower!

Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline power and thrust out his palm, clashing directly with the ice phoenix as thunder boomed.

Pa! Bam! Boom-

This time, Zhao Feng's skill became more familiar and he could directly face Bing Shuiyue.

In terms of pure damage Zhao Feng's power of ice and lightning was stronger than just ice but Bing Shuiyue's cultivation had reached the True Mystic Rank and had a root of law that gave her a massive advantage.

Therefore, in the clashes Zhao Feng was still at a disadvantage but was doing much better than just evading.

Bing Shuiyue's eyebrows furrowed and felt troubled.

Zhao Feng had the three Flowered Treasured Lotus for defence and had the mysterious protection of the ice throne behind him.

The coldness that broke through the defence would mysteriously disappear when it got close to Zhao Feng and as time passed the figure behind Zhao Feng became bright instead.

’’This blue haired brat's so fierce! He's already able to face Bing Shuiyue.’’

’’Looks like the number one black horse of the Northern stage is still unknown.’’

The spectators were surprised.

Qin Kunwu, Xia Xianshang and the ghost eyed man were all surprised as well.

The eyes of the overwhelming prodigy Goddess Bing Wei flashed with stun: ’’His bloodline can even absorb the power of ice.’’

Zhao Feng's bloodline inheritance could defend as well as attack.

Adding on the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus, he couldn't lose.

Shua! Sou Sou!

The Three Flowered Treasured Lotus suddenly flew around and slowly, his defence turned into offense.

Pa! Bam! Boom---

Zhao Feng and Bing Shuiyue clashed on the northern stage and none of them gave way.

Bing Shuiyue's aura was stronger whereas Zhao Feng was more agile and his flower of ice and lightning would blossom every time.

’’Looks like the two black horses of the Northern stage are not bad.’’

’’The two black horses' strength are comparable to the early stages of the True Mystic Rank.’’

The battle on the Northern stage attracted the gazes of the crowd.

’’Little sister's won.’’

After being silent for a long time Goddess Bing Wei finally murmured.

Being an overwhelming prodigy, this was her conclusion.

Who would win and who would lose?

Qin Kunwu, Xia Xianshang and the ghost eyed man were all thinking.

’’This Zhao Feng is indeed a black horse which even I didn't see but unfortunately he's going to lose.’’

Qin Kunwu said with certainty.

’’What do you mean?’’

The square faced youth asked curiously. He thought highly of Zhao Feng and his exchange with Bing Shuiyue was stunning.

’’Any bloodline inheritance can't last forever.’’

Qin Kunwu smiled.

Hearing this the square faced youth's expression changed slightly but then he sighed, as if admitting Qin Kunwu's knowledge.

’’Once he loses the protection of his bloodline power, how will he face a True Mystic Rank?’’

Bing Shuiyue's eyes flashed with smugness.

Although she couldn't take care of Zhao Feng right now, she still had the advantage.

The clash of the two would deplete both their bloodline power and bloodlines was an inheritance that was hard to replenish.

In terms of recovery speed bloodlines were much slower than Qi of True Spirit.

Furthermore, Bing Shuiyue believed that with her usage of bloodline, she would last longer than Zhao Feng.

’’Am I going to lose?’’

How could Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye not see the current situation?

As the fight continued his bloodline power was depleting but he didn't want to lose like this.

’’I won't be her match physically unless I form my root of law. Looks like I can only try mental energy.’’

Zhao Feng analysed.

Swords, fists and Qi of True Spirit were all physical attacks that appeared in reality.

’’Eye of Illusion? With her root of law being so powerful, her mental energy level is definitely not low. Eye of Ice Soul? She cultivates the ice element so should have strong resistance against mental energy. Eye of the Heart? Those from the Mystic Ice palace are cold and it's hard to find a flaw.’’

Zhao Feng considered his three eye bloodline techniques but found that the best was the Lightning Fire God's Eye was the best choice.

Fire and Ice countered one another and the Eye of Lightning Fire was formed from both Lightning and Fire that attacked through the physical and mental energy dimension.

Of course.

Zhao Feng still had a choice and that was the Water Moon God Peach Fan to fire a direct mental energy attack. The person with more mental energy had a bigger advantage.

’’Let's try the Lightning Fire God's Eye....’’

Zhao Feng thought and decided.


Inside his dantian, a wisp of True Spirit Lightning Fire suddenly jumped. A faint blue blood then connected this True Spirit Lightning Fire into the dimension of his left eye.

Within the dimension of his left eye.

The half transparent True Spirit Lightning Fire merged with the freezing pond.

Peng Peng Peng Peng!

Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye thumped with a weird rhythm.

The freezing pond in his left eye suddenly became surrounded with a half transparent azure flame of lightning and fire that revolved like it had life.

With the merging of the eye power and True Spirit Lightning Flame, the latter seemed to become Zhao Feng's 'eye'.

At this moment in time.

The edges of Zhao Feng's left eye were surrounded by a faint azure lightning flame that spun quickly.


Bing Shuiyue's heart trembled and felt uneasy.

’’How... how is this possible?’’

The ghost eyed man watching shouted with shock: ’’This is my Wu family's Ghost Eye Eye Flame technique!’’

’’Lightning Fire God's Eye.... open!’’

Zhao Feng's left eye flashed.


A faint azure lightning flame appeared out of nowhere and burnt Bing Shuiyue's body with a 'boom'. This wasn't just a normal fire.

In the blink of an eye that azure lightning flame started to burn and even extended into the mental energy dimension.


Bing Shuiyue screamed as her face turned pale and cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

She circulated her Qi of True Spirit and bright lines appeared on her skin.


Most of the flames on her was soon put out but the Lightning Fire God's Eye's speed was too fast and would hit the target almost at the same instance it was used.

When the lightning fire was put out Bing Shuiyue's skin was scorched but more danger came from the mental energy dimension.

The Lightning Fore God's Eye was merged from Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye and True Spirit Lightning Fire so it would also burn the mental energy dimension.

Facing the soul attack, Bing Shuiyue had less defensive methods.


Bing Shuiyue howled and rolled on the ground.

The invisible lightning fire was burning in her mental energy dimension and made her experience pain she had never felt before.

’’Little sister!’’

Goddess Bing Wei's expression changed drastically.

’’Blue haired brat... how dare you steal our Wu family's ghost eye flame secret technique?’’

The ghost eyed man roared.

Zhao Feng's Lightning Fire God's Eye was obviously copied off him but was even more powerful than his.

At this moment in time the ghost eyed man gritted his teeth in anger and jealously.

’’Wait, this kid's bloodlines most terrifying power should be inspecting and copying the opponent's skills.’’

The ghost eyed man suddenly thought of something and couldn't help but take a cold breath.

Being one of the successors of the three major eye families, this was the first time he had heard of such a monstrous eye bloodline.


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